Get in Shape With David

Get in Shape With David


Hey, cats and kittens, learn something cool with David!

David Cohen, CPT, AHFS is a personal trainer and martial arts teacher. David has nearly a decade of experience as a personal trainer and teacher helping people get — and stay — fit and healthy.

Through A.C.E., David is a certified personal trainer (CPT) and advanced health and fitness specialist (AHFS). He teaches classes in Tai Chi and Pilates.

Operating as usual

[05/17/21]   Workshops are back. Join us June 26, 10:00 am. For our Wu Chi, Jong Ding Workshop. Better structure, and keeping it through movement. Sign up at Web Store page.

[01/04/21]   Online Internal Tai Chi Curriculum

This is to teach the skills That we have not been covering in class because of Covid. I have been limited in my teachings because I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable doing partner drills, while we need to be focusing on social distancing. I still want everyone to get the benefits they are looking for from their Tai Chi practice.
This practice will be better with someone you trust. Spouse or someone living with you preferably.
If not, masks and gloves are recommended. Practice with a partner at your own risk. This program was designed for people who have working knowledge of a Tai Chi form.

Week 1-4. Nei Gung Zahng Zuhang: Chi development for sensitivity, healing and power. This will cover Wu Chi posture, Abdominal breathing and opening the joints for maximum fine tuning and sensitivity. Rooting Skill. Learn to put your energy into the ground and all the benefits this provides. Health benefits, awareness around you. Sink your Chi deeper into the ground, improve the quality of your root. Use your root to unbalance an opponent.
Week 4&5. Tai Chi walking and kua: In these lessons we will explore why the weight distribution when done correctly is 80/20 when active. Learn to open the qua and feel the connection between your hips as you make the turns in your Tai Chi Form.

Week 6. Take what we have learned so far and put into your form: Keep your root, Open the joints, abdominal breathing and holding wuchi as you practice your form movements. This will give your form a life of it’s own.

Week 7. Song: active relaxation: To say relax more is not correct. Learn to direct the relaxation. Song is environmental as well as directional. This plays a huge part in push hands and self-defense application.

Week 8. Ting and Na: feel inside your opponent for tension and structural imperfections. Once you can feel inside your opponent then we can learn to control them by using skills we have already learned. Like Wu Chi and opening the joints.

Week 9,10: Whole Body Breathing Breathing in from the entire room and from your partner. This will begin the practice of borrowing your partners chi for unbalancing your partner. Zahn Zuhang training. A standing meditation that helps build chi in the body and increases it’s vibration.

Week 11, 12: Beginning push hands, Pung Lu An Gi Putting these skills together with partner practice. Giving each other feedback, so there is plenty of learning on both sides.

Week10-12 Self-defense applications: Including loading your root, loading your opponent’s root for pushing power. ( Fa Jin). Getting more punching power from relaxation.

Week13Fighting with Tai Chi: Putting it all together. Getting a deeper understanding how Tai Chi Fights.

Week 14. Healing: We will use Ting and song to heal others and ourselves.

Week15. Meditation: practice to find your empty space so your Tai Chi becomes more natural and fluid.

Each Block costs $15.00. If purchased separately X15 = $500.00. Buy all trainings up front for $250.00.
Pick the lessons that will expand your practice. Live Virtual classes will be held on Saturdays at 12:00 Pm.
Starting 1/9/2021. All virtual courses will be recorded. With your purchase you will receive a downloadable version. You will own all content for future study and practice.

[12/22/20]   After the new year I will be launching a complete online Tai Chi Course. Ideally you should be familiar with a Tai Chi Form and have a partner to work with. Remember when working with a partner masks should be worn. Or practice with a pod person. Spouse, Sibling in the same house etc. Look for curriculum and Streaming dates soon. Merry Christmas to all. 12/05/2020

Tai Chi with David Enjoy this 20 minute Tai Chi exercise from 55+ Fitness Instructor David Cohen. Be sure to consult with your physician for professional medical advice before ...

[06/19/20]   remember body weight exercises count as resistance training. try to counter the muscle loss from not being in the gym. Push ups, burpees or jumping rope. We have the time.

[04/12/20]   To all of my fitness clients, Tai Chi students
Pilates students.
Please feel free to contact me with questions, tips or ideas that can help you until we get back.


[04/12/20]   I miss working , I miss my clients and students. On a positive note I lost eight pounds.


Repulse the monkey.


