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Caring Hands Matter


I completely agree with the authors opinion on long term care policies. After doing significant research for myself I determined that the monthly and up front lump sum long term care policies were not for me. There are simply too many variables out of your control that can cause your premiums to skyrocket leaving you holding the bag. Alternatively, a government insured reverse mortgage, known commonly as a HECM, will provide a growing credit line that will provide eligible borrowers a much more cost effective and flexible means of providing a financial backstop in the event care is needed. The reverse mortgage program is much safer today than it was prior to 20013. The smart people will learn how to augment a reverse mortgage into their retirement plan early on in the planning process. #reversemortgage #LTC #retirement #inhomecare

In Home Health Care, Personal Assistance Service, Fairfax, Virginia Caring Hands Matter.
“We bring caring to your home”
With today’s fast paced lifestyles and ever increasing cost of health care, more and more families are turning to home care for their loved ones.

Families demand reliable, well supervised care and yet need it to be affordable care. Caring Hands Matter is the answer to what you have been looking for. We are fully insured, fully licensed, full service companion agency specializing in assisting your loved one with activities of daily living.

Operating as usual 10/24/2017

A Guide to Meal Preparation for Seniors - Caring Hands Matter

Preparing a meal for a senior is not always an easy task; particularly if they do not have much of an appetite or tend to always prefer eating the same things. Variety is the spice of life, and this is especially true with regards to a senior’s diet. As we get older, we tend to fall into a... In order to benefit from senior home care services, it’s recommended that you consider the following tips about meal preparation for seniors. 10/12/2017

The Benefits of Meditation for All Ages - Caring Hands Matter

Meditation is often misunderstood. In the minds of some, meditation is simply when you focus your mind intently on one subject. Still others perceive meditation to be when you mentally visualize a tranquil scene (like walking on the beach). Technically speaking, neither of these assumptions are... For any seniors who are vulnerable to or in the early stages of a chronic motor disease, meditation will help deter the symptoms. 09/28/2017

Yoga Basics for Seniors - Caring Hands Matter

Yoga is a form of exercise that involves different physical postures. These postures, or positions, are meant to work wonders for both the body and the mind. The word ‘yoga’ is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘to yoke’ or ‘to bind’. This origin of the... Yoga is a form of exercise that involves different physical postures. Yoga for seniors is a great way to incorporate exercise into their health plan. 09/13/2017

Guide to 2017's Best Cell Phones for Seniors - Caring Hands Matter

In today’s fast-moving technological world, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest gadgets—after all, a phone’s a phone right? It seems that the minute you buy a fancy new phone, they’re getting a newer model ready to go to market before you’ve even learned the ins and outs... Do you have an elderly loved one that still lives on their own and are mobile? Here is a guide for the best cell phones for seniors in 2017. 08/23/2017

Exercise Ideas for the Elderly - Caring Hands Matter

The benefits of exercising number far more than simply improving your body or losing weight. Exercise is known to boost happiness levels, reduce the risk of heart disease, help you sleep better, and even increase your energy. Although you might think regular exercise would exhaust your energy,... It’s clear that exercise is important for all, but there are additional benefits when it comes to the elderly. Exercise & Elder Care tips by caring hands! 08/09/2017

Why are Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) Important for Seniors? - Caring Hands Matter

Most forms of long-term health care involve helping out with the everyday needs of seniors as opposed to medical care. The activities of daily living (hereafter called ADLs) are important for seniors quite simply because they are essential to not just living, but living a full and healthy... In this blog, you will learn why these 6 activities of daily living are so important for seniors and why in-home care can be a viable solution. 07/26/2017

Individualized In-Home Care Models - Caring Hands Matter

If your loved one is ill or simply needs an extra pair of hands to help around the house, consider hiring in-home care. Everybody’s needs are different, and because of that, it’s crucial that you choose a caregiver who provides individualized care to every person they help.
When you’re looking... Thinking of hiring extra help for your loved one? Here’s why it’s so important to work with a caregiver who uses an individualized in-home care model. 07/12/2017

When your loved one is terminally ill, there may come a point where you begin considering hospice care for them. Hospice care is a type of medical care that’s given to patients who are facing the end of their life. To qualify for hospice care, a patient must have been given a diagnosis of six... 07/06/2017

In-Home Care vs Assisted Living Facilities - Caring Hands Matter

In-Home Care vs Assisted Living Facilities In-home care is a popular choice because it allows the elderly person in question to remain relatively independent and stay in their own homes.


