Friends Forever Pet Crematory and Memorial Services

Friends Forever Pet Crematory and Memorial Services


This is our sweet baby Dollie. She was a rescue from Forever Friends in Sallisaw. She passed 10 days from her 15th birthday. She was our fur baby, travel companion and our soul. She is missed, but will meet again over the rainbow bridge ❤
This right here is my Hanky, he was my best friend! I rescued him when he was 4 years old, he passed away Tuesday October 20 at 9:45am. He lived to be 17 years old, i am beyond heart broken! I recieved his remains back today & I thought it would help him being home, but it just hurts so bad! Thank you for taking care of him & getting him back to me quickly!
Fifteen years.. We were blessed with this beautiful little lady for fifteen years.. Kii was the perfect cat. She was all purr, no bite. Anyone that has ever met her can attest that she was one of the world’s sweetest girls, arguably THE sweetest. Kii never met a stranger, she met everyone with endless purrs and figure eights around their legs. Even during her toughest times she was never known to hurt anyone. Kii was diagnosed with cancer in March. We immediately began treatment to keep her comfy and to slow the spread, but we knew her time would come. Kii was a trooper through it all. She was such a fighter with a strength that you would never expect from a little old lady such as herself. Earlier last week, things took a turn for the worst. The cancer was spreading and becoming more destructive. We ran out of options. I wasn’t ready, and I know I would have never been. My heart is heavy and I am shattered, but it was time. Kii was put to rest on June 10th. There are just some things that all the time and money in the world can’t buy, but if love alone could have saved her there isn’t a doubt in my mind that she would have lived on forever. While my heart will always ache for “one more” of this and “one more” of that.. I will be forever thankful for the time we shared and the cuddles we had. I will cherish the years of her cheerful driveway greetings and her endless purring sessions. Kii didn’t deserve the cards she was dealt but she played them until they wore thin. Kii was one tough cookie and put up one hell of a fight, but she never let anything taint her loving spirit and I am beyond blessed to have had her in my life. 💕
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This is my little man Gabriel. I work at the local animal shelter. Animal control brought him and his 4 siblings to me when they were only 3 days old. They had been injured and their mom was no longer caring for them. The injuries were really bad and he lost all his siblings but he fought on. I cared for him day and night for 6 weeks. I lost him 1 week after he turned 6 weeks old. We can only speculate what took him and we will never really know for sure. What I do know for sure is he had, and still does have, a very big piece of my heart!!!! Thank you Friend Forever for taking care of my little buddy. It means the world to me!!
Our beloved 15 year old girl Eve. We got her when she was only 5 weeks old. She loved her daddy. Thank you for your services. RIP my sweet girl♥️
Thank you for the final act of love for my Bub, My Buster. I lost him on March 27th. Bub was the absolute love of my life. I never considered him just a dog, he was my baby. I miss him terribly. His cuddles, his kisses. The way he got excited when I came home or his daddy did. He'd stomp at you when he wanted attention or wanted something. When it was night-night time, he'd let you know. He didn't want to wait. He had a routine, and he wanted to follow it. I miss his silly little antics. The way he felt so good when he had just had a bath, he'd run through the house like a mad man. He was a homebody. He didn't like being away from his home. He was most comfortable and felt safe in his home. He did like his occasional rides on Sunday evenings with me and his daddy. I always held him and he liked that. He is what made this house a home. I'm lost without him. I love you Bub and I will never ever stop loving and missing you. Until we meet in Heaven... I know God is taking great care of you.
I wanna thank y’all for your services really appreciate everything! ❤️❤️
I want to say a huge thank you to the most compassionate and caring staff of Friends Forever for taking care of my sweet guinea pig Kiko . She was 6 years old . I have used friends forever in 2018 with my other 2 guinea pigs Waffle and Biscuit . I am so thankful and grateful for your services. Her box is beautiful as always ❤️
Thank you for caring for our Mollie!! The box for her ashes is beautiful and the poem and certificate. Spoke to Caleb several times and very compassionate and explained how the would take care of Mollie.
Caleb and Jackson were amazing they gave me something that was just beautiful representing sweet little Heidi.

When the time comes, ask your veterinarian to call Friends Forever. Providing pet cremation with respect and dignity. We offer affordable services for your beloved pet companions.

