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Jermantown Animal HospitalIvan F. Metzger, D.V.M.-OwnerAnne Ricketts-Hospital Manager

Operating as usual 01/01/2021

FDA issues pet food alert after 28 dogs are reported dead from toxin — CNN

Dog food recall The Food and Drug Administration is alerting pet owners about high levels of aflatoxin in some pet foods after 28 dogs reportedly died and eight others were sickened. 11/11/2020

Knock-off pet meds pulled from Amazon

Just wanted to share this article with everyone. I know I look for better prices on just about everything on Amazon. Somethings you may not want to though!! Three hydrocortisone ear solutions have been removed from Amazon after the products’ assumed manufacturer identified them as counterfeit.

[09/05/20]   25 years ago today I started working here with Doc! It’s been an absolute pleasure to be working here. Our clients have become my friends and some even part of my family! I want to say thank you to everyone for sharing your family with me for all these years. It’s been an amazing pleasure to love and care for your fur babies and for you as well!!


Missing from Oakton area

***UPDATE*** REUNITED!! Biscuit is home safe & sound after 9 days, 0 hours :)

"Thanks for looking. He just turned up at home again 1 week after leaving!"
-Biscuit's Owner
Please spread the word! Biscuit was LOST on June 7, 2020 in Oakton, VA 22124 near Blenheim Drive and Miller Heights Road

Message from Owner: I may have said bad things about him in the past, but I need him back.

Description: Orange male cat, Was abandoned in 2009 outside a relatives house, we took him in. He’s not ferral but he very much an outdoor cat. He has claws, he is neutered. He had surgery for an accident on his rear left leg - tendon replacement.
No collar - he just won’t keep them on.
Microchipped - number 0a115a4f49
He has stayed overnight before especially in spring, but never this long. He has a very healthy appetite, and eats about 4 times a day. He hunts a lot.

For more info or to contact Biscuit's owner, click here:

Lost or found a pet? Report it to PawBoost here:


Does anyone know the owner of this kitty?

Please spread the word so we can find this pet's family! FOUND on June 12, 2020 in Fairfax, VA 22030 near Fairfax county fire department

Message from Finder: Very friendly kitty! Seems like he or she had been well taken care of

Description: Chunky orange cat found sitting out by the fire station sign. It let me approach and pet it but my dog ended up scaring it away. Looks well fed and is very friendly

Do you have information? Contact finder here:

Lost or found a pet? Report it to PawBoost here:


Ruby loves it when our UPS driver has a delivery!!


[03/16/20]   Important message to our clients!!!
I will be placing food orders tomorrow if you are in need of getting any of the prescription foods to make sure you have enough on hand please call the office to let me know what you need. Reasons to order your food are if you might go on quarantine or the food warehouses close and aren’t able to deliver in the up coming weeks. Plan ahead but don’t panic!! The office number is 703-273-5055. Make note some orders may require pre-payment depending on their size.


We would like to welcome Amelia (Mia) to the JAH Family!! Congratulations to the new grandparents!!


Does anyone know this kitty’s owner?

***UPDATE*** REUNITED!! this pet is home safe & sound :)

Please spread the word so we can find this pet's family! FOUND on May 9, 2019 in Oakton, VA 22124 Near Bushman Dr & Summit Square Dr

Message from Finder: Is anyone missing their sweet male cat? Found off of Bushman Drive. He was very friendly and immediately approached my dog and I - rubbing all over our legs. He had some shaved spots on his forearms and all over his belly (animal control thinks he recently had surgery). He was extremely emaciated and seemed very hungry. Animal control now has him as I couldn’t keep him with our dog. If he is healthy, he will go up for adoption with the animal shelter and will be available for 10 days before euthanized. Please help me get this kitty home!!! He has a white patch under his throat.

Description: Black with a white spot under his neck. Recently had surgery on abdomen. Shaved spots on abdomen and legs. He is now in possession of Animal Control. Call 703-830-1100!!!

Do you have information? Contact finder here:

Lost or found a pet? Report it to PawBoost here: 05/09/2019

Dogs Fed Some Popular Diets Could Be at Risk of Heart Disease University of California, Davis, veterinarians led a team that has found a link between some popular grain-free, legume-rich dog diets and a type of nutritional deficiency and canine heart disease known as taurine-deficient dilated cardiomyopathy. The study was recently published in the journal PLOS...


Does anyone recognize this GSD that was picked up in the Oakton area? Please contact the FCAS if you know who this beauty belongs to.

This beauty was found this afternoon on Blake Lane in Oakton. She was taken to Fairfax Co Animal Shelter.


Doc meeting the next generation of JAH’s family!!


City of Fairfax Animal Control and Animal Shelter

LOST DOG: Stella went missing from the Mantua area in Fairfax County last week. She is a rescue who dog who can be a bit timid. If seen please call 703-615-5286. 08/13/2018

FDA Approves NexGard for prevention of infections that cause Lyme disease in dogs FDA has approved NexGard (afoxolaner), a chewable tablet administered once monthly to dogs, for the prevention of Borrelia burgdorferi (B. burgdorferi) infections by killing Black-legged ticks (Ixodes scapularis), which carry the bacterium.


The Dogington Post

Vital information for pet parents during the scorching heat of summer. Please PAW it forward! 07/14/2018

Beloved lab dies from saltwater poisoning at popular Bay area dog beach

Use caution when taking our 4-legged kids to the beach! Chris Taylor never thought something like this would happen. How could it?

