Asta Muldoon, CFP, MS

Asta Muldoon, CFP, MS


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Financial Advisor, Managing Director at Muldoon, Borges & Beauregard, A financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Fianacial Services, Inc.

What are your dreams and goals for retirement? I can help you achieve them with our exclusive Confident Retirement® approach. It all starts with a personalized conversation, where we'll discuss retirement needs - covering essentials, ensuring lifestyle, preparing for the unexpected, and leaving a legacy. By breaking retirement down into doable steps, we can help take the uncertainty out of planning for your financial future. Areas of Focus Retirement Planning Strategies Women's Financial Strategies Retirement Plan Distribution Education Planning Saving for Education Investments Retirement Income Strategies Estate Planning Strategies Small Business I am licensed and registered to conduct business in MA. Based on licenses and registrations I hold, I may also conduct business in FL, WA, KS, IN, OR, VA, RI, LA, GA, CA, NH, KY. Working Together Meeting with an Ameriprise financial advisor is an important first step. It's an opportunity to get to know an advisor and share your goals and dreams. You're under no obligation; your initial meeting with an Ameriprise financial advisor will be relaxed and informal. Your meeting will include a review of your existing financial situation and potential opportunities, gaps or general strategies. While you won't receive a comprehensive review or financial planning services for which fees are charged, you should expect to get a sense of what it might be like to work together. What to expect Professional help in clarifying your financial goals and priorities If you decide to purchase a financial planning service, you will receive sound financial advice at a fair price, tailored to your investment objectives Accurate information about our tailored solutions, including risks, benefits and costs What to bring A list of any questions you have regarding your current financial situation Any account statements, budget information or other areas of your financial life that you feel deserve immediate attention A list of future dreams and financial goals you would like to achieve, including both short- and long-term goals Ameriprise Platinum Financial Services® Advisors Ameriprise Platinum Financial Services Advisors are experienced in helping clients achieve their goals. They hold industry recognized financial planning credentials and maintain a high level of client satisfaction. They recognize that as a client’s assets grow, their finances can become more complex and require greater attention and expertise. Ameriprise Platinum Financial Services advisors help clients balance growth and protection through a personalized financial planning approach. Ameriprise Financial provides these advisors prioritized service and a network of expert resources to consult on complex client needs. Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. is a broker-dealer and member of FINRA. Comments and "likes" should not be considered representative of client experiences, or indicative of future performance or success. While I appreciate the support of my clients, I cannot accept Recommendations or Endorsements due to Investment Advisers Act of 1940 rules which prohibit me from publishing a testimonial of any kind concerning the investment advice, analysis, reporting or other services I provide. For your privacy, please don’t post account or service-related information on this page. Instead, contact me directly. Please visit for more important disclosures and information.

Manufacturing Data to Provide Telling Insights into the Impact of the Coronavirus | Ameriprise Newsroom

While U.S. markets were closed on President’s Day, global exchanges were once again generally positive, helped by newly announced stimulus measures in China. Ameriprise Chief Market Strategist David Joy explains. 02/18/2020 David Joy Abiding faith in the transitory nature and the economic impact of the coronavirus continues to push global equity averages higher. The MSCI All Country World Index climbed 1.1 percent last week, bringing its year-to-date gain to 2.3 percent, but more tellingly, it has risen 3.8....

Showing kindness to our neighbors, even in small ways, can have a lasting impact. What #randomactsofkindness are you doing today?

May your Valentine’s Day be filled with happiness and love.

[02/11/20]   Smart tax strategies can help you keep more of your money to put toward what matters most to you. Let’s collaborate with your tax professional to see what options are available to you.

Coronavirus fears and inflated stock valuations sent investors to the relative safety of government bonds in January. #AmeripriseResearch believes a diversified portfolio of high-quality investments can mitigate risk. Let’s connect to see which investments make sense for you.

The happiest couples know how to work through their differences – including money disagreements. What’s their secret? Communication tops the list, according to our recent study.

Market declines early in retirement can potentially create one of the most-damaging investment risks. Watch this 3-minute video, then let’s talk to make sure you’re prepared.

