The Hydration Station

The Hydration Station


heyyy.everybody at hydration
hey everybody at hydration station
my friend took me out to eat for my birthday I wanted to do something nice for her so I've already drinking it was so hot I said she had opened it and I got me a slushie I went up to the counter to pay with my card she said they didn't accept the kind that I had and we'll go check your wallets and she got the manager in the manager said what you can pay for it right now or we can call the cops because it's stealing we hadn't even attempted to leave the store my friend asked if we could have a minute to try to call people she didn't even give us two minutes to crawl around and she said did you find someone to do you find someone thank the Lord my friend tried this new card that hasn't worked in the past and it worked and Amanda just said out loud three to four times so it's a miracle it's a miracle it's a miracle it's a miracle in a smart aleck loud rude voice is so sad how people are these days me and my friend are nothing but help people and she was so fast to want to put us behind bars we do not still she has a bachelor's degree and and I do not believe in stealing this lady really hurt me and my friends feelings and embarrassed us my friend's sister is in Florida right now in the middle of the hurricane and people have the nerve to treat other people this way it is wrong people need to start standing up and doing what's right
hey everybody at hydration store
I love this store
I love you taco
I love this store an all the that work here an sharon an Kim
Can you please do something about every Sunday the monkey cards not working. It has become a major inconvenience to have to deal with this every time we need to get gas.
Hydration station on wheeler is horrible. The lazy working today is as lazy and disrespectful. No customer service skills at all. Ive always loved this store until today. I ask if she can help with the slushy machine since she was sitting behind the counter doing nothing while the other 2 people are working in the back. She calls the kid from the back to come help me instead of doing it herself. Then we get some old donuts and go check out and she charged us 1.29 for each donut. I tolder nevermind she said no you touch you pay. I said i didnt touch them. She said doesnt matter you pay for them. I explained to her i usually get them discounted or free since they are so old. She just starred at me no response. Until i said again i didnt want them. Ive known many people who worked there but this girl is dry, rude and lazy. Id hate to work with her.
Do y'all carry liquid ice energy drinks if not please get them so I can try them
I was refused service in buying cigarettes and wine coolers. I presented my USMC veterans card with my picture. I could not talk to a manager and was asked to leave the store. I'm retired Marines law enforcement and SSI been a customer's of your business for 15 years. If age was a factor, 72 years. Only explanation was I BE FIRED. I hope you have lots of business, I'm won't be one. Very rude .....

More Than A Convenience Store! It is your One Stop Shop!

The Vapor Station


Go to to get select disposables for $3.99 each!

Order online, pay online, and have them shipped to your house! These prices are also good at all 3 locations in Ft Smith and Van Buren!

Selected House Juice Flavors are now on the online store!!!

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The Vapor Station


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Hyppe Bars Buy 1 Get 1 Free for 48 Hours Only!!!!

That is $4.98 per Hyppe Bar in 18 Flavors with No Limits!!!!!

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The Vapor Station


Ends Sunday Nite!!!!!

Zaero & Quickie Disposables $3.99

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The Vapor Station

Check these out!!! Just Arrived!

MYST Disposables in 10 Flavors!!!

The Vapor Station

NEW ARRIVAL!!!!! BARZ DISPOSABLES FOR $8.95 in 9 Flavors. Banana Ice, Blue Razz, Cola Ice, Lemon Grapefruit, Lush Ice, Lychee Ice, Mango Guava, Melon Ice, Strawberry Banana! We are the only store in the area with these right now!

Just in, Just in, we have received over 10,000 more Puff Bars Disposables and we now have 20 Flavors in Stock, yes 20 FLAVORS!!!! The following Flavors are in stock!

Cucumber Mint, Lychee Ice, Strawberry, Blue Razz, Pink Lemonade, Lush Ice, Watermelon, Tobacco, OMG, Cool Mint, Sour Apple, Peach Ice, Pineapple Lemonade, Grape, Caffe Latte, Blueberry Ice, Clear, Melon Ice, Tangerine Ice, Strawberry Banana

You will not find this selection anywhere!

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The Vapor Station

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to get FREE JUICE! Bring in 5 encouraging homemade cards for our elderly in nursing homes, retirement homes, or home confinement! You can also make cards for our nurses, Dr's, and staff in our local hospitals and clinics to show our appreciation for their sacrifice.

You can earn 5 FREE BOTTLES with 25 homemade cards with a TOTAL limit of 5 Bottles Earned!


The Vapor Station

The Vapor Station

Look at these Awesome Cards that our Customers made for FREE JUICE for our Healthcare Workers & Nursing Home Residents!!!!

I love the Spirit, Excitement, Caring, Sympathy, & Encouraging Words these talented kids have done for this project. This has been one of the best projects we have ever embarked on for our Community!

Keep them Coming & we will continue to keep the FREE JUICE Giveaway going!!


