St. Cloud Diocesan Council of Catholic Women

St. Cloud Diocesan Council of Catholic Women

The Diocesan Council of Catholic Women (DCCW) in the St. Cloud Diocese serves all Catholic women. As per Bishop Bartholome in 1953, all women in the Diocese are members either as individuals or as part of an organization.

All organizations such as Altar Societies, Mission Groups, ladies Aid, Rosary society, Christian Mothers, Daughters of Isabella, Catholic Daughters of America, just to name a few, can take advantage of the resources offered by the Council. CCW sponsors many opportunities in Spirituality, Leadership and Service. There are sponsored Retreats, workshops and conferences. To find out more, see our website or the national website,

Mission: The Saint Cloud Diocesan Council of Catholic Women (SCDCCW) acts through its affiliated organizations to support, empower and educate all Catholic women in spirituality, leadership snd service. DCCW programs respond with Gospel values to the needs of the Church and society in the modern world.

Operating as usual

Church of St. Pius X Council of Catholic Women

Join the Northeast and St. Paul Deaneries for a special event to hear of the many ways you can welcome "Moms in Need" into your parish, community and women's groups. Learn about resources. programs and services they may need.
Pope Francis reminds us that now, more than ever, moms in need are in our parishes and our neighborhood and need our support.
Bishop Cozzens will be celebrating the 11:00 AM Mass.

Kalamazoo Diocesan Council of Catholic Women

A Farmer's Grace Before Breakfast
A while back I read a story of a visiting pastor who attended a men's breakfast in the middle of a rural farming area of Ontario .The group had asked an older farmer, decked out in bib overalls, to say grace for the morning breakfast;" Lord, I hate buttermilk," the farmer began. the visiting pastor opened one eye to glance at the farmer and wonder where this was going. The farmer loudly proclaimed, "Lord, I hate lard." Now the pastor was growing concerned. Without missing a beat, the farmer continued, "And Lord, you know I don't much care for raw white flour" the pastor once again opened an eye to glance around the room and saw that he wasn't the only one to feel uncomfortable. Then the farmer added, "But Lord, when you mix them all together and bake them, I do love warm fresh biscuits. So Lord, when things come up that we don't like, when life gets hard, when we don't understand what you're saying to us, help us to just relax and wait until you are done mixing. It will probably be even better than biscuits. Amen. " Within that prayer there is great wisdom for all when it comes to complicated situations like we are experiencing in the world today. Stay strong, my friends, because our life is being mixed with lots of things we don't care for.......relax and wait until the mixing is done..............

[09/12/20]   Below is a schedule of Public Rosary beings prayed weekly in our ACC. We have many intentions to pray for and much to be thankful for.

We will be having a rosary at 9am tomorrow morning in Freeport at the Pavillion on Main Street.

All are invited and welcome!

• Wednesday at 1:00 pm in English at the Grotto
near the rectory in Melrose.
• Thursday at 7:00 pm in Spanish at the Grotto near the Rectory in Melrose.
• Friday at 7:30 pm in English at the Grotto in St. Rosa (cancelled in case of rain).
• Saturday at 9:00 am in English at the shelter on Main Street in Freeport. Weather permitting.

Election Resources 2020 for Minnesota Catholic Voters

Please join us to pray the Rosary in the city park in Freeport, MN @ 9 AM on Saturday morning. We will be meeting every Saturday morning at 9 AM until the end of October, weather permitting. Our nation needs our prayers.
For other information, please check the Minnesota Catholic Conference at this address Catholic election resources: form your conscience & inform your vote! How to civilize debate, who's on my ballot, election prayers, what MN bishops say on..

Tri Parish

Today is the Feast Day of Saint Peter Claver, Priest, Patron Saint of slaves, Colombia, seafarers, and missionaries to Africa. Visit the following websites for more information about Saint Peter Claver.

St. Rose of Lima Parish - St. Rosa Minnesota

Happy Birthday Blessed Mother Mary!

"We all love to celebrate birthdays. Today is the birthday celebration of our dear mother... Celebrating her birthday is a way of celebrating her personhood. We celebrate her simply for being herself. We do not necessarily focus in on any of the unique, beautiful and profound aspects of her life today. We do not necessarily look at all she accomplished, her perfect yes to God, her coronation in Heaven, her assumption or any other specifics. All parts of her life are glorious, beautiful, awe-inspiring and worthy of their own unique feasts and celebration.

Today, however, we simply celebrate our Blessed Mother because she was created and brought into this world by God and that alone is worth celebrating. We honor her simply because we love her and we celebrate her birthday as we would celebrate the birthday of anyone we love and care for."


I just got my new history book!

