Polished by Lara

7 yr Licensed Estee out of the Bay Area w clinical training in microderm, peels, acne, pigmentation & anti-aging. Best known for her skill & affordability.

Polished by Lara offers extensive grades of chemical peels, diamond microdermabrasion, facial treatments, deep skin cleanings, advanced acne treatments and hyper-pigmentation. We believe that beautiful, luxurious skin is and should be available to people at an affordable cost.

We also provide free skin analysis and are mobile! Just gather a group of people of 7 or more and we will travel to the comfort of your home where we you can host a fun facial party with your friends!

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Polished by Lara

Too spoiled !

When you have @_n_a_n_c_y_14 hosting a facial party, it’s never a dull moment Thank you Nancy and Luis for your hospitality! I can’t wait till we do this again!

When you’re in good company.. time flies!

When you have @_n_a_n_c_y_14 hosting a facial party, it’s never a dull moment Thank you Nancy and Luis for your hospitality! I can’t wait till we do this again!

Raspberries, White Peach and a Winter Complex come together to gently exfoliate and nourish/hydrate your skin through the use of (1) the DermaPep peptide with retinoic effects to stimulate collagen and reduce photo-damage, (2) the ayurvedic plant Indian Senna to hydrate dry skin, and (3) the Mirabilis Jalapa Flower to sooth sensitive skin. Raspberries are known to be anti-inflammatory to make this a gentle, softening and exfoliating facial. This facial is safe for pregnancy. For normal/combination, dry, sensitive, photo-damaged and aging skin.

Házlo tú mismo

Im going to look for the English version of this too. It’s a goodie.

Tu bebé dormirá tranquilamente ahora :)

They treat me well ❤️. 🥂💆🏻‍♀️

Bottoms up

I never pressure you to return in a month, because I understand everyone has a different “realistic “ commitment to skin care; But I don’t fail to mention what the experts have taught us. #makeitapriority #facials #polishmeup

That feeling when you are fully stocked again..

Tried and True: 5 Myths and Truths About Cleansing and Acne


A good read ya’ll. 🤔

skininc.com Clients suffering from acne are often not cleansing properly, which could be due to the various advertisements promoting harsh cleansers and tools that could cause more harm than good.

Another Sunday Facial Fun Day with the Lozas❣️. Eren.. I had to take a selfie in your bathroom! Lol.. couldn’t pass up the awesome art. Thank you for your hospitality. Your family is amazing. #chanelgirl #polishmeup #facials

Thank you Elizabeth Caldera for hosting a Polished Facial Party! Always a pleasure to pamper you gems. Thank you for your loyalty! #polishmeup #polishedbylara #facialparties

Sneak peek at our seasonal special of “Orange you Happy” bathbomb. 🍊 😊

New shipment of all your favorites are back in stock this week. We have a busy month anything you need mailed, or want to ensure your must haves prior to your visit, DM me. #formulasthatwork

Fall in love with our new “Petal To My Heart” Rose Bathbombs. The romantic scent will quickly turn into one of your favorites. Shown behind is our “New Beginnings” bathbomb perfect for those needing mental focus to get into mode for new goals, changes and for setting new intentions in life. #mindbodysoul ##supportsmallbusinesses #LBathbombs

Thank you so much Woodlake I felt the love like never before. Over 20 of you made it into The Lara Ranch for pampering over the weekend. Many new faces, it was a pleasure! My regulars, thank you for your loyalty. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #woodlakeweekend #polishedbylara #lovemyjob #supportsmallbusiness

No fear we’re finally here! So please stop picking at your face, you know i always find out! Can’t wait to see you all! It’s going to be a busy 3 days. #polishmeup #skinscript #ingredientnerd

Happy Valentines Day everyone! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I am exited to announce that we are officially fully booked for our upcoming event in Woodlake! We do have a waiting list in case of a cancellation occurs we can fit you in. Pumped and looking forward to be intown for a few days.

Should we add this to the menu????

Im more than your ordinary skin therapist. #experienceme #holistichealth

Valentines Day is in exactly a week. Are you ready?

We have officially opened up the schedule for Woodlake. Only for 3 days. Space is limited, my next visit will be around end of April. #polishmeup #woodlake #facialweekend

Stay tuned. Bathbombs and other goodies coming to a facial party near you!

Thank you Woodlake for keeping me busy from way over here! Your orders are going home with my momma today. Stay tuned for my February Facial Weekend. #thxfortheloyalty #polishedbylara #polishmeup #getyourglycolic #skinjunkies

Working hard to keep your favorites in stock! Thank you for trusting my suggestions and giving me your input when i shower you with samples. I love #skinscript the formulas are amazing. Made in small batches. Been working with them for 7 years. To this day the chemist teaches many of our classes; giving us the opportunity to fully understand the formulas. They are truly life changing when you’re able to find the perfect regimen balance. #polishmeup

This is because stress causes your body to make hormones like cortisol, which tells glands in your skin to make more oil. Oily skin is more prone to acne and other skin problems.

Coconut/Papaya Enzyme: Coconut and papaya enzymes dissolve dead skin cells revealing healthy soft skin. The small molecular structure of coconut allows for easy absorption through the skin giving it a soft, smooth texture. Ideal for dry, rough and wrinkled skin.

Dark Chocolate Mint Mask: Cocoa, glycerin and squalane are excellent emollients, lubricants and humectants to draw moisture to dry, flaky skin. Vitamin E is an excellent anti-aging antioxidant.

