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We are in 13 AR Counties helping low-income, rural homeowners with wells.
An Economy and a Future That Includes All Our Citizens! As much as we might hate it the 2020 election season started the second the mid-terms were over. Many old hats on the left were surprised that many of the young Democratic candidates won while espousing progressive policies and goals. If this is any indication then to win in 2020 Democrats need to offer the poor and middle class a new, 'New Deal'. Damaged and disheartened, lied to and taken advantage of by the wealthy and those determined to hold power at any cost, they are yearning for relief and someone to actually do something to better their circumstances, and give them hope for a better future for them and their children. Healthcare for all, Free tuition at public colleges, Social Security at age 50 and some form of a limited Universal Basic Income to lift all our citizens out of abject poverty and give all our children a financial platform with which to begin their lives as productive adults in a thriving economy. I watched an episode of the business program ‘On the Money’ on Sunday July 30, 2017. The first and main topic was something called Universal Income. The idea that instead of all the poverty programs and such, the Government should just give everybody a check every month for $1000 dollars. When one considers the gap between rich and poor, the rate of automation and the fact that there will never be enough jobs to go around it might be a better way of keeping our folks out of abject poverty. The drawback was the cost. One of the commentators said it would cost upwards of 3 trillion dollars. However there is a way to reach the goal of a Universal Income, eliminating abject poverty, and at a much lower cost. Here’s how. Start by expanding Social Security. Eliminate the cap on taxable income and raise the tax to 8% from the current rate of 6.2%. Then lower the age of eligibility to 50 years. Create a stipend that will give a check to all adults and High School Grads of $1000 a month. Those who do not finish High School should have to wait till they are 20 to encourage them to finish school. They can use this fund to support them if they go to college or to help them in getting started in life. Our wealthy students are able to go to college and do well precisely because they have a financial platform to support them. This would give all our students the same support. Every child we shepherd thru College is possibly the guy who will cure cancer or invent star drive or save the planet. Investing in our children is like buying a lottery ticket for humanity! To pay for it, go to the Stock Market and place a tax of 3% on all trades to fund the stipend. The market in 2016 did, according to the World Bank, over 42 trillion in trades and a 3% tax won’t break the bank. The payments should be set up so one gradually loses the stipend as they move up the economic ladder in a way that will encourage advancement, for example one would lose $100 of the stipend for every $10,000 in reported income so that when one is making $100,000 a year they lose the stipend entirely. A basic stipend would allow us to eliminate all those poverty programs conservatives always complain about. Currently we spend a trillion dollars on some 126 anti-poverty programs and their elimination would certainly offset the cost of the stipend. Imagine the country with no one in abject poverty. Imagine the numbers of kids now being able to go to college because they have the financial support to do so. The economic force of all that spending would drive the economy to new heights and would certainly close the income gap between the rich and poor that is hurting our economy and country. A basic stipend would free workers from starving or being held in economic servitude, making only enough to pay for enough food to be able to work another 40 hours. Business would have to bid for one’s labor instead of workers begging for a job! We can take back the dignity and value our labor should produce. We can boost the spending power of the poor and middle class and leave behind the failed and greedy policy of ‘trickle down’ economics which has damaged our economy and brought about the latest version of the Great Recession! Employers would benefit too. Not having to spend on unemployment or health insurance would save them money and allow them to pay better wages. Yep, we can do this if we only have the will. We can make this country live up to the promises articulated by President Roosevelt in his famous ‘Four Freedoms” speech, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Fear and the last which always seems to be forgotten, Freedom from want! We have the power and wealth to accomplish the last of these. The mechanics are in place. The tools are available to us. Let us make a better country and thereby a better world by finishing the work set out for us by President Roosevelt some 76 years ago. Democrats can win but not with the same old mid-center or center-left policies and platform. They must offer us an economy and a vision that really works for us all, brings us together and moves the Country and its people forward to a bright future that includes all our citizens!
Does anyone happen to know when the Christmas Parade is scheduled for this year?
Thank you for the paper this morning.

Your Hometown Newspaper The Charleston Express is a weekly newspaper in Charleston, Arkansas that is owned by Stephens Media. We are published each Wednesday.