National Council of Catholic Women

Is your CCW sinking?
Some signs of a failing affiliation, deanery, or
parish CCW are:
• No one wants to take a leadership position
• The same few women do the same jobs
year after year
• The same events are held and they are done
exactly the same way
• There are no younger women involved
• Your programs are boring
• New members just sit and listen and then
suddenly disappear
"CCW HELPLINE" is a new initiative to help all
levels of Council from the affiliation to the province. If you need help because of failing membership, lack of leadership or just ideas to advertise and promote your Council, we are here to
help you, regardless how small your need or
how small your size. The first step is easy, just
email Rosi Schuhmacher
at [email protected]
and she will connect you with a seasoned leader
to help you. No one person knows everything or
can fix everything, but working together we can
make a difference.

Newly elected

We welcome our newly-elected NCCW Treasurer,Marla Johnston; Chair of the NCCW Spiritual Advisors, Fr. Miguel Gonzalez and 11 Province Directors, who were installed on Saturday, August 29 via Zoom. Welcome! Marla Johnston from the Diocese of San Antonio; Fr. Miguel Gonzalez; Province of Atlanta-Deanna Holmer; Province of Baltimore-Celestine Person-Green; Province of Chicago- Nympha White; Province of Denver-Nancy Bachicha; Province of Galveston/ Houston-Mary Ann Brenner; Province of Hartford- Connie Gillies; Province of Indianapolis-Suzanne Marie Gardiner; Province of Omaha-Theresa Pavlik; Province of Philadephia- Alycia Laureti; Province of San Francisco-Gloria Krzyzanowski;
Province of St. Louis Rita Lueckeno.

St. Paul and Minneapolis Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women

We hope you will join us!

Diocese of Saint Cloud - Office of Vocation

The Serra Club sponsors a monthly calendar to help us pray for priests and seminarians in our diocese. Today we pray for:

Rev. Matthew Crane

Sacred Heart Parish

Congratulations to Terry Jancik on his deaconate ordination today.

Network Lobby

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, a day to reflect on Mary’s remarkable life and honor her great gifts. Religious scholars and theologians, like Sr. Elizabeth Johnson in "Truly Our Sister," note that Mary was born in Nazareth, a tiny Galilean town of about 1,600 people. She was a brown skinned, first-century Jewish woman who belonged to a peasant family. She lived in poverty, unable to read or write, and her daily life and labor were hard. Yet she stands as one of the most celebrated women in history, the Mother of Jesus and the Mother of the Catholic Church.
On this feast day, we remember the life and death of Mary. We celebrate Mary’s bravery and willingness to say YES when asked by the Angel Gabriel to become the mother of Jesus. We recall the love shared between Mary and Jesus as she urged her son to help a friend at a wedding and he did. We marvel at her unflinching courage to endure the pain of watching the Roman Empire torture and crucify her son while never leaving his side. We rejoice, as she did, when the glory of the resurrection was revealed confirming God never abandons us.
On this feast day, we call on Mary to protect the young mothers, the children, and all vulnerable people struggling with the health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic that has brought communities to a precipice. This includes the families of the more than 160,000 Americans who have died from the virus as well as the families grappling with new infections every day here and around the world. We ask Mary to be with the millions of low-wage workers here in the U.S., disproportionately in Black and Brown communities, as they struggle to put food on their tables and keep a roof over their heads.

We also summon the courage of Mary to continue our work to ensure Congress passes legislation to protect families like hers - the most vulnerable, the often forgotten. God’s love of those struggling in poverty is clear: Mary, a lowly, brown, peasant woman became the mother of God’s son. This is a holy paradox and a great lesson for those who seek to follow Jesus.

Let us commit today to fight for the bold and comprehensive legislation our people need to maintain their health, their dignity and their ability to thrive. Let us push past the forces of the State who fail to see, recognize or respond to the needs of those in poverty. Their willful indifference and deception condemns the vulnerable to misery and death.

On the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, let us follow in Mary’s footsteps.

Holy Mother Mary, pray for us.

Mindful Christianity Today

German author says retired Pope Benedict is ‘extremely frail’ By Cindy Wooden Catholic News Service VATICAN CITY (CNS) — An author with a long and close relationship to retired Pope Benedict XVI told a German newspaper that the 93-year-old retired pope…

St. Francis Xavier Catholic Faith Community

Catholic Relief Services

Kateri Tekakwitha, informally known as “Lily of the Mohawks,” was the first Native American woman of North America to be canonized. She is also the patron saint of ecology. We honor her legacy as an Algonquin–Mohawk laywoman by listening to the cry of creation and committing to act.

Archbishop Wenski: US Supreme Court ruling 'a great thing for religious liberty' - Vatican News The US Bishops' Chairman for Religious Liberty reacts to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in favor of religiously-affiliated schools saying it ...

Tri Parish

Today is the Feast Day of Saint Maria Goretti, Virgin and Martyr, Patron Saint of rape victims and teenage girls. Visit the following websites for more information on Saint Maria Goretti.