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Best Friends Pet Clinic

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On the second Sunday in September, National Pet Memorial Day offers a moment to remember pets who have passed.
Pets play an important role in our lives. Not only are they companions, but pets become part of the family, too. Pets keep us responsible and remind us to play. When we are too serious, they lighten up our lives. Many pets keep us healthy, too.
When we lose a beloved pet, the pain is genuine. Whether furry, feathered, or an uncommon variety, the loss is felt deeply. They become family and a familiar part of our lives. However, everyone mourns differently. Some pet parents plant a memorial. Whether they plant a tree, shrub or perennial flower, the plant offers an annual reminder of their pet. Others may create a stepping stone with a paw print, placing it in a garden. Still others may create a tattoo of their pet’s paw print. These actions offer a tangible way to cope with their grief.
The day also offers an opportunity to remember the pets who’ve passed through our lives. We remember the companionship and comfort they provided to us. Don’t forget that part of the relationship included care provided by you. Memories replace the empty space left by the loss of a cherished pet. #NationalPetMemorialDay
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If you or someone you know is struggling with the loss of their beloved pet, support and help is available. You can contact Dawn, our Practice Manager, at the phone number and email address provided here:
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When the time comes, ask us about memorial options available for your beloved pet. Best Friends Pet Clinic appreciates the dignified and respectful memorial services that Friends Forever Pet Crematory and Memorial Services performs.
"More and more pet owners are choosing cremation as the final disposition for their companion and we at Forever Friends know how important it is to have a trustworthy cremation care facility. It is our commitment to maintain the trust of our clients by always providing the highest level of ethical cremation service."

Happy National Dog to to all those special fur babies! Past and present... we know they are loved! ❤️


Two Buttons Deep

So funny! I love this dog! 🤣

Day 30 of quarantine... the dogs are beginning to protest. (📷: @fovity__id)

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Break out the tissues: Zeus managed to bite off the head of a coral snake and save the children...but he lost his life in the process. 😢 #realheroes

Happy National Dog Day! We are grateful for our sweet old guy every day! 💕

Good Morning America

We ❤️ feel good stories like this one!

Joyful golden retriever has a new leash on life after losing 100 pounds in one year!

It was our pleasure to help take care of the FSPD’s retired K-9 officer, Vigo. We are grateful for his many years of service alongside his partner, Officer Boyd.


CBS News


WATCH: This paralyzed pup named Pigeon gets unbelievably excited to put on her wheelchair.

Please help this family bring Tobi home! She was last seen 1/12/19 at Timberline Apartments on Kinkaed Ave in Fort Smith.
She is 12 years old and has some medical issues that she takes medication for daily. It is imperative that she has her medicine. She has a small vertical line tattoo on her belly from a surgery as a puppy. We miss her very much and just want her home. Plz call or text 479-459-1004 or 479-831-8257. Thank you.

We lost our baby girl January 26, 2019. She would have been 17 in April. She loved going shopping and on car rides. We miss her so much the house isn’t the same without her. ❤️Love from her Momma Kristi Freeman — with David Freeman❤️


Pet Halloween costumes are the best!

Senior Pet Care (FAQ) Pets are living longer than ever before. learn about problems facing older pets, and how their owners and veterinarians can best handle their special needs.

HELP! This sweet little baby is missing from Tennessee Ridge Road- went missing on 8-28-18. Reward offered. Call 651-4343 or 646-5338 with any information. Poor little fella has to be scared and his family wants him home. Please share. 😢

Little did we know a trip to buy school clothes with my daughter and grandchildren that I would find the best gift ever in front of Target. I found Maggie in a box full of yellow Lab puppies! I picked the best of the litter. She always stayed by my side ever day of her life. She was the best duck dog ever. She was our best friend ever. My heart is breaking for our loss. We loved you so much Maggie Champagne. Fly high with the Angles. You will always be in my heart. Thank you for taking care of Maggie. We appreciate all Forever Friends Pet Cremation does for grieving families. Sincerely, Janis Tucker

R.I.P Pebbles. You will forever be greatly missed. You where the greatest dog we ever had. ❤️ ~ Momma Sandy

Let’s hope this beauty finds his home soon! ❤️

I know this beautiful dog must belong to someone. Animal Control picked it up today and it is at the shelter. If it belongs to you please call 4794741234 to claim.