We are located at 511 East Main Street in Charleston. Our business hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 39, Charleston, AR. 72933. Our phone number is (479) 252-6351. Fax number is (479) 996.4421. Charleston Express History On June 18, 1881, the first Charleston newspaper came out. The Vindicator was founded by the owner the Ozark Democrat. Charles Knoble was the manager of the Vindicator and he purchased it a short time later. In 1883, Dr. M. Stroup bought the Vindicator. He was followed by Bridgeman Brothers who became the owners in 1885. The Vindicator continued to serve the Charleston Community until 1898. In 1900, the second and present Charleston newspaper was established, the Charleston Express, owned and operated by P. Carter and Bert McCausey. Harry East was both the publisher and owner until the Charleston Express was sold to John Guion in 1940. The Express was later sold to Westward Communications, then to Donrey Media. Stephens Media Group, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, purchased the Charleston Express in March, 2000 and then sold the Express to GateHouse Media in 2015.

Operating as usual

[11/11/20]   Congratulations to Gary Smith on winning last week's football contest! Gary along with Duncan Dozier missed two and tied on the 1st tie breaker so the winner was determined by the 2nd tie breaker. Your gift card is in the mail.

Charleston Tiger Football

Charleston Tiger fans, please find this YouTube page and subscribe. This is the page where football/basketball games will be live streamed. We need to get to 1000 subscribers so all of our basketball games will be streamed!!

Go Tigers!!

Charleston Tigers Sports Charleston Tigers Live

[11/04/20]   Congratulations to Iva Loughridge on winning last week's football contest! Iva along with several others missed just one but she was the winner on the Arkansas tie breaker. Look for your $50 gift card in the mail!

[10/29/20]   Congratulations to Duncan Dozier on winning last week's football contest. Duncan along with Dennis Terry, Gary Smith and Terry Collier all missed just one and Duncan was the winner on the OSU vs. Iowa State tie breaker. Your gift card is in the mail!

[10/22/20]   Congratulations to Gary Smith on winning last week's football contest! Gary along with Kim Loughridge, Marie Arnold and Kody Baumgartner all missed 3 and the winner was decided on by the tie breaker Arkansas vs. Ole Miss.

[10/14/20]   Congratulations to Iva Loughridge on winning last week's football contest. She got all ten correct as did Marie Arnold and Kim Loughridge but was the winner on the tie breaker. Watch the mail for your $50 gift card.

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[10/07/20]   Congratulations to Gary Smith on winning last week's football contest. Your $50 gift card is in the mail!

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[09/16/20]   Due to unforeseen circumstances we were unable to put the football contest winners in the paper the last two weeks. We truly apologize for this inconvenience. The winners were: Week 1 - Congratulations to Kody Baumgartner! Week 2 - Congratulations to Marie Arnold! Congratulations to Kody and Marie and we will mail your $50 Gift to you! Check out each edition of the Charleston Express for the Football Contest and enter for your chance to win a $50 Gift Card. You can mail it to us at PO Box 39, Charleston or drop off at MediSav in Charleston.

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Charleston School District

New 2:00 P.M. Dismissal Time
Beginning Monday, September 14, 2020

Due to ongoing health concerns, families have the option to allow their children to attend school on-site or virtually. After two weeks of school, it is very apparent that the district needs to adjust its schedule to best serve the educational needs of ALL STUDENTS.

A schedule adjustment will allow teachers to give onsite students their full attention, while also providing a dedicated time for teachers to communicate, plan lessons, and upload curriculum for virtual students. This new schedule will also accommodate extra time for cleaning and sanitation of our facilities.

Beginning, Monday, September 14, 2020, our District will temporarily move to a daily 2:00 p.m. release time for students in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Pre-kindergarten will maintain its current schedule.

Buses will depart from school at approximately 2:05 p.m.

The elementary after-school program hours will remain unchanged.

We appreciate the patience and support of our students and their families. We also understand that you may have concerns that you would like to discuss. If this early dismissal will have a significant impact on your children and family, please do not hesitate to call one of the numbers listed below so that we can discuss a solution.

479-965-2460, Elementary School
479-965-7170, Middle School
479-965-7150, High School
479-965-7160, Superintendent

~Melissa Moore

Charleston School District

SR High Football
September 4, 2020

Our Charleston Tigers will take on the Sand Lizards at Dardanelle this Friday, September 4th. We have been notified that visitors will NOT be required to have a voucher. Charleston fans with $5 may enter the game on the visitor side wearing a mask. Kick-off is @ 7!

Go Tigers!! #wearecharleston

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Arkansas Activities Association

Covid-19 Update | Return to the AAA Calendar

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South Franklin Couny Fair-Charleston

We regret to inform you all that the South Franklin County Fair will be cancelled this year!! We want everyone to stay safe and healthy and we believe this is the best way to get everyone safe!! Thank you for understanding!!

