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Beauty through Health


Are you doing another open house soon?
I definitely want to come check this place out. I HATE the wrinkles on my face and neck and need some weight loss or fat
I had the thermiSmooh face treatment done the first of June ,I am only a month into my thermi face, but I'm already Seeing results, I am very happy and it will only get better. Along with the diet plan dr Gast gave me I have lost 20 lbs 10 more lbs to go and I'm going to get the ThermiSmooth Body Thank you Dr.Gast and Ron your whole team is great!!

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Aesthetic Medicine and Healthy weight loss clinic

Beauty through Health will be opening soon in Mountain Home! Call for a free consultation 479-806-5683...FDA approved for incontinence, 6 treatments for $1200.

Hannah has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a real love of mathematics. She has just gone live with on line tutoring! If you have a child who just wants to learn or is having issues in math K- college she is ready to help. Email her at [email protected]

[11/30/19]   Do you have one of those people in your life? You know...the one that’s hard to buy for or please! Let us take that burden off your shoulders. A gift certificate can cover everything from skin care products to ThermiVa! We can even work on overall health and nutrition. Give the gift of health and happiness!

Know someone who’s got everything? Beauty through Health gift card is a great idea! From aesthetic treatment to skin care, from nutritional supplements to handmade jewels it covers them all!

[10/31/19]   We have had such amazing success with the Emsella. It makes me feel like I’m making a difference in patients’ lives when they can put aside the leak guards. One thing I did want to make note of...this works for men too!!

WE HAVE A NEW NUMBER...479-279-8410 or 479-806-5683

For the price of 5 months of pads/diapers you could be leak free!!

[09/04/19]   Three years ago I was two years into menopause, which had kicked my butt. I’d developed stress incontinence and dryness. We’d just gotten our ThermiVa and I did the three treatments. Now here I am three years incontinence and no dryness. After I’d had these life changing results I vowed to be pro active. That’s why when we got the Emsella I used it too. I didn’t have any leaking but I also didn’t want to wait until I did. These two treatments are truly life changing. I will use the ThermiVa again when I notice changes and I’ll do the Emsella once a year just to prevent the aging internally.

Emsella has a 95% satisfaction rate!

Call today 479-806-5683

[08/23/19]   Collagen...if you’ve been to BtH you know we are passionate about collagen! It can erase signs of early aging (so if you’re in your twenty’s it’s time to start) keep hair/nails/skin vibrant and healthy. It works the same on the inside... bones, joints, muscles, blood vessels, and the entire gut are all dependent on your collagen intake. Stop by and pick up a bucket full!

No matter how pretty they are ...they are still diapers. September and October only we are running a special on Emsella! Just 2 treatments for three weeks (a total of 6 treatments) and you can get back your active lifestyle! The Emsella has a 95% satisfaction rate. Call for complimentary consultation 479-806-5683

[08/14/19]   Did you know a collagen supplement can improve your skin, hair and nails? These are the changes you can see...on the inside it boosts your immune system and provides building blocks for all your tissues. We always recommend collagen powder for our aesthetic patients. We are so passionate about collagen we carry it at the office. Beauty really does come from within!

NOW is the time to get ready for the holidays! Rewind your clock with Silhouette Instalift !

Is this really the underwear you want to wear FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE??! Call to learn about the Emsella. Join me in the #iwontweardiapers movement! 479-806-5683

Is this really the underwear you want to wear for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!?? Call to learn about Emsella!! Join me in the #neverwearadiaper movement!

We knew it was amazing!! Should be for both women and men’s health!

[06/24/19]   Beauty through Health will be offering Saturday appointments starting in July for certain procedures. Making it easier, discrete, and convenient to get started on your "to do list"! You will also be able to schedule your appointments for complimentary consultation through PM. The year is clipping right along...get started now so you'll be ready for the holidays!

[06/18/19]   Did you know you can put a nail in a can of Coke and it will have dissolved in three days!!? The phosphorus in the diet and regular sodas are eating a hole through you!!

Silhouette Instalift in the first 3 weeks!! Takes 6-9 months to peak!

Emsella Chair is the easiest, most cost effect, non invasive treatment for bladder leaking...throw those fancy underwear away!!

Twice a week, for three weeks can change your life!

The easiest, most cost effective and only non invasive treatment for leaking! Throw those fancy, pretty “panties” away!!

Yes it works great for men too! (Psst...Men are reporting their orgasims are better too).

SI is not just for women! This gentleman has had great lift and a wonderful result with his own body making collagen. That’s why his skin looks thicker and healthier after.

Beauty through Health's cover photo

Silhouette Instalift, known as the lunchtime face lift!

Did you know the signs of aging can best be addressed by starting on the “inside”? We carry Dr Axe collagen and encourage all our aesthetic patients to add it to their supplements. Drop in and check it out.

[03/28/19]   The images we see have always had such an impact on how we feel about ourselves. We've had to contend with super thin models with breast implants, airbrushing and plastic surgery. As women, we are influenced by these images from childhood to whenever we become cranky enough to no longer care! The images of models who are overweight are just as damaging. Being too thin or too heavy affect our health. Both of these extremes result in a decrease in your lifespan. If it was only a matter of less time that would be one thing, but unfortunately this "less time" is not quality time. When you've not provided your body with the nutrients it needs to grow, survive and thrive your quality of life suffers. It's ironic that both of these extremes (too thin, too heavy) are actually the same...neither group provides their bodies with what they need to thrive. And to add insult to injury....none of this is our fault! You cannot just eat less and exercise more. The things we eat that we think are food are NOT. Message me and I will make you an appointment. We can meet and get you started on thriving today!

Let’s get ready for summer..,start today!

Time to get ready for summer. Wouldn’t you rather NOT have to wear a “protective “ pad/diaper under the swim suit!??

[03/11/19]   Everyday I am confronted with a increasing pile of data confirming our food, water, and environment are making us sick. I see sick patients out of control of their sugars, and new cancers in younger and younger patients. Now data shows the food, water, and environment is not only making us sick but it's killing us 10-15 years ahead of "our time". It is time to WAKE UP and make the changes now while you still can. All of us want to feel and look younger as well as healthier. This all starts with what we are putting into and on our bodies. You don't have to learn alone. Call and make an appointment with My Personal Health Coach. You will learn everything you need to know to reach your health and beauty goals as well as reach a ripe old age! 479-648-1800

[03/10/19]   I truly hate the commercials that talk about how cute adult diapers are now. Two weeks ago I tested the Emesella and ThermiVa treatments. I had a cough that blew my head off and felt like I was breaking ribs. This went on for 5 days. I have done both the Emsella, 9 months ago, and ThermiVa, 3 years ago...not once did I leak!! Now that’s a testimonial! The Emsella is $270 per treatment. Add up how much you spend in protective garments then give me a call...479-648-1800

Beauty through Health in Fort Smith...lunchtime face lift! 479-648-1800

Our Story

Aesthetic Medicine as Natural as it can be...Thermi Systems, Emsella, Silhouette Instalift, and Weight/Diet management. The aesthetic treatments we have picked are designed to help your own tissues rejuvenate by using energy based procedures. The Silhouette Instalift stimulates your body to make more collagen. Our Weight/Diet Management is based on helping you identify foods which are toxic and which ones are sabotaging your health.

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