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Lakeside Legal Lakeside Legal provides legal services for business, personal injury, family, criminal, and many others area of law to the Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin area.

Earning over 1 million dollars in judgments. In practice for over 12 years. Attorney Jeremy Vanderloop works hard for his clients.

Operating as usual

Tis the Season at Lakeside Legal. We will be closed celebrating Thanksgiving with our families on Thursday November 26 and Friday November 27. Back open for business on Monday the 30th.

Went for a business lunch to the The Sweet and Salty Pig the Pretzel Bacon Eggs Benedict was amazing.

Lakeside Legal Bankruptcy 1

Many people are suffering financial crises caused by turmoil from 2020. At Lakeside Legal we are helping deal with these in many ways and one is offering debtor side bankruptcy free consultations and if appropriate filings.

The two main kinds of individual bankruptcy are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. I put together this blog video to explain the primary differences between them. If you know anyone crushed under debt with no way out feel free to share or send them our contact info.

Can you file bankruptcy

We've got sweet Lakeside Legal pop sockets! With car mounts included!

If you are a client, former client or friend of the firm feel free to swing in and nab one.

Bankruptcy Basics: 3 Big Questions - Lakeside Legal Bankruptcy Vlog Video 1

Unfortunately with COVID-19 putting whole sectors of the economy into a financial tail spin we've been getting more bankruptcy related questions. Sometimes its the best way to get out from under crushing debt and live your life again. I've put together a video blog series to help explain the basics of the bankruptcy process.

Here's the first video. If you know anyone struggling with debt in this crisis please point them our way and we'll do an evaluation of the case.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, too much month at the end of the money? Cinderblock on your chest when you wake up in the morning because your finances are a me...

Dealt with an unwanted visitor at Lakeside Legal today. He was trying to take up residence but showed no aptitude whatsoever for drafting legal documents so we had to let him go. So he's been evicted and now is a resident of Hobbs Woods.

We do practice landlord/tenant law. If you are a landlord and need help with a problem tenant give us a call today!!


Happy to be e member of Envision Fond du Lac and cut the ribbon at our office. Look forward to working with them to help the Fond du Lac community.

Before anyone asks, everyone did in fact have masks and they were used. Stepped outside, took them off for the picture, (which took 15 seconds) put them back on.

Envision Greater Fond du Lac hosted a ribbon-cutting with Attorney Jeremy R. Vanderloop and staff from Lakeside Legal’s new Fond du Lac office located at 79 N. Pioneer Road. We welcome you to the Envision Greater Fond du Lac family.

Learn more at

New wall decor. 🐍

COVID-19 Status:

Since this pandemic started I've made it a point to reach out personally on the phone to anyone that I've heard out tested positive for the disease. Purpose being that having someone to talk to is always a good thing and also to give a pep talk that they are not alone. Think I'm up over 30 calls at this point. After today I feel compelled to put a few things out there in a totally non-scientific, non-political way:

1. The disease is going through the Fond du Lac and Fox Valley areas in a big way right now. I've been on the phone 6 times since Friday and have another call to make right now. No one needs to live in fear but be safe and use common sense.
2. If you contract it, realize that there are literally Millions of Americans in the same boat. Most people just don't want it out there publicly. The good news is that most cases are not critical and for those that are treatments are a lot better than they were.
3. If you're starting to feel sick use extreme caution. Sure, maybe the gas station clerk you interact with will be fine but that person might have an elderly grand parent. Mask reviews are mixed but everyone agrees you need to be around a person who has it to get sick.
4. Completely anecdotally, most everyone who got symptoms told me that it does in fact feel a little different than other flu-like things in the end. The loss of taste thing seems consistent.

Anyway, I'm from Fond du Lac and love the area so I hope and pray everyone out there stays safe. At Lakeside Legal we are continuing to meet both in person and through Zoom or telephone at the client's option. If anyone out there knows anyone dealing with this who would benefit from a call just message me confidentiality and I can give them a ring.

[09/07/20]   Happy Labor Day everyone from Lakeside Legal!

[08/25/20]   Had an opportunity today to help a good family deal with some very difficult criminal charges. Great result and I appreciate the judge that went outside the ordinary path of cases to show a little mercy.

Today is the kind of day that makes this job worth it.

Careers at Lakeside Legal Services, LLC

Looking for an entry level legal asssistant. Details of position included in the link. Find your next great career opportunity at Lakeside Legal Services, LLC

Supreme Court: Police Impound, Search of Vehicle was Unconstitutional

Great decision by a unanimous Wisconsin Supreme Court confirming that impounding a vehicle without suspicion of a crime and then searching it for evidence violates the Fourth Amendment and requires suppression of evidence.

