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Free honeybee swarm collection, beekeeping learning opportunities, colony sales, pollination services, honey, beeswax, and other honeybee hive products.

Nuisance honeybee hive removal, free swarm collection, beekeeping learning opportunities, beehives and hive products.

Sweet Magic: Summer Solstice Honey Cookies Then followed that beautiful season… Summer… Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape Lay as if newly created in all the freshness of childhood. ~Henry Wads…

Is me.

Well that was easy

You're Worrying About the Wrong Bees

“"Save the Bees!" is a common refrain these days, and it's great to see people interested in the little animals critical for our food supply around the globe. But I have one quibble: you're talking about the wrong bees.

Honey bees will be fine. They are a globally distributed, domesticated animal. Apis mellifera will not go extinct, and the species is not remotely threatened with extinction.” Honey bees will be fine. It's the other 3,999 species of bees in North America we need to worry about.

Cold Blood & Warm Hearts

Lots of wildlife being displaced due to all this flooding. I understand that some of your outdoor guests are a little more welcome than others but there is no reason to harm any of them. You may encounter critters that you never see inside your home right now.

If you do not feel comfortable having tarantulas around, please gently chase the spider into a jar with a leaf or other long object with a soft end, and deposit it as far away as you feel comfortable. Remember, these animals are completely beneficial to humans, feeding on cockroaches, crickets, scorpions and even mice.

The tarantula's bite is no worse than a wasp or bee sting--but they seldom bite. They also make good pets. Let them live. 🕷️❤️

Photo credit to Norm Lavers

Bread and Roses 1912-2012

Artist is Courtney Privett.

This sums up exactly how I got into, will remain in, and always encourage others to do beekeeping.

The last of the spring honey is gone, now. If you missed out, let me know if you’d like to preorder for the next batch to ensure you get some! I’ll pull again in a few weeks, depending on how the weather and swarm urges cooperate.

Yay, more televised ignorance and destruction. Wouldn’t want anything pointless to get in the way of a football game.

UPDATE: SIGN THE PETITION —— At yesterday’s game at Petco Park in San Diego, a swarm of bees landed during game play and were killed on live TV. Feel free to reach out to the stadium about your feelings on this move. Their email appears to be: [email protected] or [email protected] There’s no reason why they couldn’t have done a live removal of these bees. #shameful Also, they are deleting public comments on social media and they have blocked me on Instagram just for making this post. W😮W.

My helper.

Capturing Contortrix Photography

If you see a turtle crossing the road, stop and pick it up and move it to the other side of the road in the direction it was traveling.

Original post (photo below is not mine):

The Original Church of Sarcasm

Beaver Watershed Alliance

The Showy Evening Primrose (Oenothera speciosa) is a prairie wildflower native to the south central United States and northern Mexico, tending to occur in prairies, along roadsides, utility corridors, railroads, rocky areas, and old fields. The name “evening primrose” comes from this genus’ habit of blooming from evening to late morning, with afternoon blooms only occurring in overcast conditions. However, this particular primrose can often be seen blooming along the road in the middle of the day and is a favorite for roadside planting due to its low maintenance, aesthetic appeal, and benefit to wildlife!

The Showy Evening Primrose often blooms May-July and, unlike the bright yellow flowers of most evening primroses, the Showy Evening Primrose sports noticeably large, fragrant, pink flowers with a white ring around a yellow center. The flowers are very attractive to small bees, hummingbirds, butterflies, and sphinx moths, all of which visit these flowers for nectar. When the flowers mature into long seed capsules, native birds like finches appreciate them as nutritious source of food for small birds.

These primroses are a great choice for planting as a groundcover or in clusters where they’re free to take over, such as rocky patches, roadsides, or areas prone to erosion. Once established, this hardy plant will blanket an area in a profuse carpet of pink. In a garden, they tend towards an upright or sprawling habit, often standing 8” to 24” tall with a 12-24” spread. They’re easily grown in average, well-drained soils in full sun while being tolerant of shade, drought, poor soils, and deer browsing. They can be easily spread by seed either by hand collection or mowing and, once established, will vigorously spread by rhizomes and self seeding until they form a large colony. They’re an ideal candidate for areas requiring the occasional mowing while still providing color and flowers!

