Holiday Home Tour Fort Smith

Holiday Home Home Tour Fort Smith 2018 features several beautifully decorated homes throughout Fort Smith on Sunday, December 2 from 1-5 for $25 donation!

The Junior League of Fort Smith is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable. Visit our website at: for more information!

Mission: Improving the lives of local foster care children: In 2013, we began tailoring our volunteer efforts to address the foster care crisis in the River Valley Community. Approximately 800 children in the River Valley are placed in foster care each year, while only 400 have placement in a home or shelter. Statewide, there are more than 5,000 children in foster care with only 1,600 foster family homes. The Junior League of Fort Smith has studied this issue and worked to address it with community projects that help recruit and retain foster families, build and furnish children’s shelters, prepare children aging through the foster care system to have the necessary life skills to make it as an adult, and help improve the quality of life for children currently in state care.

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Junior League of Fort Smith

Did Santa bring you some Christmas money? Go see Newton's Jewelers in downtown Fort Smith and tell them we sent you! They have been a longtime supporter of Junior League of Fort Smith and all that we do to benefit the Fort Smith area! We are so grateful for Newton’s and all local small businesses that help us make a positive impact!

Crystal Donor Spotlight:
Newton's Jewelers was founded in 1914. They are a long time supporter to the Junior League of Fort Smith. We are grateful for all that they have done for us over the years. Thanks to donors like them, we get to impact the lives of area foster youth!
Please take the time to see them in Downtown Fort Smith or click the link below:

Happy Christmas Eve eve! On day 2️⃣ Junior League of Fort Smith would like to express our gratitude for FREE billboard advertising this year❣️ Harry Robinson Buick GMC & Ashby St. Outdoor Advertising provided free billboard space to advertise the entire week before our event! It was the greatest gift and much appreciated! #2daystilchristmas #2bigblessings #thanksfromjlfs

Jeff's Club House is such a generous donor for Junior League of Fort Smith and our Holiday Home Tour brunches!! Go see Santa and enjoy some delicious food with Jeff today until 2❣️

What a great day for Santa Brunch featuring Allison Grace Duo! Open 9:30 -2pm
Reservations open at 12:30-close

Only 4️⃣ days until Christmas! On Day 4, Junior League of Fort Smith would like to thank our door prize sponsors! Hazel's Haven, Camille and Co, Sweetbay Coffee Co & local Avon representative, Sherry Fowler each donated some wonderful door prizes for our Holiday Home Tour brunches! We are so thankful for these great gifts! 🎁🎁🎁🎁 #4daystilchristmas #4bigblessings #thanksfromjlfs

Only 5️⃣ more days until CHRISTMAS! On day 5 of our thankfulness countdown , the Junior League of Fort Smith would like to thank these 5 generous liquor stores for donating cases of champagne for our brunches! 🥂🍾 THANK YOU, Sodie's Wine & Spirits, Garrison Pointe Liquor, Cheers of Fort Smith, In Good Spirits, Eastside Liquor! Our brunch guests were delighted to have bottomless mimosas to start a fun day for Holiday Home Tour! #5daystilchristmas #5bigblessings

On day 6 of our thankfulness countdown to Christmas, we would like to recognize the great businesses that donated food to our brunches for Holiday Home Tour! 🥞🥓🍳🥚🥐 These 6 businesses went above and beyond to provide free food for our fundraiser! We could not have done it without them! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Such a bountiful blessing!

Only 7️⃣ days until Christmas! We are kicking off a countdown to Christmas in a special way! Each day we will be featuring a special blessing we are thankful for this year!

We are extra thankful for all 7 families that opened their homes and hearts to the Junior League of Fort Smith! We gifted these precious custom ornaments hand painted by Cross MY ART as a thank-you and memento of the 2018 Holiday Home Tour! So beautiful and brought many happy tears! 😍 THANK YOU to ALL homeowners who made Holiday Home Tour possible! We couldn’t have done it without your help and hospitality!! ❤️❤️

The Junior League of Fort Smith was so honored to feature such a beautifully unique home on our Holiday Home Tour this year! The minimalist style and sleek modern architecture made this home stand out among most found in our area! Guests described this home as “peaceful” and loved everything about it! We completely agree 😍❤️

