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Is there any way you can help me since you filed my tax return $400 short and made me appear ineligible for the stimulus package this year even though I'm not?
I just went online to check the status of my check....the IRS updated the info for my check to go into yalls Meta bank account again for the 24th! So how do we fix this so it don't happen again?! Another friend of mine says hers says the same thing as well.
Do you know when they are going to send out checks yet since the irs missed up on our stimulus checks
If you did not get direct deposit of your tax return for 2018 or 2019 either due to owing taxes, or doing the fast refund, there is a portal called GET MY PAYMENT on the IRS.GOV website to enter your information to have your stimulus check deposited instead of mailed. Be sure to go directly to the IRS website and not any other links!! Shirley's Tax Service can help you get this done if you have already filed with us!!!!
I saw this over the weekend and think it applies to a lot of people! Let Shirley's Tax Service make the process easier for you! All 5 offices have capable, knowledgeable preparers to help you out so you won't be like this little guy!🙂 (borrowed from another post) Shirley's Tax Service can help take away the stress of tax time! Come see us at any of our 5 locations!
A very happy man at Shirley's Tax Service today! The IRS wanted to keep it all, but with our assistance he was able to get his full refund plus interest!
More money going out in Greenwood bright and early! 💲💲
One more happy client!
In just 2 days, the Greenwood office has passed out $30,464 in refund checks!!! Are you waiting to get your taxes done? Come in and let us get them processed for you! If you are in the Greenwood area, we are easy access on Center Street (10 spur). 479-322-5105 Drop off service is available if you don't want to wait!
Thank you to the best bosses! We had a great bbq lunch (thanks to Rub 'em Tender!), sweet peanut brittle, and will enjoy our gift cards at a later date and remember you again! This is truly the Best of the Best places to work!

Shirley's Tax Service has been offering fast friendly service to the River Valley for over 40 years. We can prepare your personal and business tax returns along with all 50 states!

We also offer bookkeeping, business setup, sales tax & payroll services!! Hours may vary at our four different locations. We have Saturday hours and will make appointments for before and after normal hours as needed. Call 479 922-1040 to check hours and make appointments.

Operating as usual

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[07/27/20]   The Fort Smith offices of Shirley's Tax Service will be closed for the weeks of July 27th and August 3rd.
We will reopen Monday, August 10th.
We do appreciate all our clients and are sorry for any inconvenience.

We truly appreciate all our law enforcement departments!

Thank you to Shirley's Tax Service for feeding our officers today. Rub 'em Tender BBQ was delicious!

Still haven’t received your Economic Impact payment?
You can now call the IRS via a special phone number.
We are hearing that they are answering today!


Did you know that the CARES act that was recently passed included a provision to allow over the counter medicine and women’s health products to be tax deductible? It also allows Health Savings Accounts to be used to purchase them.

Deducting medical expenses on your tax return will still be subject to the 7.5% limitation of your income.

Today we received several calls from clients who started receiving stimulus checks in the mail. These checks arrived today!

These clients were a part of the batch of clients that the IRS attempted to deposit into the Meta Bank account last Wednesday. They also let us know that the IRS portal stated that their stimulus check would be direct deposited again to the Meta Bank account on Friday 4/24/20. This was incorrect information as the checks had already been sent.

What does this mean? The IRS is doing what we had originally thought they would do. When the payment wasn’t able to go in to the Meta Bank account it went back to the IRS and the IRS mailed out checks to the address on file.

What if I haven’t received a check yet? This glitch affected millions of checks. It may take a few days but checks are coming! Keep an eye on your mail.

What if my address has changed?
Please give us a call at 479-922-1040 and we will help you with a change of address form.

We understand that the issuing of stimulus checks has been stressful on many of our clients. We hope you know that we are here and willing to help as best as we can! We have had a surge in communication via email, Facebook, and phone calls. Please be patient with us as we work to serve each and every one of our clients!

Many clients who were originally affected by the IRS deposit error are now telling us that the IRS portal is showing a new date of April 24th and the same incorrect account number. (Meta Bank)

While we don’t have any official update to share with you just yet, we feel that this is a step in the right direction. This means that the IRS is working to get your stimulus checks to the correct account.

We are in contact with Meta Bank and hope to have more information for you on Monday.

At this time there is nothing that you need or can do to fix this IRS error. Rest assured that if we can do anything to help fix the situation we will!

Glitches prevent $1,200 stimulus checks from reaching millions of Americans

We understand and greatly sympathize the frustration around the stimulus delays.

The IRS is aware and working to fix the issues.

We have no update yet but will let you know as soon as we do! Several million people who filed their taxes via H&R Block, TurboTax and other popular services were unable to get their payments. Some parents reported they didn’t get the $500 promised for their dependent children.

UPDATE: At the end of the day (4/15) we received word from Meta Bank that was different than what we had originally been told. The following information is the most accurate and up to date information.

If you checked the status of your stimulus check on the IRS website and it showed the incorrect direct deposit information your stimulus check will be mailed to your address.

Here’s what happened: The IRS was supposed to bypass Meta Bank and directly deposit the refund into your account. Today the IRS attempted to direct deposit many refunds nationwide into the Meta Bank account. Meta Bank could not legally print checks or direct deposit them. Meta Bank has now sent them back to the IRS and the IRS is issuing checks.

