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This massive shelves in the new home of a client are done and styled for fall!!!
I styled these to make it easy to transition between seasons by keeping the main frame of the design so she could easily switch out the pumpkins 🎃 for Christmas decor or the next holiday as well.
The beautiful pheasant was a family favorite so it takes front and center. Also these shelves feature the clients personal collection of @mackenziechilds pumpkins. They are gorgeous all the black and white checkered pumpkins with splashes of gold and we used them in all the shelves and a few sprinkles on the mantle.

These shelves are over 135” long so scale was important.
Thank you for my Sweet client who supported local @waiteandco and almost all the decor came from there as we pulled things to decorate based on the before picture she sent me in the last slide.

We mixed textures of Rattan, metal and wood with a splash of textured colored glass for that urban look. This look can transition a lot of styles but those green knobbed glass jars with jute handles sparkle with a hint of gold to be the jewelry of these shelves full of berries for that organic feel.
We have Led lanterns with timers to add a little sparkle in the evening.

So don’t be afraid to mix textures in your space. Even a black and sea grass basket used to function for storage is right on style filled with a blanket selected by the clients Son. It’s great to get the kids involved in decorating as well.

Also the mirror and wreath are hung at the back of the space it not only creates dimension but places the items to create a layered look needed to refine any space.

So Happy Saturday hope this inspires you to be creative!!!

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Happy Saturday! We wanted to acknowledge Breast Cancer Awareness Month by doing a fall give away! I am making a fall planter to give away to encourage and lift and enjoy #allthingsbeautiful.
I shared this on my stories last week so follow along because we give updates there I do not post. I will be doing the planter this weekend so follow along on my stories and nominate those special friends and loved ones for a chance to win! We have a few names from my stories this week but take a second to drop a name of your person.

We will be drawing Monday! Local delivery only!

I wanted to share two years ago I had a breast cancer scare myself with a biopsy( which honestly was more invasive than I prepared for) and eventually removal of a ductal papilloma. As I stood in the dressing room going through all this I knew my life could be forever changed by a diagnosis.
Thankful my story did not go that way and I’m very grateful, however my heart is more opened to those who did not get the same news. I also have realized just how moving and so deeply personal this walk can be.
So through this experience I want to create to bless. So looking forward to more names.

#breastcancerawareness #jowaite#josiesfloralcreations #gopink #fallcontainers #jowaiteinteriorsandconstruction

What a transformation! I love taking a furniture piece and reviving it again! This beautiful chair had great lines and is a classic which makes it definitely worth recovering! We selected a light fabric that feels so soft and added some new foam to bring the seat back to shape.
Many of the fabrics today are Crypton fabrics to withstand everyday life and be right on trend!

Swipe right to see the details and the before picture!
We carry many lines of fabric and do a lot of upholstery! And we pick up and deliver when needed!

So look around see what pieces you love! It’s time for an update!

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Well pull up a chair and kick your feet up! Whether you want coffee snuggled up on this cool morning or a glass of sweet tea in the afternoon this is the spot to be.

The screened in porches are complete!

Creating spaces in remodels that look like they have always been there is always a goal for me and is alway considered in the design. I think we achieved that in this design and construction.

This client wanted three porches enclosed to create cozy spaces keeping the bugs and the birds from building nest.
We built this all out of cedar to be durable long term.

With clients wanting more transitional living spaces to the outdoors this will achieve that for this client.

So take a minute and dream of an outdoor space and GET TO CREATING IT!!

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It’s officially fall! With the cool mornings I took time to set the dining table for fall. Of course I took these before I set my antique gold silverware out yet I’ll do that later and post that. I still have a red dining room I’ve had one for 25 years plus and still love it, but I am ready for a change. The red always looks so good in fall and for Christmas. So even us designers have problems with change. It’s hard for me because I truly love so many different styles and as you can see, I love color. It’s hard to choose just style when I see so many beautiful things. I decorate more timeless and not on trends so when I decide to update this space I will take you along. Maybe I’ll just go with a different more brighter tone of red.😉

I do think it’s important to pick one room every year and update it if your home is older just so repairs and investment into your property maintains its value and doesn’t become overwhelming.

