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Computer Service on site and carry in Virus Removal Data recovery Laptop Repair Laser Printer Repair Optimization My name is Stan Robison. I've been performing computer service in the River Valley since 1984.

With customer relationships over 20 years I pride myself in being able to take care of my customers with a personal touch. I am able to speak to customers in a language they understand. If you need computer service I would appreciate if you'd give me the opportunity to take care of you.

Operating as usual

Greenwood School District

Congratulations to Greenwood Seniors, Aubrey Barnes, Mackenzie Smith, and Ricky Dean. They are the recipients of Focus on Greenwood scholarships.

Greenwood 3 - Beebe 0
By Peggy Barger



If you are using Microsoft Outlook 2016 and are getting duplicate emails, Microsoft has released an update to fix this. Go to the following link and install the update.

Windows 10 FAQ & Tips - Microsoft

Bugged by a Windows 10 invitation? Here is there FAQ for your viewing pleasure: Find answers to frequently asked questions about the free upgrade to Windows 10 and the upgrade process.

[06/18/15]   As of yesterday I officially have my realtor's license. I have joined a northwest Arkansas brokerage called Market Pro Realty/Robison Realty Group that is a franchise of Keller Williams ( which has locations worldwide. Please think of me if you or anyone you know is looking to buy or sell. You can reach me at 479-883-2966 or [email protected].

I am continuing to service computers too so let me if I can assist you.

Microsoft launches MS-DOS Mobile - Lumia Conversations

Every windows tech's dream has come true. Today Microsoft launches MS-DOS Mobile, a new OS designed especially for Lumia smartphones. Microsoft is going back to where productivity started for milli

Ransomware Report: The Rise of BandarChor - F-Secure Weblog : News from the Lab

If you think anti-virus software can allow you to do whatever you want on the Internet, think again. Anti-virus is like a night watchman who may be sleeping on the job. Most of the junk from the Internet is not a virus but other forms of annoying or deceptive agents that ultimately want your money or to make you hate your computer. I can't emphasize enough that you do NOT open a suspicious email, open unexpected attachments or click on web links within emails lest you lose your last 10 years of photos and documents. The worst of the offenders are the crypto viruses known as ransomware that encrypt your files and threaten to delete them unless you pay them. I had previously warned you about this and it was supposedly coming out of Russia or the Middle East. Now the India-ns have joined in. Surf carefully. Read the link below for more details F-Secure Security Labs brings you the latest online security news from around the world. Ensure that you are up-to-date with the latest online threats to guarantee your online wellbeing.

[03/04/15]   It was only a matter of time until our phones would become victims of hackers. Our phones have as much, if not more, personal information than our computers. Remember to surf and play responsibly. Here is a link to one of the latest smart phone threats.

iPad iPhone iPod eMail inbox Delete ALL

Been asked many times if there is a way to delete ALL emails on an iPhone or iPad. They do not offer an obvious way but there is a trick to accomplish it. Go to the following YouTube link for instructions

As Apple do not provide the facility to delete ALL the emails in your idevice in box, here is a quick and simple workaround to 'select all' and 'delete all' ...

[11/20/14]   It's rare that I have multiple machines that I'm working on that have the same problem yet here I sit with 3 computers from different customers all suffering from the same Trojan invasion. The virus is called poweliks. If your system is getting the message "Windows Powershell has stopped working" then you most likely are infected and you'll need assistance in removing. My research claims that it is often installed when opening an infected Word document. Although it is possible for hackers to get to you, the most common issues with your computer are caused by you. I can't express enough that you be careful of the sites you visit and the emails you open and the pages you visit within social programs. Here is documentation with info about the virus:

Threat behavior
In general, system will get infected with Trojan.Poweliks if malicious code is executed on the computer. Source of this trojan may vary due to the changing ways how it is deployed. Typically, spam email messages disguising as open letter from reputable institution are used to deceive recipients. Body of the message contains enticing phrases that tries to convince user into opening the attached file.

Malicious links from social media sites and instant messaging program are also seen as method used in distributing Trojan.Poweliks. Illegally distributed software and media materials may also contain code that can lead to the infection of this malware.

Things IT People Never Say

"Did you try kicking it?" and all of the helpful "advice" your IT team will never give you. The hilarious truths of working in IT, from your friends at PDS. ...

