U.S. Tae Kwon Do College - Fairfax

U.S. Tae Kwon Do College - Fairfax


Guidepost Montessori at Fairfax had our 1st Tae Kwon Do class with Master John! It was wonderful, and the children LOVED it. We are very excited to see the positive effect this has on our students!
Hi, I'm from Ukraine! I'm in Ukraine now. I'm founder of the first extreme martial arts performance team in Eastern Europe, Team Tora. I'm practicing Taekwondo WTF. I like poomsae, martial arts tricking, bo staff freestyle, nunchuks freestyle, shoot and edit videos, photos, I like drawing, I'm graphic designer. I can train demonstration performance team. It's me https://pp.userapi.com/c636831/v636831020/34e55/1mbmFLnUjqo.jpg If Your school able to be a sponsor for me in US I able to pay fpr plane tickets and I could come. https://youtu.be/3H5-3vtL2zE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpiBICDsh3Y https://vimeo.com/39549580 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh3WktXnwi0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hzeNqUN-4w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJZqG3Wc4Sk https://youtu.be/07RmMUWAQeQ
do You need taekwondo/tricking instructor?

After school Pick up program,Summer camp and Daily Martial Arts training for age 4 yrs and up to Adults students. Providing the best quality of Martial arts program including Online and In-Person class.

Also, we provide an online distance learning care program for working parents. God Bless all the nations and families.

Operating as usual

Our class always has a good vibe whether it is online or in-person class. All students are encouraged to each other as one team and eager to improve themselves. The bottom of the words well explained about our students.

A true student is like a sponge. Absorbing what goes on around them. Filtering it and launching on to what he or she can hold.

A student is self-critical and self-motivated. Always trying to improve his or her's understanding so that he or she can move on to the next level and the next challenge.

That is so true and we are so proud of our students!

Have a blessing Friday to all and God bless America!

하나님 모든 영광 받으시옵소서.

We will be closed on Monday, October 12 for Columbus Day.
There will be no Online and In-Person Taekwondo classes that day.
Have a wonderful weekend with Family!

God bless all the nations and families.

하나님 감사드립니다.모든 영광 받으시옵소서!

U.S. Tae Kwon Do College - Fairfax's cover photo

How serious your children can be?

Our students get a balance of seriousness and fun activity during the training session.

We never lose the value of the Martial arts whether online class or in-person class.

If you are struggling to handle your child's mental stress level and physical health, bring to us, we will be your parenting partner!

Have a blessed day to all.

**If your child did not pick up the new belt yet, please stop by this week before 2 P.M, and make sure to contact us at [email protected] before you stop by.

하나님 감사드립니다. 모든 영광 받으시옵소서!

What makes you smile?

One of our students drew on the board what she loves and she drew the portrait of me with my old hairstyle.

I have changed my hairstyle as the buzz cut since the pandemic, but the kid told me that she loves my old hairstyle more than the current buzz cut.

She made me smile ^^

I think that I should grow my hair back to the old hairstyle to make her happy. I felt blessed by that comment!

We love our kids, they make us happy and laugh!

Have a wonderful day to all and God bless you.

하나님 감사드립니다! 모든 영광 받으시옵소서.

Once a good student is always a good student!

We are really happy with our student's mentality and behavior of act, they are kind, bright, and respectful.

What do you need more for your children?

How does your child manage schoolwork and daily tasks?

How do you balance your child's mental and physical health?

Do they handle good enough for their stress level or Do you?

Our program balances for student's mental and physical health, also socialize with peers with a Social distance!

Reserve your spot for your child's In-person class, we have very few spots left due to the limit of students.

Have a wonderful day and God bless all!

Our students are wonderful listeners and great motivators!

What a great combination!

The official test is coming soon and we are more than ready!

Have a wonderful day and God bless all!

What makes your Martial art class so special?

Our students always try their best to apply the respectful attitude and discipline in class and daily life.

It makes our class so special! the Student's attitude!