TV Mass 7-5-20 Stereo

This is "TV Mass 7-5-20 Stereo" by Office of Worship on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Priests' assignment changes announced - The Central Minnesota Catholic The new appointments are effective June 30 for diocesan priests and July 1 for priests from St. John's Abbey in Collegeville.

Four priests set to retire look forward to next chapter of life, ministry - The Central Minnesota Catholic

God bless you all After decades of service to the people of the Diocese of St. Cloud, four priests will retire at the end of June. Fathers Tim Baltes, Ralph […]

Obituary for Rosella "Rosie" Spanier | Patton-Schad Funeral & Cremation Service Share memories & support the family

Tri Parish

Readings for Sunday, June 28, 2020

2 Kgs 4:8-11, 14-16a
Rom 6:3-4,8-11
Mt 10:37-42

The Celtic Christian Tradition

“Christ has no body now but yours. No hands, no feet on earth but yours. Yours are the eyes through which he looks compassion on this world. Yours are the feet with which he walks to do good. Yours are the hands through which he blesses all the world. Yours are the hands, yours are the feet, yours are the eyes, you are his body. Christ has no body now on earth but yours.”

― Teresa of Avila

Painting,Angelus by Emile Friant
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A Virtual Conference for Catholic Kids “Ocean of Mercy” Will Teach the Faith to Children

Tri Parish

Readings for The Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saturday, June 20, 2020

2 Chr 24:17-25
Lk 2:41-51

Orlando Diocesan Council of Catholic Women

We need to be praying this prayer daily....

Diocese of Duluth

Pope Francis has appointed Father Michel J. Mulloy, from the Diocese of Rapid City, South Dakota, to be the 10th bishop of the Diocese of Duluth, it was announced today.

Bishop-elect Mulloy was born May 20, 1953, in Mobridge, South Dakota, and was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, in 1979. He served parishes in both the Sioux Falls and Rapid City dioceses before being incardinated formally in the Rapid City diocese in 1986. He has spent most of his priestly ministry serving in parishes until his appointment full-time as vicar general of the Rapid City Diocese in 2017 and his subsequent election in 2019 as diocesan administrator after Rapid City’s bishop was transfered to another diocese.

Among other roles in the Diocese of Rapid City, Bishop-elect Mulloy has served as vocations director and director of the Office of Worship, as well as serving on the presbyteral council, the College of Consultors, the diocesan finance and pastoral councils, and the Sioux Spiritual Center Board of Directors.

His episcopal ordination and installation have been set for Thursday, Oct. 1.

Bishop-elect Mulloy will succeed the late Bishop Paul Sirba, who died unexpectedly on Dec. 1, 2019.

Sorry, yes I did!

Saint Anthony of Padua, 1195-1231
Feast day June 13

Why do we ask St. Anthony to help us find lost things?

St. Anthony had a book of psalms that was quite special to him. It was special because in those days before the printing press, books were rare and expensive. But it was also special because it contained many notes Anthony had made to help him in his preaching and teaching.

Late one night, a young Franciscan decided to leave the community. He’d had enough of that life, so he made plans to just sneak out in the middle of the night. He saw Anthony’s book of psalms on his way out, and he snatched it up and ran. He knew that he could sell this precious book for a good deal of money.

Of course, Anthony was quite upset. He prayed that God would change the young man’s heart and bring him back to the Franciscan life. He also hoped that while God was at it, he would return Anthony’s book too.

The next day, the young man returned, tired and ashamed, with Anthony’s book. He also brought back his own gifts and talents, which he decided once more to offer to the Franciscan community.

So that’s why we like to ask St. Anthony to help us find lost things. He was an extraordinary man who can still help us from heaven, even in the most ordinary ways.

Christchurch NZ lost their bishop,let’s say a prayer.

Three men to be ordained priests June 6; Mass will be livestreamed - The Central Minnesota Catholic

Watch closely, they are our future. Bishop Donald Kettler will ordain three men to the priesthood at 10:30 a.m. June 6 at St. Mary’s Cathedral in St. Cloud.

[06/03/20]   Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be Thy name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil, for Thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory forever.
🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️ Amen

Our Story

The Council of Catholic Women was formed in 1920 by the USCCB. The first National president was Gertrude Hill Gavin. All Catholic women’s organizations such as Altar Societies, Mission Groups, Ladies Aid, Rosary society, Christian Mothers, Daughters of Isabella, Catholic Daughters of America, Peter Claver just to name a few, are members and can take advantage of the resources offered by the Council. All baptized women 19 and older are members of the council. CCW sponsors many opportunities in Spirituality, Leadership and Service. There are sponsored Retreats, workshops, conventions and conferences.

The Saint Cloud Diocesan Council was formed in 1953 by Bishop Peter W Bartholome and the ladies of the diocese. Mrs. Pat (Verena) Meahger was the first president.

To find out more, see our website: or the national website,

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26483 350th St
Freeport, MN
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