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Texas MerMade

Hand-woven Adornments for Mind, Body, and Spirit https://www.etsy.com/shop/BoutiqueJeweler A Pennsylvania native, Sabrinah now lives in Fort Worth, TX where she continues her career in ultra-custom jewelry design and gemological healing.

She demonstrates a combination of academic and self-taught jewelry artistry, specializing in precious metal wire weaving techniques. In 2006, Sabrinah officially began her business within the jewelry realm, and it has been in a constant state of evolution since. Sabrinah Renee, boutique jeweler is the epitome of Sabrinah’s intense desire to heal people through the creation of exclusive and beautiful custom jewelry. After achieving status of Accredited Jewelry Professional through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in 2009, Sabrinah continued her education in jewelry fabrication while living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Through the fusion of traditional metalsmithing and the ancient art of weaving, Sabrinah has created jewelry unlike anything seen before. The profound detail and unparalleled craftsmanship of Sabrinah’s designs immerse the senses of sight and touch. Sabrinah specializes in ultra-custom design, creating exclusive jewelry with the finest quality gemstones. Each gem is selected based on the specific healing needs of the wearer, making every piece of jewelry uniquely personal. “It is important to me that my pieces are not only beautiful, but also offer healing benefits to my clients. Each piece of jewelry is created for a specific person and designed to take that individual on an inward journey of self-reflection and physical healing. My jewelry is about outward and inward beauty alike, finding your path, expanding your strengths, realizing your goals, and establishing a healing connection with Earth.” Sabrinah’s inspiration originates from the colors, textures, and transformations of the planet. Her collections host a set of gemological beauties that will transcend you from the core of the Earth to the sun and stars.

Operating as usual

Merry Christmas to you, my dear friends and family! I hope yours has been as wonderful as mine. I Love you all! 🌟

There is no better gift you can give than to support your local small businesses right now.

Today is the last day of the 20% art sale happening @parkandeighth

My work is included along with many other fabulous artists including @artist_jillmalouf @amyoungart @gingerraywalkerart @bgandyart @winterrusiloski and more.

This is an incredible sale that you don’t want to miss!! Happy Holidays you last minute shoppers! Remember, holiday shopping can also be gifting to YOURSELF!

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I was gonna do one if those introduction posts today, but my friend @joniflowers inspired something a little different.

The past year has been hard on all of us- obviously. We are all facing different things. Many of us have added stress because our loved ones are on the front lines, keeping the rest of us safe.

During 2020 I’ve learned a lot. I’ve faced a lot, and overcome some major fears that I’ve carried since childhood. Mostly what I’ve learned pertains to myself and how I cope and process the hard stuff.

One process I’ve discovered is that when things seem out of control, I try to control them by giving too much to everyone else. I feel like I need to make things perfect for them because things are so tough.

It starts off good, and makes me feel good, but It’s a whirlwind spiral down a black hole until I’m at the bottom of the barrel and have nothing left to give. And it’s no one’s fault except my own. It’s a self-sabotage, destructive type thing... and it’s not good for me, my husband, or my littles.

That’s when the bad coping skills come out. And I feel like the last few weeks, maybe since Thanksgiving, have made me break open.

I have not been caring for myself, and by that I mean- for my soul. So when Joni asked our class today... what have you been doing for yourself? I realized I couldn’t remember the last time that happened, and she’s right. That’s not ok.

So for 2021 I’m not gonna go crazy trying to change myself. I’m almost 40 and I’m finally at the point where I just don’t care what people think anymore. It takes too much energy. I don’t need to be nicer, or meaner, or thinner, or more successful.

My plan is to really work on me and my soul. To discover my inner power- because my intuition tells me I haven’t done that yet, that it’s something BIG, and that it’s been waiting for me.

Whether it’s just today or a resolution for the new year, make sure you do something for YOU and not alwayfor someone else, or for acceptance by others. Really do it for YOU. You deserve it. We all do.

If you’re wondering what these shells have to do with this post- they make me feel better. I like having them around.

This miniature sculpture is part of my birthstone collection. Citrine is the main stone used here, but it’s combined with corals, shells, amethyst, pyrite, and Oco geode slices.

My daughter’s birthstone is citrine and I love the warm, enthusiastic vibes that come from this stone. Just like her, this birthstone is a little piece of sunshine.

The pretty glass jars that I’m using for the sculpture bases are vintage Boyd art glass. They are actually what inspired the birthstone collection, and they are just irresistible to me. They exist in so many different colors and unique shapes- they are like gems themselves.

These are only about 4-6 inches and are perfect size for gifting. They provide a unique way to celebrate your birthstone while bringing awesome vibes into your space.