[10/28/14]   Those of you that have been "enjoying" Windows 8 may have awakened in the last couple of days to find that you have been upgraded to Windows 8.1. I have scanned the internet looking for an article that tells me that they are forcing the upgrade on all Windows 8 users but I cannot find anything. Until this week, the update notice would pop up on the screen and give you the option to skip or install but for some reason I have had several calls saying that their pcs have done it automatically. The down side is that those that have called were having issues with the installation being partially done and unsure how to proceed or others that it completed but has caused issues with hardware or software, specifically have gotten at least 2 causing QuickBooks problems. The upside is that supposedly they have compromised with those of us who have complained about the new interface and are giving us back the ability to boot to the desktop with a start button, although the start button has taken on a new look itself. If you are having issues, let me know but I am just diving into some of these issues today.

The end of an era: Windows 7 consumer PCs halt production this Friday

Your window of opportunity to get a pc with Windows 7 is getting smaller as retail computers will end their inclusion of Windows 7 as of this Friday. Business models with Windows Professional 7 will continue and have not been given a end date as of this time. See story below: It's the end of an era, as OEMs will soon end production of PCs with Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium and Ultimate pre-installed.

[10/08/14]   If you have gotten the warning from MSN.COM that your browser is outdated, no worries. It only applies to those using Internet Explorer and it will give you that warning because you're not on version 11 of the browser but don't feel coerced into upgrading. You may not get all the benefits of their website changes but realize you also may have issues reading certain websites because of version 11's incompatibilities. I recommend you use either Firefox or Chrome anyway, other than some of you that have particular sites that require Internet Explorer.

[10/07/14]   Shellshock:

Everything you need to know about the latest bomb dropped on the web. Ok Apple fanatics, this time they are coming after you.

What is Shellshock?

Shellshock is the latest online threat sent to disrupt us. It's a loophole that affects a piece of software called Bash found mainly in Linux® or Unix® operating systems as well as the Apple® MacOS® X. And while the Shellshock bug is more about web servers and other Internet devices, those can now be turned against your own, more personal devices.

The bug can affect you through malicious requests sent to web servers you interact with, or it can affect your devices directly over insecure Wi-Fi® networks. Attackers can use this exploit to spread malware, steal data, turn your computer into a bot, send spam, or gain complete control over your computer.

How the exploit reaches bugged computers

A. Computers access insecure Wi-Fi® networks:
Computers access insecure Wi-Fi networks

B. Malicious requests are sent to Web servers:
Malicious requests are sent to Web servers

A few simple steps you can take

An increasing numbers of patches are being made world-wide to stamp out the bug and prevent further exploitation, however it still makes sense to reduce your exposure and follow some simple steps to ensure you are fully protected across all your devices.

Update your operating systems
Update your
operating systems

Look out for available patches for any web-enabled devices in your home.

Look out for unusual activity
Look out for
unusual activity

Check your online accounts and also bear in mind that scammers will take advantage of this to send spam emails with dodgy links.

Change your passwords
your passwords

These alerts help remind us of the need to change our online passwords and have different ones for different sites to limit the risk.

Always check that the websites you visit have fixed their vulnerability beforehand

Extra steps you should take...

...if you also have a Mac®

Apple has already released patch updates users should install – so look out for these official updates.
They have also made it clear that the bug only affects power users that take advantage of the advanced UNIX services within OS X. If the previous sentence has baffled you, then you are in the group that Apple says are not at risk. a PC user

If you’re running Windows®, it is safe to say that you're less at risk, since Windows® doesn't run Bash, the software that has the bug.

However while you're not affected directly, you could still be at risk if the web servers of the sites you visit are compromised.

[10/03/14]   Anyone looking for commercial property to rent or purchase? The building I am leaving is right on main street, plenty of room and rents for 650.00. That is half of what you'll pay for the same amount in fort smith. Message me if interested.

[10/02/14]   I gave it another month and I apologize but the office physical location is being closed by this weekend. The one takeaway from having the location is that it created an awareness of the need to service individuals and how they are getting taken by certain computer companies. I want everyone to know that even though my location is no more, I am even more committed to servicing your home or business. Please call me at my business line 479-478-TECH (8324), or email me at [email protected], or text me on my cell 479-883-2966. I believe the customers I have serviced have been happy with the service I have provided and hopefully the word of mouth will continue. I will either come to your home or business or I can meet you at your workplace or wherever is convenient for you to pickup your computer. I appreciate you patronage and your patience with me through this year.

