City of Fort Smith, Arkansas - City Hall

City of Fort Smith, Arkansas - City Hall


Return the flags!
Will you please explain why the flags have been removed at the Riverpark?
There is a large deep pothole on 540 between exits 10 an 11. Be careful everyone.
Great News: The CDC just released a new report on the actual, true numbers of COVID-19! Now we can get back to the real normal!
This city has got to do something with all these potholes on city streets. The street tax needs to be put toward redoing, no overlays. Stop building new roads until all the bad ones that exist are fixed. N. 5th is extremely needing redone, midland needs redone not overlayed. If the citizens started holding the city accountable for fixing their cars after hitting the holes maybe someone will say, oh I guess we should fix the streets before everyone decides to move from the city. Getting absolutely ridiculous.

Official page of the City of Fort Smith, Arkansas. This page is a resource for information about city services and how our local government works.

We ask participants to respect our city, our leaders, our citizens, and our employees. This page is monitored during regular business hours (8 AM to 5 PM, M-F). Emergency information should be reported to 9-1-1. Requests for non-emergency services may be placed online 24/7/365 at: or For utilities dispatch (water outages or leaks) call 479.784.2342. An attendant is on duty 24/7.

Operating as usual

We salute all the hardworking individuals out there. Take a load off, and enjoy this holiday weekend. You deserve it. #fortsmithar #happylaborday

There's so much to know about flags and flag etiquette; and there are so many different flags flying in this proud and patriotic City! We even have a flag designed into our logo and we're pretty proud of that! But today, we heard from many concerned citizens who noticed some of the flags at Riverfront Park had disappeared! Well, it's a long story, and we spent most of the day today collecting information for you. So, hope you like to read because we wanted to be extra-transparent so everyone understands what REALLY happened with the mystery of the missing Riverfront flags.

So to start this story - we need to begin with a little background:

In October 2001, the City dedicated a display of historical flags at the City’s Riverfront Park (please see attached). The display of flags included territorial flags that were flown over the City of Fort Smith by various ruling governments of the period, including as:

1.French Fleur-De-Lis Flag (1682-1763);
2.Spanish Cross of Burgundy Flag (1763-1800);
3.French National Flag (1803 Louisiana Territory);
4.U.S. 15-Star Flag (1805-1812 Territory of Louisiana);
5.U.S. 20-Star Flag (1812-1819 Territory of Missouri);
6.U.S. 24-Star Flag (1812, Arkansas from Missouri Territory); and the
7.Confederate States of America Flag (1861-1863).

•Riverfront Park also hosts three other flag poles that display the American flag and Arkansas state flag. The poles are located on both sides of the Riverfront Park facility and in front of the bike and skate park.

•City Parks Department Staff takes responsibility for maintaining all flags on City property. The Parks Department follows formal flag etiquette and protocols on its flag inventory and spends approximately $4,000 per year in flag maintenance and replacement.


•January 2020, Parks staff surveyed the condition of all of the flags at the Riverfront Park and noted several of the flags were faded and tattered.

•February 2020, Park Staff began the procurement process required to replace the historic flags at Riverfront Park.

•March 2020, park staff confirmed an order to replace several of the flags; which included an order of the two U.S. flags, one State of Arkansas flag, one 20-star American flag, and one Spanish Cross of Burgundy flag. The vendor could not supply a replacement for the confederate flag because their manufacturer no longer produced confederate flags.

•April 2020, in keeping with flag-flying protocol, Parks staff temporarily removed all of the flags in the historical display, as well as the large U.S. flag that flew near the skate park, because the flags needed replacing due to their tattered and weathered condition.

•July 2020, Parks staff placed an order for a weighted cable needed to re-install and fly the U.S. flag near the skate park. Earlier this week, the large U.S. flag near the skate park was reinstalled.

•The historic flags that were ordered in March 2020 have not been received yet due to a vendor error (just our luck!). Parks staff estimates the arrival of these flags by the end of next week.

•In light of recent racially historic events that have taken place across the country, the City is reconsidering the re-installation of the historical flags and approaching the re-installation plan with sensitivity and empathy for many who find the historical associations with the confederate flag hurtful or hateful.

•Parks staff continues to have discussions with the City Administrator on how to reinstate the flag display at Riverfront Park, while best serving the Fort Smith community. No final decision or recommendation has been made at this time.

IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! That’s right…The census data gathering process is coming to a close, and the Census 2020 staff is hosting a Mobile Questionnaire Assistance event tomorrow, and Saturday, at CV's Family Foods (3408 Jenny Lind Road) from 10am-4pm. Stop by and get that questionnaire filled out with the help of their trusty staff!

⛈☔️More rain tonight through Wednesday📣Report downed tree limbs🌿 street drainage issues🌊 traffic light problems🚦and MORE 🚧 by using the "MyFortSmith" App📱Enter your request and watch your issue get resolved! 💪

Peacemaker Festival Returns For Socially Distanced Edition, Donates $150K To Charity

Look at you #FortSmithAr 👏👏👏 Setting the example 😷 and Peacemaker Festival showing how it's done!😍 "Awards were given out in five, ten and 20,000 dollar increments to 11 charities including Fort Smith Children’s Emergency Shelter, Fort Smith Boys & Girls Club, Abilities Unlimited of Fort Smith, Reynolds Cancer Support House, Ronald McDonald House, and Interfaith Preschool." In the middle of a pandemic, while most large in-person festivals are still banned, organizers of Peacemaker Festival in Fort Smith, Ark., managed to not only safely host a sold-out event without a spike of COVID cases linked to the fest – but also raised its largest sum yet for charity.

Happy September 1st Fort Smith! You know, rainy days are great for curling up with a cuppa and your favorite book right? Well, since the month of September is "Library Card Sign-up Month," we want to encourage you to plan your visit to the Fort Smith Public Library today and see for yourself that #LibrariesAreWonderful !!! 🤓 *****Before you go, please call 479-783-0229 (choose zero for a person) for an appointment, or check out how to apply online at ***More info in the comments section👇

Bass Reeves Monument.

It's Monday😕 It's raining⛈ Be careful out there🚗, and stay positive🧜‍♂️Fort Smith!

City of Fort Smith, Arkansas - City Hall's cover photo

📢 The US National Weather Service Little Rock Arkansas indicates Fort Smith could get more stormy weather ⛈ over the next few days. Spurts of heavy rains, flash flooding, and quick rises in waterways are probable. ⚠️Please be safe and remember👇:

During stormy weather, be sure to take extra precautions when driving - especially at night.

The severe weather threat continues for mainly central and west Arkansas tonight and early Sunday morning. Damaging winds and large hail are the main threats.

CONGRATULATIONS to #FortSmithAR's own ArcBest for being named the Best Company to work for in Arkansas (by Forbes)! We didn't need Forbes to tell us that but it's still an honor and we'll take it!

1917, the State of Arkansas makes history by becoming the “first non-suffrage state” to allow women to vote in Arkansas “primary party” elections. In 1919, Arkansas becomes the 12th state in the U.S. (out of 36 states needed) to ratify the 19th Amendment, making it legal for women to finally vote in all elections in 1920. The City of Fort Smith honors this monumental time in history; and celebrates the individuals who united and worked together to ensure women’s voices (e.g., your mom, aunt, sister, daughter, wife) were included. Many Fort Smith residents have family stories connected to this historic time in Arkansas. If you have a story or photo, please help us remember those who made a difference during this historic era by sharing their contributions in the comment section below.

Good citizens of Fort Smith! Please help us find our next "City Prosecuting Attorney" by sharing this post! APPLICATION DEADLINE August 31, 2020. Sebastian County residency required. Job details and online application:

Good citizens of Fort Smith! Please help us find our next "City Prosecuting Attorney" by sharing this post! APPLICATION DEADLINE August 31, 2020. Sebastian County residency required. Job details and online application:

Keeping an 👁 on Hurricane Laura? We are too!⛈ 👀 Tag a friend and get your free sand + sandbags at 3900 Kelley Highway (SW corner of Kelley and Albert Pike Ave). Please access the City's facility from Albert Pike Ave.

If you missed the Fort Smith Farmer's Market on Garrison Avenue yesterday, don’t forget they’ll be there on Tuesday until Noon. #FortSmithAR #ShopLocal #farmersrock #stayhealthy #downtownfortsmith

Who’s ready for the weekend? #FortSmithAR has so many great trails. Tell us what your favorite is! 👇

Chick-fil-A at Carraway Village

Happy Friday #FortSmithAR! Sharing some sweet social distancing for you!

