Air Compressor Equipment Company, Fort Smith, AR Video October 10, 2014, 10:03pm

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Awesome slo-mo video of one of our welders laying down some fine welds earlier. We hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!

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ACEC technicians running out a joy WB-12 air booster this morning on our local “snow day”. This is a good test of our equipment in cold wet conditions. Sending 2700 cfm of air at 325 psi into the air booster discharging at 800psi single stage operating and capable of 2000+ psi in two stage operation. Contact us today for your compressed air needs! #FieldtestedQualitydriven

Our sheet metal shop is getting some custom brackets cut out on our laser this nice cool fall morning! If you need any custom laser work on aluminum, stainless, or good ole mild steel contact us today for a quote. #FieldtestedQualitydriven

Running out another Joy-WB12 air booster in our yard this morning that is fresh off our recon line. This is a very important step to confirm all systems and safety shut downs are operating properly. #FieldTestedQualityDriven

It's a beautiful day to test run a few units that are fresh off of our recon line. Here we are test running a 1350cfm/350psi Sullair air compressor feeding into a Joy WB-12 Air booster. With the Tier 4 emission standards in place now this is a great way to get Tier2/3 packages so you don't have to worry about faulty emission equipment stopping your operation! We have plenty of core options available to recondition. #FieldtestedQualitydriven

One of our technicians test running a 2005 air foam unit that was originally fabricated by us and came in for an overhaul. This air foam unit is capable of 1350 cfm @ 350 psi feeding an air booster bumping pressure from 350 to 2000psi. The unit came in for a full service and overhaul of air/oil coolers. It's a strong running unit for being 17 years old!! #fieldtestedqualitydriven

Test running an Ariel air booster that was recently overhauled in our shop on this beautiful day. We are using two of our rental skid-mount sullair 1150/350s that utilize our very own custom stainless steel control panel we fabricate in house for ease of operation. We here at ACEC hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July holiday tomorrow! #FieldtestedQualitydriven #MadeinAmerica

Cutting some 1/2" 304 stainless down this morning for one of our customers. Contact us today if you have any special jobs that need custom laser work and fabrication! We design, cut, and fabricate everything in house for total control of our fabrication supply chain!

Here is a video of a completed air package ready to be delivered to one of our customers! We are so thankful for our hard-working employees and their dedication to provide custom fabricated oilfield equipment. We hope that everyone has a great week!

Here is a clip of one of our technicians test-running two new Doosan compressors feeding a refurbished Joy WB-12. Nothing like running some high pressure air on this cold and wet Friday! We hope everyone has a great weekend.

Awesome slo-mo video of one of our welders laying down some fine welds earlier. We hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!

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