The Advantages of Receiving Health Care in the Home - Caring Hands Matter

The Advantages of Receiving Health Care in the Home Home health care, is a care option of increasing popularity in America, largely because those who want to stay in their home can retain some independence.


Three Common Difficulties for the Elderly Around the Home - Caring Hands Matter

Three Common Difficulties for the Elderly Around the Home Before deciding if in-home care is required, and to what extent, it's best to consider three of the most common difficulties for the elderly around the home 07/06/2017

Lightening the Responsibilities of Primary Caregivers - Caring Hands Matter

Lightening the Responsibilities of Primary Caregivers Instead of suffering through stress & overwork, primary caregivers should reach out for more information in order to make the best & most-informed decisions 07/06/2017

How Personal Home Care Enables Independence for the Elderly - Caring Hands Matter

How Personal Home Care Enables Independence for the Elderly Oftentimes, an aging person just needs a little boost. From companionship to key assistance with certain tasks, personal home care can be a quality option. 07/06/2017

3 Ways a Home Care Service Can Help New Moms Out Around the House - Caring Hands Matter

3 Ways a Home Care Service Can Help New Moms Out Around the House In this sensitive time of transition, a home care service can help a new mom prepare for this new stage of life by lightening the workload around the home. 07/06/2017

Caring for an Alzheimer's Patient - Caring Hands Matter

Caring for an Alzheimer's Patient Know the stages of Alzheimer's to care for a loved-one with Alzheimer's disease. Read this before caring for the complex needs of an Alzheimer's patient. 07/06/2017

In-Home Care Professionals Provide an Important Respite for Primary Care Givers - Caring Hands Matter

In-Home Care Professionals Provide an Important Respite for Primary Care Givers In-Home Care professionals nurture with true respite care, providing a variety of medical, hygiene, household, and social services, to relieve the family.


The Flexibility of In-Home Care - Caring Hands Matter

The Flexibility of In-Home Care The flexibility of in-home care provides peace of mind to the loved-one and their family. Have your loved-one cared for in the comfort of their own home. 07/06/2017

Supporting Activities of Daily Living - Caring Hands Matter

Supporting Activities of Daily Living Activities of daily living are generally defined as "the things we normally do," and what constitutes a particular ADL for a person can vary greatly. 07/06/2017

How In-Home Care Provides Companionship for the Elderly - Caring Hands Matter

How In-Home Care Provides Companionship for the Elderly To understand how these services may provide companionship for a loved one, it is important to know what in-home care can offer for an individual in need. 07/06/2017

What Qualifies a Person to Provide In-Home Care? - Caring Hands Matter

What Qualifies a Person to Provide In-Home Care? In-home care services are provided for individuals that require a level of care that can be offered in the home, with a heavy emphasis on companionship.

Caring Hands Matter 01/03/2017

How In-Home Care can Help Overwhelmed New Moms - Caring Hands Matter

Motherhood can be an intimidating process, and there may come a time when an expecting or new mother needs a helping hand. Once the baby fever has subsided and the house becomes quiet, a new mom may need assistance with her activities of daily living.
There is no shame in needing help at this...

Caring Hands Matter There is no shame in needing help. A new moms most important focus should be on her child. Feeding and stimulating a newborn is imperative to their growth. 07/07/2016

Difference Between Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living...

In-home care provides support with essential "Activites of Daily Living" (ADLs). However, there are also more specific categories of ADLs such as "Instrumental Activities of Daily Living" (IADLs). During an evaluation, ADLs and IADLs will be assessed. Here is a useful article that discusses the importance and differences of each. Please like, comment, or share this article to help spread this useful information to others! One of the most troubling aspects of advanced age is the inability to do simple tasks as easily and readily as was once was possible. Even the most basic of tasks can fall victim to old age, much m… 05/02/2016

How to Manage Later Stages of Postpartum Depression

New moms have a lot to manage and unfortunately, some will be faced with the difficulties of postpartum depression. Keep reading to learn more about this important issue and how in-home care can help new moms! “My son is in the 95th percentile for weight and height!” “My daughter is two months old and already in 6-9 month onesies!” “Most kids crawl between 6-9 months? Well my kid is five months old and c… 03/28/2016