“To begin loving people today, we must close the door on the past. And that cannot happen without forgiveness. Forgive those who have hurt you, for your sake.” – Rick Warren, Author of A Purpose Driven Life.

[02/08/20]   Contributing to a traditional IRA and funding a health savings account are two ways you can reduce your 2019 tax bill. Let’s have a conversation with your tax professional about what you can do before you file.

Your goals are unique and personal – and your financial advice should be no different. Let’s talk about what’s most important to you and how we can work together to achieve your goals.

Smart tax strategies can help you fuel your savings, gain flexibility, and take more control of your financial picture.

Early retirement tax strategies

As part of the SECURE Act passed in December 2019, 72 is now the new minimum age to receive required minimum distributions from your retirement accounts. If you’re approaching age 72, it’s time to consider the impact on your tax status. Let’s have a conversation with your tax professional about your options. If you’re in the early stages of retirement, the new 2018 tax changes may benefit you. Learn about retirement tax planning strategies to reduce your tax bill.

IRA rollover evaluator

If you have retirement accounts from previous employers, you may want to consider rolling them into an IRA. Try our IRA rollover evaluator and let’s discuss options to achieve your retirement goals. Get a personalized report on the pros and cons of consolidating or rolling over your retirement assets.

February is #AmericanHeartMonth — a great time to focus on our health goals and #ourhearts. What are you doing now to help ensure a long, healthy retirement?

When Your Parents Need Financial Help

Wondering what to do when your parents need financial help? Having a conversation about their needs is a good start. I’d be happy to help facilitate a discussion. What you can try to do for your mom and dad

Markets React to Worries About the Economic Impact of the Coronavirus | Ameriprise Newsroom

Concerns around the economic impact of coronavirus have spread throughout the global market, according to Ameriprise Chief Market Strategist David Joy. 01/28/2020 David Joy Worries about the economic impact of the coronavirus caught up with global equity markets last week. Last Thursday, China’s Shanghai Composite index fell by 2.8 percent and the Shenzhen Composite shed 3.5 percent, before both subsequently closed for the Lunar New Year holiday....

How Can Boomerang Kids Help You Retire Faster?

Is your once empty nest no longer so empty? Boomerang kids may be able to help – not hurt – your retirement timeline. You and your kids are a lifetime partnership. Spending quality time together as they are just starting their careers will pay dividends to the both of you in the future.

The S&P 500 has grown top-heavy in recent years. Not since 2000 (17.0%) has the U.S. stock benchmark been so heavily weighted to just a few stocks, indicating that future gains/losses in the index could be contingent on the prospects of a handful of companies. #AmeripriseResearch

Being organized can save you time and money. Set a goal to become more organized in 2020 and take the first step to achieving all your goals! #nationalgetorganizedmonth

A new year means new beginnings. Start your financial year off right by reviewing your goals and making sure your investments are on track.

Planning can turn dreams into realities. Let’s talk about what’s most important to you and how setting and tracking your financial goals can help achieve them.

Raising financially savvy kids

Teaching kids about money can help them learn how to save, spend, and grow their money wisely. Consider these six strategies to help give them hands-on experience. Find out how to teach kids about money so they can be financially responsible in life.

National Staying Healthy Month is a good time to remember healthy habits that help you enjoy life to the fullest, now and into retirement.

Investors Need to Not Overreact as Markets Sort Out Latest Geopolitical Crisis | Ameriprise Newsroom

Geopolitical news sent stock prices downward despite starting the year at a record high. Ameriprise Chief Market Strategist David Joy weighs in on investors’ response. Historically, markets have recovered from geopolitical crises.

Wishing you joy and prosperity in 2020.

How to Support Your Retired Parents Without Sinking Your Own Retirement Plans

If your retired parents need financial support from you, experts say it’s important to set clear boundaries. If you’re helping a parent pay their bills, learn about tools to help protect your own retirement savings. Setting limits is key.

10 Ways Retirement Has Changed Over the Past Decade

Baby boomers are typically more active and spend more money than retirees of previous generations. Learn other ways retirement has evolved in the last decade. Retirement is different now than it was just 10 years ago.

