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Wedding, non-profit, commercial, aerial filmmakers. FAA Part 107 Licensed Drone Operators. we are storytellers. it is our passion, and the story shapes every decision we make for your film from start to finish.

we want to get to know you. but we also want you to know us, and to understand our approach. our desire for our films goes way beyond simply capturing beautiful imagery of your wedding day. we want our work to showcase the totality of your story, not just pictures of a wedding. this approach isn’t for everyone, and we’re cool with that. but if it’s for you, and you’ve read this far, we’d love to hear from you. what’s your story?

Operating as usual

I have not shared the images from this shoot nearly enough. Alisha Faith Photography did an amazing job! I've been writing a blog about it for two weeks now, there are just so many details I want to share.

Happy Anniversary to Katie, Craig, and MotionWorks.

8 years ago today, we started down the road of filming weddings.

Chris's cousin Katie took a chance on us. She and Craig planned a micro-wedding before micro-weddings were even a thing. It was so small all of the cousins couldn't be invited (Chris is one of 12 cousin, and most of us are married with kids of our own...so inviting the cousins is a BIG thing). Immediate family, a handul of friends, a gorgeous farm with a herd of wild horses.

We asked if we could film their wedding. They said yes, and we drove to Georgia with a car full of rented gear.

We were incredibly lucky to have such an amazing couple and a beautiful, unique wedding to start with. They made it easy to make a beautiful film.

8 years ago. Honestly, I barely knew how to work the camera. I had notes on my hand on how to adjust the settings, because I was so afraid I would forget. I felt like I needed to get Chris's feedback on every shot, because I wasn't sure if any of it was any good. He spent who knows how many hours getting the edit just right.

We've upgraded our camera systems. I don't have to use notes anymore. We've gotten more experience. We've refined our editing workflow. But one things stays the same: our commitment to telling real, emotional, authentic stories on each and every wedding day.


Pretty sparkles and flowers for your Tuesday mornin


Photography @amberleechristeyphotography
Videographer @wvmotionworks
Venue| @lakeviweweddingswv
Dress @thevowboutique
Invitations @paperheartsinvitations
Cupcakes @thecupcakerie
Florist @perennialfloral
Hair & Makeup| @olexasalonandspa
Rentals @elitebridalevents & @themustardcouch

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[09/21/20]   We know planning a wedding right now is hard. We have loads of information about "Micro Weddings" on our website to make planning your special day a little bit easier!


It’s always so much fun working with Amberlee!

ps. She really is the energizer bunny. I came home and crashed from post wedding exhaustion, and I’m still laying around sipping my morning tea. In the meantime, she texted me all our goofy cell phone shenanigans, edited amazing sneak peeks, and is off to another wedding!

A gorgeous day and wedding yesterday for Britney + Austin! 💗💗💗💗 Up bright and early for second double header for September 🥰 had to share a quick sneakie first though

Photography | @amberleechristeyphotography
Videographer | @wvmotionworks
Venue| @lakeviweweddingswv
Invitations | @paperheartsinvitations
Cupcakes | @thecupcakerie
Florist | @perennialfloral
Hair & Makeup| @olexasalonandspa
Rentals | @elitebridalevents & @themustardcouch

Learn how MotionWorks can help make your wedding more accessible to the ones you love!

Due to COVID-19 we are expediting delivery of Ceremony Edits to all of our couples. We know that between travel restrictions, health concerns, and occupancy limits, you may not be able to have all of your loved ones with you on your wedding day. We are delivering a full Ceremony Edit within one week of of their wedding day!


WV MotionWorks

How has it already been 3 years?!?!

Time flies, when you're filming love.

"Meant to be" only begins to describe Alexandra + Jeff. Seeing how much these two adore each other made this wedding a joy to witness, a joy to film, and a joy to edit. That their entire wedding party was so kind and funny was just icing on the cake.

Venue: The Greenbrier
Photographers: Hopkins Studios
Florist: Gillespie's Flowers & Productions, Inc.
Stationery: Empress Stationery
Entertainment: Black Tie
HMUA: Lou Stevens
And amazing live art by: Wed on Canvas

Putting the finishing touches on this gorgeous elopement film today, and I could not be more in love.