Many parents have asked that can you still teach the good quality of martial art skills and disciplined attitude in Online Class?

The answer is " Yes!!" See for yourself!

Because we never have changed the instruction of values and the essence of Martial art which are discipline and respect!

Our class still has a High Bar of standards.

Come and join us, you will be the eyewitnesses and your kids will become a disciplined child who listens and show respect to the parents, teachers, and peers.

God bless all the families and nations.

하나님 감사드립니다.모든 영광 받으시옵소서.

The new way of Tae Kwon Do Sit!

However, the essence of Martial art and the Quality of Instructions are never changed!

"No Pains and no gains", "Never give up", "The steady wins the race", " Become a disciplined and respectful person"," Have an Integrity and perseverance"

Together, we will overcome and a child's education should not be stopped!

God bless all the families and nations.

하나님,힘든 시간 속에서도,이 감사한 마음 끝까지 지켜주시고,아이들의 정신적,육체적 건강을 위해 끊임없이 기도하게 하여주시옵소서!

Attention all students and parents!
From Tuesday, September 8, we are changing our schedule to accommodate students' school schedules.

Key Changes: New class time, New password, and More In-person class with a minimum number of students per class.

▪️ New class times - We have adjusted class start times to accommodate the school year schedule. Some classes have different start times depending on the day of the week.

▪️ More In-person classes! - We have added additional in-person classes to accommodate our cap of 8 students per class. Students must sign up by email to attend up to one or two classes per week.

▪️ Different Belt Levels for classes - We have adjusted belt levels and curriculum for the classes to ensure we have the right number of students for a good class.

We will send the full information with Schedule and New Zoom Password by this Saturday Night.

If you want to resume your program or change to In-Person class, please send us an email at [email protected]

Also, please check your email or spam folders by this Saturday evening if you do not receive it, email us at
[email protected] to let us know.

**No Class on Labor day weekend to Sept 7th,2020

Have a Blessed weekend.

God bless all the nations and families.

Excited to announce that we will be offering an online distance learning program for the fall semester.

The program allows students a safe place to conduct their online classes with available (Martial Arts Counselors) on hand to supervise homework, monitor online school, provide Martial Arts training, and some extracurricular activities.

The program is full-day childcare and structured virtual learning program atmospheres.

This program will serve the needs of parents who will need childcare services and a safe environment where their children can learn and have social interaction with other children while complying with social distancing protocols.

Call or message for more info at [email protected] or 703)691-1002

** Space is very limited and once it gets the limited number of students, we will no longer add more students for safety reasons.

Reconnect the Training with us!

What is the scale of your child's Mental and Physical health level?

Martial art training continues to help and guide to improve your child's mental and physical health.

Continue the training or Back to the training!

Now, our school has been successfully delivered the life values to online and offline class.

Now, we have opened the in-person class with a limited number of students.

If you or your child want to reconnect those parts of benefits, please let us know at [email protected] or call us at 703)691-1002

The official test will start on July 31st,2020.

There will be no regular class on the test day.

All Martial Artists are Beginners:
Some of us have just been Beginning longer and never given up! -J.R West

Being a Black belt will be easy? Nope!
Worth it? Absolutely!

We teach more of Discipline and Respectful Attitude during the class and that is our school's specialty and strength.

Before becoming a Strong Person, become a Good Person first!! Black belt attitude!!

If you have any questions on the upcoming test, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 703)691-1002

God bless all the nations and families.

하나님 감사드립니다. 모든 영광 받으시옵소서!


This is an official test reminder: July 31st,2020( Friday )

Time and Password will be announced after returning an email.

It is always great to see our students in our program. Now, we will set up an official test for students who are ready for the next rank.

If your child will take a test, please respond us no later than July 29th,2020 to get a new Zoom password and Time for the test.

The official test date will be July 31st,2020. We will only offer a virtual test this time. Also, there will be no regular class on the test day.

