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Divorce tips for financial security

Post-divorce finances are often much different than when you were married. If you’re going through a divorce, let’s sit down before it’s final to understand how it might affect your finances. You'll need to take several key issues into consideration to keep your finances on track after you go solo

How To Restructure Your Investments For Retirement

Structuring your finances in retirement will be different from your working years. Here are some ideas to consider. An Ameriprise Financial executive offers ways to manage investments for retirement when it's time switch from saving to spending.

Rethinking your 401(k): 5 retirement investment strategies to help you save

It’s a good idea to review your 401(k) periodically, including your contributions and asset allocation, to make sure that you’re getting all you can out of it. Let’s discuss how your 401(k) is working with your overall financial strategy. Read these 5 tips for maximizing your 401(k)

What can I expect from Social Security?

Social Security is a commonly relied on source of retirement income. But how much can you really expect? Here are some things to consider. For many Americans, it's an essential part of their retirement income -- here are some things to know

How to keep your kids from blowing their inheritance

Thinking about your estate plan now can help you make wise decisions and avoid familial disputes. Here are some tips to consider: Follow these tips head off any fight among your kids — and to limit the amount of taxes they may have to pay.

Emerging Markets 101

Emerging markets can afford investors unique opportunities for growth and portfolio diversity, but it’s also important to understand the risks they present. Here’s a brief overview. Learn the pros and cons of investing in emerging markets.

[01/18/18]   Do you plan to retire in 2018? Let’s set up some time apart from our regular check-in meetings to discuss the transition and your retirement income strategy.

Leave the Bucket Lists to Those Ambitious Boomers. It’s Tee Time.

Are you an ambition or leisure-oriented retiree? Here’s look at the lifestyle choices of retiring Boomers. Many retirees are “looking to achieve more of their potential,” but that can be a lot of pressure. Instead, some are taking a leisurely cue from their parents’ generation.

8 Ways the GOP Tax Bill Will Help (or Hurt) Your Bottom Line

Lawmakers are closing in on finalizing a new tax bill. Here are some ways taxpayers may be affected by the new bill if it’s signed into law next week: From homeowners in Manhattan to renters in Milwaukee

What The 2018 Tax Brackets, Standard Deductions And More Look Like Under Tax Reform

Here’s a summary of some key areas of the pending tax reform bill. Curious about those 2018 tax brackets (with new tax rates!) under the final tax reform bill? Here's a peek at 2018 tax brackets, standard deduction amounts and more under tax reform.

34 things you need to know about the incoming tax law

CNNMoney put together a list of interesting and useful facts about the new tax legislation. It's official. Congress has ushered through the first major tax overhaul since Ronald Reagan was president. CNNMoney breaks it down.

Be Brilliant | Ameriprise Financial Commercial | “Checking In”

Setting life goals is important. What are your plans to share your experiences with others?

What does living brilliantly look like to you? Is it finally pursuing the career you’ve always dreamed of? The right financial advisor can help you pursue yo...

11 Common House Maintenance Costs

Don’t let home maintenance costs sneak up on you. Learn the 11 most common home repairs and their costs. This guide, with average costs of 11 common household repairs, may help you prepare an annual home maintenance budget. It also includes considerations for choosing an online home repair estimator.

Parking Lot Accident Danger Zones

Holiday shopping could mean an increase in parking lot accidents. Check out these 5 common types of parking lot accidents to help you stay aware. Knowing these parking lot danger zones can help you avoid having a parking lot accident.

Career advice: Top 10 jobs for trade school graduates

If your teen isn’t pursuing a university degree, here are some other career ideas for specific trades. If you’re thinking about opting for a specialty trade school as you set your own professional goals, we have info on some of the top careers you can pursue without going the university route.

Social Security: How to plan around uncertainty

Many Americans aren’t confident Social Security will be available for them when they need it. Here’s what you should consider when thinking about Social Security benefits. Gaining perspective on Social Security can help you understand how to adjust your strategies.

Moms get 16 percent less in Social Security benefits

Social Security benefits are reflective of lifetime earnings. For mothers who take time off, this can mean lower Social Security in retirement. Let’s discuss a strategy to mitigate the impact of “zero income” years. Mothers receive less in Social Security benefits than non-mothers do, according to a new report. Here's how to close the gap.

401(k) contribution limit will rise to $18,500 in 2018

You will be able to save more in your 401(k) in 2018. Here’s what you should know. You'll be allowed to contribute up to $500 more to your 401(k) next year. The IRA contribution limit will remain at $5,500.

Should You Keep 'Working for the Man' or Start Your Own Business?

Are you ready to start a new venture? Let’s sit down to discuss how it will impact your life and finances. Feeling burnt out with your current job and ready to forge your own career? Here are 4 things all entrepreneurs should consider before taking the plunge.

Beyond salary: finding meaning in work

We spend much of our time at our jobs. Here are some ideas for finding meaning in our work, beyond a paycheck. Tips from bestselling author Dan Ariely on how to find job and career fulfillment.

Do I really need Umbrella Insurance?

Are you wondering whether an umbrella policy is right for you? Check out these 5 real-life scenarios that will help you decide. If you've ever wondered whether you need umbrella insurance, these real-life scenarios may help you decide if an umbrella policy is right for you.

Limit on 401(k) Savings? It’s About Paying for Tax Cuts

Tax reform is top of mind for many. Here’s what you should know about the unfolding tax reform proposal and how it might affect your 401(k). “This is not a retirement security story,” a tax expert says. It’s about finding revenue to pay for reductions in business taxes sooner rather than later.

Face the future with confidence

Life is full of unexpected events and even the best-laid plans can change. That’s why it’s important to revisit your financial strategy as markets change. I’m here to help. It’s easier to meet your financial goals when you and your advisor have discussed them together.

Systematic savings

Many people wonder how they should save for a cash reserve. Here are some tips. Let Ameriprise Financial show you how a systematic savings plan can become part of your regular routine.

Stanford psychologist says this mindset shift will make you happier and more successful

Focusing on the positives in life can help you be more productive. How do you practice positivity? Albert Einstein and Alibaba's Jack Ma have used it.

Dream of giving back in retirement?

Each person’s giving path is self-defined. Let’s work together to put a strategy in place to achieve your giving goals.

Watch our video to help get your decision-making process started.

How to protect your identity when you travel

Identity theft can be costly. Before you go on that fall vacation, consider these tips to protect your identity. It’s easy to get your identity stolen while traveling. Here are some ways to protect yourself on your next trip.

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