Kodak Digitizing

Every once in awhile we get requests to update older films. I always recommend this service!

Trust is in our DNA. Since 1888. ✨ We digitize your old home movies and photos for you to relive again and again with real-time tracking and updates from our production campus here in the U.S.

Planning on live streaming your wedding? Here are our tips to make it happen:
1. Hire MotionWorks. (there, done, so easy)

If that's not possible.....

1. Check out your connection. Get a hard wired, dedicated connection if at all possible.

2. Practice in advance. Make a plan that will allow you to stream your wedding, but not make your wedding ALL ABOUT your livestream. Find an unobtrusive place for your camera. Less movement is better.

3. Think about audio. Often when we go live, we're in selfie mode - with our camera an arm's length away. Moving your camera farther away means your virtual guests may not be able to hear what's being said.

Vow - a solemn promise or assertion.

Whether you are exchanging vows in front of all your family or friends, or it's just the two of you in a small, private ceremony, these vow books from Paper Hearts Invitations are the perfect keepsake to remember them forever.

Photo by Alisha Faith Photography from our Micro-Wedding styled shoot.


How To Ask & Thank Your Groomsmen | Green Wedding Shoes

greenweddingshoes.com Guys, this post is for you! Today we’re bringing two ideas to the table on how to gift your groomsmen. First up, we’re sharing how to thank them for being in your wedding. We’ve partnered with our friends at Avery and created two custom designs that you can modify to fit your wedding colors or...

We've got another anniversary coming up later this month.

Planning for a bit of fun, right here in the Mountain State.

September is a great time to celebrate, and a lot of our couples are doing the same, so share your favorite way to spend an anniversary together!

Photo by Kristin Hurley Photography. If you haven't taken photos together recently, I highly recommend scheduling a session with your favorite photographer and getting some updated pics!

The sun does not always shine in WV, but the always people do. - JFK

(we got lucky and had both!)

Image by Maryn Graves from Jacob and Maria's recent wedding in Morgantown.


How to Keep Wedding Plans Personal Even With Virtual Planning

greenweddingshoes.com Good news! You don't have to compromise personalization while navigating virtual wedding plans during COVID-19!


Asking a Friend to Work Your Wedding | WV MotionWorks

Before asking a friend to help out with your wedding, ask yourself these things:
1. Is this something my friend CAN do? A lot of things look really easy until you have to do them....and figuring this out will help you both avoid hurt feelings and damaged expectations.

2. Would I do this for my friend? Find out the cost of what you're asking. Would you gift them something of the same value?

3. Would I rather have them celebrating with me than working my day?

Read more:

wvmotionworks.com A few months ago I ran into a friend that had just attended a wedding. I expected to hear all about the fun. Instead, she shared: "It was pretty, but I didn't really get to enjoy it."

Let's talk wedding vows!

Are you writing your own, using traditional vows, or working with your officiant on something special?

Vow books by Paper Hearts Invitations, photo by Alisha Faith Photography, from our Micro-Wedding Styled Shoot.

"Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same." -Emily Bronte

Renee + Greg | S N E A K P E E K

COVID Couples...they've really been through it. But love is not cancelled.

COVID crushed Renee and Greg's original wedding plans.

Then 4th of July weekend Greg told Renee he'd build her a wedding venue of her dreams if that meant they got to be married on their original wedding date. While it started out as an off the cuff idea, the more they thought about it, in 15 to 20 years from now they can tell their children how when the world fell apart around everyone, dad build mom a wedding venue in their backyard.


And so he did. It was gorgeous. They celebrated their day with their immediate family, and it was as beautiful and meaningful as any wedding I've ever seen.

Congrats to Renee + Greg, and enjoy this sneak peek of their day.

Chris managed to sneak a shot of me adjusting my camera prior to the ceremony at last weekend's wedding. One bonus for masks - they hide that "staring at a tiny screen on a camera double chin".

No wedding for us this weekend, so I'm spending my time between rain showers putting some fall plants in my gardens!

And TOMORROW - we'll be sharing our latest sneak peek with you all! Super excited. It was such a beautiful day!

What do you have going on this weekend?


How to Plan a Rehearsal for Your Wedding Ceremony

marthastewart.com Your wedding ceremony rehearsal is an important opportunity to prep your wedding party for the big day. Here, a wedding planner shares her best tips for planning a successful ceremony rehearsal.

