Freedom Rings

Freedom Rings


Thank you for my 2003 ring! It’s just another AWESOME one to add to my collection 👍🏼💍
DONE 101 invites
Karl Thornell (FREEDOM RINGS) made us a matching set of infinity rings! Just like God's love for us is eternal, so is ours for each other! Thanks for the early 30th anniversary gift... we LOVE them 😊 If you’d like a special ring or buy one as a gift for someone go to ...well here!! He’s local & does excellent work!!
Well it’s my 2nd day to have MY ring but my child has stolen it from me 😢 It’s so cool even a TEENAGER wants it!! Now I need to order another one for ME!! 😀
Got my ring this am & I’m ready to show it off!! It’s so smooth & polished feeling that I’m thinking my kid will swipe it from me 😬!
I own 2 of these works of for me and one for my wife. Great product at at great price. Excellent craftsmanship. Excellent customer service.

Hand crafted rings forged from US minted coins, as well as other world currency. Metals composition rages from gold, silver, copper, brass, and bronze.

Operating as usual

[04/18/20]   Getting ready to
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Freedom Rings

Ok, back to the "GOLDEN TICKET" post...
This week I will be gifting away a special in the meantime gift, and I will choose the recipient and announce the winner on that original post!!!
So go back and like, share that original post so you will be IN THE KNOW for the meantime gift!!!
And as always, like the FREEDOM RINGS main page to keep up on all the new AWESOME stuff coming out!!!

[04/05/20]   Ok, back to the "GOLDEN TICKET" post...
This week I will be gifting away a special in the meantime gift, and I will choose the recipient and announce the winner on that original post!!!
So go back and like, share that original post so you will be IN THE KNOW for the meantime gift!!!
And as always, like the FREEDOM RINGS main page to keep up on all the new AWESOME stuff coming out!!!

[04/05/20]   FYI: All wood rings, metal lined or not, go through a special stabilization process here at FREEDOM RINGS!!!
The fibers of the wood are strengthened and bonded through this unique process.
All of our wood rings come out waterproof and very durable!!!
Not for changing oil or rebuilding a Knuckle head, KNUCKLEHEADS lol

Crafted from an authentic Jack Daniel's barrel, and artwork.
Custom order request, finished and ready to ship out!!!
I may need glasses after this one 😑😎

A interesting prototype crafted in the wee hours of this morning!!!
Acrylic Flame Ring
This ring is available in any width 2mm-16mm, and ring size 4-18
Also available in flat wall, as pictured, or domed.
Comfort fit, or standard.

[03/28/20]   Now is as good of a time as any to reveal the FREEDOM RINGS much anticipated announcement that was promised long ago!!!
I'm opening the entire shop up in this giveaway!!!
One fortunate
FREEDOM RINGER will be invited into my shop for the day!!!
You will learn my process first hand, and help me create one of any item in my shop of your choice!!!
I will have smaller giveaways in the meantime.
To enter the "GOLDEN TICKET" giveaway, please like, and share this post!
And of course like and follow the main FREEDOM RINGS fb page if you already haven't.
It's a good way to keep up on giveaways, and new designs as they become available! 😁
One lucky name will be picked randomly from the pool of likes and shares from this original post!!!

Praying God's comfort, peace, and healing during these trying times for us ALL!!!

[02/06/20]   🎉🎊CONGRATULATIONS Kaye-Dean Floyd🎉🎊


I have something special for you!!!
You have 17 minutes and 76 seconds to message me for details!!!


[01/31/20]   FINISH STRONG

The weekend is upon us, and we're closing in on 1000 likes and follows!!!
Just 21 away!!!
Really looking forward to our big announcement, as I'm sure you all are as well!!!

All items purchased at FREEDOM RINGS come gift packaged inside a protective plastic bag, inside confetti stuffed gift tin, inside an elegant gift pouch!!!
Not to mention, "FREE"dom rings shipping anywhere in the continental United States!!!
Gift giving couldn't be any EASIER!!!


Ok, here's the gig...
20 state quarters will get you a state quarter ring!!! California quarters, if you have any lol.
A perfect, thoughtful, inexpensive gift for that special someone!!!
Heat treated clear coat for discoloration prevention and detail preservation incuded!!!
My preference is the Antique-Satin finish, as shown on this California State Quarter Ring.
The details just POP!!!
Forged/crafted recently for a customer.
To each their own.