Here at Shirley’s Tax Service we understand that the 2020 stimulus is very important in such a time as this. We totally understand the frustration that this has brought with it and hate to see it happen to our clients. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to fix the situation at this time. It’s an IRS mistake, but the IRS is aware and working to fix the situation.

At this time we do not have an estimated wait time nor do we know if you will be allowed to add your direct deposit information via the IRS portal. If and when that becomes available we will let you know.

We ask for your understanding as we do our best to serve our clients who have become more like family!

❓Did you know that individuals who are not normally required to file a tax return will need to file to receive the $1200 stimulus payment?

Here at Shirley’s Tax Service we are offering a reduced rate of $40 per return to get you filed and ready to receive the stimulus payment!

NOTE: If you are currently receiving social security you will not need to file a return.

*This offer is only extended to those who would otherwise not need to file.
Give us a call at 479-922-1040 today!

Please help us get the word! ↗️
Every [email protected] gives you another shot at our $250 gift card giveaway!

Considering the recent COVID-19, the tax preparers at STS are practicing safety precautions to keep our clients, our employees, and the public safe. During this time we are still working to accommodate our clients in the best capacity possible. Currently, we ask that all tax clients please consider the following in order for us to effectively accommodate you.

File your taxes via email or fax
- Give your tax preparer a call at 479-922-1040 and we can complete your entire tax return via email or fax.

Drop off your tax documents
-Enclose all your tax documents, information, receipts and paperwork into one of the provided envelopes.
-Write your name, email address, and phone number on the envelope.
- Place envelope upside down in the designated drop area.
-Call your tax preparer with any questions.

We appreciate your consideration during these stressful times. We also appreciate each of our clients’ business and dedication to allow us to continue to serve you! If you have any questions please call us directly at 479-922-1040.

Healthy Regards,

The Shirley’s Tax Service Family

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[02/09/20]   The Jenny Lind office is open today until 4 today. Come see Gary and get your taxes done on a quiet day!!

Where is my Arkansas State Tax Refund?? ⁉️⁉️. 🧐🔎🔍
Get text messages 📲and email alerts🖥 from the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration 💰..... All you have to do is:
1️⃣Access via the web
2️⃣Click on “Resources”
3️⃣Go to “Where is my refund?”
Just access the link provided ,create an account and/or sign in using your social security number and anticipated refund amount from the state of Arkansas. This link allows you to access your refund status 💵and expected date of payment ⏰by opting for email/ text alerts!!!!!

Happy clients picking up their same day advance loan!

Have you filed your 2019 tax return?
Give us a call at 479-922-1040

*Subject to bank approval. Same day approval not guaranteed.

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Did you know you can access your tax return information via IRS2GO?????
Download the IRS 2GO Mobile App where you can securely:
Check your refund status ,make a payment, and
explore helpful tax tips
The app is available in English & Spanish on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon
If you haven't filed for your 2019 tax return yet, stop by one of our five locations and let us handle it ! You may also call ahead and schedule an appointment or simply walk-in.
To schedule an appointment call 479-922-1040 today!!
ext.1- Van Buren
ext.2- Barling
ext.3- Grand Avenue
ext.4- Jenny Lind
ext.5- Greenwood
#STS# #servingtheRiverValley#

More advance checks are arriving daily!

Did you know that you could get up to 75% of your refund early? Call and schedule your appointment today! 479-922-1040

*loan subject to bank approval. Same day processing not guaranteed.

STS Refer a Friend Incentive!
Refer a friend or family member to any Shirley’s Tax Service location and receive $20 cash. The individual whom is referred will also receive $20 off their tax return as well. Stop by any of our five locations and let one of our tax preparers accommodate you! We are happy to continue to serve the River Valley area. #TimesRecord2019# #BestoftheBestintheRiverValley#
Fort Smith:
2701 Jenny Lind Road
910 North 32nd Street
1505 Fort Street
Van Buren:
3805 Alma Highway
306 West Center Street
*Referral needs to be a new client to STS or a previous client that has not filed with STS during the past two tax seasons to satisfy the new client requirements for the STS refer a friend incentive*
$$$$Cash is awarded to the STS client after the referral has successfully filed their tax return with STS $$$$$

Another happy client with a same day advance loan! 🎉 💰

Did you know that you could get up to 75% of your refund early? Call and schedule your appointment today! 479-922-1040

*loan subject to bank approval. Same day processing not guaranteed.

Happy Birthday Mikaela from the STS family. Stop by our Barling location today at 1505 Fort Street and wish Mikaela a Happy Birthday today while you get your taxes done! We are here until 6 pm today!

Another happy client with an advance check in two hours! 🎉 💰

Did you know that you could get up to 75% of your refund early? Call and schedule your appointment today! 479-922-1040

*loan subject to bank approval. Two hour processing not guaranteed.

Same day check! 🙌🏻

Did you know that you could get up to 75% of your refund early? Call and schedule your appointment today! 479-922-1040

*loan subject to bank approval.

Refund advance loans are already coming in! Terrance was our first check of the year! 🎉

Did you know that you could get up to 75% of your refund early? Call and schedule your appointment today! 479-922-1040

*loan subject to bank approval.

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Greenwood Church of the Nazarene

Help our teens go to camp! Come to Farmers Bank this Saturday and get your car washed from 9:00am-Noon.

Special thank you to O'Reilly Auto Parts and Farmers Bank!

[04/13/19]   Don’t forget that the tax deadline is this Monday the 15th! Call today and schedule your appointment!

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Still need to file your taxes?
Give us a call today!

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