#FridayFlora #GoNativeGoGreen #NativePlants

The Lady Butchers of Saucisson talk hard work, friendship and sausage Cleveland's Slavic Village is home to the "Lady Butchers" of Saucisson, a local butcher shop dedicated to making a difference.

Rustic and Refined

I say the same thing. Every. Single. Year.

Crafty Cousins

Swarm installation after vacuum collection, day #2:

There will be a new little beekeeper emerging from my body this winter.

This is my main investment for that little larvae.

Y’all will appreciate.

***Draw Buzz Melliferous***

Grey bourette and black cotton/linen, scattered with jewel like rose gold bees. Suitable for all.

61% cotton 30% silk 9% linen
305gm2 (approx)

Size 2 £370 (£308.33 ex Vat)
Size 3 £400 (£333.33 ex Vat)
Size 4 £430 (£358.33 ex Vat)
Size 5 £460 (£383.33 ex Vat)
Size 6 £490 (£408.33 ex Vat)
Size 7 £520 (£433.33 ex Vat)

To enter simply fill out our short form:

Good Luck!

Alicia x x

Meme-oirs of the average house wife


In Our Brutal Modern World, Science Shows Our Brains Need Craft More Than Ever At a time when many of us feel overwhelmed by the 24/7 demands of the digital world, craft practices, alongside other activities such as colouring books for grown-ups and the up-surge of interest in cooking from scratch and productive home gardens, a

2019 Spring Wildflower Honey

Available now in Eureka Springs!

$5 per 4oz muth jar

$10 per 1/2 pint

$15 per pint

No quarts currently available.

Who wants honey?

(P.S. that means who wants to PAY FOR and PICK UP honey, not just say they want it?)

Beekeepers use kayak to rescue bees in flooded metro field OKLAHOMA CITY - As flooding causes problems across the state, two men did their best to rescue some of the smallest flood victims. Mark Rodden started raising bees last year, but a field that used to be filled with wildflowers planted for them is now a veritable lake. "I've never seen water in this....

Science Friday on KUAF is talking honeybees, this afternoon!

I have one more established colony in a complete ten frame Langstroth hive available for purchase.

Ten frames of fully/mostly drawn comb, a marked 2018 queen, brood, and resources in a deep hive body with a solid bottom board, entrance reducer, inner cover, and outer cover.

$350 cash or PayPal.

I cannot hold this for you without payment, but you’re welcome to pick it up at your convenience once you have claimed it.

Pickup at dusk in Eureka Springs, AR.


Today was bee day at Clear Spring School!

Bee escapes are on, and extracting station is set up.

I’ll have honey by the end of the week if anyone wants dibs - that means paying for your honey via PayPal, not just saying “want” on this post.

Raw Spring Wildflower Honey is $15/pint or $25/quart.

Pickup in or near Eureka Springs, AR.

The Bearded Bee

Cut out nearly 40 queen cells from 2 hives last night, put each in a cell protector, then made up 2 queenless nucs to house them in for hatching purposes. Guess I'll know how many I didn't damage in the process over the next week or so. Here's video just to show what I was digging in at the time.

Bear Creek Nursery and Landscaping

Amazingly cool things happen at Bear Creek Nursery! We had a swarm yesterday!! They were scooped up by Sedge & Bee Apiaries, but not before they started a comb. Yay!

P.s. today is G & T’s last day - come say bye!!!

River Valley folks:

I’m really glad that you know what I do, and trust me to come help your bee trees that were damaged in yesterday’s storms.

I wish I could help, truly.

But again, as of LAST JULY, I have moved to Eureka Springs, AR. This is a full two hours away from the Fort Smith area. I cannot travel for hours and hours to collect downed feral colonies. There are several other beekeepers in the River Valley who CAN help you, including The Bearded Bee.

My little kid had to make a video for y’all, too:

This is what happens when it rains for a week at a time, and the sun finally comes out at 9am. It’s always embarrassing to be chasing my own bees, but I also can’t manage them proactively when it is cold and wet.

Deep Look • PBS

Honey bees make honey from nectar to fuel their flight – and our sweet tooth. But they also need pollen for protein. So they trap, brush and pack it into baskets on their legs to make a special food called bee bread.