We will test for 4 different categories:

1.Discipline: Class attitude and Effort of Training

2.Curriculum: All the curriculums

3.Basic Movements: Various of kicking and punching combinations

4.Physical Conditioning: Various of Workout

5.Weapons: Black Belt Only

If you have any questions, please let us know at any time.

Sincerely Master Park

God bless all the nations and families!

U.S. Tae Kwon Do College of Fairfax
11215-F Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22030
(703) 691- 1002

The Message of Hope:
모든 영광 하나님께! 오직 예수님!

For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life. John 3:16

Kids always have fun with Friends!

Our students are very mature and respectful.

Our school very strictly apply the health and safety protocol for kids.

Even so, students totally understand and aware of the current situation, so they keep up the social distance with safety protocol very well.

Fun with Discipline!

What a great combination for the students.

God bless all and have a wonderful day.

하나님 감사드립니다.모든 영광 받으시옵소서.

We have had a blessing online and in school classes!

For the students, this is not only a Gym, but this is also a second home.

Whenever I felt that I feel more responsible to teach and help them right.

Whatever we taught to them, we have to do it first and show them as an example.

Kids know well about who follows a word or who fakes an action.

God bless all and have a wonderful weekend!

하나님 감사드립니다! 모든 영광 받으시옵소서❤

Lents Taekwondo 렌츠 태권도

We hope and pray that you all had a great weekend.

We resume on In-School class.

It is strictly limited with a minimum number of students and we will follow the health protocol all the time.

This is not easy and convenient for the parents and students, but they still wanted to come back in person and endure with all those uncomfortable procedures.

They are the most dedicated students.

I am so thankful for their love of Martial arts and dedication.

So, I share one of video from Lents T.K.D.

Look at this youngest Martial artist! HOW SERIOUS HE IS!!

For the learning, the age does not really matter, the passion of learning is the real matter!

What is your passion for?

School is closed but learning must go on!

Have a blessed day and see you all soon!

Can we talk about how cute this little Martial Artist is?!?! 🙀🥋😍🙅🏽🤗💞

#LentsTaekwondo #렌츠태권도

Have a Happy Independence Day.
(No class on July 3rd,2020)

We will not have a class on July 3rd for the observation of Independence day.

We hope and pray that you have a wonderful time with your family.

Also, our In-school class will resume on July 7th,2020 with strick health protocol and a limited number of students in each class.

Option 2: Online class only
Option 3: Online and Offline mix
Option 4: In-school class only

**If your child has chosen Option 3 or 4, please send us one more confirmation for sure to finalize which option you want to be, then you will get a separate email with a schedule by Saturday night.

**If your child has chosen Option 2 but wants to change to Option 3 and 4, you have to send us an email by July 3rd at [email protected] to get a schedule.

However, if you just change your option now, your child may start on the week of July 7th or may start the following week for safety reasons.

Once again, thank you so much for your undivided support and kindness toward our program.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

God bless all the nations and families.

Sincerely Master Park

We deeply appreciate our students!

Most of them came to the class more than 15 min earlier to sit and wait for the class.

The best thing that I can do for them is to teach the class with 100% of my heart.

Also, praying for each individual student and family.

Thank you all the students who remained the class and continue to support the school even this difficult time.

We truly appreciate that.

We may not be the best, but we will try our 100% best for our precious students.

Sincerely Master Park.

God bless all the nations and families.

하나님 모든 영광 받으시옵소서.

Friendly Reminder of U.S.T.C:

New Schedule will apply Today.

Make sure to check your class time and password before the Online live class.

If you have not contacted us, please email us at [email protected]mail.com.

Also, check the new outline for the school. We try our best and to be sure for our student's Safety👋👋👋

God is Always Good👊👊👊

Have a blessed day!

하나님 지혜와 명철을 주시고,주님의 이름을 인하여 아이들의 안전과 도장을 보살펴 주시옵소서!

Attention all US Taekwondo College Families! We have some exciting news! Northern Virginia is entering Phase II at the end of this week and we plan to begin reopening our physical location.