We were so excited to feature this unique penthouse loft apartment on the 2018 Holiday Home Tour! It was unlike any other home in the Fort Smith area! One-of-a-kind architecture and eclectic art and design made this home stand out! It occupies the 3rd floor of the building and has a beautiful view of downtown Fort Smith! ✨🌇✨

This historic building was built in 1890 and has been home to a tobacco factory, a seamstress’s workspace, and a general store. It is now home to the Hooks family and one of their businesses, STEPS Family Resource Center, which provides resources to at-risk low-income families and individuals in the River Valley area. We are so grateful to the Hooks family, not only for opening their home to the Holiday Home Tour, but for their dedicated service to families and children in need. The Junior League of Fort Smith has worked closely with the STEPS Family Resource Center throughout the years and we were so honored to feature the home of such a giving family!

It was a pleasure to interview Mrs. Hooks who revealed some unique details about their home:

✨She decorates her home herself, with the help of two talented decorators, Terri Glasco & Jennifer Hurt

✨She gets her decorating inspiration from from their regular trips to New Mexico. They have become fond of the South Western style!

✨Many furnishings in her home were purchased locally at Now and Then Shoppe. Most are completely original works of art created by herself, her mother, Helen Hubbard Hooks, and various local Fort Smith artists: Pat Lapin and Vickie Rumsey!

✨One of the most unique features of the home is the cement bathtub in the master bathroom. It was custom designed and took 7 men to carry inside!

✨ The exquisite doors throughout the home were all shipped in all the way from New Mexico! Along with the wooden panels and panel-wall in their master bedroom!

✨The Hooks' favorite Christmas tradition: watching their children and now grandchildren open gifts and seeing the joy on their faces! ☺️

We absolutely loved having this beautiful home on Holiday Home Tour this year! Christ was at the center of their Christmas decor and their entire home! 💜✝️

Some unique facts about this wonderful family & their custom-built home:

💜 It is decorated solely by the homeowner, with the help of her loving husband who enjoys wood working and making her ideas come to life! Decorating is her passion and she really puts her heart into it, “I am never done! I never stop decorating! If one twig is out of place, I will rearrange and change until I am happy with the finished look!”

💜 Decoration inspiration comes from Instagram and Pinterest. Check out her Instagram page for unique decorating ideas and DIY projects: @southernstonehouse

💜 They have a very special Christmas tradition: they make gift boxes for each child filled with pajamas, popcorn, candy and a movie to be opened on Christmas Eve! The family enjoys the evening together with their new treats 🎥🍿🍫

Our favorite thing about this BEAUTIFUL home was the history & welcoming ambiance! Did you know it is listed on the National Historic Registry and even has hand painted antique wallpaper?!?

This home has been in their family for generations and they pride themselves in preservation. The best part of all: their big happy family was present during Holiday Home Tour last Sunday telling stories and sharing their memories, while serving the Fort Smith community yummy snacks and beverages!

THANK YOU, Caldarera-Sicard family for opening your beautiful home and hearts to the Holiday Home Tour and Junior League of Fort Smith! We appreciate you more than you know! ❤️🎄

Vote for #1 and #3 and the cash prize will be donated to the Junior League of Fort Smith!

Vote for your favorite! The office with the most points at the end of December will Win the “pot” for their selected non-profit!

Each “like” on the photo is one point.
Come by our office during our Open House on Sunday December 9th and your “live” vote will count as 2 points!

Don’t forget to share your favorites to get more votes!

We are SO grateful for all of our 2018 donors & sponsors! THANK YOU Harry Robinson Buick GMC, Ashby St. Outdoor Advertising, Garrison Pointe - Market & Liquor, Eastside Liquor, Sodie's Wine & Spirits, In Good Spirits, Cheers of Fort Smith, Moka Joe's Coffee & Cafe, Grand Savings Bank, Panera Bread, Olive Garden, Jeff's Club House, Burger King, Calico County, McAlister's Deli, Walmart Fort Smith - N 62nd St, Stirred Catering and Coffee, Hazel's Haven, Camille and Co, C&C Market Research, Sweetbay Coffee Co & Expressions Flowers, LLC!

