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Pereira Law Offices, P.C. can assist you with your estate, medical, business, & financial planning. It is important that you have a plan to protect your assets and avoid probate. For your estate and estate tax planning we can help in establishing wills and trusts, homesteads, powers of attorneys, and financial services. For elder law issues and planning we will assist in long term care planning, asset protection, probate of estates and estate administration. Business and Contract Law Planning services include - Corporations, LLc's, Partnerships, Real Estate Agreements, Title Examinations, Residential & Commercial Leases. We look forward to serving you in planning for your future.

[01/27/15]   So how do you know if it would benefit your estate to establish a trust for your beneficiaries? The general rule is that, when an estate is valued at $100,000 or more, establishing a trust may be beneficial.

[01/23/15]   While your real estate agent may be an experienced industry professional, it’s always possible that a situation will arise that they simply can’t help with. When you need more involved assistance than your agent can provide, it’s time to turn to a real estate attorney.

[01/20/15]   Corporate law firms have the skilled professionals who can offer sound advice and guidance in all phases of business activities. Among these is an understanding of applicable securities laws at the federal and state levels when issuing stock options.

[01/16/15]   Are you concerned that an unusual problem in the middle of your real estate transaction is throwing your broker into unfamiliar territory? When you need to ensure you’re getting the best possible legal answer, it’s a good idea to hire a real estate attorney.

[01/13/15]   Did you know that by having a trust drawn up you can avoid probate? All of your assets, titled in your name, will be subject to probate when you die. Your estate attorney can help you to title your assets in the name of the trust (not your name) and therefore avoid unnecessary probate.

[01/09/15]   If you owe money to the IRS, a tax attorney can help you work out the best arrangement to pay what you owe. Many people don't realize it's possible to structure your debt on a payment plan over as long as five years. A tax attorney can help you decide if that's your best option.

[01/06/15]   Unfortunately, some parties will often try to slip verbiage into their contracts that are more favorable to them than to you. Let’s talk about the specifics of the contract you’re about to sign so that you can ensure you don’t get stuck with a problem later because of it.

[01/02/15]   Taxable income refers to the amount of income left over after you have reduced your AGI by your deductions and exemptions. Itemized deductions can include expenses for health care, personal property taxes, mortgage interest, gifts to charity, and tax preparation fees.

[12/30/14]   If you are selling your home, or other property, having a real estate attorney review the terms of the offer is in your best interests. Failing to understand everything in the document you sign could bring you more problems than you would care to have.

[12/26/14]   A good small business attorney can work with you to ensure your business goals are met in accordance with applicable laws. An effective business attorney will help prevent legal problems and will assist with decisions regarding your business’s structure and organization.

[12/23/14]   It’s important to remember that having a real estate attorney on retainer can be useful for businesses as well as consumers. Whether your company is looking to purchase a new building or you’re in a dispute with your current landlord, we may be able to help.

[12/19/14]   Although your company’s legal needs may be relatively few and far between now, it’s a good idea to have a working relationship with a corporate attorney you can turn to when the need arises. Building our relationship now will cut down on some of the preliminary work necessary when you do need legal assistance.

[12/16/14]   Although you may be more than capable of operating a software program to create your will, it won’t always be able to help you understand all the nuances of your situation. For this reason, it’s usually best to work with an estate planning attorney.

[12/12/14]   Different states have various laws that apply to situations when there is no will involved. To avoid having the state make certain presumptions about who will inherit your property, make sure your personal wishes are recorded.

[12/09/14]   Avoid early withdrawals from an IRA or 401(k). Because the amount withdrawn from such an account counts as part of your taxable income, not only will you usually pay fees for early withdrawal, but you will have to pay additional taxes as well.

[12/05/14]   State laws rule estate plans, which is why estate lawyers are necessary. The state laws are very specific about what can and can't be in a will or trust, and who can and can't serve as a personal representative and trustee.

[12/02/14]   One big part of estate planning is ensuring that what you now own goes to the family members and loved ones of your choice. If you die without making these types of choices, state law decides who gets your estate.

[11/28/14]   One of the things making real estate law such a complex system of regulations is that much of it is grounded in common law. However, because common law has blended with modern regulations, sifting through the mix to understand property rights requires the specialized knowledge and experience of a real estate attorney.

[11/25/14]   A tax attorney has not only completed law school, but has also specialized in tax matters and can help your business understand how the latest changes in tax laws can be applied to reduce the amount of taxes owed to the government.

[11/21/14]   There are many other components of estate planning beyond simply writing out a will. For example, do you and your spouse have children? It's a good idea to declare who would take care of your kids if you and your spouse should somehow be unable.

[11/18/14]   Having a small business attorney on hand can save your business plenty of time and money. Not only will a small business attorney ensure that your business is in line with federal , state and tax regulations, but an attorney on hand can assist with any legal issues that arise in a timely manner.

[11/14/14]   If you are not in agreement with your tax return and want to file a case against the IRS, a tax attorney should be your first choice. Whether it’s appealing fines, levies, employment tax levies, or abatement of interest, knowing the law will help you fight for your rights.