Microsoft Indonesia president: Windows 9 will be free to Windows 8 owners

Reception to Windows 8 has not been warm and fuzzy. I can honestly say that I only have 1 or 2 customers I can think of that say it's ok, not even saying they love it but simply tolerate it. Apparently Microsoft feels the same and is quickly working on correcting that with a new version. You can almost feel their guilty conscious as they are considering giving it away. Microsoft looks to go out of its way to make Windows 8 a distant memory.

[08/25/14]   The sign is back up and my location is still open. I'm really not trying to confuse any one, just doing whatever it takes to be successful. I decided to rethink the closing of the location after getting so many comments from customers who were sad that the office had been shut down. I have had a burst of activity in the Greenwood area so I'm going to give it my best effort to keep it open but will have to try different options to make it work. At this time, I do not have any specific hours and currently nobody to man the store but myself. I am most days doing service calls. Please call, text, email or message me and I will get back with you asap. If I'm at the store, come on in. If I am not, I can arrange to meet you at the office or will come to your location to perform the service. I appreciate your patronage and patience as I figure out how to make this work the best.

Techsource Computer Services's cover photo

[08/18/14]   Well my friends, because of some things beyond my control and poor timing of my hospital stay, I have closed my Greenwood location. Techsource will still be completely operational, just operating from a home office. I have had my business for 12 years and have performed computer service in the area for 30 years, I'm here to stay. I will either come to your location to perform service, or you can drop it off at my home office. I can meet you somewhere or I am also visiting with business friends to possibly setup drop off locations that will be convenient. Call me at 479-478-TECH (8324), email me, Facebook message me or text me at 479-883-2966 and I'll take care of you. Thank you for your business.

PS: I reserve the right to reopen a location in the future.....we'll see.

[07/25/14]   Really enjoy being part of the Greenwood family. We've been here since April and slowly getting the word out. Really need more activity for us to keep it going so don't take your computers to the nerd herd where it's just a job to them. This is my living so I'll treat it better than my own. Come see us!

[07/24/14]   Btw, it's a short wait if you need your computer worked on. Your computer may not be broken but it's limping badly, we can fix it.

[07/24/14]   What is a Trojan horse....besides the one you read about in school?

Trojan horses are applications that look like they are doing something beneficial, but secretly have malicious code that does something else. In many cases, trojans will create a backdoor that allows your PC to be remotely controlled, either directly or as part of a botnet—a network of computers also infected with a trojan or other malicious software. The major difference between a virus and a trojan is that trojans don't replicate themselves—they must be installed by an unwitting user.
Once your PC has been infected with the trojan, it can be used for any number of mischievous purposes, like a denial of service (DoS) attack against a web site, a proxy server for concealing attacks, or even worse—for sending out buckets of spam. Protection against trojans works the same way as viruses—make sure that your antivirus application is up to date, don't open suspicious attachments, and think long and hard before you try and use a downloaded crack for Photoshop—that's one of malware authors' favorite spots to hide a trojan.

[07/22/14]   Be aware of wolves in sheep's clothing. I've shared how one of the more common issues is scammer's who plant a program on your pc that pops up telling you how messed up your system is and you need to call them or buy their software to fix it, but there are some that are even more direct that that. I've had several customers call me telling me that they have actually gotten a phone call from someone claiming to be Microsoft or something sounding official. They are letting you know that your computer has been identified as a computer that is sending out viruses or is badly infected and they are there to assist you. They will attempt to talk you into going to a website to download and install an application giving them access to your computer so they can "fix" it. They will even try to convince you that you need to be on a maintenance contract for 300.00 a year. Hopefully your common sense will kick in somewhere along the way and you'll choose to simply hang up on them. If you have fallen prey to this then you need to get it fixed asap, your personal information is at risk.

[07/10/14]   The average home user is ignorant about certain things in the computer world, that's nothing to be embarrassed of, I'm ignorant about a ton of things. That just means your not familiar or knowledgeable about it. I love and drive my truck but I'm clueless about most of what goes on under the hood.
That said, there is a simple but overlooked necessity in a lot of homes. Many home users have internet installed and then plug their computers directly into the internet modem. Their misconception is that they don't need a router because they only have one computer in the home. But what they don't understand is that the router is also a firewall to keep bad people out. Without it your computer is directly connected and vulnerable to people who are definitely not your friends. The cost of a router is 50ish dollars and you get the additional benefit that most of them these days are all wireless access points. This will allow you to connect your smart phones to it and save your cellular data plan. Nobody wants to spend money unnecessarily but I really do consider this a necessity in a world where your information is too critical just to have accessible to all.

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