Because of ALL of these incredible donors, 💯 of all food and drinks for the brunches were donated! And all door prizes and advertising! We are so THANKFUL ❤️

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped make Holiday Home Tour 2018 a huge SUCCESS!!

Mrs. Renee Durham was honored as the 2018 Junior League of Fort Smith Sustainer of the Year! This incredible woman did SO MUCH to help our Holiday Home Tour be the success that it was! We couldn’t have done it without her constant support and generousity ❤️😇

She has the most beautiful, giving heart and recently adopted 2 foster care children. How great is that?!?! She truly LIVES out the mission of the Junior League of Fort Smith!

The best thing we get to do at our annual holiday meeting is recognize our Sustainer of the Year. This award is presented annually to honor and recognize a Junior League of Fort Smith Sustainer for outstanding achievement in the area of community service and continued league involvement. This award seeks to recognize Junior League Sustainers who have enriched the lives of their neighbors, community and League through extraordinary volunteer public service.
The Sustainer of the Year is a woman who continues to use her knowledge and experience gained in Junior League to impact our community in a positive way.

I’m so excited and honored to present this award to our 2018 Sustainer of the Year tonight!

She truly leads by example. She doesn’t just talk the talk. She also walks the walk. She does what she says she is going to do…. and then some. And most importantly, she gets stuff done. Junior League trains us to see a problem in the community and then work to fix it. When our Sustainer of the Year sees a problem, she rolls up her sleeves and tackles it head on. She sets goals and meets them.

A friend and fellow Sustainer describes our 2018 Sustainer of the Year in the following:

“[She] is fiercely loyal, she loves deeply and she gives unconditionally. While she is most definitely Super Woman with a tough exterior, she is tender and meek on the inside. Not only is our community richer because of her dedication and generosity, but if you know [her] personally, you are richer for having been blessed with one of the best friendships of your life.”

When we opened up nominations for this award this year, we got multiple nominations. But they were all for the same person. She was actually supposed to be on the selection committee for this award, and so devised an elaborate plan in which I made up fake nominations and had her cast a fake vote. It got very complicated and I’m a terrible liar.

Our Sustainer of the Year has been a member of JLFS since 2001 and was an active member for 10 years. She served on the Board for several years and was also President. And just last week, she became the proud adoptive mom to two children from foster care. That’s what I mean by walking the walk.

Our 2018 Sustainer of the Year couldn’t have been anyone else but… Renee Durham.

We can officially announce our final numbers!!!

THANK YOU to every single one of you wonderful people that made THIS possible! We more than doubled our profit from past years! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

ALL of this money goes directly to the Junior League of Fort Smith’s community projects to better the lives of foster care children in our area!

With excited & grateful hearts, we thank YOU!


The Holiday Home Tour Committee
Trish, Amanda, Tamara, Caroline, Christina, Shelly & Emily

Junior League of Fort Smith

There is just something about live Christmas music 🎶 🎼 🎵 that gives us chills! So beautiful!

Thank you to Southside High School Mavericks orchestra students for providing beautiful holiday music during our VIP Toast & Tour Brunch!

This home on Free Ferry was so fun to tour on Sunday!! Everyone REALLY enjoyed the Grinch Christmas tree! I think it might have been the fan favorite! 👍🏻 So festive and great for kids!!! ❤️💚❤️

Some unique facts about this great home:

🌟 It was built in 1920

🌟 Their living room is painted silver!

🌟 Their favorite Christmas tradition: Eating grandpa’s homemade cinnamon rolls and drinking mimosas while watching the kids open their presents one by one. How sweet and precious is that?!? ☺️🥂

Thank you again Rachel Neckar Russell for opening your home to the Holiday Home Tour! It was perfect and everyone loved it!! ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗

[12/04/18]   Want to know just one FANTASTIC thing about both of our beautiful VIP “Toast & Tour” Brunches?!? ALL leftover food was donated to the Boys Shelter Inc. & Children's Emergency Shelter! Both were so very grateful and many children in need were fed! 👫👭👬👭👫👫👭👫

These lovely ladies had a great time at Holiday Home Tour on Sunday! We LOVE seeing your pictures, please keep them coming 🤗🤗🤗

Holiday home tour was a blast this year! We spent the day looking at beautiful homes and hopping around town!! ❤️ Holiday Home Tour Fort Smith @ Fort Smith, Arkansas

We were so blessed to be able to host TWO VIP “Toast & Tour” brunches this year!! So grateful and thankful for the Sharum family, our gracious hosts, who opened their gorgeous home and their hearts to help the Junior League of Fort Smith raise money for local foster care children! Enjoy these breath taking pictures! 😍😍😍😍

Thanks to Expressions Flowers, LLC for the gorgeous arrangements they donated for ALL of our homes on Holiday Home Tour!