Charleston Tiger Football

We are hopeful.....wear your mask so we can play!! Everyone be safe out there, do your your part so we can go back to school and so we can play!

[07/07/20]   Charleston Class of 2020 Graduation this Friday
The Charleston School District is pleased to announce that the Arkansas Department of Education very recently approved an in-person graduation for the Class of 2020. Graduation will begin at
8 p.m. on Friday, July 10th at Alumni Field. Per ADE requirements, all attendees over the age of 10 years old will be required to wear a mask. Social distancing will be practiced. Every other row of the bleachers will be closed, and the capacity of the stadium will be at 50%, will accommodate the attendees, using social distancing guidelines.

Charleston Lady Tiger Basketball


All girls and boys basketball players will have a meeting Monday, June 8th in the football field bleachers. In the event of rain, we will move meetings to the high school gym.

We will discuss physicals, workout schedules, the procedures we must follow, and the rest of summer events. Times for the meetings are as follows:

SR Boys-8:45
JR Boys-10:15
JR/SR Girls-11:00

Please make sure you attend the meeting, and let’s get ready to get back to work.

Online Reporting Tool for Property Violations Charleston City Council is committed to insuring real property within Charleston city limits meets the standards outlined in City Ordinance 10-9.

[06/03/20]   Be sure and get your copy of the special graduation section in this week's edition of the Charleston Express. It includes Charleston, Lavaca and County Line. The Distinguished Honor Graduates for Charleston have been corrected for this issue. Our sincere apologies to Brett Ward and Payton Rucker who was left out last time.

[05/27/20]   There has been a change in the Senior Class of 2020 Cruise for this Sunday--

This Sunday, May 31st starting at 7 p.m. the Charleston 2020 Senior Class will be riding in cars led by the chief of police and will not be standing on side of road. Friends and family are encouraged to line Main Street down to Greenhurst celebrating as they drive by.

So need all family and friends to line the streets.

Charleston Young Tiger Football

Due to the unprecedented situation we are in at this time, the league has decided it would be best to not play little league baseball/softball this year. We feel this is the best thing to do for our communities at this time. We will carry your signup fee to the 2021 season as all the other towns are doing this as well. If for some reason you feel you want your signup returned you will need to TEXT(479-651-0948) and we will have a refund day in a few weeks. Thank you and we look forward to getting on the field next year.

[05/19/20]   The 2020 Franklin County 4-H Sponsored Rabies Clinics have been Cancelled for the end of May and first part of June due to COVID 19. The clinics will be RESCHEDULED for later in the summer.

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Last call for Senior Shout-Outs for Charleston, Lavaca and County Line! Deadline is tomorrow, May 18th! Larger ad sizes are available for those wanting to do so. Call or text 501-773-0763 or email [email protected] with your students name, photo and shout out!

City of Charleston, AR

****DATE CHANGE TO MAY 31st****
Join us in honoring the class of 2020 with a cruise night! The Senior Class of 2020 will line Main Street in their cap and gown in hopes of welcoming classic cars, decorated cars, honks and waves from everyone in our community. Don’t miss this opportunity to come together and honor this class on what should have been their graduation day! #lovewhereyoulive #wearecharleston

The USA Today Network will pay tribute to senior high school athletes who did not get to participate in spring sports in the High School Sports Awards, premiering on June 18. Submit an athlete now and learn more at

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Due to School Closures and Social Distancing and other steps that have been put in place during this Pandemic, our Seniors have had to give up many of the local and annual traditions that take place during the last quarter of the school year. Because of this, we have decided to run a special edition dedicated to our Senior Class 2020.

Deadline for ad placement and photo submission is May 18. If you have a Senior in your family, or would like to place a general congratulatory ad, please call 501-773-0763.

Charleston School District

Honoring the Class of 2020

Charleston Seniors are on our hearts, and we wish to recognize their accomplishments. The Charleston School District invites the community to unite and honor the Class of 2020.

On Thursday (April 16th) and Friday (April 17th) at 8:20 p.m., Charleston School District will illuminate its football and baseball fields as part of the #BeTheLight Movement. The school will turn the field lights on and leave them on for 20 minutes to recognize this year's senior class.

We also ask for all in our community to turn on their porch lights at 8:20 p.m. for 20 minutes. 8:20 p.m. is the time chosen because that is 2020 in military time.

Please join #BeTheLight Movement as we strive to honor and congratulate the Class of 2020.

~Mrs. Melissa Moore

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