Prevention and Curing Alzheimer’s/Dementia – New Research Explained

Alzheimer's/Dementia affects millions of individuals across the U.S. Although currently there is no cure, there is ground breaking research being done in an effort to find better ways to combat the disease. Read our informational article below that discusses some of the latest efforts being pursued by the scientific community. Alzheimer’s is not the only cause of dementia, but it is the most common, responsible for about 60-80% of all dementia cases. If is one of the most feared conditions, mainly because of the mystery … 03/16/2016

Benefits of Dancing/Exercise for Alzeimer Prevention

Exercising such as dancing has numerous benefits for our health and wellness. But did you know that staying active may help to prevent Alzheimer's? Read more to learn more about how moving to the music is good for your health and mind! It can be difficult to know whether or not an elderly loved one will get Alzheimer’s disease. The likelihood of Alzheimer’s does increase with age, with about 1 in 14 people over the age of 65 diag… 02/26/2016

The Importance of Socialization for Seniors at Home

Caring for seniors at home can be both challenging and rewarding. Here is a useful blog that talks about the benefits of socialization for seniors being cared for at home. Please like and share if you enjoyed reading! Living in the age of social media, it may be hard to imagine an environment in which people are not connected. A simple post on Facebook often garners responses from a wide variety of connections –… 01/19/2016

Caring For New Mothers After Birth

Being a new mother isn't easy, but here is a useful blog article that gives some tips on how new mothers can stay healthy and feel their best after birth. Please like and share if you enjoyed reading! The postpartum period that begins after the birth of a newborn is a critical time for new mothers. This period will generally last six to eight weeks. During this time, a new mother’s body will be … 01/14/2016

Staying Healthy As A Caregiver

As a caregiver, it is important to take care of yourself because other depend on you. Although it isn't always so easy, here are some tips of how caregivers can stay healthy. Please like, share or comment if you found this article useful! Being responsible as the caregiver for an elder or individual with special needs can take its toll. Many individuals underestimate the emotional and physical difficulties that come with the respons… 01/13/2016

Pets As Senior Companions

Pets can be valuable companions for seniors receiving personal home care services. Click to read more about the positive impacts of pet companions and please like, share or comment if you enjoyed reading! Friends come in all shapes and sizes. Pets can provide additional companionship for seniors or individuals with special needs who require home care. Families should always weigh the pros and cons o… 01/09/2016

Caring for Elderly Parents

Millions of adults are caring for their aging parents at home.Here is an informative blog article that discusses some key issues every caregiver should be aware of. Please like and share if you found this article useful! As we age, there is a natural progression when a child and parent switch roles. In many families, adult children have become the caretaker for their aging parent. This transition or role-reversal c… 01/08/2016

5 Reasons to Choose Home Senior Care

Read a useful blog about some of the benefits of having some extra assistance when caring for an elderly parent or loved one at home.

Please like and share if you enjoyed reading! Due to several factors such as better medical care, the life expectancy for most developed countries is increasing and the elderly population for these countries is also increasing. Some research p… 12/18/2015

How Your Diet Can Affect Your Mind

Here's an interesting blog article that gives the phrase "food for thought" a whole new meaning. Please like and share! The foods you eat could be of vital importance when it comes to keeping your mind sharp. Research studies show that certain foods are far more beneficial to our health than others. In the case of A… 12/16/2015

To All New Mothers – Get Some Rest!

Getting rest as a new mother isn't easy, but here are some tips to help new moms get the rest they need. Please like and share if you enjoyed reading! New mothers often struggle with sleep, it’s no secret. It can take months to figure out how to calm the mind before trying to sleep. A recent survey by Sleep Number claims that up to 54% of America… 12/01/2015

Understanding Memory Loss

Here's some interesting information about memory loss. Please like and share if you enjoyed reading! Forgetful? Neurology’s newly published study embarks on the subject of memory decline.More than 500 “cognitively intact” 60+ year old volunteers participated in an ongoing analytical research study… 11/23/2015

Senior Moments Can Be A Good Thing

Learn more about why forgetful moments can be an encouraging sign that dementia is far off. Please "like" and "share" if you enjoyed this article! Concern about having senior moments is an excellent sign that the mind is still in good shape. Scientists have discovered that noticing small lapses in one’s memory means that dementia is still yea…

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