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We Help You Gain A Unique Sales Advantage We help businesses and brands develop strategic and irresistible value propositions. This positions our clients to gain a unique sales advantage over their competition and disrupt their target markets.

We have experience with the following types of websites: Business and Corporate web sites. Classified Advertising web sites. Entertainment web sites. Health and Medical . Hotel web sites. Legal & Attorney. Magazines. Manufacturing. Newspapers. Online payment systems. Retail and wholesale shopping. Restaurants. Resorts. Transportation and Trucking. Travel and Tourism. Video Production and Internet Broadcasting. We understand the pain, the problems and the difficulty in getting clear and relevant information that can help you make smart decisions. And, we’d be happy to help you. Contact us for a free and friendly initial consultation. We’d be happy to discuss helping you with your project. We’re Here To Help You Gain A Unique Sales Advantage. USA Web Service!

Operating as usual

[08/25/17]   Special Alert: The Disaster Distress Helpline 1-800-985-5990 provides immediate crisis counseling to people affected by Hurricane Harvey in the states of Louisiana and Texas

[07/04/17]   Interested in starting your own freelance Copywriting business?

[03/08/17]   Imagine having an expensive car that has problems. You take it to a great mechanic and they tell you what needs to be fixed. Then, you ask your receptionist, secretary, brother, sister and fork lift driver "What do you think about it?" The mechanic knows what he's doing. The others don't. So, you follow the advice of 'the others' and wonder why you failed. We deal with this everyday on websites, with search engines, and with advertising copy. We know what needs to be done, we've been doing it (some of us) for decades... but some of our client's continue to be 'the blind... following the blind' following the advice of those who 'don't know.' Don't blame the 'specialist' for your failure -- when you won't follow their suggestions. ;-)

[01/30/17]   CAUTION! WARNING: Just had another phishing/HACKING virus attack after visiting a major news website. DO NOT CLICK OK if you get a WARNING ALERT saying "Microsoft Has Detected Spy ware on your PC sending out Credit Card info, passwords, etc..." (This one even had voice telling me to 'call 1-877-768-9520) continued message "if you close this window without calling us now we have to lock your computer down and you will not be able to access it!" -- What to do? 1. Go to windows 'task manager' by pressing "Cntrl+Alt+Del" keys. 2. Look for lines that show your browser's open windows. 3. Highlight the line, and then click "End" task. ~If you do that, you should be okay. Ran my protection software to be sure and I'm Okay. ~This has happened numerous times to me and others after visiting 'normally trusted websites.' Other forms of this hack is: You'll get a phone call supposedly from "Microsoft Support" telling you same thing. If you fall for this scam YOUR COMPUTER REALLY WILL GET HACKED, YOUR FILES WILL GET ENCRYPTED AND THERE IS ALMOST NO WAY TO GET RID OF VIRUS!!! Please pass this on to friends & family and be safe!

[12/10/16]   I've had several requests me to create a video training course for 'Wordpress Specialist'. Up till now... I've questioned whether there would be that much of a demand for it. What do you think? Our company has been turning down requests to design new websites because we're already overwhelmed with work and can't take on any more new jobs.

[11/12/16]   If you use GoDaddy -- be careful to watch your credit card statements. I've had several times now that they've made "un-authorized" charges and purchases to my credit card once they get the card number. Had I not been watching my statements and charges they would have gotten away with it.

[06/08/16]   If you're using Firefox browser and you don't have it set for automatic updates... immediately close your browser... Then, open Firefox to a blank page. And, in menu select "Help" then click on "About"... and see if you have latest version installed. BE SURE you are not on an active Internet page while you do this! There is a critical security risk that needs to be patched immediately. Safe computing! ;-) NOTE: If you use Adobe Flash... and you visit a web page and a pop up window tells you "Flash needs an update!" and tries to get you to install it... run like hell and close all browser windows! Do NOT click to upgrade from that pop up! The risk is very high -- that you're about to infect your machine w/ a virus if you accept the upgrade. To test your version of Flash... go directly to the Adobe website and only download from there.

[05/05/16]   If your browser uses the "Flash plug-in" -- and you visit ANY web page that gives you a pop up, telling you your "Flash version is out of date" and tries to get you to click on a button to "Update Flash" -- I suggest you IMMEDIATELY close all your browser windows and NOT click the update button. Then, go to the website to check if it needs updating. Why? Virus going around through that Flash update! If you click on it, it can take over your PC, and damage your computer and files and give you a virus you can't get rid of it. And, clicking on it can cause your anti-virus to stop working and accept the virus.

WordPress › Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS

Everyday thousands of Wordpress websites get hacked. (And, others, too). Wordpress is a great tool and even greater if you add two great security plug-ins: Wp Security and Wordfence which you can download from . It's nearly set it and forget it once you've got those two plugins configured!

[06/10/15]   Is your website getting hacked or spammed to death? Check to see if the SemRush bot hosted by Advanced Hosters in the Netherlands and the USA is accessing your sites. I suggest you block all their IP's and avoid doing business with anyone using them.

[06/10/15]   Caution! If you have a website or use web services -- avoid doing ANY business with Advanced Hosters (.com and .net)! And, be sure to keep your websites OUT of their data centers & CDN services!

[12/06/14]   Unfortunately -- our web servers have been down because Softlayer -- a company that we had been with for over 10 years -- has now become owned by IBM, and no longer offers support for their network, software or machines. We're in the process of making changes and will tell you which company we used to replace Softlayer.

Your First Business Plan: A Simple Question and Answer Format Designed to Help You Write Your...

This is not a plug, endorsement or an ad for this book. I've read the book and it's been informing and helpful to me. If you're not sure which book to get on Your First Business Plan -- you might want to check this one out. The link is to the book on Amazon -- however, you can probably obtain a used copy real cheap from GoodWillBooks. (Plus you're supporting a charity at Good Will). The first business plan is often the most difficult to write. A company may have little or no history, and often may not know lender requirements, what to stress and what to avoid. Your First Business Plan simplifies the process by outlining the different parts of a business plan and, in an uncom...

Advertising and Endorsements

If you have a website, or you are planning to have one, or any other type business -- I highly recommend you read this page and watch the short video on it. The FTC can come down on you REALLY hard over statements on your website. I have known people that have gone to jail and also been fined millions of dollars -- by making statements that were not fraudulent -- but they innocently worded it wrong, or did not have facts to back up their statements: Advertising and Endorsement Policy

[09/16/13]   Because WordPress is free and easy to use, causes many folks to underestimate it's power and ability -- that comes with advanced knowledge and some technical tips and tricks that are worth the investment to learn.

[09/11/13]   What's the most important thing to consider for a successful website? Your website research and PLAN. Do your research and then develop a plan and a blueprint for your website just as you would for a business plan. A failure to plan is a plan for failure to meet your objectives. Happens every time. ;-)

[09/08/13]   If you're using Joomla! or WordPress to power your website, and you have questions on themes, templates, plug-ins, or need some answers -- just post them below and we'll see if we can help!

[09/08/13]   Thank you to each of you who have shown support and liked this page. I promise -- I wont be trying to sell you anything! My plans for the page are to be of service to you, "giving" to offer some free, no-obligation professional advice and tips that you can use on your own websites, web pages, digital photography and video for the web. If you have questions, be sure to post them, and I'll do my best to offer the best answers and info to help you!

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