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The Law Offices of David L. Owen, Jr., P.C. defends those accused of crimes in the Denver area, employing decades of federal and state criminal defense experience. Attorney David Owen has spent his 26-year career defending against the strategies of ambitious state and federal prosecutors, protecting the rights of his clients with respect and understanding. As a criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with the weaknesses in prosecution strategies, he can defend his clients’ rights with expert skill. If you have been accused of a crime, from sex crime to drug crime, you need an experienced Denver criminal defense attorney. Call today to schedule a free consultation for your case.

Mission: To provide the best possible legal defenses to individuals charged with committing violations of criminal law, to treat each client with respect and compassion.

Judge Rules FBI Cannot Hide Use of Social Media Surveillance Tools The FBI cannot hide whether it uses powerful surveillance tools to monitor the social media activity of millions of Americans and noncitizens, a federal judge ruled Monday.

‘Where's My ID?’ Prosecutors Get a Harsh Lesson in Post-Prison Life | The Crime Report

Hassan A. Latif this is a program we should think about putting together. In a recent turn-the-tables exercise, some of the nation’s leading prosecutors experienced the confusion and frustration of incarcerated people released from prison. Their teachers: individuals who had been through it in real life.

Colorado to consider placing fewer youth on sex registry

This is something that should have happened long ago. Some kids just don't belong on the registry. DENVER — Colorado lawmakers have advanced a proposal to place fewer convicted juveniles on the state sex offender registry and partially seal the list from the public, officials said. The draft was endorsed Thursday by an interim committee of lawmakers tasked with considering changes to how the st...

D.C. Defendants Wear Ankle Monitors That Can Record Their Every Word and Motion

People on probation or pretrial release need to be aware of this potential surveillance tool. The most concerning aspect is the ability to listen and record conversations. Pretrial Services Agency says it doesn't use the recording capacity, but one attorney begs to differ. Meanwhile D.C. police monitor parolees' GPS data.

What follows punishment?

This sounds like the best idea. Sex offenders in Colorado are considered pariahs and treated horribly. Community support is the only way to make a difference. Data shows that community-support circles decrease rates of sex-offender recidivism. One program may lead the way when it comes to reintegrating offenders into society.

New Colorado Law Aims to Reduce Pre-Trial Jail Stays

New Colorado Law Aims to Reduce Pre-Trial Jail Stays. Read my blog to find out more. Under a new law, if a person being held in jail pre-trial posts bond, they may have to be released within 4 hours. Visit our blog to learn more.

What Is Mail Fraud?

Mail fraud occurs when someone uses the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) or other interstate delivery companies to send an item to another person or entity with the intent to defraud and/or deprive them of property or finances. Read more on our recent blog. If a person sends an item through the mail in order to deprive someone else of money or property, they could be charged with mail fraud. Visit our blog to learn more.

Testifying while black can have dire consequences in the courtroom

African-American English. This is ssomething that most white people, including myself, are unaware of in trials. If the courtroom stenographer misinterprets what an African-American says, the jury must also be misinterpreting what was said. We need to educate ourselves. A new study suggests some court transcribers struggle to understand African American English, raising doubts about the accuracy of transcriptions and testimony.

[05/20/19]   The admissibility of texts in court depends on the prosecution’s ability to prove that the messages were sent by the defendant and are relevant to the case. Learn more on our blog:

Attorney David L. Owen, Jr. Serves as Vice-Chair for Re-Entry Program

Serving as Board Vice-Chair for a community re-entry program, Attorney David L. Owen, Jr. demonstrates his commitment to helping individuals who face criminal charges. Visit our blog to learn more: Attorney David L. Owen, Jr. sits on the board of a program focused on helping formerly incarcerated individuals get a second chance at life. Read more on our blog.

Assault Charges & Penalties

Are you facing assault charges but are not sure of the penalties? Learn about the different degrees of assault and their penalties in our blog: The Denver assault defense lawyer at the Law Offices of David L. Owen, Jr., P.C., describes the charges and penalties for assault in Colorado and how he can help with your case.

What Is the “Make My Day” Law?

Our team describes the Colorado “Make My Day” law and how it gives immunity to homeowners who use deadly force when protecting their property. Learn more: The “Make My Day” law is explained by the Highlands Ranch criminal defense attorney at The Law Offices of David L. Owen, Jr., P.C. Request a free case review.

Understanding Arson Charges

Are you facing any degree of arson charges? Let us help you understand what you are up against and how we can defend you. Learn more: At The Law Offices of David L. Owen, Jr., P.C., our Denver arson defense attorney can work with you to fight arson charges. Call for a free consultation.