You’ll be in the Christmas spirit after seeing this gorgeous winter arrangement from Expressions Flowers, LLC.

Thank you to all of our lovely hosts for welcoming the Jr. League and the community into your homes for Holiday Home Tour Fort Smith!

Yesterday was WONDERFUL! Hope you all had fun and enjoyed the homes!

We had the best day with our Fort Smith friends at this year’s Holiday Home Tour! We can’t say enough thanks to the homeowners on the tour who graciously opened their homes and to the MANY, MANY donors who made this year’s fundraiser a BIG success! Congratulation to the Holiday Home Tour Fort Smith committee on a successful event! Here are some pics from tour... Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! #JLUnstoppable

[12/03/18]   Thank you ALL! For every single thing!!!! Today was amazing and we couldn’t have done it without your help and support!!!! 😘😘😘

[12/01/18]   Brunch attendees:
ALL brunch home locations have been emailed! Please make sure & check your spam folder just in case 🌟
Send us a private message if you have any questions or need any help! Excited for tomorrow! 🥂

Not sure how Holiday Home Tour works? It’s super easy and fun! Check out this video for more info!!

You can purchase your tickets online at or AT THE DOOR of any of the homes on the tour from 1-5PM on Sunday!

🏠 7304 Stonebrook Drive

🏠 1905 Massard Road

🏠 706 1/2 Garrison Avenue

🏠 211 North 14th Street

🏠 3820 Free Ferry Road

[11/30/18]   All VIP “Toast & Tour” Brunch attendees:
You will be receiving an email with the address of your brunch home this evening! Thanks for your patience! We have been working hard to trying to accommodate everyone on the waiting list and now have our final numbers! 🥂🍾

Junior League of Fort Smith

Please read the Southwest Times Record’s feature on Holiday Home Tour Fort Smith in today’s issue!

“Junior League of Fort Smith members have made it a priority to offer Skills for Life sessions for foster children, Puckett said.

‘This is a classroom-type program we do at our headquarters on one Saturday a month, teaching baking, car maintenance and other skills — skills that parents usually teach their kids,’ she said.

The classes often are attended by 30 foster children and their supporters and made ‘a lasting impact,’ Buckley said.

‘There’s a different lesson for teenagers in foster care each month,” she said. “This helps them prepare for adulthood. It addresses things that we take for granted, because foster children many times don’t have that person in their life showing them how to cook a nutritious meal, budget for groceries, apply for a job, get an apartment and other things we don’t really think about. This helps.”

Junior League officials and supporters currently are working to offer a scholarship to help foster care students continue their educational journey, Puckett said. Plans call for having a “large scholarship” announced and awarded in the spring, she said.

“Our original goal was to raise $4,500 from this year’s Home Holiday Tour, and we’ve already exceeded that by quite a bit,” Puckett said. “I would love it if we could get as close to raising $10,000 from this year’s Holiday Home Tour as we can. That would be incredible.”

Tickets for the Holiday Home Tour are $25 and can be purchased at and at the door of each home. Tickets also can be purchased at the Junior League of Fort Smith headquarters, 311 Garrison Ave., between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays.

Food, drinks, pets and baby strollers aren’t permitted on the tour. People can check for updates at in case of inclement weather.

“It will be fun because people will see things from traditional to whimsical,” Puckett said. “And some people will get some very good ideas for decorating their own places when they see this tour. There’s such a fun, wide range of styles.”

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General information

Tickets for Holiday Home Tour 2018 can be purchased online at: Or in person at Junior League Headquarters downtown at 311 Garrison Tuesday-Friday from 9-2!
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