Veterinary Staff Training Services, LLC

Veterinary Staff Training Services, LLC

Our passion is helping build up your staff to be a team of confident, educated, happy employees. Grow your business by investing in the heart of it!

VSTS is pleased to offer customized training and education services to veterinary staff and pet care professionals. Our education services are specific to your needs, policies, protocols and hospital/business culture. We know that every business and every team is unique and our trainings aim to meet your staff right where they are and give them the tools and knowledge to feel completely confident

Operating as usual


It was a privilege to be asked to speak at Olde Towne Pet Resort's first wellness seminar for clients! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity work with you, your staff and your clients!


A busy day in a busy week in a busy month- but I still made time to vote! 🇺🇸
Excited to present a brand new seminar to a fantastic organization who truly values their employees and empowers them with as much knowledge as possible.


Veterinary Staff Training Services, LLC


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When I'm lucky enough to be able to nerd out at all four days the CVC Veterinary CE conference in San Diego! Win win! #theCVC #neverstoplearning #sunnyand70 ☀️


This little cutie is the daughter of the manager at the doggy daycamp location where I was teaching last night and was the littlest learner! It's never too early to teach the importance of recognizing and respecting dog body language 😉


Presenting on one of my favorite topics tonight! OTPR is getting their staff for the holiday rush- is your team ready? 😊


It was an absolute pleasure presenting to the volunteers of OBG Cocker Spaniel Rescue today. Thanks for the opportunity!


Have any of your prized staff members gotten a little too quiet? Don't let those lights burn out- reignite their fire with some new information, new responsibilities, some positive changes to the structure of the business or new skills. Let me help keep your team passionate about their work and your business.


It's heat stroke season- is your staff prepared for this seasonal emergency? Having a confident, prepared team is crucial for success. Let me share a refresher course with your team so everyone- from the front desk to the back of the hospital- is prepared to recognize the signs and spring into treatment. Contact me today- July is filling up fast! 05/22/2016

Why Veterinary Practices Should Invest in CE

Did you know that employees feel more valued (and more likely to give their job their all, and STAY in their jobs) when they are given more knowledge and training? Let me help you boost your staff to the next level! These questions will help you decide which CE opportunities to pursue for your team.


What better way to show your staff how valued and appreciated they are then by investing in them? Providing advanced training and education shows employees that you believe in them and their abilities and that you see them as a critical part of the patient care team.


Getting ready to help this team get more confident and efficient in the dental suite! Can't wait 😊


Spring break is nearly here- are you ready? Polish up those weak spots and add new strengths to your practice or business. I would love to help you and your team spring into success!


It's dental month and those teeth don't clean themselves! How are you and your team doing so far? It's not too late for a little training to make the rest of the month smooth sailing. Review technique, charting, dental radiograph positioning- you name it! February doesn't have to be a month technicians dread- improve your technique and efficiency with some customized education!


The summer crush is almost over! What areas did your staff excel in during the busy season? What areas need some tuning up? Contact me today to discuss how I can help empower your staff and make your team unbeatable! Remember- those busy days of the winter holiday season are just around the corner- educate your staff today! 😃

[04/27/15]   Had a fabulous weekend getting some amazing CE at #thecvc. Loved the speakers and soaking up all the information. Love how empowered I feel when I learn!


Veterinary Staff Training Services, LLC


Profile Pictures 01/05/2015

Here we go!

Follow along with VSTS's new blog! Stay tuned for tips and suggestions and never hesitate to contact us- I would love to help you and your business succeed even further! Have you all survived the holiday crush that always falls upon animal hospitals and boarding facilities? We hope that your staff was well prepared for the chaos and it was smooth sailing. Often, ...


Veterinary Humor

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I think we've all been there! Help reduce the chaos in your clinic- bring us in to help get your staff on the same page, freeing you to focus on all the clients and patients who need your expertise!

I've been waiting all year to repost this! Hehehe

Twas the week of Thanksgiving, and all through the vet’s
The staff members are scrambling, trying to board all the pets.
The flagyl was sat on the counter with care,
Knowing we’d be giving it to all the dogs there.

The pets finally nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of milkbones danced in their heads
Doc in her lab coat, and I in my scrubs,
Finally get a break to gobble some grub.

When up in reception, there arose such a clatter,
We sprang to the front to see what’s the matter.
Up to the desk we flew like a flash,
To see several staff, faces whiter than ash.

The sight before us leaves us in shock
Would now be a good time for me to go off the clock?
Three giant dogs, each 90 pounds plus
And a grumpy old owner, who’s in such a rush.

With no reservation, he’s walked in the door
My sweet ole’ receptionist, she faints to the floor.
We jump into action to move dogs around
Crossing our fingers for a solution to be found.

With some super-quick thinking,
And a whole lotta luck
We’ll find a place
For these dogs to be stuck.

Move Molly, and Ceaser! Now Patches and Spot!
Put Cocoa with Brownie, NO! Don’t put Sam in with Dot!
Stuff them in cupboards, put that cat in the drawer,
We’ll find a room, for just two nights more.

The chihuahua’s not eating, and this cat’s got a cough
Now the bathtub is leaking, why’d the lights all go off?
Are we out of food bowls? Do we have more cat litter?
This dog is too anxious, tell them “Next time, pet sitter!”

With each holiday season, the choas just grows
You can see it on staff's faces, the stress clearly shows
I for one, wouldn't trade it for a thing
The veterinary field, it's praises we sing.

We've made it through another holiday week
This work isn't for those whose hearts may be meek.
As the boarders get picked up, and return to their homes
The relief is clear, celebrated between rings of the phones.

As the last bath is given, the last kennel is cleaned
I see a trace of a smile, on boss's face it gleans
I hear her exclaim, as the last dog slips from sight,
Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night!


Veterinary Staff Training Services, LLC's cover photo


Veterinary Staff Training Services, LLC's cover photo

[11/18/14]   The holidays are coming- is your staff prepared? Now is the time to review SOP's with your staff so in the mayhem nothing gets overlooked or done incorrectly. Make sure that any seasonal employees understand the guidelines and protocols you have in place to keep everyone safe and happy. We would be happy to help with this task, freeing you and your staff up to serve your patients and clients!
Another key to success this holiday is to make sure there are lots of cookies, coffee and hot cocoa in your workplace-both for clients and for staff! :-)

[11/13/14]   Had a great time doing our first presentation last night on Common Medical Problems Seen in our Boarding Pets!
It's about to be crazy busy season for petsitters, kennels and hospitals that offer boarding- are you ready? Contact me today to discuss a refresher course for your staff- especially great for the seasonal help that you might be hiring for this time!


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Veterinary Staff Training Services, LLC



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