We practice criminal defense and are happy to consult or provide representation if there's been an unconstitutional search or other violations of rights in conjunction with law enforcement activity. A unanimous Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled that Milwaukee sheriff’s deputies violated a driver’s Fourth Amendment rights when they seized his vehicle and conducted an inventory search before transferring it to an impound lot.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has invalidated entirely the Safer at Home order. It is currently unclear whether that decision is stayed 6 days or not but my reading is that it is entirely unenforceable as of this evening.

I'm attaching a link to the decision itself. 161 pages of light reading about administrative authority.

It's be been 50 days since Wisconsin ordered sit down restaurants to close. We decided then to treat the office to delivery lunch from a location each business day and put boosted posts out there to help with some free advertising. Both the food and the response has been fantastic. Hope this helps inspire someone to support a struggling restaurant if they are able.

Last week I enjoyed:
Santa Fe Cheese Steak from Jazzmine's Brasserie
A Cinco de Mayo Macho Burrito from El Patron Mexican Bar & Grill
Really tasty Pad Thai from Yummy Chinese
The T.B.A. (Turkey Bacon Avocado) from FreshFit Meals LLC
A fish fry for Downtown Deli, Market, Cafe

We're going to continue doing this until the state lifts the restrictions. Thanks for making our lunches wonderful during these hard times.

Through our seventh week of our pledge to buy the office lunch from a sit down restaurant every day. O Since we're an essential business our idea is to both give them a little support and then redirect some advertising budget to boost the posts to provide a little free advertising. This week we followed up a few suggestions in the comments and boy were they good! Lunches this week were:

An amazing New York style pizza with garlic knots from Sal's Pizza Fond Du Lac.
Tacos Locos from Sombreros Mexican Restaurant
A hump day Hump Burger from 11:11 Burgers & Beignets
Great chicken wings from Coliseum Sports Bar & Grill
Tenderloin gnocchi with gorgonzola from Ala Roma Pizzeria & Pub

Thanks for the great food. If anyone knows of any place delivering lunch we haven't been to feel free to leave a comment. We prefer local owned and sit down but want to try every place once.

Check out these amazing Fond du Lac eats! Every day since the start of the "Safer at Home" order we've treated the office to lunch from a local restaurant. We feel as an essential business it just makes sense to patronize those that are struggling. Last week we decided to spend some advertising budget boosting these posts to show off the food these great restaurants delivered to us. Hopefully those that are able to will place an order and help people stay in business. The response was fantastic so let's do that again.

This week we enjoyed:
A tangy Southwestern turkey burger from FreshFit Meals LLC
A chinichanga full of fajita fixings from Casa Del Tequila
Broasted chicken from Pump N Pantry
A Monte Cristo with amazing grape salad from Fanna's Market & Eatery
A bacon burger from Top Shelf Sports Bar & Grille

Thank you for all the fantastic food. If anyone knows of any place we haven't frequented that does take out or delivery for lunch please comment. We prefer sit down restaurants (drive thrus are able to operate better) and locally owned but want to try everything once.

Good News from Madison. The state just issued the "Badger Bounceback Plan" detailing the three phases that restrictions in the current safer at home order will be lifted. There are components as well from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation as well and a few new initiatives announced. We will be looking at this and developing guidance for our small business clients on how to prepare to reopen in compliance with the new laws.

Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here | Internal Revenue Service

If you know anyone who hasn't received their individual stimulus check because they were not required to file taxes (but are otherwise eligible) please share this message with them. They can use the following link to provide the IRS their depository information and receive the funds. Steps to receive the Economic Impact Payment if you haven't filed a tax return for 2018 or 2019, and aren't receiving Social Security, SS Disability Income or Railroad Retirement benefits. This payment is also referred to as "stimulus checks" or "coronavirus relief."

Another week of safer at home in the books. Lakeside Legal is continuing it's pledge to buy the office delivery lunch at a Fond du Lac restaurant each day to help support those struggling businesses. Additionally we're going to put a few advertising dollars we would have spent elsewhere on boosting these posts to help get the word out about this delicious food.

This week we enjoyed:
Garlic parmesan and Buffalo Hot spicy wings from our neighbor Buffalo Wild Wings
Chicken from newcomer Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
Baked Cannelloni from Ala Roma
A nice cheesy pizza from Mancino's Pizza & Grinders
A wonderful fish fry with all the fixings from Ziggys Pub

Thanks you for the great eats!

When you're a child of the 80s running a professional office...,🤣🐢

As we enter into week 4 of the shelter in home order we're sticking with our pledge to support a Fond du Lac area restaurant each day by buying the office lunch! We will be combining the posts though.

