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Swimming Pools & Spas - Maintenance, Service, Chemicals & Supplies

Outdoor Living Spaces - Design & Construction

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Swimming Pools & Spas - Maintenance, Service, Chemicals & Supplies

Outdoor Living Spaces - Design & Construction

* Ask About Delivery Services *

Working with custom pool services, building a new pool. Getting some rock coping installed.

Another #Swimming #Pool #liner in the books! ❤ #LifeIsGood #Arkansas #Oklahoma #swimmingpools #hottubs #maintenance #getyoursnow

Another above groud pool in the books. What made it even nicer was that it was for family. Remember no job too big or two small. FB Message, text, or call.

Take A Look at Some Projects

Take A Look at Some Projects

Take A Look at Some Projects

Take A Look at Some Projects

Add a little luxury to your country living...

In Ground overhaul in Van Buren, AR

Outdoor kitchen building... we can help.

Just a little cloudy? We deliver chemicals too.

Take A Look at Some Projects

Take A Look at Some Projects

Another liner hung this week ... Do you need any pool or spa work done? We can help!

During ... old liner out, new liner hung, and water going in at Gary and Jennifer Cummings Clason's house in Henryetta, OK.

Before ... replacing a liner and equipment in Henryetta, OK at Mayor Jennifer Cummings Clason's house.

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[03/05/16]   We are working on cooking up some new products and services! Thanks to a partnerhip with a local #swimmingpool builder and our in house consultant and contractor with 20+ years experience we can help with your swimming pool, spa, and outdoor needs! Need supplies? Whatever your needs we can help. Let us know!

Live, learn, and keep moving...


What do you need to let go of?

To me knowledge isn't just about books, school, or job training - places where you learn something new. Sometimes you learn something that seems simple, but on closer examination you see how this one thought changes everything you knew. It turns your world upside down, because you realize that the story that you have been telling yourself was based on bad information.

I remember that the church I went to when I was a teenager had a rumor going around that one of the women who attended had a new boyfriend. Someone had seen her at a restaurant hugging a strange man, and they had kissed each other. When she was finally asked about it, it took her a minute to realize that they were talking about her meeting her brother. He was passing through town and they met for dinner. The story was wrong. The truth changed the whole dynamic of what was witnessed. This happens in our school books all of the time. New information is received that changes the story.

This makes this concept of learning new knowledge, and letting something go make perfect sense. Each new thing that we learn, usually requires an adjustment of our viewpoint or story around something. We take in the new knowledge, getting curious about it, and that is what I think leads to wisdom. Tennyson observed, "knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers".

Wisdom to me is more than just an observation. I have always said that I would rather learn from the mistakes of others than make them myself. If I see someone touch a hot stove and get burned, I am determined to make sure that the stove isn't hot before I touch it. It is a process of following where the knowledge leads. Following multiple pathways to determine the best use of the knowledge.

They say that you can't communicate or teach wisdom. I don't know that I believe that entirely. I think that teaching stories do that if one is listening with an ear to, "how can I apply that in my life" kind of attitude. I agree that many people may not use that filter when they are listening, but that doesn't mean that they can't learn to.

Albert Einstein took it a step further when he said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand." I think that imagination comes into play with Tennyson's observation that wisdom lingers. If we take what we now know and play with it down the pathways of imagination, not only will wisdom be revealed, we have the opportunity to increase the knowledge with new discoveries.

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." Henry David Thoreau. So learn something new everyday. Use your imagination, be curious and see what pathways it leads you down. Be adventurous, always seek out the "why". Miracles will happen if we use our energy to bring our dreams into reality. Live your life fully into the possibilities.Remember that we are made of stardust and shine brightly.


Rock Racing & Recreation Park

Great to Ms. Annie Sells photography all over Rock Creek Racing's webpage. Ralley in the Valley 2015 is right around the corner! Are your 4 × 4's ready? The park has motocross track, with drag racing, rock crawling, trail riding, mud pit, rock garden, log jam, camping, off road racing, and much more.

Sometimes the only thing we need to change is our perspective.

Whom do you choose to surround yourself with?

Great #BiZTip!

# BizTip for the day.

Great # BizTip!

Be sure you come out early to Rock Creek Racing and Recreation ORP and enter to win this great prize at the 3rd Annual Rally in the Valley! Tickets are $10 and there is no LIMIT. We will announce the winner at 10 PM. You must be present to win! Someone is taking home an awesome new pool to beat the heat of Summer 2014! Will it be you? Share it, if you love it!

8 Principles of Dynamic Leadership

Excellent article on Leadership that applies to one and all. Together, we are on a continual journey to become dynamic leaders. Here are 8 integral principles of dynamic leadership you can incorporate right now.

Confirmed sponsors for the 3rd Annual Rally in the Valley at  @[404034326283143:274:Rock Creek Racing and Recreation ORP] ... More to come. Be looking for updates and if you do not see yours, please email it to me in jpg form ASAP, along with your names, email addresses, and T-Shirt sizes. Time is running out. Thank you!

Confirmed sponsors for the 3rd Annual Rally in the Valley at Rock Creek Racing and Recreation ORP ... More to come. Be looking for updates and if you do not see yours, please email it to me in jpg form ASAP, along with your names, email addresses, and T-Shirt sizes. Time is running out. Thank you!


Great resource!

LinkedSelling is the worlds #1 LinkedIn Marketing & Training Company.

[04/13/14]   Initiative

"Three things to initiate everyday: love, acceptance and forgiveness."

-Keith A. Craft

Spread the word!

Tell us a little about you and you just might see a feature of yourself and your company!

Kim Garst

# BigTip

Opportunity is never lost… it simply moves on to someone else if you don't seize it! #BizTip

This applies in so many ways ...

If you are interested in sponsoring get your paperwork in or go to https:// aboutme.anniesellls today or tomorrow for more contact info. It is not too late!! Advertising will be going out in print to over 30,000 people via Tidbits Ar-ok and the should be about 1,000 people at the 3rd Annual Rally in the Valley! Do not miss out! No donation is too small and the perks are awesome!

Thank you to a wise lady for sharing! Too true especially in business because you never really know the full cost.

This is true for our personal lives and business!

[04/08/14]   Frustration

"There are two kinds of people in the world: those that handle their frustration and those that wish they did."

-Keith A. Craft

Sometimes the truth hurts, but hind sight is always 20/20. Regards, Ms. Annie Sells

[04/05/14]   Next Level

"What price are you willing to pay for your next level? Your next level has "handles of resistance" waiting for you to grab on to."

-Keith A. Craft

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