Keeping Dogs Feeling Safe During Fireworks | Murphy, Sam & Jodi Keeping Dogs Feeling Safe During Fireworks Jun 29, 2018 | Heard it on the Show? | 0 comments “Lately, during fireworks I just want to hug my dogs.” -Jodi According to Cesar Milan 1. Preparation Arrange to have your dog in a place where there won’t be loud fireworks displays 2. Accommodation....

George Takei’s Oh Myyy!

Important to remember as we enter these HOT Arkansas summer months. Let’s keep our fur babies safe. ❤️

If this is what it feels like for a human, why would you put a pet through this?

via Did You Know

Friends Forever Pet Crematory and Memorial Services

This is my sweet guinea pig waffle. I still have 5 remaining. She had a tumor that broke her jaw and was in so much pain. Unable to eat or drink on her own she was just wasting away. After several vet visits, I had to have her put to sleep on 3/3/18 as she was never going to get any better . She was with me every day for almost 4 years. My heart was breaking, and I am so thankful I had the option to have her cremated. A huge thank you to the staff of Friends Forever for such caring and compassion. She was returned to me in a beautiful wooden box with her name plate, a certificate of cremation , a beautiful poem , and a sympathy card .

❤️ Momma Mary Irving

❤️Sweet words from Fred’s momma, Connie ❤️ {This handsome guy got to brighten the lives of his loved ones for 20 years! 20 YEARS. Amazing.}

I lost my baby Fred last week. I had him since he was 6 weeks old and he turned 20 in January. He had a herniated disc and although he had fought it for 2 years, a recent relapse proved to be too much. I had to say goodbye when the pain became unbearable for him. He gave his whole life to "his people" and all of us are so much better for his love. Thank you Caleb and Mandy for your kindness and compassion in the cremation process. The pain I felt saying goodbye was eased a little by your kindness during this stressful time. Again, thank you from Fred's entire family.

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Friends Forever Pet Crematory and Memorial Services

On January 31, 2018 our family lost one of the sweetest souls we have ever been blessed to know. Our sweet Maggie May selflessly devoted her life to making sure her Melissa was safe and loved. I truly believe that she was hanging on until she was at peace and knew her work on this earth was done.

Maggie didn't let on until the end that these would be her last days and I think that’s exactly how she wanted it. That was how she lived her life. She lived it for others and not herself. She was selfless, loyal and kind hearted until her very last breathe.

Our hearts are aching and that’s the greatest understatement. But our sadness is due to the fact that she was SO loved and loved even more in return. That in itself is the most beautiful gift. The beauty in time is that you really begin to appreciate it when you don’t know how much you have left.

Thank you, Maggie. You were lightyears more than a dog. You were real love, a great love, our friend, our family, our care taker, our cat guard, our babysitter, our vacuum. You gave us laughs, smiles and tons of kisses, especially in exchange for butt scratches. You made our lives so much richer and more beautiful. It will be tough for Melissa to get through a world without you in it but I promise you that she will never forget all that you’ve taught her and the way you made her feel. We love you and we always will.

Goodbye Sweet, Sweet Girl.

Sweet words from Maggie May’s loving family. ❤️

A memorial to my beloved Big Boy. He passed away August 9 from a large throat tumor. He will always be missed and loved!

Received our baby girl back from Forever Friends today. The healing process is going to take a lot longer than just a few days. However, knowing that she was well taken care of brings us peace. Mishka was taken from this life way too soon and has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to join her sisters, Deme & Dixie. I know we will all meet again someday. Thank you Forever Friends for taking care of all three of our babies. It means more to us that you know! ❤️

Friends Forever Pet Crematory and Memorial Services

My beautiful Greyskee that was taken way to soon! RIP my baby girl. Thank you Friends Forever for services available for cremation!

Our precious Babygirl, who found us when she was abandoned at 9 weeks. She was feral but soon discover this was her forever home.
So loving and faithful was she
And she love it when we "howled" together.
Will miss her some voice when I would come home from work, as if she was telling me just how much she missed me. Or when hubby would drive up , she wanted to go out and greet him.
Rest In Peace, my precious angel. We love you.

❤️ Deb Brown Musgrove ❤️

We appreciate each of our customers and love the love that they have for their fur babies! We wish all animals were as blessed as the ones we get to take care of.

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