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Legacy Training Institute

The Legacy Certification Program is written and orchestrated for Facilitators, Coaches, Speakers, Practitioners, Teachers and Healers. Learn Integrative, Holistic Coaching by Founder and Creator Heather Steele.

Legacy Training Institute provides Integrative Holistic Coaching and Facilitation Training for Therapists, Life Coaches, and Holistic Practitioners. Spend 6 months training with Heather Steele and her Legacy Leadership team learning the 12 Realizations, Tools and Integrative Exercises. The training includes 4 Immersion retreats and 1800 hour of coaching curriculum including tele-classes. Become a Legacy Coach. Love your Life, Live your Legacy!

Become a Legacy Coach! Learn Integrative Holistic Coaching with Heather Steele The Legacy Coach Certification Program is for coaches, therapists and holistic practitioners. Learn and practice Legacy Training’s Integrative Holistic Coaching tools and techniques and experience transformational growth and development through seminars, retreats and tele-classes. It is an experiential learning and personal growth and development certification. Legacy Training is delivered in five separate seminars. Each Legacy student must successfully complete each seminar before proceeding to the next one. The curriculum builds as the seminars advance. If in the event a student does not successfully complete a seminar they may have the opportunity to reapply the following year. This is not an easy program and you will be confronted with opportunities to heal the pieces of yourself that are in the way of being a Legacy Coach. Legacy Coaches are committed to live a Legacy of Love for all people including themselves. Coaching is an honor and a service. To apply, go www.heathersteele.com

Mission: To train unmatched life coaches in the healing arts and therapy industry. To provide retreats, seminars, tele-classes for training and growth and development for coaches, leaders and healers. To empower, inspire and transform beliefs in order to serve humanity. To adhere to a code of integrity and commitment based in service to all people of all beliefs. To create structures that support coaches in their practices.

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Welcome to Heather Steele.com Denver Coaching Retreats

2019 - Become a Legacy Coach!
We are open for Legacy Training enrollment this year.

Please email me at: [email protected] if you have someone you’d like to see in Legacy 2019 Training.

Prospective students can apply at: www.heathersteele.com support team applications are being accepted as well.

Legacy Training Institute accepts 12 students per year.
Certification requirements include the completion of 1800 student hours in Integrative Holistic curriculum, 4 Immersion retreats, ropes course, personal & team development coaching, and the Realizations, tools and exercises.

Legacy Training is the only Integrative Holistic Coaching Certification in the world. We are looking for world class coaches and currently taking applications.

Qualified candidates must have:
1. A commitment to Leadership through service to others.
2. A strong education or life work experience.
3. Integrity and discipline in a work, education or team environment.
4. Special gifts that make the candidate unique.
5. A strong sense of self and integrity.
6. A willingness to grow and commit to doing whatever it takes to being their best in Legacy and life.
7. Understands and practices commitment.
8. Natural GIVERS
9. Lives a clean and clear life [no addictions]
10. A respect and interest in healing arts [western, eastern, medical model or holistic]
11. Boundaries - a life that works.
12. A PASSION for humanity.

If approved to be a Legacy student it is certain that life will transform. Growth will happen. It will be intense, challenging and one of the most life changing and affirming experiences in a lifetime.

Students will face the “mirror” and see who they really are in seminar work. In Legacy Training they learn how to help others help the world 🌎

Love your Life, Live your Legacy!

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[01/21/19]   Thank you, Byron Katie:
"There’s nothing to strive for, nothing to leave behind."

In Legacy Training for Life Coaches, we learn in Realization and Inetgrative Exercise #1 - "we are born in possibility as long as one thing occurs - CONNECTION".

I love what Byron Katie says here:
1. "It doesn’t matter how you attempt to be disconnected, that’s not a possibility.
2. Believing a stressful thought is an attempt to break the connection. That’s why it feels so uncomfortable.
3. All suffering is mental. It has nothing to do with the body or with a person’s circumstances. You can be in great pain without any suffering at all.
4. To live without a stressful story, to be a lover of what is, even in pain — that’s heaven.
5. To be in pain and believe that you shouldn’t be in pain — that’s hell. Even pain is projected: it’s always on its way out.