Common mistakes in Chi Kung and Tai Chi training

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Home push up work out.

Total upper body workout when you can't get to the gym.


March 18, 2020


Magical equilibrium vs equanimity pt 1| Initiation into Hermetics

Karen O'Conor A good road map for you.

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[03/14/20]   I spent last weekend at a fitness conference. Man I hate these things. However there was an amazing presenter there who is a dietitian. Her name is Ashley Koff, check out her website at
If you are a protein powder user her recommendation is to alternate plant based powder with milk based anad read your labels. Keeping sugars and other unwanted chemicals out of your diet.
Check her out, and give her a like She is crazy knowledgeable.

[03/13/20]   Sorry folks I need to cancel this month's workshop. Not enough interest. Be it topic or virus, let's keep everyone safe.
Thanks. We will see you next month.

[03/13/20]   Tonight's Tabada class was so hard, I barley got through it.
I guarantee this one to get you where you need to go.
Remember to eat smart always.
Mountain climbers,
Planks,Russian twists(dumbbell) and Turkish git ups( dumbbell)
Thirty seconds on, fifteen seconds off. Ten rounds.
Good luck with this one.

Please give this workout a like. Thanks and good luck.


Master Jou Tsung Hwa

Who Has the Real Deal
By, John P. Painter PhD ND

I met Master Jou, Tsung Hwa almost 30 years ago at Pat Rice’s A Taste of China in Winchester Virginia. The results of that meeting became the beginning of a long and close friendship. I say friendship because I was never his student. After long discussions about the Yijing and my Li family Baguazhang although I never really felt deserving he seemed to accept me as a peer and introduced me to many of the inner circle of the internal arts world that many people never get to meet. I was honored by his friendship and we had many interesting adventures during his Zhan San Feng Festivals and in New York and New Jersey as well as at the many tournaments we attended in those early days.

After his untimely death I closely watched this casual and advanced students behaviors. Some were aware of the legacy left behind, some acted as if they had the only direct line to his teachings and others just drifted away. All of this is natural and it happens when any well know individual with followers passes away.

In reflecting on what Master Jou left us all, I am reminded of the reputed founder of Baguazhang Master Dong, Hai-Quan. In a similar way to Master Jou, Master Dong developed his own inimitable style of martial arts. Like Master Jou he was an internal art maverick, who marched to the tune of a different drummer. One of the traits of Master Dong was that he taught each of his core students differently, each according to their strengths and weaknesses. I saw Master Jou doing this many times at the Farm.

After Dong’s death it was inevitable that each of these students would teach their own versions of what they had understood Master Dong’s Baguazhang to be. Their teachings were related to what they had understood about the lessons. This gave rise to many variations and interpretations in the system. The results was even today there are arguments and dissention among the followers of each branch of Dong’s system, just as there are in the Taijiquan community as to who has the “real deal” who has the real art the master passed on.

The truth is no student of any master has the “real deal” because they are not Dong, Hai-Chuan or Jou,Tsung-Hwa. No one can do exactly what Master Dong or Master Jou did. So no one can exactly replicate his or her teacher’s methods because of physical and mental limitations that come from different life experiences. Therefore no one teacher has the “exact” method of his or her instructor. All a student of a great teacher like Master Jou who becomes an instructor him or herself can do is show to others what he or she understood his or her teacher to be attempting to impart to them.

In time this information becomes that particular students own personal methodology, taking on characteristics of that person. What you will teach is colored by your understanding of the material, and the teaching you received. These teachings will be based on where your teacher was in his own progress when he imparted his knowledge to you.

Your ideas, forms and practice may contain the same principles or at least the principles as you understand them of your teacher but they can never be exactly the same as your teachers methods. What’s more students who came before or after you got a different version of the masters methods because even masters evolve or perish.

As a student you may be part of a great lineage but the art contained in that lineage is no better than your efforts to develop what you were shown or came to understand. You will only be as good or as bad as our training and the transmission we understood or misinterpreted. Thinking that just because you or I were the first or second person in line to learn from our teacher makes us better than someone else or that it gives us a corner on “the truth” is not realistic thinking.

This is why I say no one has a corner on the truth or on the “real deal” if we as students and teachers can; through our own hard work (gong fu) cause the art of our teacher to function for us delivering even 90% of what the art promises, this is all we can ask for.