The Vapor Station

Attention all Vapor Station Customers, The Vapor Station was founded on one principle and that was the foundation of Community! We have always put Community 1st in everything we do and now is the TIME we need you the most. In the 6 years we have been opened we have rented the Water Park for The Community to swim Free with can food donations, we have had many incredible blood drives, we have given juice away to raise money for Our Beloved Brandi Tindall's Headstone, we have donated Barbie Dolls and Hot Wheels to the less fortunate for Christmas, we have literally donated a semi truck load of can food items for the Community, we have had an outside BBQ with free food to the Community, but only with the help of our Loyal Customers. This our Vaping Friends may be the biggest challenge we will ever encounter with the recent Virus Pandemic.

The Vapor Station is ready to once again help this Community by giving away FREE HOUSE JUICE with your Donation, except this time we want you to help us show our appreciation for two groups. First, we want to say THANK YOU to the medical personnel who are on the front lines. Second, we want to let our older generation who are locked in or shut in a nursing home, retirement home, or their own home that we are thinking about them! Here are the rules:

1. Any customer can receive 5 FREE bottles of 30 ml House Juice in the month of April, a value of over $30.00!
2. In order to receive the FREE juice, we ask that you Hand make 5 cards for our friends in nursing homes or retirement homes and / or 5 Hand made cards to our medical professionals at the local Hospitals.
3.. These cards can be made from your children at home, from the adults at home, or a combination of both. We ask that you be creative, think creative, tell them we are thinking of them, inspire them with your words, your drawings or anything that you can think of on these cards. Any size, any color, any design. Lets show these two groups we are here for them, thinking of them, and appreciate them!

There are no right or wrong ways to make cards for this FREE JUICE, we just want it to be personal and caring. Once we start receiving the cards, we will mail them to the Hospitals and Homes in our Local Area. We have the opportunity to show so many we CARE.

Let's get this started and please please take advantage of this FREE JUICE during these hard times and show so many we CARE at The Vapor Station!

Share, Share, Share and get those cards made!!!

#coronacantstopus #vaporstationfamily #community #ourparentsmeaneverything #doctorssaveus #nursestakecareofus

[03/28/20]   Making another late night Beer deliver to keep our customers safe and happy!!!!
#serve the people



The Hydration Station & The Well Liquor can now deliver your Beer, Wine, Liquor, & Grocery Needs!!!!!!

We also offer Curbside Delivery!!!

Call 479-461-6960 or 479-461-1560 for all your needs!

We are here to Serve Our Customers in these Crazy Times!!!!


The Hydration Station

The Hydration Station's cover photo

The Vapor Station

Ok our Facebook Friends and Fellow Vapors it's time to have a little fun with another stupid Idiot Thief who stole juice from The Vapor Station on Zero Street! We need your help identifying this Low Life so we can get a Warrant and some free room and board for this punk!

Please post to our page or pm us if you recognize this guy and please refrain from making some dumb comments about his rights or innocence as we have no place for a thief in our stores!

Just in case you know Carla King, that is the female he was with!!!


The Vapor Station

BIG SALE at The Vapor Station!

Starts now thru Sunday, Jan 26th at closing!

ALL THE FLAVORED PODS that will be banned by the FDA are 50% OFF! If you use these PODS you better stock up now before FDA pulls them off the shelf as they have banned them! This includes 4x, Cali, Jungle, Mngo, Sea, Smok Novo, and Kilo 1k!!!! Get these at Great Prices before they are gone!

In addition to the POD sale, ALL CBD PRODUCTS are 50% off thru sunday as well with some quantity limits! This is also a Great time to pick up some CBD Products at great prices!!

Start off 2020 right and get off those cigarettes!!!

Vape On & On Our Friends!!!!!

FDA finalizes enforcement policy on unauthorized flavored cartridge-based e-cigarettes that appeal to children, including fruit and mint FDA issues enforcement policy on unauthorized flavored e-cigarettes

[12/18/19]   The Hydration Station at 3316 Wheeler Ave is now accepting EBT for all your food needs. At the 1st of 2020, you will be able to buy Fresh Pizzas and let us cook them for FREE with your EBT card.

The Hydration Station will be offering Pizzas all day ready and hot, but do not fear, you can call in your favorite pizza and stop in and pick up ready to eat!

The Vapor Station

Today is a tough day for my employees and so many others as it marks 2 years for a tragic event that took the life of someone who affected us all in so many ways at The Vapor Station! Brandi Tindall's life was ended in a tragic car accident on this day in 2017! She had an impact that no one could ever imagine, she loved when no one else loved, she led when she didn't realize she was leading, she helped when no one else would help, she inspired so many when she never knew she was inspiring! She had the personality that could light up a pitch black room without electricity. She was truly electric in so many ways and we all miss her terribly, but today we would like to remember her and celebrate her by encouraging everyone to post your favorite picture or story to this comment! In addition, we will give everyone 27% off your entire purchase (because she was 27 when she passed) without any limits for anything in the store with the exception of prefilled devices, but Authentics including DeathWish & Purge are included! No other discounts will apply!