So what inspires you to change? Drop me a comment below or tag me in your dining room and I’ll share on my story.
Have a beautiful day friends!

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As I pulled away to go to church this morning it was like God highlighted the sunflowers 🌻!! Have a blessed Sunday!
#blessings#itsfall #frontdoor #mums #pumpkins #sundayreflections #sunlight #godsblessings

What a beautiful day Saturday has been and wanted to share a few pictures my Son snapped. This past week has been a week of celebrations and deep reflections! I’m grateful and it’s so nice to be able to make new memories with my family. So I hope this weekend you guys are finding some rest and a moment to get away! If not, I hope you put a smile 😊 and let the sun shine on your face no matter where you are ! Enjoy your Sunday!
#naturaldam #blessings #grateful #familytime #smile #findjoy #jowaite

Thank you to all those who serve and protect in our country. So many memories flood back from that fateful day to reflect upon. Many prayers for all those affected on this day. This picture stirs in me hope and a will to rise from the ashes.

God Bless America. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Let’s Rise Together!!!
#riseup #neverforget #911memorial #firefighters #jowaiteinteriorsandconstruction

Saturday’s are made for relaxing and restoring. This beautiful bathroom came together in the modern farmhouse to create a space that envelopes you with warmth and classic style. I have completely designed this space with modern finishes with a feel of timeless design. I hope it inspires you to add a little history into each space you have. I always said “ anyone can have all new, however it takes true talent to weave together a space that feels truly fresh with adding collective pieces from clients”.
So comment below if you think I accomplished that here.
So all you need is the bubbles!!

The beautiful wallpaper is Seabrook and it a soft cream with a taupe ribbon that accents the grey veining in the white floor tile. So don’t be afraid to mix cream white and grey it’s all about the tone.

The needlepoint rug was from the clients previous home and I love the co feast of color. You could always do a tone one tone carpet to keep everything light, but for the color lovers ❤️this is absolutely the choice to make. It also adds that timeless history that makes this space uniquely hers that not ever one will have. Also towels with a hint of pink over a vintage floral print and a vase of real touch hydrangeas.

So be daring to select something only you may love and not seek the approval of others, and make your space something that is truly reflective of who you are.

*Harold Hamm Construction built this beautiful home, I have just be privileged to style and design this amazing modern farmhouse.
Faucets were champagne gold from @deltafaucet
Pedestal Tub was Jason
Perfect sheer @normanwindowfashions

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Lighting and scale are so important to set a beautiful tablescape. This entry table is a work in progress. Yes I’m sharing a table that is not completely finished. I like to let things evolve and find the perfect pieces to file each space as I work thru each design process.
So what will I find to complete this space a stack of collectible books, a beautiful candle or a family picture. We will see what treasure I will find. I’ll share the final on my story next few days.
#designinprogress #lamps #lighting#hyrandeas #floraldesign #josiesfloralcreations #art #landscapeart #interiordesigner

As I walked early this morning this staircase caught my eye. I thought about what I wanted to accomplish the rest of the year. I use this time for reflection and a reset to re-evaluate my goals and dreams. There’s been many times I didn’t know how to get where I wanted to go or how to accomplish those big plans but I didn’t need to know that, I just need to take the first step.
So whatever uphill battle you are facing today find those people who will encourage you, lift you up, comfort you, tell you truth, and even give you a hug when you need it and most important be that to someone as well. Don’t waste anymore time delaying and putting off what can be done today. Our environment and the people that share our life makes it worth living so call that friend, spruce it up, take a risk, paint that room, take a walk, declutter, have a picnic or a dinner at the table. Just go for it!!!

