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I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and a licensed professional counselor providing counseling services in the River Valley.

I am officially 100% telehealth. I am sad that I won’t see my clients in person but I’m thankful that we still have the means to connect. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you find yourself struggling. Many insurance companies are waiving copays and deductibles for telehealth so don’t let finances stand in the way of getting help during these uncertain times. Let’s walk through this together!

[03/26/20]   After finishing my last session of this crazy week my heart is heavy and grieved. The fear and uncertainty is hitting us all in different ways and piling on top of our already difficult lives. From financial fears, dealing with children at home, health fears with aging parents, loss in the midst of crisis, stress on marriages and so much more, we are all feeling the weight of this pandemic. But as heavy as my heart is today, I am reminded that we are better together and that God is with us in our hurt and fear. I am amazed at our resiliency and resourcefulness. God is with us, He hasn't forsaken us and I'm thankful to get a front seat to see the work He is doing in so many lives.

In efforts to take care of our clients during this stressful time, here are the steps our office is taking at this time. We know how stressful this can be and are just starting to see the outstretched affects this pandemic is causing. We are committed to caring for our clients and are always accepting new clients.

Relationship Solutions is committed to protect the physical and emotional health of our clients during the emergence of COVID-19 (coronavirus). In an effort to take reasonable precautions that will protect the physical and emotional well-being of our staff and our clientele, our current COVID-19 protocol is as follows:

* If you are experiencing any symptoms of an illness, please inform us that you are sick and DO NOT ATTEND YOUR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT. You will not be penalized for canceling late, even if it is at the last minute.
* Our waiting room will remain open for now. Those individuals who feel their health may be compromised in our waiting room may choose to wait in their vehicle until their scheduled appointment time. Please call our front desk to notify us of your arrival. We will call you when your counselor is ready to see you.
* The governor of Arkansas has temporarily suspended previous restrictions on technology assisted counseling during the health crisis. If you are unable to present to our office for a counseling appointment, please visit with your counselor to determine if telehealth counseling services are appropriate. This particularly applies to clients who are members of “at risk” populations who may be more vulnerable if exposed to COVID-19.PLEASE NOTE: your insurance policy may not cover the cost of technology-assisted online counseling so it is important to verify your insurance coverage ahead of time.

Relationship Solutions is committed to serving the River Valley during this unique time. We will continue to post updates here as the situation develops.

Relationship Solutions

Relationship Solutions

Yes, I see a counselor, too. We all need it, and maybe for no other reason than a good check up. We get our teeth cleaned, our oil changed, and the lengths we would go to fix a broken cell phone... But why don't we maintain our hearts in the same way? Why aren't we loving ourselves and valuing ourselves more than our cell phone? So many people share how selfish they feel taking the time to care for themselves, and my response is 'It's exactly the opposite!". When we 'maintain' ourselves, we're able to keep doing the things that matter: loving better, working better, parenting better, playing better, and resting better. - Christa Means, LPC LMFT

Relationship Solutions
(479) 242-3200

Relationship Solutions

We talk a lot about trauma these days. At least in the counseling world we do. But the word seems to be getting more use in the American culture right now. And that's not a bad thing. But it's helpful to know what trauma really is (and is not). If someone eats the last chocolate chip cookie and you were really wanting it? That's probably not trauma - but only you know how important those cookies are to you. 😉

Here's a more formal definition of trauma from The Center for Treatment of Anxiety and Mood disorders: a psychological, emotional response to an event or an experience that is deeply distressing or disturbing.

Like a car wreck. Or going to war. Or being assaulted.

It can also include a series of smaller, ongoing events like being verbally mistreated over the span of several years.

Here's what we know: trauma doesn't naturally heal with time. It leaves an emotional wound and our body doesn't forget it. Our emotional wounds have the same ability to debilitate us as a physical wound does and they deserve just as much attention.

But the good news is that trauma doesn't have to be a life sentence and it's certainly not a death sentence. You just need to see a counselor skilled in treating it.

Christa Means, LPC LMFT is skilled in the treatment and care of trauma. She works with survivors every day to reclaim the lives they once enjoyed and to grieve what has happened to them. You can find her at the offices of Relationship Solutions when you're ready to talk about what happened to you.

Hope is only a phone call away.

(479) 242-3200

Relationship Solutions

We're excited to introduce you to Christa Means, LPC LMFT. She's one of our resident marriage experts at Relationship Solutions. Christa has logged hundreds of hours in post-graduate marriage training and she's been facilitating Hold Me Tight Workshops for many years now. She's wise, she's caring and she's very skilled as a therapist.

Most marriages struggle for more than six years before they reach out for help. Don't wait until your relationship is in crisis. Help is available right here in the River Valley.

Christa Means, LPC LMFT
Relationship Solutions
(479) 242-3200

Thanks Do South Magazine for featuring us in your September issue! It’s a wonderful write up on the power of counseling and the need for early intervention and to break the negative stereotypes of getting help.
Ben Storie Carrie Anne Craig Donna Morgan

Great people, great team!

Have you met our clinical team yet? Relationship Solutions is home to some of the River Valley's best counselors.

And we're here when you need to talk.