Recently, I have revisited some of my most stressful memories only to come out the other side and realize that even memories are a thought sourced by a committment to suffer or not.

Love your Life, Live your Legacy!
Heather Lynne Steele

[11/26/18]   Letter to myself and anyone else who wants to go to the Next Level!

How to make success simpler:

Make your choices from your "happy place". Don't do your shoulds, do "what if I coulds" instead!

Have structures in place for AM and PM personal routines
[self care and time, YOU first]. I remember getting up at 4 AM just to journal and be with me before my son got up.
Personal clarity is everything. Wellness starts there. Working out, eating well, sleeping well, loving well. All important.

Support - have people in your life that actually want you to win. These are NOT the people that NEED you for them to WIN or NEED you to constrict your freedom and self expression. These are people who ASK more of you and hold you to your word.

Habits - get some around your core values. If you want a "hot bod" eat less carbs, sleep and work out.

Accountability - have accountibility teams, buddies, friends. People who want you to GET to that gym, put down that beer, get to the mountains, read a book, start a gratefulness journal.

Love what is so now. One day at a time on changes but take the steps that take you UP not DOWN.

Now, why is this so hard?
Talking instead of listening.
Running away from feelings and escaping.
Judging yourself, therefore everything and everyone else.
Victim mentality. ["I can't, it's too hard, I am powerless"]
Talking about it and talking about it gets exhausting.
Results: Not doing about it because you are still talking about it.

It takes up way to much time to make all the excuses and blame others for the perceived "lack" you you have in your life. So "shut er up" and get to work on you. Leadership is sometimes about becoming someone others want to follow. Leadership is always about being who you WOULD follow.

Happy Monday after Thanksgiving 2018
Love your Life, Live your Legacy!
Heather Steele

[11/14/18]   Become a Legacy Life Coach!
Legacy Training Institute provides Integrative Holistic Coaching and Facilitation Training for Therapists, Life Coaches, and Holistic Practitioners. Spend 6 months training with Heather Steele and her Legacy Leadership team learning the 12 Realizations, Tools and Integrative Exercises. The training includes 4 Immersion retreats and 1800 hour of coaching curriculum including tele-classes. Become a Legacy Coach. Love your Life, Live your Legacy!

[11/11/18]   Heather Lynne Steele
Just now ·
I am asked all the time about coaching. How I "made it" as a coach. How I have been successful in Denver and Nationally with coaching and Legacy Training for coaches. I have been thinking about what works and what doesn't. I have done both, believe me.

What works is:
The client has to find a Mission, dream or purpose as a result of the coaching or they come in with one they are struggling to reach.

The Circle of Possibility [part of my 12 Realizations curriculum] for the client must reveal their core values and where they are connected, contributing and more importantly where they are not.

The client must WANT MORE and they must come to the realization that they can only go "so far" alone. That they will level off and that without a strong coach and support system they will begin to settle.

High Performers don't like mediocrity. They will do drama if they settle so that becomes a big part of the coaching. Getting Real to heal and Feeling to heal. That is step 1.

The real coaching starts when the client is confronted by the coach, even triggered. Doesn't matter, in fact, it can be where the highest growth takes place.

If the client is determined to reach their goals they will do the HARD STUFF. I have learned that the ones that won't are not ready to grow. Growing can be painful, you have to let go of things that you are attached to. Sometimes that is relationships and sometimes that is vices.

Coaching is not about being an expert or a consultant or a therapist though, it could include those skills. Coaching is about congruency in the client's life.

They either want what they say they want or they don't. The actions and inactions they take along the way will show the coach what is real. The neutrality of a coach is important so that the coach can confront reality instead of FANTASY and avoidance.

Until the client is ready to GIVE up what does not serve them, the coach can't really help. Coaching is about Breakthroughs and BIG A-ha moments but coaching that changes lives is about CONFRONTING the client in such a way [without losing them] to THINK BIGGER, BETTER and to take radical responsbility for everything in their lives and to make an IMPACT on others and let go of negativity.