Help us remember her and show her the LOVE that she showed us all!

Post, Share, & Comment with your favorite Brandi Picture or Story!!!!

#weloveyou #wemissyou #wewillneverforgetyou

The Vapor Station

For the next 3 days we are running a SPECIAL for the VAN BUREN VAPOR STATION ONLY to help out our Vaping Friends on the other side of the river get some great prices and help start the New Year ditching Tobacco!

3 Day Sale at the VAN BUREN VAPOR STATION ONLY, ends at closing Saturday night!

50% OFF Hardware Only & House Juice Only! Excludes Death Wish, Purge, Pre-filled Devices, Coils. No Other Discounts Apply!

Stay tuned to our FB Page and our Snapchat for in store specials!!!!

Vape On & On Our All Our Vaping Friends!

Community Services Clearinghouse

Wow The Vapor Station You guys did awesome! This was our 2nd pick up to finish I their holiday food drive! Thank you again!

[11/30/19]   The Hydration Station on zero street has fuel for $2.06 gallon with the Monkey Fuel Card and $2.09 gallon without. The best price in the city for fuel! Stop and fill up today!

Get ready as The Hydration Station on wheeler gets ready to add Pizza to its everyday menu!

Have a great day our friends!

The Hydration Station's cover photo

The Vapor Station

The Vapor Station will be having Random, Frequent, and Great Sales announced on Snapchat, so if you have not added The Vapor Station Snapchat, do it now by scanning the Logo on our page or look us up "vaporstations" on Snapchat!

You don't want to miss out on these deals!!!

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The Vapor Station

The 1st car has arrived to get in line for the 75% Off Sale at The Vapor Station & The Cbd Station! This will be a once in a lifetime chance to grab some incredible deals. We will hand out the rules and exceptions to the 75% Off while you are in line and I want to remind everyone:



Happy Thanksgiving Our Friends!

See you in 2 hours and 6 minutes!!!!!!!

Vape On & On Our Friends!!!!!!!!!

The Vapor Station


7PM-11PM on 11/28/2019

One store, One location at
2500 South Zero Street across from Walmart Supercenter!

75% OFF Storewide with some exceptions and limits while supplies last!

This is a chance of a lifetime in the Vape Industry that you will not find anywhere, anyplace! It is time to save, get off the cigarettes and you better get in line early, this will be exciting!

Due to the expected number of customers, there will be NO HOUSE JUICE SALES during this sale but will be 75% off Friday with limits!

MUST BE IN LINE BY 11 PM to take advantage of the SALE! We will stop allowing anyone to get in line after 11 pm!

#blackfriday #crazy

The Vapor Station




What you think about that?????

Could it be, oh could it be????


We appreciate your Dedication & Sacrifice, your Determination & Strength for making this Country so special!!!!

Keep Fighting the Good Fight, but stop by and warm up on us with some Free Coffee & Cappuccino!!

Share, Comment, & Support our Veterans!!!!!!

The CBD Station

This is the first time I’ve started using CBD oil and I must say that I’m impressed. I was recommended a few brands but I also heard that some are low-quality CBD. The one I am using is #2 on this site. I am happy to know that I am using a trusted brand.
-Lucy Pichardo

The Hydration Station

The Hydration Station's cover photo

7 Years ago today, we tore down the old store on Wheeler and look what was built behind it, THE HYDRATION STATION! Thank You to ALL our LOYAL Customers, We Love You!!!!!

The Vapor Station

IT'S TRULY AMAZING what can be accomplished when we all come together for a Great Cause! The Vapor Station's Loyal, Fantastic, and Caring customers have already donated lots and lots of food for our Community. As you can see, we have called the Community Services Clearinghouse to stop by and pick up the 1st Installment of our Can Food Drive, but let's not stop now, let's make this the best year ever to give!

Remember, Donate 10 Can Food Items or 10 Non-Perishable Items to receive a 120 ml Bottle of House Juice for $5.00, with NO-LIMIT as to the number of items you can donate or number of $5.00 Bottles of Juice you earn per 10 items Donated!!!!!!!!!

It is a WIN WIN WIN WIN for our Incredible Customers & Our Local Families in need this Holiday Season!!!!!

Donate, Donate, Donate & Please Help Us Share, Share, Share this Post to get the word out to Help Our Friends And Families In The Area!!!!

Community Service Clearinghouse Inc


The Vapor Station

The Vapor Station on Zero is having FREE PIZZA FRIDAY at 4:00 pm today for all our customers to show our appreciation!

Stop by while supplies last and get some FREE PIZZA!


Share, Share, Share!

The CBD Station

Are you tired of experiencing the daily aches & pains without any relief? Stop taking the pain medication and give CBD a try for that relief you have been looking for!!

The CBD Station is having a 50% Off Entire Store today only to give you the best opportunity to try something new and speak with one of our knowledgeable Staff to find the right product for you!

Stop by today and SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!

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