(from left to right)
Lisa Brock, LPC LMFT
Christa Means, LPC LMFT
Ben Storie, LPC
Donna Morgan, LPC Registered Play Therapist
Carrie Craig, LPC LMFT

Christa Means Counseling's cover photo

[04/15/19]   You can choose courage
or you can choose comfort.
You cannot have both.
-Brene Brown

Preferred Counseling, P.A.

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***Entering or winning this contest in no way indicates that you are a former or current client of our practice.

Preferred Counseling, P.A.

It can be hard to know what to say when someone you love, especially your children, are crying. Here are 10 alternatives to "Stop crying."

Channel 5 News

"We've never really talked about losing mum... saying it ain't going to change it, it ain't going to bring her back... it can be really damaging."

Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate open up about their own mental health and the importance of knowing it's #oktosay you need help.

Heads Together

7 Myths About Couples' Therapy to Stop Believing (NOW!) Many couples with seemingly insurmountable problems do not seek counseling due to erroneous misconceptions.

I am so excited to be doing another Hold Me Tight with Ben Storie and Carrie Anne Feero. We are already booked for this date, but would love to bring one to your church. Please message me if you are interested or would like information.

Hold Me Tight sept 16-17 at Muldrow First Assembly of God in Muldrow, Oklahoma. Carrie , Ben, and Christa are leading it up. AREFT is excited to share this with our community. I think this one is full but connect with one of them if you have a question.

The Letter Your Teenager Can't Write You

Every parent needs to hear this, especially those struggling with teens. The teenage years make you question the kind of parent you are and if you're doing everything wrong. It is one of the most trying times for couples as well as we go on this emotional roller coaster alongside our teen. Rest in the fact that you aren't alone and you haven't screwed them up. They need us to be strong and hold firm while they figure their way around this world. Dear Parent: This is the letter I wish I could write.  This fight we are in right now. I need it. I need this fight. I can’t tell you this because I don’t have the language for it and it wouldn’t make sense anyway. But I need this fight. Badly. I need to hate you right now and I need you to survive…

How Taylor Swift Nails It When it Comes to Counseling

There is no need for me to write when Carrie says it so beautifully....We have to go beyond coping and find true healing. Band-aids are a short term fix to hurt, it's time to lean in to the hurt and find healing. If I could go the rest of my life without hearing the words "coping skills," I think I would be a much happier therapist. In the counseling world, this little phrase is rampant. And don't get me wrong; I don't despise coping. But much like John Oliver's recent spotlight on the use of the "prosperity…

This is an amazing group of people...if you get the opportunity I highly recommend it.

We are so excited about our upcoming Addicted to Anxiety 2 Event. If you are anywhere near the Northwest Arkansas area, make plans to attend

Meditation Can Hold Feelings, But Only Other People Heal Our Pain

Meditation is a great way to anchor us but without connection we will sink... Meditative practices performed in isolation can help us recognize and process our emotional states, but true healing lies in those most vulnerable moments, when someone looks us in the eye, sees our pain and provides us with the mirror we so deeply seek.

WATCH: Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong

Great discussion about how disconnection drives addiction...we were created for connection, not isolation. Surprising and hopeful ways of thinking about an age-old problem.

New study links marital stress to depression To the surprise of no one who's lived under the cloud of marital strife, new research shows chronic stress in your marriage can make you more vulnerable to depression.

Arkansas Emotionally Focused Therapy Community for Therapists This is a place for marriage therapists to connect and discuss the most effective couples therapy, EFT, developed by Dr. Sue Johnson. Share Ideas, Challenges, and Successes with others who are on the same journey.

I Was Raped: Sarah's Unbreakable Courage

Amazing testimony about surviving sexual assault and the power of sharing her story. Sexual abuse is an unspeakable act that unfortunately so many have suffered through without help or support. This isn't a burden you were meant to bear alone. Guest Post: This is the powerful story of my childhood friend, Sarah. Sarah is a social worker in Washington D.C. and a graduate of Baylor University in my hometown of Waco, TX. April is National S...

Identify your Raw Spots for a Happy Marriage

This is a piece of what we shared at our marriage workshop. Learning to be truly vulnerable with our spouse means that we are exposing sensitive parts of us. Its so important to find out what triggers our arguments and understand why we do what we do. This allows us to be more comfortable sharing from a vulnerable place and allows our spouse to have a deeper understanding of us. Discover how to identify your "raw spots" which will lead you to have greater attachment with your spouse, trigger each other less in arguments and become more comfortable with being vulnerable.

Arkansas EFT Center

Lots of couples investing in their marriages in Ft. Smith this morning!! Learning how to respond better to our spouses. 👍

Hold Me Tight

So excited to be sharing this information at our first Hold Me Tight workshop for couples this Saturday at Grace Community Church in Fort Smith...praying it will make a big impact! Love demands the reassurance of touch. Most fights are really protests over emotional disconnection. Underneath the distress, partners are desperate to know: Are you there for me?

[01/21/15]   Welcome to Christa Means Counseling...I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor practicing in the River Valley. Please take a few minutes to LIKE and SHARE my page. For more information about me and the services I provide, go to my website

Christa Means Counseling

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