A Micro-Wedding at the 304 Collective

I've had lots of thoughts swirling in my head about how we do safe and meaningful weddings during a pandemic...so I got together with Alisha Faith Photography and planned a shoot to bring some of those ideas to life!

I'm working on a blog with ALL the details (prepare yourself, it's a long one) but for now, enjoy this little glimpse of the fun!

Special thanks to all of the vendors who worked with us on this! They're going above and beyond to make sure they are providing the same great products and servces as they always have, with an extra level of COVID protection thrown on top!

Special thanks to Genesy Peguero and Joey for always going along with our crazy ideas!

Photographer: Alisha Faith Photography
Video & Live Stream: WV MotionWorks
Venue: 304 Collective
Rentals: W Rentals & Events
Florals: Anita's Flowers and Boutique
Makeup: Amanda Vicinelly
Dress: Lavish Boutique WV
Stationary & Vow Books: Paper Hearts Invitations
Cupcakes: Terra Cafe
Earrings: Sojourn Well purchased at Hoot and Howl

This week on the blog - we're talking Live Streaming your wedding ceremony!

We now offer two Live Steam upgrades to add on to any of our packages: our basic is a single camera steam, and our Premium Live Stream is a edited on the spot and streamed so your guests see exactly what we see, in our cinema level cameras! Both of the great quality you've come to expect with MotionWorks, and crystal clear audio so your guests can see AND hear your wedding ceremony.

We also shared a few tips and tricks for those of you who do need to DIY it, and some considerations and pitfalls you may not have considered. Of course we want you to hire us, but also...desperate times call for desperate measures, so we get it. Either way, we want you to have the BEST wedding possible.

Do you have questions about Live Streaming? Leave them in the comments and we're happy to help out!

Story Driven Filmmakers

We love creating artistic, cinematic highlight films for our couples. We shift time back and forth throughout the day, we use audio from the ceremony and speeches cut together with visual imagery to tell the full story. We use the very best pieces from the entire day.

We are story driven filmmakers.


Live-Streaming Your Wedding | WV MD and Pittsburgh Wedding Video | WV MotionWorks

With all the changes that COVID has made to weddings and events, one this is for certain: video matters more now than it ever has before. More and more, couples are looking to Live Streaming to include guests who could not travel or attend their event in person.

(tips on making a LiveStream happen, and details on our LiveStream packages)

wvmotionworks.com Many couples are looking to Live Streaming to include guests who could not travel or attend their event in person. Check out these tips on how to make it happen!

[08/21/20]   Did you know, we always have two people filming at each wedding. Since the very beginning of MotionWorks, we’ve been intentional to cover everything that is happening on a wedding day on both sides fo the aisle. A wedding is the start of a marriage, which includes two people. Not a person who planned an event and another who just showed up.

Footage from a styled shoot with the Garrett County Wedding Professionals at Sang Hill Farms in Garrett Co, MD. Music is Pulsar by Stephen Keech, licensed through SoundStripe.

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, you’re going to want a great wedding video to capture the magic of your love story. We make sure to capture every emotional moment and craft it into a cinematic film that is just as unique as your wedding celebration.

ps. We love it when couples share their engagement images with us, so we can start celebrating with them long before the wedding day! So looking forward to Rebekah + Missy's 2021 wedding, and enjoying these images from Erica Agee Photography.

All you Morgantown couples looking for on outdoor place for your wedding....

Main Street Morgantown had our August board meeting at the newly renovated Hazel Ruby McQuain Amphitheater this morning. Hosted by Vincent Kitch, the City of Morgantown’s Director of Arts and Cultural Development. Vincent shared some insight on this space, it’s capabilities and some ideas for use.

The space has a seating capacity of 1400, with a green room, meeting space and public facilities. They currently have a small wedding booked for September. If you would like more information about renting the amphitheater, you can email Vincent at [email protected]

The Best Kind of Love Story

Your love story, is the best kind of love story.

Did you know, at MotionWorks, we’re doing our part to help couples share their weddings. We’re expediting the ceremony edits that all of our couples receive so that those can be shared within a week of the wedding, and have been offering streaming services whenever possible. We also have an elopement package available for local weddings with small guest counts. We are working with all of our current couples and reserving back up dates for their 2020 weddings, but are accepting bookings on non-reserved dates for couples who now need to add a video to their wedding plans.