Available finishes:

Polished-Gloss-High Sheen
Polished-Satin-Some Sheen
Polished-Flat-No Sheen
Antique-Gloss-High Sheen
Antique-Satin-Some Sheen
Antique-Flat-No Sheen

[01/28/20]   Just wanted to give all of our new likes and followers a very warm welcome, and a hearty THANKYOU!!!
We're just 49 likes/follows away from the big announcement!
And as added bonus, because anyone who knows me knows I'm all about BONUSES, I'm going to have something special for our

Jack Daniels barrel stave and stainless steel ring.
This is "AMERICANA"!!!

Two Pound Coin=2 RINGS!

[01/26/20]   I'm so anxious to make the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!
Just 61 more page
likes/follows and I'll let the
😸 outa the 🛍!!!


All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray....

Photos from Freedom Rings's post

[01/20/20]   Welcome to all our new followers!!!
Likes and follows are coming in like CRAZY!!! 👍👍👍👍
I'm so very thankful for you all!!!
So thankful, that I'm going to have a special announcement once we hit 1000 likes and follows.
Hint, this announcement may have something to do with something FREE!!!
And this will be quite a substantial giveaway!!!

[01/20/20]   **MAY I ASK A FAVOR OF YOU?**

As a small local business, our Facebook audience is very important to us!
It would be SUPER cool if you could take the time and help spread the word about FREEDOM RINGS!!!
You can do this by going to our page, click on COMMUNITY, then invite friends.
If you choose to invite “all” that’s awesome! Or you can hand pick your friends you think would enjoy our shop and page!
I totally understand if you choose not to, but who wouldn’t want to like and follow us, lol!?!
I thank you in advance for supporting us and helping us grow!!!

Kindest regards,


[12/24/19]   Merry Christmas to you all!!!

Just a little Christmas story I'd like to share.

The story is told of an old grey bearded biker who, late one night, was headed home from a road trip to Mexico. In his saddlebags were gifts and trinkets for the kids that lived at the orphanage where he worked.
As he rode alone in the cool desert air, he felt blessed for his own life, the children at the home, his biker friends and most importantly his bike, that had never let him down.
He had spent many a mile on the highway with this bike and the two had formed a bond, as only bikers can understand.
As he rumbled along the high desert, the full moon lighted up the sky and silhouettes of the cactus cast eerie shadows along the desert floor, the old graybeard was unaware that a few miles up the road awaited a nasty little group of road goblins, intent on its next victim.
Road goblins are evil little creatures that leave obstacles in your path- old mufflers, pieces of rubber, boxes, diesel fuel, and unexplained objects you never see that cause a tire to go flat or a chain or belt to break.
They also chase animals and deer into the path of unsuspecting bikers.
Road goblins sole purpose is to make a biker crash...adding notches to their little belts. They are evil and nasty little pieces of creation.
As the biker rounded the curve, the road gremlins ambushed him with everything they had, causing him to crash and skid. He awoke in the ditch, barely alive. Nearby was one of his saddlebags that had ripped off his bike.
The biker lay there, helpless and unable to move as the road gremlins began moving in to finish him off. The old graybeard wasn’t going to give up easily and started throwing things from the saddlebag at them. Finally, he had nothing left to throw but a tiny bell and he started ringing it.....not knowing if it would help, but he wanted to die thinking of the children at the home he would be leaving behind.
Surprisingly the sound of the tinkling bell seemed to confuse the goblins, and they paused in their attack. The old biker was encouraged, but he was still in a bad way. He didn't know how long the bell would keep the goblins away, and the goblins were between him and his bike with no way for him to make a fast getaway.
Not far away, two other bikers coincidentally had just stopped to make camp for the night. They were unaware of the crash, as they had been riding 30 miles or so behind the old biker and stopped before the curve of the crash site. As they dismounted, they heard the bell ringing and ringing. Thinking that was an odd thing to hear in the middle of the desert, they quickly went to investigate.
They came upon the old biker in the ditch with the goblins surrounding him. With a vengeance, and without concern for their own safety, the two bikers attacked the gang of road goblins, killing several and scaring off the rest.
The old biker was grateful for their help and offered money to his saviors, but they refused to accept any payment. The old biker wanted to show his gratitude and wouldn’t let the two bikers leave without something for their good deed. The old biker cut off two pieces of leather from his saddlebags tassels and tied a bell to each piece. He then attached the bells to the two bikers bikes as close to the ground as possible.
The old biker then told his new friends that with those bells attached to their bikes, they would be protected from the road goblins and if they were ever in trouble, to ring the bell and a fellow biker would come to their aid.
So whenever you see a biker with a bell you’ll know that he has been blessed with the most important thing in life — friendship from a fellow biker.
Others believe goblins live on motorcycles because they love to ride and are the cause of most bikers’ problems, like when the tires go flat, the horn won’t work or any several hundreds of things that can go wrong.
Evil road spirits can’t live near a bell because they get trapped in the hollow of the bell. Their hearing is hypersensitive so the constant ringing in a confined space drives them insane. They lose their grip and eventually fall onto the roadway. That is how potholes are formed.
If you buy your own bell, the magic will still work but if you receive one as a gift from a friend or a loved one the magic is doubled because out there somewhere you have a friend looking out for you.
If you steal a bell from a biker, you steal all the gremlins and the evil that comes with them. It is ill-advised that you steal a bell, the consequences could be dire.
Ride bells are more of a tradition than a superstition among bikers… so they make a great gift for the rider in your life!