Tell me, what’s your birthstone? Do you like it? If not, which stone would you want instead?

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“You will love the ocean. It makes you feel small, but not in a bad way. Small because you realize you’re part of something bigger.” – Lauren Myracle

We could all use a little ocean right now, don’t you think? 🌊

Im really loving the energy of this piece. I don’t often mix color in this way, but I was inspired by @chelsdwill to step outside of my monochromatic box. What resulted was a perfect balance of color and vibes.

Like a tree facing the element of wind, this reef faced the elements of the sun and sea. First swept by the current, then dried in the heat, the gold and tan hues make me think of a parched tidal pool with driftwood and eroded corals bleached by the hot sun.

All is not lost- there is a sweet surprise- a river of citrine flowing up through the middle, bringing abundance and revitalizing energy to this arid seascape.

There are many little treasures tucked into this piece, including quartz clusters, chalcedony, aragonite stars, and the most perfect broken shells.

“Current-Swept” reminds me that even in the toughest, most brutal times, when it seems like everything is coming to an end... is when a new cycle of life and abundance is just beginning. We are not alone. We are a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

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Biggest, hugest, most wonderful sale happening right now @parkandeighth! Soooo much gorgeous art and not much time left- Christmas is next Friday!

If there’s something you’ve been eyeing now’s the time to make it yours. Message me or contact @parkandeighth to purchase. Merry Christmas!

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When you realize your daughter might be more of a mermaid than you. 💙🧜🏻‍♀️

Wishing we were back in port A instead of dealing with winter, but hey- I’ll just keep crystallizing these big shells and maybe it will feel like I’m “home.”

There are some very sparkly shells available @parkandeighth and they’re 20% off through December. That’s the best deal you’ll get on these crystal-coated beauties!

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We are so excited to congratulate @handmadeu for winning the #crystalsoftheheart giveaway event!

We had over 1500 entries and we are so thankful for your response!

Your support for our art and small businesses is appreciated more than you know. Happy Holidays!

Stay tuned for more great giveaways and events like this one!

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Hello all!! Here’s the deal... we just need another day! We are so thankful for the response to this truly amazing giveaway. Thanks for your patience! We will know the winner soon! 💎💙💎

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@crystalembroideryco @scorpiosun_scorpiomoon_dreamer @inthespiritofnature @shellyhillart @moonbearjewels @glimpseglass @texas_mermade @vitruvian_art

I’m thinking it’s the purple, or the urchin spines, or the cauldron-shaped container, but my latest sculpture is definitely witchy.

I usually stick to light colors and most of my designs are monochromatic, so I surprised myself with this creation. The Ursula-esque vibes have deemed this one “Sea Witch” and it might be my favorite so far.

Amethyst has been a coveted stone for thousands of years. It is protective against negativity, is a good sleep aid, eases stress, and can assist with overcoming addiction.

This sculpture is packed full of this beautiful violet stone which made a perfect pair to this gorgeous blue ridge coral. The striped urchin spines brought it to life, and the barnacles are 😍 (they always are)

How do you feel about this color combo? Are you getting witchy vibes?

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Last chance to enter the giveaway! It ends tonight! This is the piece I've created for you- an amethyst reef sculpture on a brass box.

Swipe left to see the other incredible art included in the giveaway prize!

Here's how to win:

1. Follow the artists below...


2. Tag friends in separate comments! Each comment is an entry.

Winner will be announced on Monday, December 14th!

**international shipping costs for some items will be the responsibility of the winner, shipping times will vary**This giveaway event is not affiliated with Instagram, sponsors, or any third parties**

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Looking for the perfect centerpiece to admire in your home? This is IT.

Anchored by a big blue ridge coral, this large brass bowl holds a reef of barnacles, shells, and multiple ivory-colored corals. It is about 20 inches in diameter and makes the perfect centerpiece.

The brass bowl sits on a lucite base and I added a vintage brass chain detail around the bottom for a little nautical flair.

This gorgeous centerpiece is available @parkandeighth and it’s ON SALE until Christmas!

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So I do this thing where I instinctively crystallize beautiful old things and give them new life.

In turn, I get to work with healing crystals and natural elements of the sea. To say it’s my therapy is not enough. My art revives my soul. It literally makes me who I am. It’s constantly changing just like me, and I love that about it.

One week from today I will be proudly displaying many new pieces at Nosh and Bottle in Irving Texas for a holiday pop-up.

My new collection, “Sunken Treasures” is exactly what it sounds like. It will take you to the ocean depths to explore all the gorgeous details of reef-meets-man-made. You know, when the ocean gently claims whatever falls to its floor.