The #AmeripriseResearch 2020 outlook calls for modest economic growth accompanied by low but positive market gains. The wildcards of trade and politics cast a decidedly large shadow over the outlook. What are your expectations for the markets in 2020?

Positive News on Trade, Brexit Buoy U.S., U.K. and Mexican Markets | Ameriprise Newsroom

There was nothing but good news last week on the trade policy front; but questions remain for U.S. and global economies, according to Ameriprise Chief Market Strategist David Joy. The U.S. and China agreed on phase-one deal that avoided new tariffs and rolled back some existing ones.

How to know if it's OK to borrow money from your parents once you're an adult

Talking to your parents about money can feel intimidating. Here are five questions you can ask to help get the conversation started. Borrowing money from your parents can be a touchy subject, especially if they have their own financial goals and struggles. Experts suggest asking your parents five questions before accepting a loan.

You’ve worked hard toward your goals. If you plan to retire in 2020, let’s talk about what you can do now to make a smooth transition in the coming year.

[12/11/19]   Keys to financial health include making a plan and being prepared. What are your goals for 2020? Let’s talk about how to achieve them.

Wishing you and your loved ones happiness, peace and joy.

Latest Data on the U.S. Economy is Mostly Optimistic as Stocks Anticipate All the News Expected This Week | Ameriprise Newsroom

Consumers remain the growth engine for the U.S. economy, while manufacturing continues to soften, according to Ameriprise Chief Market Strategist David Joy. The week ahead is full of potentially market moving developments.

Is your 401(k) ready for market volatility? According to #AmeripriseResearch, the worst time to experience a market decline is the 5 years before & first 5 years into retirement - when your 401(k) value is often the highest. Let’s connect to review your asset allocation strategy.

Holiday shopping is a great time to talk to your kids about the importance of setting goals and saving up for things that are important to you.

Here's why you should consider moving during retirement

Moving to a new city in retirement can be an exciting new adventure, but make sure it makes sense for your situation. Here are three things to consider before you make the move. It might help help you achieve the retirement you've always wanted.

4 ways to help blended families navigate finances

Blended families are on the rise, according to the Pew Research Center. If you’re among the 40% of new marriages in the U.S. with at least one person who was previously married, here are 4 tips for navigating your financial life together. Forty percent of all new marriages in the U.S. include at least one person who was previously married and may already have kids. Having proper documentation and delegation of responsibilities as well as regular conversations about money is crucial to financial success, experts say.

Happy Thanksgiving! Wishing you and your family a wonderful, festive day, celebrating all there is to be thankful for.

U.S. and U.K Markets Mixed Heading Into Thanksgiving Week | Ameriprise Newsroom

The rally in U.S. equities stalled last week. A lack of market moving news could be to blame, according to Ameriprise Chief Market Strategist David Joy. After six straight weeks of gains, the S&P 500 Index slipped 0.3 percent.

It is possible to balance paying down debt while investing at the same time. Let’s talk about making choices to help you achieve your financial goals.

The 4 realities of retirement spending that you need to know now

When retirement can last up to 30 years or more, planning for expenses can feel daunting. Here are four insights to help you estimate expenses and make adjustments before retiring. Planning your next 30 years of expenses isn't as easy as it seems. Here are 4 spending trends you need to understand.

A Popular Gift Card Scam Has Cost Victims $74 Million This Year. Here's How to Protect Yourself

Gift cards are now the number one payment method that con artists use, according to the FTC. Learn the red flags to watch for and what to do if you’ve already been scammed. Remember: Gift cards are only for gifts.

20% of Americans regret making this financial decision with their significant other

One in five people regret combining money with their spouse or partner, according to MagnifyMoney. Here are three ways experts say can help you avoid feeling this way. According to a new survey from MagnifyMoney, 1 in 5 people regret combining money with their spouse or partner. However, experts say there are ways to avoid feeling this way.

Markets Established A New High Again As Investors Relentlessly Watch Trade, Fed Developments | Ameriprise Newsroom

A six-week rally in U.S. equities has produced an 8 percent gain and established new record highs. Ameriprise Chief Market Strategist David Joy weighs in on what this could mean by year-end. The S&P 500 is now higher on the year by 24.5 percent.

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