From sea, to shining sea
This was a special request from a customer.
A really neat and sweet story behind it!

The most beautiful things in life are unpredictable, unexpected, unplanned, unexplainable, and UNBELIEVABLE!!!

This is the metal's color by itself, no added paint or powder coat.


Guardian Angel aka Gremlin bells coming along nicely!!!



Alot of times, things don't always turn out like we would hope they would.
No reason to give up!!!
On the contrary....
Only then, will you see what has been waiting for you ALL ALONG!!!

[11/28/19]   Happy Thanksgiving EVERYONE!!!
I'll be at Yeages on Rogers Avenue in Fort Smith for a while tomorrow.
Stop by, I might have something to give away!!!!

[11/26/19]   Had a great time at the
Harley Davidson/Salvation Army/Outback Steakhouse
20th Annual Toy Run, this past Sunday!!!
What a wonderful group, getting together for a GREAT CAUSE!!!
A huge shout out to EVERYONE!!!
Didn't have any
SCREAMING FREEDOM RINGERS so I decided to give the FREEDOM RINGS JFK HALF COIN BELL to the fine gentlemen who gave us the honor of breaking bread with him.
Good ride/great cause/awesome conversation, and fellowship/outstanding feed!!!
Thank you John Black! It was a pleasure to meet you, and the rest of the gang!!!

Ok, just a little something to get you all in the THANKSGIVING/CHRISTMAS/NEW YEARS SPIRIT we are going to have a GIVEAWAY!!!
to be given away at
Old Fort Harley Davidson
before leaving for the Salvation Army Toy Run 0900-? Tomorrow

To be eligible;

1.Like and share this post
3.Like and follow the FREEDOM RINGS Facebook main page
2.Be present to win
3.Find me, and SCREAM
FREEDOM RINGS!!! My hearing is shot, so make sure YOU'RE LOUD!!!

First come, fisrt serve!!!

Do you hear what I hear?
Yup, you guessed it!


Very unique Guardian Angel / gremlin bell 🔔for that special someone in your life who rides!!!
This also makes very unique
Christmas tree ornament.🎄
I'm able to forge these with specific years if one chooses such.
Heads or tails.

[11/04/19]   Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!!👻
Now for 🦃DAY!!!
and CHRISTmas not to long after!!!
Get your orders in for that ONE of a KIND gift for that special someone!!!!
I have availability to all years minted US coins!!! 1930s-2018
(Note) there were no US coins minted with 1975 because of the introduction of the bicentennial comemmoritive coins being minted. It has 1776/1976 on it and was minted in 1975/1976
Click the (shop now button) at the top of the FREEDOM RINGS home page to see the shop's full inventory!!!

Silver Quarter Hand Cut Eagle on Silver Quarter Ring Silver Quarter Hand Cut Eagle on Silver Quarter Ring

One day I'll trade my rings in for a CROWN!!!, until then FREEDOM RINGS!!!

Kurly Koa straight from the
"BIG ISLAND" Kurtistown, HI and
Black Zirconium Ceramic.

[09/15/19]   Just wanted give a huge thanks to all of our customers, and to let you know how grateful I am for YOU!!!
It's a very special occasion when someone chooses your service over something much cheaper, mass produced overseas, and "CHEAPER"!!!


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