Venue: 304 Collective
Florals: Anita's Flowers and Boutique
Gown: Lavish Bridal & Prom Boutique
Make-up: Amanda Vicinelly Pro Makeup Artist
Stationery: Paper Hearts Invitations
Rentals: W Rentals & Events
Photography: Alisha Faith Photography
Jewelry: Sojourn Well
Models: Genesy Peguero & Joey Ferguson

Your Wedding is an Occasion to Preserve

Your wedding will be amazing and memorable, regardless of the circumstances around it. It will be an occasion that you want to preserve to rewatch for year to come. Having a great video is the best way to do that.

Venue: The Grayson House
Photography: Jessica Fike Photography
Invitations and Menus: Paper Hearts Invitations
Flowers: Florals by GypsyAnnie
Gowns: The Vow Boutique
Makeup and Hair: Claire Alexandra Hair And Makeup
Jewelry: Joyce's Jewelry
Models: Natalie Grote, Jo and Shane Daughterty

Three things happening behind the scenes right now:

Chris is taking his checkride today for his pilot's license (a very big deal that he's been working on for over a year, you can follow along a Midlife Pilot)

Prepping gear for an AMAZING backyard wedding next weekend (when all of their wedding plans fell through due to COVID, they turned their new backyard into the perfect wedding location!)

Putting the finishing touches on a couple of highlight films. Can't wait to share them with you all!

[08/12/20]   Let's play 2 truths and a lie:

I won't need any videos of my wedding if I'm inviting 25 people to it.
Wedding videos are expensive and frivolous.
You'll never regret having memories captured forever on film of your wedding day.

Did you catch the lie?
It's not the first one (you'll want videos to show everyone else!)
It's not the third one (You'll seriously never regret it)
It's the second.

Your wedding videos are MORE than a dollar sign. They are YOUR stories, captured forever on film. The look in your eyes, the epic dance moves, and the tears from dad's face when he gave you away.

We know that your wedding day is a time of intense emotion, with a lot of things packed into a short period of time, and we don’t want you to miss or forget a minute of it.



Planning a COVID Safe Wedding | WV Wedding Video | WV MotionWorks

Today on the blog: Tips for a COVID safe wedding!

We've filmed a few weddings now, and we want to share with you all some considerations (and some of the beautiful and creative ways couples are typing the know this year).

Thanks to Maryn Graves fir sharing images from Jacob and Maria's recent wedding. They had an awesome day, and Maryn was a dream to work with.

wvmotionworks.com Love is not cancelled! Tips and advice from wedding vendors on planning your COVID safe wedding day. Video by MotionWorks, Photos by Maryn Graves Photography.

Our Story

We are storytellers. It is our passion, and the story shapes every decision we make for your film from start to finish.

We want to get to know you. Not just know the details of your wedding, but know you as a person. To know who you are, what inspires you. We also want you to know us, and to understand our approach.

Our desire for our films goes way beyond simply capturing beautiful imagery of your wedding day. We want our work to showcase the totality of your story, not just images of a wedding. Our films are a celebration of you, and we love doing what we do.

We recognize that this is your wedding day. It’s a day you need to enjoy and experience fully, so we don’t make your day into our production.

So let’s talk, we’d love to hear from you. What’s your story?

We met in college, over 20 years ago, and have traveled together down the road of marriage, kids, an old house, and a collection of rescued pets.

In 2012, we began filming weddings, and created WV Motionworks. Every wedding reminds us of our own vows, and our marriage gives us the perspective to see that it’s about so much more than just a pretty day. This is the story of two people; two lives joined together.

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Happy Anniversary to Katie, Craig, and MotionWorks.
Renee + Greg | S N E A K   P E E K
A Micro-Wedding at the 304 Collective
Story Driven Filmmakers
Your Wedding is an Occasion to Preserve
The Best Kind of Love Story
Micro Weddings
Your Wedding Day Can Be Uniquely You
Weddings at The Greenbrier
Telling Your Story
Happy Fourth of July!
Best Thing To Hold Onto In Life



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