The Curiosity Shoppe

The Curiosity Shoppe


I am trying to get in touch with Travis regarding a deal for the shop. I have no contact info for anyone so please pass this on to him asap. I will watch Face Book for a reply. thanks. Vickie ( Pepper ) McGinnis
Thinking of restarting the d&d group up probably back on Wednesday night's from 6pm-8pm like usual or if thats not an option for everyone then tell me how ya feel about saturday or sunday and the general time you'd like then we can work things out, I'm one of the usual Wednesday people thats missing the wackiness so I'll try to start dming as well if need be if no other dm is sure if they can do anything
You got tables to host a DnD game?
Pre release tomorrow?
Hello! i was wndering do you offer yugioh events at your storew?
Hello Fort Smith, I am an Envoy Herald Double Exposure, Inc. promoting Bezier Games, Inc. upcoming game I will be showing this game at The Curiosity Shoppe from 5pm-8pm this Saturday This game takes the crazy castle building experience of castles of mad king ludwig and adds in heavier doses of player interaction and take that mechanics. It features a wonderful table presentation and is also good for competitive players. Come give it a go.
Hey guys if you’re free come up to the shoppe for some super Saturday madness edh.
Looking to start an unstable draft here tonight. Any takers?
I have two and myself here for drafting unstable. Anyone else able to make it?
Don't you love cleaning up your storage room and find a box of half lands (wth right?) Then half uncommon, and Rares with a couple of Legands peppered in?
Do y'all have room for 3 from poteau in your midnight pre release???
Thank you for hosting the fund raiser. =) I had a great time and learned some stuff along the way. My favorite place to hang with my kiddos is Curiosity.

Purveyors of Gaming supplies, Collectibles and much more! We are directly behind the Continental.

Gaming Supplies, RPG Hosting, MTG Tourneys, Nerdy Jewelry, Buy/Sell/Trade MTG Singles, Collectibles, Horror Film Night and more! Buy/Sell/Trade Toys, Bulk Comics, Video Games, Consoles etc Pokemon Advanced Plus WotC store 479-782-NERD Directly behind The Continental

[01/27/19]   Currently, our card reader is down. Anyone wanting to make purchases, you will have to bring cash. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

[01/19/19]   We'll be open. Maybe a little late due to the weather

[01/17/19]   We apologize, but we will not be having a prerelease weekend.
The Shoppe is still however available to prepay boxes until next Tuesday. We will be doing $100 per box or $80 cash with $20 store credit per box.
Beyond that, we hope that our modern players enjoy our last modern tournament next Tuesday as well.
Thank you to everyone that continues to enjoy our Shoppe for their entertainment.

[01/11/19]   Despite our closing at the end of the month, we still want to provide the community with another place to prerelease the new set next week and a place for customers to order boxes. However, we cannot hold a prerelease tournament without player support.
Today thru Tuesday the 15th, we are taking prepaid preorders on prerelease kits, $25 as we always do. If you pay for a kit and we end up not having enough to order prerelease, we will refund you asap.
Today thru Tuesday the 22nd, we will be taking prepaid preorders on boxes of Ravnica Allegience. These will be available to those that ordered the day of release.
We hope we are able to give the community one last hurrah before we close, so join us in making our last month as memorable as the rest.

Thank you all.

[01/11/19]   It is with a heavy heart and the most sincere of apologies that we must inform our customers and the community that we will be closing our doors at the end of the month. We thank you all for the love and support you've all shown us over the years. We will always consider all of you family and the memories we have all shared will always be fondly remembered.

[01/06/19]   Do to some prior engagements the shoppe will be opened between 2-230. We're sorry for any inconveniences.

[01/04/19]   We will be open as soon as possible today. Other engagements have slowed us down in being able to get to the shoppe today. Should be no later than 1pm.

[01/02/19]   Due to prior engagements, work, and familial matters, the Shoppe will not be open today. We apologize for the inconvenience.

[12/28/18]   We apologize for the inconvenience, but we might be opening a little later than noon today. 1pm at the latest.

[12/21/18]   Due to work schedules and the holidays, we will not be open Saturday, the 22nd.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

[12/16/18]   What day should the modern tournament be the week of christmas???

Congrats to our PPTQ winner Jacob Crone. Thank you to everyone that showed up and played. You're all great.

[11/23/18]   We want to wish all of our friends and family a Happy Thanksgiving. We hope to see you all tomorrow for our black friday and fnm.

[11/19/18]   This coming Friday we will be open having a black Friday sale. If you all of you beautiful would like to do an FNM we can definitely do that. Just let us know what format you want!!

[11/10/18]   Even though we have 24 Hour d&d going on, we are still completely capable of firing off a draft at 7pm tonight. Anyone interested?

[11/10/18]   Thank you to everyone that came out to support Frank and his family. Everyone had a great time and we all appreciate everyone in the community that showed up in support. Congratulations to Sickles for taking first in modern and Pitts for taking first in standard. The Shoppe family appreciates all of you. We are glad we could come together in support of one of our own in his time of need. We heart everyone of you.