State and governor can’t be sued over public defender caseloads, 8th Circuit says

This is disgraceful, but not surprising. The poor always get shafted. Missouri and its governor have immunity in a suit claiming indigent defendants in the state aren’t receiving meaningful representation in violation of the Sixth Amendment, a federal appeals court has ruled.

Federal Implications of Legalization of Cannabis in Colorado

Charged with a cannabis-related drug crime in Colorado and wondering why? We can help. Learn more: Charged with a drug crime? You need a Denver drug crime attorney from the law offices of David L. Owen, Jr., P.C. We understand federal law and how it applies to marijuana.

Overriding Rauner’s Veto, Illinois Passes Law Reforming Use of Jailhouse Snitches

Use of jail house snitches has been prevalent in every jurisdiction I have practiced. In one case, the snitch was ultimately found to have fabricated every bit of this testimony.
The prosecution was made aware of the situation and did nothing and after filing appropriate motions, the court would not alter the verdict. Criminal defense attorneys need
to be vigilantly looking to see if there is a jailhouse snitch involved any time a client has been incarcerated prior to trial. While other states have passed similar laws around the use of jailhouse informants, experts say the Illinois law is the strongest in the nation.

[11/14/18]   Millennials & Computer Crimes: How Your Knowledge Can Be Incriminating
By Law Offices of David L. Owen, Jr., P.C. | May 30, 2018
If you are a millennial, you’ve grown up around computers and have experience using them to your advantage. However, beware: The court may try to use your knowledge against you. Learn about 4 common computer crimes and how your knowledge could be incriminating.

1.Identity Theft
Identity theft is the act of using someone else’s personal information, and it can involve state, federal or financial documents. Examples include buying alcohol with someone else’s license or applying for a loan with someone else’s Social Security number. In the case of computer crimes, identity theft often involves stealing credit card information and making false purchases.

Many millennials have experience coding and creating intelligent software systems that help computers run more efficiently. These systems, however, are very similar to malware systems used to access personal information. Because the systems are so similar, a millennial creator may be prone to investigation for malware-related crimes.

2.Accessing Stored Communications
Many millennials use technological skills, such as cloaking their IP addresses or accessing backdoors on the internet, to help large companies create powerful firewall systems. These skills are also used by hackers to access personal emails. The unlawful access of stored communications is a federal computer crime punishable by up to 2 years in prison. If charged, a millennial may appear guilty of committing this crime simply because of their advanced internet knowledge.

3.Phishing Scams
Millennials are taught at a young age to use a variety of different computer programs, such as Adobe’s Photoshop or Dreamweaver. Although this knowledge makes for talented, creative designers, it could be used to create believable phishing scams.

Phishing scams attempt to make a capital gain by requesting your account or credit card information, typically via email. Although these emails have been relatively easy to spot in the past, they are now much more sophisticated. Some are disguised as online stores, such as Amazon, or even as local utility companies that ask for recipients to “update their information.”

In order to create these advanced scams, hackers must have graphic design knowledge and the ability to send an email with a false or hidden address. Because many millennials are knowledgeable in both design programs and internet security, they may appear guilty of a crime they did not commit.

4.Non-Delivery of Merchandise
Internet shopping is becoming more and more popular, which makes it easier for someone to list and “sell” a product that doesn’t exist. Although this computer crime first came about with online auction houses, such as eBay, it has reemerged in popularity with low-cost, wholesale websites. The site creators list an “item” for someone to purchase. Once the transaction is complete, the creators take the funds and deposit them in an off-shore or electronic currency account, making it impossible for the government to access the stolen funds.

Many millennials have experience using these wholesale websites and know how to build, edit, and design similar sites via HTML or Dreamweaver. Although perfect for website designing jobs, these skills can make users the prime suspects of computer crime investigations.

Additionally, electronic currencies are extremely popular among the millennial generation. According to a study conducted in 2015, more than 55% of Bitcoin users were millennials. As these accounts are often used to hide dirty money, the court may actually attempt to use your electronic currency against you in a computer crimes case.

Denver Attorney David L. Owen, Jr. Can Protect Your Rights
Most computer crimes are federal offenses punishable by years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. If you are a millennial charged with one of these crimes, I can help protect your rights and fight for you. I have more than 30 years of experience and work directly with computer forensic experts to build you a solid defensive strategy. When you need an effective and experienced Denver computer crimes lawyer, contact me, David L. Owen, Jr.

The Importance of Your Right to Remain Silent

While you may have heard it repeatedly in TV shows and movies, many people do not understand what you right to remain silent really means. Read our blog today to learn more. The Importance of Your Right to Remain Silent written by a knowledgeable Criminal Lawyer in Denver from Law Offices of David L. Owen, Jr., P.C.. Call us today.