Each of his students received something special from Master Jou, Tsung-Hwa and it was not all the same thing. Some of you who were Master Jou’s students learned forms like Yang, Hao and Chen yet I am sure that today your training has evolved and you do them today with a different emphasis than your fellow classmates.

You may feel that this person or that person does not do the form correctly or that they are just wrong in their way of doing what he taught. I submit to you my friends that this is not really wrong it is you doing what you understood to be correct and someone else may understand it a different way. If you can look beyond the forms and celebrate the fact that for a brief time we all shared something wonderful that touched our lives in a very special way then we do not need to be at odds with each other or feel as if we are competing with others over who is right and who is wrong.

In my view we should drop all feelings of elitism and separatism, competitiveness or classifications of who is right and who is wrong and just celebrate the truth that is our own special understanding of what this really remarkable soul left to each of us individually. I have something special you do not, you have something special I do not, let us share freely and not cherish our ideas to heavily this is the way to grow and continue in his spirit in my view.

Even now I can still here his words as clearly as if he were standing beside me as I write this. One day some students in his car going to dinner started to talk about various other students and their abilities or lack thereof. Suddenly he snapped his head around, glared at them with those Push-hands cobra eyes he that could freeze you in your tracks and said.
“Do not criticize!” They shut up and he continued happily with his driving. This was the legacy I celebrate at the gatherings of his students each year. The legacy of “work together, do not criticize, make a little progress” In that respect I suppose I could say he was my teacher of the methods of Wude. Come work with me and I will work with you at the Tai Chi Gala.

John P. Painter


Women's Health

Light your muscles on fire with these battle ropes moves demonstrated by Nike Master Trainer Kirsty Godso! Your body will hate you and love you, all at the same time.


The ancient martial art of Tai Chi has many benefit for students, faculty & staff. Drop in on a @MasonRecFit Tai Chi class today at 5:15 p.m. today at the RAC.

Can't make it today? Don't worry: #taichi classes are held at 5:15 p.m. Mon & Wed through the spring semester:


There's still room in my January 25 Tai Chi principles workshop on Zhong Ding.

I will teach you how to maintain your Zhong Ding, the correct central equilibrium in Tai Chi, in all aspects of movement.

Cost: $40. Visit for info and ticket purchases (or pay at the door). 01/23/2020

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What is Zhong Ding, and how can you work to perfect its practice in Tai Chi? Join David Cohen at his upcoming workshop on January 25 in Fairfax, Va. Get more info at 01/21/2020

Tips from a Penguin: How to avoid falling on the ice

good Tai Chi structure. Penguins can show us the way


Mason Nation, stop by the RAC at 5:15 pm Wednesday, January 22, to try #TaiChi with me.

These hands-on classes M&W this semester will cover a range of topics, including self-defense, internal principles, healing (yourself & others), structure & more!

Not sure it's the class for you? Stop by and give it a try. Or talk to me when you see me at the RAC or Aquatic Center.

Hope to see you there.
George Mason Recreation
George Mason University 01/14/2020

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If you have ever been interested in fly-fishing or even just had a desire to try it or find out more about it, join me for a few hours of discovery and adventure October 12 in Vienna, Va., for an intro to fly-fishing class.

Try it, and who knows: you may get hooked. Info here: 10/07/2019

Pensioners cut risk of falling by almost a fifth if they take up Tai Chi, Oxford University study finds Pensioners can cut the risk of falls by a fifth by practicising Tai Chi and other exercise programmes, research suggests.


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To all my Tai Chi students. This is how it's done. 09/18/2019

Get in Shape With David

Join me at 10:30 am Saturday, September 21, in Fairfax, Va., for this week's Tai Chi workshop: The Science of Elastic Force. Click here for more information: Personal trainer David Cohen provides information about fitness, nutrition and exercise options including Tai Chi, Pilates and personal training.


Adam Mizner

The purpose of training taijiquan is for the attainment of balance and harmony and the cultivation of essence and life. The preoccupation with and indulgence in fighting either mentally, verbally or physically works directly against this purpose. Practitioners of the Way must be wary of this.... 09/16/2019

Neuroscience shows that 50-year-olds can have the brains of 25-year-olds if they sit quietly and do nothing for 15 minutes a day You can see significant positive changes in just 15 minutes a day.


This Saturday 9/13 from. 1:00 to 4:00 I will be holding an intro to fly fishing workshop. At the Vienna Community Center on Cherry street. We will discuss gear, safety and learn four casting techniques. You can sign up today at
Come out and see us.

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