Last week we enjoyed:

A delicious brick oven Hawaiin pizza from Christianos Brick Oven Pizza
An amazing Reuben with all the fixings from Top Shelf Sports Bar & Grille
A gigantic burrito from Qdoba
A Tucker's Topper from local favorite Tucker's
A Gyro from Coliseum Sports Bar & Grill

Thanks for the good eats!


Just recorded an interview on Sunny 97.7 about the Paycheck Protection Program. Check it out. Listen to LAKESIDE LEGAL INTERVIEW (4.10.20) by RadioPlusAudio #np on #SoundCloud

Paycheck Protection Program - Easy Step by Step Guide on how to Apply by a Business Lawyer

April 3 is the first day applications can be submitted for the SBA's Paycheck Protection Program. I've submitted mine and doing many for clients.

I put together a short step by step video on how a small business can apply the Paycheck Protection Program. This program allows what essentially becomes a government grant to keep employees on staff. Includes links to the application from the SBA, what documents are needed, and where to apply. Please share with any business owners you know.

This video is a four step guide on how to apply for a Paycheck Protection Loan for your small business. These loans are designed to help small business throu...

Day 9 of our quarantine pledge. Supporting a different delivery restaurant in Fond du Lac each day by buying lunch for the office. Today beef and broccoli from Chinatown kitchen.

Day 8 of my pledge to order delivery from a local Fond so Lac restaurant and treat the office to lunch for every day until the Safer at Home order expires. Today we got Philly Cheese Steak sandwich from Downtown Deli Market & Cafe. So good.

How to Apply for a Payroll Protection Loan – Lakeside Legal

Here is a step by step guide on how to apply for a Small Business Payroll Protection Loan. I included the application itself that got released yesterday. These "loans' are fully forgiven if you maintain your payroll for eight weeks after the loan. Please share with any small business owners you know to see if this program can help them out. An Easy Step by Step Guide by a Business Lawyer for applying for a Small Business Payroll Protection Loan

Day 7 of our pledge to support a different local restaurant by buying the office lunch. Today had a delicious Stromboli grinder from Mancino's.

Day 6 of treating the office to delivery from a local restaurant. Today we have 11:11 Burgers and Beignets delivering the breakfast buffet burger.. Don't know why I've never hash browns on a burger before.


Finally some relief. Congress just passed the CARES Act and within it is the help that struggling but not devastated small businesses need....and it's not the stimulus checks. We need your help to share this info with small business owners!

There is a subsection called the Payroll Protection Program that uses the existing SBA 7(a) lending structure to provide what ultimately become incentivized grants to maintain employees at their current wage. Prior bailouts have primarily helped big companies but this one actually targets the small businesses.

This is the single most impactful stimulus program for small businesses I've seen in my almost 13 years of practice. I'm not charging anyone for doing these. Please help us out by sharing this info with any business owners you know. Stay tuned for more developments as well by liking the page.

-Jeremy Vanderloop

Day 5 of our pledge to support a different local Fond du Lac restaurant each day brings us to treating the office to a Wisconsin fish fry. Ziggy's Pub just delivered this terrific plate of fish... Cole slaw and red and white napkin included!

Bars and Taverns are hurt as bad as anyone in this crisis. We hope everyone else out there is staying sane and chooses to help a struggling local business out by ordering a fish fry tonight!

Day 5 of our pledge to support a different local Fond du Lac restaurant each day brings us to treating the office to a Wisconsin fish fry. Ziggy's Pub just delivered this terrific plate of fish... Cole slaw and red and white napkin included!

We hope everyone else out there is staying sane and chooses to help a struggling local business out by ordering a fish fry tonight!

On day 4 of our pledge to support local restaurants, a very delicious turkey avocado panini from Fanna's Market. Definitely recommend the brown sugar grape salad.

Snow Law

FYI for divorced and single parents. The Safer at Home order does absolutely nothing to impact child placement orders. Spouses should stick to their schedules or even better cooperate to tweak schedules by agreement to meet the needs of that individual family during this crisis.

If someone is withholding placement or worried about traveling to drop of kids direct them to this part of the order.

How does Gov. Evers’ Executive Order affect placement orders? It doesn’t. Despite numerous comments during the press conference which discouraged contact with multiple family units, the order clearly states that families should follow current placement orders:

15. Essential Travel. Individuals engaged in any Essential Travel must comply with Social Distancing Requirements to the extent possible. For the purposes of this Order, Essential Travel includes:
e. Travel required by law enforcement or court order, including to transport children pursuant to a custody agreement.

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Lakeside Legal provides legal services for business, personal injury, family, criminal, and many others area of law to the Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin area. Earning over 1 million dollar in judgments. In practice for over 12 years, Attorney Jeremy Vanderloop works hard for his clients.

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