One of the hardest things for people to do is realize their POWER. The victim mindset has most people hooked. The complaints of their lives hold them hostage. The reality is they have OPTIONS and CREATIVITY and LOVE available.

And, they may have to stop bad habits.
And, they may have to LOVE more.
And, they may have to work harder.
And, they may have to OWN their part.
And, they may have to forgive.
And, they may have to stop being right.
And, they may have to look at the results taht DIDN'T work was always 100% because of them [unless a child].

Coaching is about making an Impact.
Coaching is about making a difference.
Coaching is about knowing when it is time to move forward and time to step back.

Coaching is never about the BENCH or QUITTING.

Love your Life, Live your Legacy!

Dani and Dannah

Pass it on

[06/09/18]   Hi Challenge Graduates!

This is Heather Lynne Steele with a message from Dan Reynolds, Sarah Reynolds and The Challenge Ropes Team.

We want you to know that wer are ready for Challenge. The site is beautiful and ready to go. In other words, The Challenge Ropes Course Leadership Seminar is back and so are we!

We have decided to offer Challenge to anyone who wants to put a group together or has a group of 20 or more. Challenge is a gift of love from us to continue the work and we will make it happen so spread the word.

Here is how Challenge 2018 works:
If you have a group of 20 or more and want a four day, life changing experience come to Challenge.

This seminar is held in Parawon, Utah and can also be given in The Rocky Mountains. It is facilitated and supported by seasoned professional coaches and ropes team leadership.

As you all know this is not your ordinary Ropes course experience, this is a deep dive into committment, integrity and community.

At Challenge we will build on win upon win and get through any obstacle that is a block to full self-expression and leadership.

At Challenge we will will fall in love with life, team and have a new realtionship with fear as we practice integrity and committment.

Challenge is by choice and the tuition is $1500 per person up to 20 participants. If you have special situations, teens, repeats or people who need scholarships, we can do that once we have the 20 base enrollments paid.

We hope this makes it easy and fun. We are ready to go and so let us know if you want to play. Remember, Challenge is all inclusive and guaranteed to transform your life in a way no other seminar will.

To hear more about Challenge call: Heather Heather Lynne Steele: 303-941-9693 or email me: [email protected]

We have coaches that can help you book your group or join a pre-existing Challenge group in the making.
Play to Win!

Love your Life, Live your Legacy💕

Love your Life, Live your Legacy one new beginning at a time❤️

‪“Drama is a cry for love” ‬
‪Become a Legacy Coach and be a stand for love. www.heathersteele.com/legacy‬

“dreams happen when you’re awake!” Become a life coach in 2018!!!

“We are born in possibility”
Register for your Legacy Coaching Certification now!


Welcome to Heather Steele.com Denver Coaching Retreats

"where students become coaches and coaches become leaders" ~ Heather Steele

Enroll Now at:
www.heathersteele.com to become an Integrative Holistic Legacy Coach!

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Legacy Coaches

Legacy Coaches

Legacy Training Institute's cover photo



The 2018 Legacy students are about to graduate in Sedona, Arizona this month. They have worked so hard to complete their hours and learn the Legacy Realizations and integrative holistic coaching techniques. I am so grateful I founded The Legacy Training Institute. Legacy Coaches change lives and help others Love their Lives, Live your Legacy.

Legacy Training begins again in 2018 - register at heathersteele.com ❤️

heathersteele.com Love your Life, Live your Legacy!

[08/22/17]   Break the Grip of Emotional Abuse

If you are involved in any relationship, whether romantic, parental, familial, or career, that is defined or overshadowed by repetitive patterns of negativity, it is important that you take the time to really understand and reckon with the true cost to your body and soul that adds up when you sustain these types of relationship dynamics. While occasional conflict or challenge is unavoidable (and stimulating for growth), relationships are meant to be reservoirs of support for the courageous journey you must take into your own destiny, your own growth in this lifetime. The closest relationships in your life should be secure places where you can rest your heart and gather your strength. Many do not want to admit -- or may not even realize -- that they are involved in an emotionally abusive relationship. Emotional abuse can take many forms - neglect, verbal criticism, dishonesty, betrayal, manipulation, disrespect, or cruelty. If you are enduring any of these within your relationship, it is time to look within and find the wisdom to shift the dysfunctional relationships you're in, or the courage to step away from them altogether.