I’m often asked exactly how I collect swarms. Typically, this is what I do, because I like easy. If I’m lucky, the telescoping pool cleaner pole is NOT necessary, like today. This enormous swarm wasn’t from my hives, I’m pretty sure, but I’ll double check tomorrow. There was no just putting the cage into a deep and letting them ooze out into three frames, like a little cluster. They barely fit into a single deep to begin with. I’ll expand them in the next few days once they aren’t swarmy anymore.

Louisiana Exotic Animal Resource Network

Look, I understand it can be disconcerting to come home and find a ratsnake somewhere that you weren't expecting.

🐍 I PROMISE they are not trying to hurt you. 🐍

They are simply agile critters (which is why they are such good mousers) that "follow their nose" (well, tongues, technically) to find dinner. They don't seem to notice that your house is not part of the forest. This lands them in lots of predicaments.

In springtime like this, my phone rings all day long with nervous people who have come home to a ratsnake they weren't expecting. It makes me sad when they are needlessly killed because these guys are actually very nice animals.

I spent last night unsticking one from a glue trap and then pulling and wiping on him for 30 minutes and he never once complained. Typically, when I get to someone's house, I find a ratsnake hiding, terrified because everyone was whooping and hollering at him. They seem to intuitively understand that I am there to assist and have never once offered to bite me.

I am not saying they never bite, anything with a mouth can bite. If you are scared of them or rough with them and they think you are about to harm and maybe eat them, of course they will defend themselves. But that is not their fault. They would much rather go back to their exploring than run afoul of you, they are just not good at realizing when they are exploring somewhere they shouldn't.

Please take a moment to learn what these snakes look like. Let them go in peace if you stumble upon them. If they are in your house, you can simply put on some gloves and pick them up and place them back outside. They do not have fangs, venom, or weird bacteria in their mouth that will make you sick. If you do manage to get one to bite you and it breaks the skin, you can simply wash the area with soap and water like you would do with any other minor laceration. There is nothing about these guys that should instill panic.

These are harmless critters that didn't realize you don't want them climbing your walls. I understand that can be unsettling to some, but please- don't punish a simple faux pas with death. Wildlife was living on "your" land long before you were. Consider treating them with respect. 👍

I have a blog post about them if you want to read more, just visit 👈

That post comes from my book, which is a great resource for learning about reptiles, amphibians, and cooperating with the natural world. You can get that on Amazon here- 👈

Western Ratsnake, Pantherophis obsoletus, photo by John Whitney

Girl Next Door Honey

Forager bees (the bees who visit flowers) are the oldest worker bees in the hive. They begin foraging around middle age (20 days) and continue until they die. You can tell how old a worker is by how ragged she looks. Mature foragers have chipped wings and less fuzz. They fly up to 3 miles from the hive to collect pollen and nectar. When you think of how small a bee is— that’s a huge feat! 👏

Twintastic Mama

Hey— it’s okay to give yourself credit for all of the hard work you do as a mama! 😅 #selflove #iwannathankme

I ran to Rogers for a swarm this morning. We’ll see if they were worth the gas. Here’s their preliminary installation. Tomorrow I’ll reduce them down to an appropriately sized space and mark their queen. The homeowners gave me a lovely peony bouquet when they learned I wouldn’t let them give me cash for a quick swarm collection.

I got some flowers along with the new bees!

How to identify different types of bees And wasps and hornets and yellow jackets and other flying insects.

St Croix Bee

May the 4th Bee with you!
Shared from GloryBee

Cheerful Nihilism

Cards Against Humanity is the appropriate oracle deck for this age.

Learn with Justine LaVi

Learn about honey bee mating in the song: "I Gotta Have Drones"
Comment below and guess what DCA means!

Drone back up dancers: John Morehead & Adam LaViolette
Male vocals: Braden Wojahn
Assistant director: Teresa Morehead
Honey bee liaison: Kayla Mollet

Society for Amphibian and Reptile Education

Defensive posture “triangular head” displayed by this harmless Diamond-backed Watersnake (Nerodia rhombifer.) Snakes will puff up to try and appear larger to potential predators.

Always use multiple features to identify snakes. Other identifying features:
- You can see the eyes from the top
- Vertical labial bars - but sometimes larger scales on venomous snakes are mistaken for these
- Doesn’t have the “zorro mask” cottonmouths have

Photo by Barbara Calloway

This snake is not being squished, it’s crawling under a pole in its own.

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