Martin Luther says” Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase just the first step.”
#beachsteps #staircase #beach #miramarbeach #dreams #takethestep #moveforward #setgoals #womeninbusiness #interiordesignerslife #jowaite

#challenge accepted thank you @bellestarr_vintagemarket
During these past few months I have had some wonderful women like @eronicavay stop by and make extra post about my shop and @hazelshaven who stopped by as well. @_creative_kitchen_ kept me fed with all those goodies and wonderful meals. I have realized that I needed to cultivate deeper relationships rather than just be busy. We all need each other. Words of encouragement are great but maybe it’s time to roll up our sleeves and take some time to place actions and show love to help other women where they need it most. Be open and take some time this week to go discover a new local business and meet some amazing women. Be the wonderful unique women God fearfully and wonderfully created you to be and walk in all that amazing uniqueness knowing you are fully loved. We are not in competition with each other. Be secure in who you are and help others along the way. Ladies know you cannot find your worth in anyone only the God of heaven can give you that. You are amazing, unique, special, worthy and one of a kind. You are BEAUTIFUL!!❤️Find the things you love about yourself and focus on that, and what you don’t like well you have the power to change it. Do what you want to do and go after all your dreams. I have been through some things and come out stronger on the other side, and so can you.!!Find other women to encourage you bringing love and light to walk beside you in this journey. And always do it with a smile! #beempowered #womensupportingwomen #womenownedbusiness #beautiful #unique #encouragewomen #fearfullyandwonderfullymade #designerandcontractorinone #arkansasdesigner #smile

#challengeaccepted thank you @bellestarr_vintagemarket
Through these trying times we need to be more purposeful placing our actions to help women more than just words! Encouragement is great but maybe we need to spend some time rolling up our sleeves for those truly in need or taking some time to have some meaningful conversations. I realized I needed to cultivate deeper relationships these past few months rather than just being busy all the time. And I have stretched myself and met a lot of new people! Thank you @eronicavay who made extra posts supporting my store and @hazelshaven for stopping by as well. @_creative_kitchen_ always keeping me fed with goodies these past few months. We simply need each other and we must put our actions above our words! I have discovered so many unique women owned businesses during this time so go this week and support a new store you haven’t been in.
It’s time to step up ladies and be the fully empowered women God has created us to be. There is no competition here just be your full authentic self that beautiful women that God fearfully and wonderfully made , totally and individually unique, and fully loved. Ladies find your worth and identity in no one but who the God of heaven says you are. No ones approval will make you feel complete. Be who God made you in all the amazing sizes, personalities, and true beauty you have that makes you unique. And all of you are absolutely beautiful ❤️. Find those things you love about yourself and focus on those things. And surround yourself with other women who will lift you and encourage you. I have come through some things and come out stronger on the other side. You are strong, beautiful, unique, amazing, interesting, and the things you don’t like about yourself well then you and you alone have the power to change it! So get after it ladies do all you want to do become who you want to be and definitely stop to help others along the way. I know for me I need to start doing that more than ever! And smile 😀 along the way!!✨

#womensupportingwomen #arkansasdesigner #findyourpurpose #encouragewomen #interiordesigner #jowaite #jowaiteinteriorsandconstruction#unique #beautiful #designerandcontractorinone

Morning Glories!! I love taking walks on the beach 🏖 to clear my mind slow down to refresh so I can offer the best to my clients! Sometimes I even discover unique things I’ve never seen before like this jellyfish on the slide show! Let me know what you do when your body and soul gets a little tired....
For me, the beach always helps me spiritually, mentally and physically!!!
#blessed#grateful#godscreation #morningglories #beachlife #interiordesigner #renewyourmind #refresh#godsbeauty

Happy Sunday!!! Taking time to refresh & relax is so important! Ive realized with balancing work and home life it is essential to our over all health!! I love what I do so much and have such amazing clients its easy to pour into my work! So grateful to finally be able to enjoy my favorite place.
Have An amazing week!!

#miramarbeach #relaxansrestore #interiordesignerslife #beach #designerandcontractorinone #jowaiteinteriorsandconstruction #contractor #saltlife

BEFORE & AFTER!!!! Out with the old and in with new! What pieces are you needing to update in your home? As we have been spending more time at home now more than ever our environment means more to us than ever before. Our travel may be limited and these pieces in our home that look a little tired stand out more than ever. You deserve to update your space!!! Our environment has been proven to affect our productivity, mood and relaxation. We are here to help you tackle a space to give you fresh updated look even if it’s one piece at a time! We also have organizing services to help get you back on track!
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