My deliciously effective detox water. Mint, strawberry, lemon, cucumber and ginger. #polisheddrinks

Skin Script Rx Blemish Control Toner Pads are recommended for oily, combination, acne-prone, and problematic skin types. The exfoliating formula is even appropriate for use on active lesions and breakouts.

-Reduces congestion in the skin, clearing pores and stopping breakouts
-Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
-Regulates sebaceous gland activity to prevent the overproduction of oil
-Neutralizes acne-causing bacteria to prevent acne
-Heals and soothes cystic breakouts and active lesions for immediate dermatologic and aesthetic relief
-Improves cell turnover rates for a healthier, fresher complexion

I’ll never get tired of saying “GLYCOLIC, GLYCOLIC, GLYCOLIC.
-Removes excess oil from the surface of the skin and in the pores
-Promotes a clear complexion with less frequent breakouts
-Improves cell activity for enhanced production of elastic fibers and faster renewal rates
-Neutralizes acne-causing bacteria
Antioxidants protect the skin from free radical and environmental damage
-Soothes and cools inflammation while boosting the healing process
-Balances problematic skin for long term clarity
*This is my line, contact me for a free consult to decide if you are a good candidate for this cleanser.

I’ve shared only a handful of times, as to why I even became an esthetician; and it is because of this condition. It is a war with your hormones, where battles scars of cysts, pigmentation and hair become an every day thing. If this is you, you are not alone. When it comes to your skin i can help you find your peace with this condition. Know what to look out for; there is hope. #pcos #hormones #esteehelp #experienced

Cleanse away last year; and start off with a fresh coat of skin. Working locally out of Fremont all of January. Book a slot for a private session or a facial party in your home. A healthy skin regimen goes further than the eye can see. #polishmeup #skinscript #esthetician #skinnerd

Product Description

Skin Script Rx Cucumber Hydration Toner is a soothing, hydrating toner that normalizes the skin, improves the absorption of more targeted treatments, and soothes inflammation.

Recommended Skin Types

Skin Script Rx Cucumber Hydration Toner is recommended for all skin types and conditions. It is particularly useful for dry, dehydrated skin and inflammation.


Soothes and cools the skin on contact
Reduces discomfort, irritation, and inflammation on contact
Infuses the skin with rich moisture
Enhances the penetrative abilities of other active ingredients to maximize your results
Provides the skin with lipids, fortifying natural barriers to lock moisture in and keep contaminants out
Improves cellular function to anti-aging benefits
Tones the skin, reducing the size and visibility of pores
Appropriate for all skin types and as part of all treatment regimens
Normalizes the skin
How to Apply
After cleansing with your preferred Skin Script Rx treatment cleanser, spray Skin Script Rx Cucumber Hydration Toner onto a cotton ball or pad, and wipe it over the surface of the face, neck, and chest. Allow to penetrate the skin before applying your serums, treatments, and moisturizers.

Tip - Use Skin Script Rx Cucumber Hydration Toner EVERY time you cleanse your skin for it hydration and soothing abilities.
Key Ingredients

Heavy water - water with a heavier molecular weight to penetrate the skin and provide deep moisture; fortifies the skin’s natural barriers to lock moisture in and prevent trans-epidermal water loss
Hyaluronic acid - powerful moisturizer that binds skin cells to water, providing lasting hydration; plumps the surface of the skin
Borago officinalis seed oil - an omega-6 fatty acids that fortifies the skin while soothing inflammation and reducing symptoms of irritation
Cucumber - anti-inflammatory vegetable that soothes and cools the skin while also toning it to reduce the appearance of pores

Wrapping up our week here in Woodlake tomorrow. Bay Area.. I’ll be home soon!!

How to Detox Your Underarms and Why You Should! - Holistic Health Herbalist



holistichealthherbalist.com Has your natural deodorant ever let you down with excessive sweat, funky smells, or a rash? Learn how to detox your underarms to help you transition faster.

I added a menu of a few of my fave treatments.

Yes I do! We are booking fast but we always try to accommodate where we can. In Woodlake until this Friday. Fremont: After January 7th you will have me for the next 7 weeks.

During puberty, a rise in hormones can make skin and hair oily, contributing to clogged a pores and acne.
Acne, a common skin problem in teens and adults, can include whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, nodules and cysts. It can leave blemishes and scars, and it can cause emotional distress. It "can have a tremendous negative psychological impact. Pre-adolescent acne can progress from whiteheads to inflamed bumps. It occurs mostly on the forehead, nose and chin, the so-called T-zone. Luckily there is choices appropriate for this age group. Waiting will only make it worst. Schedule a free consultation today.

The bay gets me for Christmas and the valley for New Years. Schedule a holiday treatment; walk in dull and lifeless and come out with a glow you haven’t seen in years. #polishmeup #skinscript #facials #ridiculouslyaffordable #happyholidays

This is a newbie Skin Skripts is trying out. I’ve been giving out a few of these out to good candidates with normal to oily skin. Feedback has been good. This cleanser is infused with charcoal and kaolin clay to absorb environmental toxins. Kaolin clay absorbs sebum, removes impurities and helps prevent clogged pores.

Well.. some. ❤️

A little Glycolic and Retinol go a long way. 😃

Those company parties are around the corner. Booking for December now.

Makes all the difference when you have limited personal space to detox thoughts and to recharge.

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