Using our mobile app for curbside delivery has never been more fun or easy. Just ask Ellie. She loves running to meet the Team Member delivering her food and carrying it back to her owner, Nick, who waits in their curbside space. "It's Ellie's favorite thing to do," said Nick. It's our favorite thing to do to serve yummy food to happy Guests - four-legged Guests included! Place your mobile curbside order today and make your favorite part of the day getting your Chick-fil-A just like Ellie!

#chickfilaapp #eatmorechicken #chapelhill

Fort Smith River Front Park

It's not just about the mask.😷This is a good reminder for us all.👌

Visit for the latest information.

Attention everyone who likes riding or driving 🚗🛵🚴🏾🚛🏍🚑🚌on smooth roadways! Please fill out the 2020 Census! Results of that survey influence funding allocations for highway planning/construction, grants for buses, and other public transit systems. This year, it's easier than ever to fill it out the questionnaire ✍️ Learn More:

Ready for the weekend #FortSmithAR? If part of your weekend plans includes cleaning up your yard🧑‍🌾🗑 after the recent storms 🌩, the City of Fort Smith Department of Sanitation is there for you! Please remember to bundle or bag yard waste 🌿(as shown in the picture below). As a reminder, bundles should be less than 4-feet in length. Bags need to be less than 🏋️‍♂️ 50lbs. To ensure pick up, please set the material within a few feet of your cart on your regular 🚮 collection day.

Today, we are sending a great big ❤️THANK YOU❤️ to Chick-fil-A Rogers Avenue, 🐔 Marco's Pizza, 🍕and Sleep Number 🛌who together, invested nearly $1M in #FortSmithAR last week! #FortSmithMeansBusiness

FREE COVID-19 testing is being offered again this week at The Fort Smith Convention Center. Stop by between 9am-3pm this Wednesday (8/12) or Thursday (8/13) if you would like to get tested; and #MaskUp 😷 #FortSmithAR

What are your Saturday plans? While you're out and about shopping and running errands this Saturday afternoon, why not stop by Fire Station 6 (3124 Massard Rd.) between 4pm-8pm and grab a free medical mask? Play it safe #FortSmithAR!

Hey #FortSmithAR! We know you're excited that it's Friday so here's a little #FridayFeelGood for you! 👮‍♀️😽🐾 Share the 😍

Pawfficer Fuzz was thrilled to take Officer Shoptaw and Officer Arritt to see his friends at Hamilton House Child and Family Safety Center! 🐾🖐 ❤️

Still don't have a medical mask? You're in luck! The City's "Mask-Up Give-A-Way" continues tomorrow morning from 9am to 1pm at Fire Station 2 (1127 Greenwood Ave.) and Fire Station 8 (2318 S. Phoenix Ave.). Please tag a friend or share this post so others know #WeAreAllInThisTogether and be sure to wear your mask correctly ;-)

The "Mask-Up Give-A-Way" CONTINUES Thursday, August 6th from 4pm-8pm at Fort Smith Fire Department Station #3 (2020 North 6th St) and First Station #9 (1500 Cavanaugh Rd) Please help us spread the word to keep our community safe. #WeAreAllInThisTogether

PLEASE SHARE: The "Free Mask Giveaway" starts tomorrow (August 5th, from 9am and 1pm) at FS Fire Station 5 at 4123 Spradling Ave, & Fire Station 10 at 4410 Burrough Road. THANK YOU Fort Smith Fire Department and Committee for Social Advancement - Fort Smith for volunteering your time to distribute the masks to the public. #WeAreAllInThisTogether

If you would like to get tested for COVID-19, River Valley Primary Care Services will be performing more FREE tests this Wednesday & Thursday at The Fort Smith Convention Center between 9am-3pm. No symptoms or appointments are necessary to be tested but masks are required. Make plans now as testing supplies are limited.

Fort Smith moving forward!! FS Means Business.


LIVE: Governor Hutchinson Provides COVID-19 Update (07.24.20)

Mayor George McGill speaks about the 2020 Census. Watch now!!!

Fort Smith Proud!!!

Governor Asa Hutchinson provides an update to media on Friday, July 24, 2020, regarding Arkansas’s COVID-19 response.