[11/07/18]   Due to the events going on this weekend, the Shoppe will not be open today as we prepare for our event for Frank and our 24hour d&d events.
Thank you all for understanding, and see you this weekend!

[10/15/18]   To the idea time that we do modern on Sunday's which we are 100% ok with what would be the best tine for everyone?

[10/13/18]   We draftin at 7!!!

Some more goodies came in today.

Guilds of Ravnica is out now. Swing buy and pick up some singles!

A couple of new goodies picked up today!

[09/29/18]   Good to see everyone out last night. Thank you for the good times and good games. Join us again today for some more pre-release action. May the odds be ever in your favor.

[09/28/18]   The Shoppe will be open all day for prerelease! Come on in and take a look around before our midnight tournament!

Hope to see everyone tonight and throughout the weekend!

[09/17/18]   Thank you to everyone that came out yesterday for our pptq!
We didn't get a picture, but winner yesterday was Jeff Johnson. Congratulation, and thank you all again.

Congrats to Skyler for winning our Store Championship today.
Thank you to everyone else that came out and supported the Shoppe.

[08/24/18]   Due to vehicle issues, no one is able to open the Shoppe at noon today. We will open as soon as we are able to get there.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

[08/07/18]   We have a gentleman asking if anyone the comes into the Shoppe would be interested in playing "Call of Cthulu."
Comment on here so we can get a count of anyone interested in trying out the game!

[08/02/18]   The Shoppe is currently accepting pre-orders for Commander 2018 decks over the weekend before we make our order Monday.
Come on in and make for certain you get the deck you want when we release on the 10th!

[07/15/18]   Curiosity Shoppe EDH League Rules and Regulations: Season 1
$5 entry fee for each Season 1 participant
The Ban List we will be using for Season 1 is the Multiplayer Ban List found on the WOTC website. This is only what we will be starting with, and the Ban List is capable of being manipulated for later seasons based on public opinion.
Proxy Use: Each EDH deck used by a single player will only be allowed to have a maximum of 4 proxy cards. If you do proxy a card and can’t print off a suitable copy, please make sure that you use full detail on whatever slips you are using in the sleeve.
Point System: Season 1 of League has a point system that we have tested and intend on using to determine who will win at the end. These will be provided to players at all times in the Shoppe so that players can know what to aim for.
How Does One Earn Points: Each week, a single player can play in multiplayer matches of exactly 4 players up to 13 times a week (2 matches on Tuesdays/Wednesdays, 3 matches on Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays). After maxing out the number of matches one can play in day, a player can still participate in League games with other players. However, those matches become more about keeping your opponents from earning points rather than earning them yourself.
Time Span: Season 1 will last until September 30th. Placings will be announced by October 5th.
Special Events/Points: Each Wednesday, either a specific achievement, specific color combinations/decks, or specific game variants (Planeschase, Archenemy, Two-Headed Giant) will be announced for the weekend. Any of the League participants obtaining that achievement, using that kind of deck, or participating in the game variant will earn bonus points for their matches.
Prize Support: Prize support will be given out based on participation.
Conduct: Standard Shoppe and basic human decency apply when playing in matches. Besides having achievements for rewarding players, there are also punishment deductions for disrespecting the individual/group as well as disrespecting the Shoppe and other customers. These can and will be handed out by whomsoever is running the Shoppe during your match.
Honor System: A sheet of achievements will be provided to each group as they play. However, since matches cannot be supervised entirely by the Shoppe staff, chosen individuals will be the ones marking down achievements as players obtain them in their matches. Players are expected to pay attention and report achievements that they obtain as they obtain them to whomsoever is keeping track for match. Achievements for a match are to be reported to whoever is working the Shoppe as a match is concluded. The Shoppe staff will keep track of how many matches each person is playing in a day and the amount of points each person has obtained on paper in on computer.

[07/14/18]   Thank you to everyone that has come in to be a part of our Shoppe Open House so far today!!

As for our special announcement, we are pleased to announce that The Curiosity Shoppe will be starting out own EDH League tomorrow!

We have come up with and tested a list of rules and a point system to determine a winner at the end of what we will be calling a "Season." The rules list will be posted and shared to the page later tonight, and the Shoppe will be available to answer questions you have about them.

If you wanna know complete information before then, stop on into the Shoppe today and join us for our Open House. We are still having magic played with several judges here, D&D learning and campaigns on request, and our chef will be in soon to start cooking.

Its a little late, but the Shoppe would like to thank those that came out for our Store Championship.
Also, congratulations to Jason Pitts for getting first place and winning this sweet playmat.

[07/07/18]   Heads up to everyone coming in tonight for prerelease, please bring your DCI numbers with you if you have not played in an event at the Shoppe within the last couple of months. We had our computer repaired and lost all player data that we had from those that played in our events before that.
Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience .

[07/06/18]   The Shoppe will not be open until 10pm tonight due to prerelease for the Core Set.
Hope to see everyone there!

[07/01/18]   The Shoppe needs 4 more people for Store Championship by 3pm.
Hurry in people!

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