Serious 💯 mermaid vibes happening in a fine-art sort of way. Can’t wait to see you on Saturday!

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Hey friends! Barnacle Betty here!

Yep. It’s true. I LOVE barnacles. And yes... they solve many of my biggest creative problems. 🧜🏻‍♀️

When I make something new, it usually starts with something old, like this teapot. I found this treasure with the rest of its set, and honestly I didn’t want it at first. The sweet old lady refused to break up her set, saying “it belongs together.” She was right, as old ladies usually are.

But here’s the deal. This teapot has a lid with a hinge. Trying to fill a container with a lid seemed like it would be a big challenge, and I didn’t have any immediate ideas.

It just took a little time for inspiration to filter in. 😉 Now that it’s done it’s my absolute favorite creation. Like I’m in love with it.

Now, let’s have a tea party on the ocean floor. Wear your best pearls and bring your mermaid purse. This one’s gonna be fancy.


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Guess what? I have some really good news! @parkandeighth is running a killer sale right now- all art is 20% off, which includes many of my most prized pieces!

Are you a DFW local? If you answered yes, this is a place that should be on your Christmas shopping bucket list. Head there SOON so you don’t miss out on all the best art and seriously awesome furniture & decor!

If there is a piece your eyeing and you want to know more, send your questions to me!

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Have you ever taken something old and given it new life? It is amazingly satisfying.

This vintage Italian jewelry box was screaming for some crystals... and it came to the right place.

A lovely mix of Earthy tones, smoky quartz and aragonite are grounding and stabilizing stones. They block negative energy and ease feelings of anxiety and fear.

There is also a tiny treasure- a pyritized ammonite shell, found by @lymeregisfossils on the Jurassic coast. You want to feel grounded? Try using a fossil that’s 190 million years old. It works.

One of the best things about my job is that I benefit from the crystals I use in my art. I honestly believe that we are drawn to the stones we need most in our life- they choose us, not the other way around.

Once a piece is finished, it finds its forever home and takes its energy to a new space, to help another person who needs it.

It also takes a little piece of me.

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What are you doing today to bring positive vibes into your life? Here’s what I’m staring at... lots of healing light. Placing these huge quartz crystal points on bar of pure selenite makes me feel 🌟🌟🌟

I’m also planning and building up the next teapot, organizing the giveaway (ah!!! Stay tuned for that!!) and finishing up a bunch of crystallized shells. I’m busy. And it’s awesome.

I’ll be releasing a collection of “sunken treasures” at the pop-up event on December 5th which will include the fabulous teapots and lots of other pretties on silver.

Head to my website www.TexasMerMade.com and sign up for my mailing list! I’ll be sending out all the details there. Happy Friday sweet friends!

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Our Story

Sabrinah Chappell, AJP Artist: Sculpture, Jewelry, Mosaics I am an artist living in Fort Worth, Texas. I create jewelry, mosaics, and gem and mineral sculptures. The inspiration for my art comes from my connection with Earth- especially the ocean. The water is where I find serenity and peace, and when I feel most like myself.

Crystals have helped me so much in my personal life by providing soothing energy, self-reflection, positive relationships, and spiritual connection. They can also help to let go of what no longer serves. For example, during my pregnancies I have used crystals to calm my mind and eliminate fears and insecurities about myself and the processes of pregnancy and birth. My affinity for stones and crystals began as a child. Over the years I acquired a (very) large collection of gemstones and minerals. Coupled with my mosaic experience, my “rock” collection brought the idea of gem and mineral sculpture to the surface of my imagination. Although I still design jewelry, my sculptures have become the main focus of my artistic career.

Designed for home interiors, I use raw minerals, rough and polished gemstones, and natural elements such as driftwood, corals, and shells to create home accessory pieces, and wall art, as well as functional sculptures such as votives, decorative bowls, mirrors, and book ends. My sculptures are based with lucite, wood, brass, and vintage and antique items. They are all one-of-a-kind and can be small and simple, or large and very detailed. Because my art is inspired by the sea it tends to show a lot of coastal flair. However, my sculptures are artistic pieces that can find a perfect place within any aesthetic. I use sculpture as a medium to share the beauty of gems and minerals with the world in a very unique way, and as a path to introduce gentle healing energies into the homes of my clients. Gemstones and crystals are tiny treasures from Earth, each with a story of their own. They are formed over thousands of years in just the right conditions. When you wear a piece of gemstone jewelry or decorate with crystals in your home, you are honoring the Earth. I am so thankful that my craft allows me to be a part of something so special. I am here to create beautiful things for you.

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