This is how Mel Robbins overcame self-doubt with this 5-second rule - Mel Robbins - #5SecondRule.

(With Tom Bilyeu on Impact Theory)

[05/03/17]   Think about your Petri dish. What grows there well? Love, drama, alone, connection? Legacy will confront and mirror back to you everything that needs to transform.

[10/18/16]   My biggest personal breakthrough in Legacy 2016 is to embrace the cost of a broken heart. And to know that love and connection without integrity and systems can be confusing causing fear [drama] and blow-ups. And to know that strict integrity and controlling systems without heart connection is only cold, rigid and leaves people disconnected and alone.

Love your Life, Live your Legacy, Heather

[09/13/16]   Legacy IV immersion retreat and graduation in Sedona is around the corner. The students are almost there! They are an amazing group of coaches at the end of their 6 months journey to becoming integrative, holistic legacy coaches. They will have learned my 12 Legacy Realizations, tools and integrative holistic exercises. This is very exciting. Love these 2016 students!

WindRiders UP is about the rite of passage from childhood to adulthood and leadership. Register at www.windriderscamp.com and send your camper to UP at the bitowyoranch.com

[05/26/16]   When Things Fall Apart:

Sometimes life comes in waves and each wave is a purification, a dissolution of attachments.

Old boundaries, old roles, old beliefs and values, old images of self are altered or erased, and a new territory is mapped.

The things that used to be important to us cease to be so important.

Everything appears to be different now. But something is not different. Something deep inside of us remains the same.

Indeed, it comes into sharp focus now. That is where we must go to re-center and find direction.

That is where we find the foundation on which we can rebuild our lives.

- Heather Steele



WindRiders is almost here! This year we are offering 3 camps so check it out at: www.windriderscamp.com and register now!


[05/20/16]   Hot tip from Legacy Coach, Christie Watts {class 2012}
We are all here to grow. We created this sacred space where we can let down our guards and reveal our true selves. This is uncomfortable because it is foreign to us.
Legacy work can't be learned in a book. It must be experienced. You need first hand knowledge if you are to guide others through the process.
The work IS the work. You must walk the walk or in this case feel the deal. You will come out better than when you went in. The first time is most difficult. Once you experience the results in your life, you will never turn back. It gets easier. Trust the process, the work, and your team to support you through it. 💜 Lead with your heart.



"We must commit to accepting all of ourselves not just the parts that we like. Loving and embracing all aspects of ourselves gently and with compassion will heal the divided self and bring unity to our consciousness and clarity to all experience." - Heather Steele

heathersteele.com Heather Steele - Facilitator, Coach & Trainer

[04/12/16]   I am still on silence with 5 days of laryngitis. I am definitely getting some writing done. I was working today on fine-tuning my Legacy workbook for this year's 2016 Legacy Coaches and my Legacy facilitator's manual. In it, I have my Legacy Couples JUST US intensive outline and this Law #5 is speaking to me today for the couples that I coach and in my life, as well as, and for my relationship with Christopher Keener

Sacred Law #5 in Spiritual Relationship: Mirroring:
Ultimately, peace with our partner is peace with our self. Once we arrive at peace we can powerfully choose “what is” instead of what our ego/personality wants to change, control, or fix.
The mirror is how we see life (our partner, ourselves, the world) through our eyes and our experience. Clarity and appreciation is a much better view. Arrogance and assuming “we know” how things should be will cause drama (disconnection) in sacred partnerships.

(Facilitator note: And, all partnerships are sacred)

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The Legacy Coach Certification Program is for coaches, therapists and holistic practitioners. Learn and practice Legacy Training’s Integrative Holistic Coaching tools and techniques and experience transformational growth and development through seminars, retreats and tele-classes. It is an experiential learning and personal growth and development certification.

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