Cannabis Laws in Colorado

Although the recreational use of marijuana is legal in Colorado, there are still rules that apply. The dedicated legal team at Law Offices of David L. Owen, Jr., P.C. provides readers with criminal defense informational blogs - Cannabis Laws in Colorado.

Is There a Right Not to Snitch?

If prison guards are desperate enough to attempt to force an inmate to testify falsely, then surely the guard's own testimony cannot be trusted. How many inmates get seriously hurt or even killed because of the lying guards who can act like this with impunity. An inmate tests a new patch of constitutional ground.

Law Office of David L. Owen, Jr., P.C.

If you have been falsely accused of sexual assault, there are certain steps you need to take that can make the difference between your freedom and a conviction. Don't face criminal charges alone. Get help from a Denver criminal defense attorney with over 25 years of experience. Call today to schedule a free case consultation!

Law Office of David L. Owen, Jr., P.C.

Understand the definition of menacing and the penalties associated with the crime. If you have been arrested for menacing in Denver, contact the Law Offices of David L. Owen, Jr., P.C. today. Don't face criminal charges alone. Get help from a Denver criminal defense attorney with over 25 years of experience. Call today to schedule a free case consultation!

Millennials & Computer Crimes: How Your Knowledge Can Be Incriminating

If you are a millennial, you have grown up using computers and internet technology, but could your knowledge be used against you in a criminal case? If you are a millennial, you’ve grown up around computers and have experience using them to your advantage. The court may try to use this knowledge against you. Learn about 4 common computer crimes and how your knowledge can be incriminating.

If I Didn't Steal it, Is Possessing Stolen Property a Crime?

What if you didn’t steal it? Learn the details on possessing stolen property: The answer to this question is complicated. In order for the court to convict you, it must determine that the property was stolen, that you were in control of the property, and that you were aware the property was stolen. Here are the expanded details surrounding this offense and the possible punish...

Can Alexa Testify Against You?

Beware. Law enforcement authorities are using Alexa and other voice activated assistants to listen into your private conversations in your home. Using exceptions to the Fourth Amendment law enforcement have found the easiest way to invade your privacy. As virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa become part of our lives, they also open up new threats to privacy. A researcher argues that both the First and Fourth Amendments should protect customers from unwarranted attempts to use virtual content as evidence.

Law Office of David L. Owen, Jr., P.C.

What are the differences between federal and state crimes? Read our blog or contact our Denver criminal defense attorney for more information today. Don't face criminal charges alone. Get help from a Denver criminal defense attorney with over 25 years of experience. Call today to schedule a free case consultation!

Suit demands TSA explain phone searches of passengers on domestic flights

Big brother is at it again. Snooping into your most private devices without a warrant. Federal data on when and why agents search the phones of domestic air passengers "remains shrouded in secrecy," the American Civil Liberties Union says.

Colorado legislature builds on state program that reintegrates parolees into the workforce

As a Board Member of Second Chance Center I am grateful Second Chance Center gets to participate in this program. New data evidences that a state program implemented in 2015 to reduce recidivism and help former inmates find gainful employment is working. Its success prompted the state legislature to pass

Now we know why defense attorneys quit the USS Cole case. They found a microphone.

This seems to be a recurring theme. First US Attorneys for the District of Kansas and now the military war court. Listen in on attorney-client conversations and then deny it ever occurred. In the military war court the extra bonus of classifying everything so no one finds out the truth. The civilian defense attorneys who resigned did the right thing. Prosecution filing reveals the reason why three defense lawyers walked away from the USS Cole death penalty trial: They found a microphone in the room where they held ostensibly confidential attorney-client meetings. But prosecutors said across 50 days of legal meetings the device was never turned o...

“I live to put people in jail”: Here are Trump’s nominees for the US sentencing commission

God help us if we revert back to the Sentencing Guidelines being mandatory. Two of these nominees are nightmares for criminal justice reform. Two of the four names put forward by Trump are known for their tough-on-crime approach to criminal justice.

The Perverse Power of the Prosecutor

Truth! You have young kids with no life experience deciding the fate of John Q. Public who just happens to have made a mistake in judgment. I see first hand everyday the lop-sided playing field of the criminal justice system. Plea negotiations are never real negotiations, there are these young kids dictating what is going to happen to whoever they charge. The lobbying efforts of the states district attorneys is immense and unstoppable. They want the game to be completely one-sided and completely within their control. Contact your legislators and express your feelings about the need for real criminal justice reform and to not bow to the will of the district attorney's. How responsible are prosecutors for holding back progressive criminal justice reform?

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