Our class sizes will strickly be monitored and limited to maintain a proper social distance all the time.

Each student will have their own spot and Target and will stay at designated areas all the time. We will also have 30 min Break each classes to disinfect, sanitize and clean tools for the next session's students.

We will be proactive in following CDC requirements to ensure our environment is safe, clean, and sanitized for our students and staffs.

We even equiped an Air purifier to refresh the air!

We will also continue to provide our online classes for those students who may not yet feel comfortable coming back to our school in person.

Once again, thank you all for your support through this difficult time. We feel blessed and so proud of our students for continuing their training and working so hard under these circumstances.

We will post and email the updated schedule later this week.

If you have any questions, please send email at [email protected].

God may continue to bless and heal all the nations and families.

너는 여호와를 바랄찌어다 강하고 담대하며 여호와를 바랄찌어다 시편 27:14

How do you handle the new normal!

The month of June will be Buddy Month!

All your friends, newcomers, old students who stop learning, cousins, siblings, moms, and daddies are welcome to join our class. Invite them to your class and share the moments.

Family kicks together and sticks together!

It already has been more than two months that our life has impacted by pandemic.

Since then, every corner of life has been changed, way of look, way of social and way of learning!

It is not always easy to accept life challenges, but life should never stop moving forward even we facing the most difficult obstacles.

As a Master and teacher, we really hope and pray that our program has helped your precious children to grow up.

Again, we challenge your child to step out of their comfort zone and jump into the class if your child has not been in the class for any reason.

As you know, the true essence and value of Martial art is discipline and respect.

A child's mental health is as equally important as physical health or sometimes it is more important than physical health!

Strong Mind and Strong Body! No pain and No gain!

We have had great comments from students and parents who join the zoom live class and we want your child has as the same benefits as other kids

Let's teach our young generation to follow the discipline, not the mood.

The mood always can be changed by circumstance, but the discipline does not!

We will provide the zoom live class as long as our situation has allowed, so let your child join the class and let them handle the new normal!

God may bless all the nations and families.

여호와께 감사하고 그의 이름을 불러 아뢰며 그가 하는 일을 만민중에 알게 할지어다.시편 105:1

We honor the memories of those who gave their lives for us this and every Memorial Day.

Remember and Honor.

God bless all the nations and families.

하나님! 하나님!

나의 아버지 되시는 하나님!

저가 내게 부르기를 주는 나의 아버지시요 나의 하나님이시요 나의 구원의 바위시라 하리로다

나의 하나님이 그리스도 예수 안에서 영광 가운데 그 풍성한대로 너희 모든 쓸 것을 채우시리라

하나님 곧 우리 아버지께 세세 무궁토록 영광을 돌릴찌어다 아멘

빌립보서 4:19-20

Congratulation to All Testers!

Tomorrow is a Big Day for you, The first Virtual Test!!!

This is the first experience for us as well and we are all thrilled!

Don't be a sitter! Be a Challenger!

We have sent the test time and password tonight.

**If you did not get the test time and a new zoom password for the test, please email us at [email protected].

Don't give up!

Question 1:
Does your child get enough personal attention and encouragement?

Question 2:
Does your child do a real workout?

Answer: We are here for you!!

Master says:
It is nothing but Jumping Jack's!
How easy! Don't stop! I can do it, then you can do it too! No pain and no gain! Thank you! We can do better and more!
Work hard! Do your best!
Good Job! Don't give up! Let's do it!
Sure you can do it! We trust you!
That is amazing! You are wonderful!
I love you! Show your love to the family!
Be a Good person! Be Respectful Person! Reach your goal! We love you! We miss you! God loves you.

Support us to support your child!

God bless all the nations and families.

하나님 감사드립니다!

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Don't give up!
This is a Real class, Not just online class!  This is The Online class👊👊👊
Update online training.
10 steps of U.S.T.C
Weapon training
Little kicker vs teens
Summer Camp
Happy Blessing Birthday🥰



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