[11/11/14]   Does your small business deal in real estate? Whether your businesses rents or leases commercial spaces, or offers leases and rentals as a business model, a small business attorney can design solid contracts that will ensure legal protections.

[11/07/14]   Probate is a court process that transfers a deceased person’s assets to the beneficiaries listed in his or her will. The executor named in your will would start the process after your death by filing a petition in court and seeking appointment. Then, your executor would then take charge of your assets, pay your debts, and distribute the rest of your estate to your beneficiaries after receiving the court’s approval.

[11/04/14]   A small business attorney can not only handle any lawsuit and litigation issues, your business attorney can negotiate your office or retail space lease, handle patent and trademark filings, write up software license agreements, and advise on how to best handle employee issues.

[10/31/14]   Have you been putting off starting your new business because you aren’t sure how to handle all the legal aspects of business formation? Rather than putting it off until you have time to do significant legal research, working with a corporate attorney can give you the answers you need to get your business off the ground.

[10/28/14]   What is RESPA? The acronym stands for "Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act," a set of laws that governs interactions between lenders and borrowers during the financing or refinancing process. RESPA also governs documentation requirements, disclosures, and payments made during the transaction.

[10/24/14]   Tax laws are continually being updated and revised. A tax attorney will be able to provide you with valuable information and guidance when it comes to your investments, setting up trust funds, and dealing with inheritance.

[10/21/14]   If you ever experience permanent incapacity, such as a coma, then the doctor and hospital will rely on the instructions you have provided in your living will regarding the nature and extent of your care. A durable power of attorney will be used when you cannot provide informed consent.

[10/17/14]   Is your small business a creative business? The counsel of a small business attorney can ensure that the intellectual properties of your business are protected with concrete legal barricades against intellectual theft and plagiarism.

[10/14/14]   What is a durable power of attorney for property? If you are ever unable to handle your own financial matters or are unavailable to do so, then this document will appoint the person you have chosen to act for you in such situations.

[10/10/14]   The history of taxation in the United States began with the British taxation policies imposed on the American colonists. The Stamp Act of 1765, a particularly disliked and controversial tax, caused the Americans to rise up in strong protest and eventually led to the Revolution.

[10/07/14]   What happens if an employee sues your small company for harassment or a business partner takes you to court? The company must continue to focus on business and bringing in revenue. A small business attorney can handle the legal front so the company can weather the storm.

[10/03/14]   If your business involves your designs or intellectual property, a business attorney can help ensure that the appropriate steps are taken and the proper contracts and other documentation are filed to that your ideas are legally protected from your competition.

[09/30/14]   When you first started letting your neighbor enjoy the use of your land, it seemed harmless; but now, buildings have gone up (even just a rickety deer stand), or alterations to your property have been made. If this does not sit well with you, you can take legal action – and you should, because not taking action could affect your property rights.

[09/26/14]   According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, choosing to incorporate a small business gives the corporation unlimited life and makes it easier to raise money. A corporation can sell stock, a choice that isn't available to partnerships or sole proprietors.

[09/23/14]   A tax advisor keeps up with tax law changes so you don't have to. Besides relieving your tax-related stress, tax advisors also keep up with IRS announcements and can provide you with tips to help you save time and money on your taxes.

[09/19/14]   Unfortunately, what you don’t know when you legally form your business can become a problem for you once you’re managing the business. If you aren’t sure of how best to setup your business, we’re always ready to give you the legal advice and guidance you need to get started.

[09/16/14]   Do you keep logs for business mileage, entertainment, meals, charitable giving, and other potential tax deductions? Some of those deductions can catch the eye of the IRS, and the key to defending an audit is keeping detailed logs. A tax attorney can help you create the logs you need at the beginning of the tax year.

[09/12/14]   If you are concerned about your beneficiaries making good decisions when they receive their inheritance, a good estate plan can help. Here, we can write in provisions to steer inexperienced beneficiaries in the right direction.

[09/09/14]   A real estate attorney can help in in a variety of ways throughout the transaction process. This includes reviewing the contract for fairness, negotiating repairs based on the home inspection report, and collaborating with the title company to ensure there are no title defects.

[09/05/14]   Owners of an LLC are not taxed as a separate business entity, which differs from corporate shareholders. Profits and losses are passed through the business to the LLCs business members, who report profits and losses on personal federal tax returns, in much the same way as partnership owners do.

[09/02/14]   Are you concerned that your business is too small to benefit from the advice and guidance of an attorney? Remember, working with an attorney can help you to limit your liability – both the company’s and your personal liability.

[08/29/14]   Real estate attorneys handle a broad scope of property-related issues, but some real estate attorneys specialize in closing the property deal. These closing attorneys examine the property title, and at the close will review and explain the papers you will be signing.

[08/26/14]   It’s important to remember that a real estate attorney can be a good relationship for businesses as well as individuals. When you’re trying to purchase a new property for your offices, having an attorney can help you ensure your contract is sound.

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