River Valley Primary Care Services and the City of Fort Smith, Arkansas - City Hall once again partners to offer COVID-19 Testing. Today, Wednesday, July 22,2020, and Thursday, July 23, 2020. 9AM - 3PM.
City of Fort Smith Convention Center.

#COVID19 #weARstrong #COVID19ark #DoYourPart

Mayor McGill & Governor Hutchinson COVID 19 PSA - Face Coverings

Today, Monday, July 20, 2020, Executive Order 20-43 went into effect @ 12:01AM requiring face coverings.

Thank you to Governor Asa Hutchinson and Mayor George McGill for providing strong leadership throughout this pandemic.

#COVID19 #weARstrong #COVID19ark

Local and State leaders offer encouragement to wear face coverings. Take personal responsibility and wear your mask. Protect yourself and your fellow residents.

The City of Fort Smith, Arkansas

­ Mission Statement

We are a unified team committed to consistently providing resident-focused services for the advancement of a thriving community.

Our Vision Is... Providing World Class services


VALUING the contributions of every resident and employee. Being AGILE Being VALUES-BASED Being CONTINUOUS LEARNERS Our Shared Values Are... INTEGRITY Always Absolute PROFESSIONALISM ACCESSIBILITY for All

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Over $6M invested in your City last week! Be looking for that new KIA dealership and renovated Taco Bell soon! #FortSmithProud #FortSmithMeansBusiness
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City of Fort Smith, AR 9/11 "Last Alarm" Bell Ringing Ceremony
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Arkansas Department of Health Handwashing Video
City of Fort Smith Leadership COVID-19 Series
Mayor McGill's Message to the River Valley
2020 Census



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Fort Smith, AR

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Other Government Organizations in Fort Smith (show all)
188th Wing Psychological Health Program 188th Wing Psychological Health Program
Fort Smith, 72903

If you are having thoughts of harming yourself or someone else, please call 911, go to ER or contact the National Suicide Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255.

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We are the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, Fort Smith, Arkansas, Flotilla 15-05.

US ARMY Future Soldiers US ARMY Future Soldiers
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Fort Smith Army Recruiting office, this Site is dedicated to those who train and prepare themselves for the riggers of basic training

Sebastian County, Arkansas Sebastian County, Arkansas
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Created in 1851 from Crawford, Scott and Polk Counties. Sebastian County, located in the Arkansas River Valley, is on the Western edge of Arkansas.

Fort Smith Marines Fort Smith Marines
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This is a page dedicated to those elite members of the community who wish to become United States Marines.

City of Fort Smith - Community Engagement City of Fort Smith - Community Engagement
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Fort Smith, 72901

Collaboration and Shared Purpose. To support and encourage participants, government and community institutions, to work together to advance the common good. While promoting a culture of participation.

City of Fort Smith Street and Traffic Control Depts City of Fort Smith Street and Traffic Control Depts
3900 Kelley Hwy
Fort Smith, 72904

Sebastian County Courthouse-Ft. Smith City Hall Sebastian County Courthouse-Ft. Smith City Hall
35 S 6th St Ste 112
Fort Smith, 72901

Sebastian County Veterans Service Office Sebastian County Veterans Service Office
35 S. 6th S St Rm G6
Fort Smith, 72901

Our Mission is to help veterans through expert representation and knowledge to obtain services from the United States Department of Veterans affairs.

Fort Smith National Historic Site Fort Smith National Historic Site
301 Parker Ave
Fort Smith, 72901

From the establishment of the first Fort Smith on December 25, 1817, to the final days of Judge Isaac C. Parker's jurisdiction over Indian Territory in 1896, Fort Smith National Historic Site preserves almost 80 years of history.

Frisco Railroad Station Frisco Railroad Station
Fort Smith, 72901

Constructed 1903 as St. Louis-San Francisco Depot. Purchased by National Park Service in 2003. Constructed of Ashlar Limestone. Classical Revival style architecture.

Janet Huckabee Arkansas River Valley Nature Center Janet Huckabee Arkansas River Valley Nature Center
8300 Wells Lake Rd
Fort Smith, 72916

The Janet Huckabee Arkansas River Valley Nature Center is a great place to visit to learn more about the great outdoors.

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