[07/04/18]   Happy 4th of July everyone!! Please remember to keep your pets indide this evening while the area fireworks 💥 are being exploded!! If needed turn on some music 🎵 inside with the volume up so they can’t be heard as well. We hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!! We will re-open tomorrow at regular business hours of 7-7pm!


I can’t express how much you should not leave your dogs and cats outside unattended!

PET SAFETY ALERT: Animal Protection Police Officers and the Fairfax County Wildlife Management Specialist are monitoring coyote activity after a small dog was attacked and killed in the forested area of the Parklawn community. Dogs are vulnerable to coyote confrontations, especially when unattended. Conflicts between dogs and coyotes can happen year-round but are more likely during coyote mating season (January-March) and when coyotes are caring for their young (March-August). Unprovoked conflicts between humans and coyotes are extremely rare. Coyotes are an established part of the local wildlife community in Fairfax County and the mere presence of coyotes should not alarm you.

To help prevent conflicts and the likelihood of a confrontation with a coyote:

• Never feed a coyote
• Securely cover your trash bins and compost piles
• Do not feed pets outside or store pet food outside
• Do not leave your pet unattended, even in a fenced yard
• Keep cats indoors
• Pick up ripe, fallen fruit and do not let it accumulate on the ground
• Keep dogs on short leashes (less than 6 feet) while walking outside
• Install motion sensor lights or a motion activated sprinkler around your home

The Fairfax County Police Department’s Animal Services Division is working to monitor coyote activity in the area using area searches and game cameras. Personnel are coordinating these efforts with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries to determine if additional actions need to be taken. Reports of aggressive, sick or injured animals should be made to the Fairfax County Animal Protection Police through the Police non-emergency number at 703-691-2131.

More information on coyotes and what to do if you see one can be found at: and


Rudy's Friends Dog Training, Inc

Since we are seeing puppies/dogs being adopted at this time and with clear the shelters coming up, I wanted to share this trainer who several of our clients have or are still using Anne Davis of Rudy’s Friends Training for their new or existing 4-legged fur babies. All of our clients speak very highly of Anne and her training!! So please contact her if you are having any issues or just need puppy or obedience training!!

Help your dog learn some manners with "positive motivational training." We offer private in-home training as well as small group classes. Check our website for details:


Please please keep your eyes out for Maui!!!

Please spread the word! Maui was LOST on May 12, 2018 in Oakton, VA 22124 Near Miller Rd & Miller Heights Rd

Description: Light Brown Greyhound

For more info or to contact Maui's owner, click here:

Lost or found a pet? Report it to PawBoost here: 05/01/2018

Dog Likely Attacked By Hawk In Aberdeen, Vet Says

Even though this incident happened in NJ we have plenty birds of prey locally The Samoyed was brought in with puncture wounds consistent with being grabbed by a hawk. A similar incident may have happened in Middletown.


Tomasito made it home to his family!!

***UPDATE*** REUNITED!! Tomasito is home safe & sound :)
Please spread the word! Tomasito was LOST on April 4, 2018 in Chantilly, VA 20151 near Near Eagle Chase Cir & Penny Tree Pl

Message from Owner: Tomasito, indoor cat very friendly.

Description: 5 year old Tabby, micro chipped. Accidentally locked out.

For more info or to contact Tomasito's owner, click here:

Lost or found a pet? Report it to PawBoost here:


This one is looking for his family!!

Please spread the word so we can find this pet's family! FOUND on March 15, 2018 in Fairfax, VA 22030 Near Redford Ct & San Carlos Dr

Description: Fluffy long hair cat. It’s been living under my deck for a couple of months. It was feral and sad looking. Now I feed them so it’s not afraid of me anymore. It roams around during the day.

Do you have information? Contact finder here:

Lost or found a pet? Report it to PawBoost here:


Keep an eye out for Tomasito!!

***UPDATE*** REUNITED!! Tomasito is home safe & sound :)
Please spread the word! Tomasito was LOST on April 4, 2018 in Chantilly, VA 20151 near Near Eagle Chase Cir & Penny Tree Pl

Message from Owner: Tomasito, indoor cat very friendly.

Description: 5 year old Tabby, micro chipped. Accidentally locked out.

For more info or to contact Tomasito's owner, click here:

Lost or found a pet? Report it to PawBoost here: 01/13/2018

6-year-old boy fighting rabies as family hopes for cure

Just a warning about rabies A 6-year-old boy, Ryker Roque, is fighting rabies in an Orlando hospital. Doctors are trying the Milwaukee Protocol, which has saved only 2 U.S. kids before.


Today Show

Culprits include chocolate cake, Santa Claus figurines, Advent calendars and more.


Hill’s Pet Nutrition

What’s beautiful, festive and downright dangerous? Find out with this list of perilous plants your pet should avoid this holiday season. #HillsTransformingLives


Arlington Now

Antibiotic resistance doesn't just affect humans, it affects our pets too


Fairfax City Patch

A rabid raccoon was found in a Virginia park. Do you know the signs of rabies? 08/24/2017

Virginia's Attorney General Warns of Purebred Puppy Scams

Virginia's Attorney General Warns of Purebred Puppy Scams Virginia’s attorney general warned residents of ongoing scams claiming to sell purebred puppies online.

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Having fun this morning playing with the furbabies!! Pippa, the little one, likes taking the toys from Jasper. Then Jasp...




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