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Denver’s Tech Boom: How One City is Building the Next-Generation of Thriving Businesses

This article is part of the “The Way We Work Today” series brought to you by FiveThirtyEight in partnership with WeWork. Together, they are exploring the best places to base your business in 2019.

cvsoci.al With a favorable tax climate and local resources that drive business, Denver is primed for tech companies to grow and scale.


Should You Take Your Company Public?

cvsoci.al Shorter Answer: If your goal is to exit, then the answer is no. Click for the longer answer.


How Do You Keep The Sale Process Confidential?

cvsoci.al Short Answer: “Don’t tell anyone.” Every seller should be paranoid about keeping a potential sale confidential. Your employees, customers, competitors, and vendors should only learn about the sale AFTER the closing and in a manner that you, the seller, are in complete control. Click for the lo...


Should You Feel Guilty About Your Employees After The Sale Takes Place?

cvsoci.al Short Answer: No As a business owner who is selling, you have absolutely no cause to feel guilty or responsible for your employee’s after you have sold your company. The closing of the sale of your company is YOUR payday.


The Key Plan Small Business Owners Might Be Overlooking

cvsoci.al When you’re starting or growing a small business, chasing the next client or deal often feels like the be-all-end-all priority. As a result, important contingency planning and preparation often get overlooked, leaving business owners exposed to risks they may not understand or be aware of.


Should You Sell Your Business To a Third Party?

cvsoci.al In most cases, the answer to this question is “yes.” By selling to a third party, you will have the highest probability of receiving the most compensation for your business in either cash or publicly traded stock, and you are increasing your chances of a larger financial payout.


Should You Transfer Your Business To a Family Member?

cvsoci.al Many business owners dream of transferring their lives' work to their children, this dream has worked successfully on many occasions but dealing with family members in a business relationship is one of the toughest challenges faced during a business transfer. Your family members have already experie...


Should You Sell Your Business To a Key Employee or a Group of Key Employees?

cvsoci.al Sell to employees only if their purchase price matches or exceeds what a third party would pay. The most significant disadvantage of selling to employees is MONEY. Best employees don’t equate to the most successful entrepreneurs.


Seven Steps to a Successful Business Transition

cvsoci.al Business transitions are not easy even in the best of cases, and it’s definitely not a game. You know your family, your retirement, and your employees and their families all depend on a successful transition of your business. That makes succession planning a must.


Seven Steps to a Successful Business Transition

cvsoci.al Business transitions are not easy even in the best of cases, and it’s definitely not a game. You know your family, your retirement, and your employees and their families all depend on a successful transition of your business. That makes succession planning a must.


Why Should You Sell Your Business?

cvsoci.al Short Answer: Sell to achieve wealth and freedom while you are still young enough to enjoy it. Click for the longer answer.


Seven Steps to a Successful Business Transition

cvsoci.al Spring means only one thing for most of us: baseball! Around the country, families are preparing their little league stars for game day. You probably remember giving your kids some extra batting practice after you got home from work to face that unbelievable fastball thrown by the coach’s son.

[04/15/19]   Today marks our 42nd anniversary serving Colorado businesses and business owners. Thank you to all of our past present and future clients, thanks to our friends, and family. We wouldn't be here without you all.


MB Law.

42nd #Anniversary


16 Key Issues In Negotiating An Employment Severance Package

cvsoci.al In an uncertain economy, you may at some point face having your employment terminated. Learn how to negotiate a reasonable severance package, especially if you have an existing employment agreement.

Colorado Politics

Both fell behind a city in Texas for the third consecutive year.


Colorado School of Mines beats out Harvard in survey of smartest colleges

cvsoci.al Thousands of students across the country took Lumosity’s fit test to determine which U.S. colleges were the brainiest.

Aaron and Lafitte working together. Lafitte is the 12th dog MB Law's very own Barb Wells has trained to be a Guide Dog for the Blind.

See all of the dogs Barb's trained previously to become Guide Dogs for the Blind here:

Describing his experience as a guide dog user, Aaron Reistad says: "Lafitte has allowed me to constantly be outside and exploring new places with a confidence I did not previously have on my own."

To learn more about our programs for individuals who are blind or visually impaired please visit: https://www.guidedogs.com/get-a-guide-dog/programs-for-the-blind-and-visually-impaired

Image description: Aaron works his black Lab guide dog Lafitte across a crosswalk. There is a stoplight and trees in the background. #iamgdb


6 Days away! MB Law is proud to co-sponsor the Combined Business After Hours Multi-Chamber Event on Tuesday, April 9th | from 5PM-7PM, Free to Attend!

cvsoci.al MB Law is proud to be a co-sponsor for this wonderful networking event bringing The West Metro Chamber, The Golden Chamber of Commerce and The Colorado Asian Chamber of Commerce together for a multi-chamber Combined Business After Hours event that is free to attend. Join us April 9th from 5PM-7PM at...


When Should You Sell Your Business?

cvsoci.al Two reasons will dictate when you should be looking to sell your business, and those are personal reasons and financial reasons or financial independence. You should sell your business at the point when you achieve your definition of financial independence.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis was the guest speaker at ColoradoBiz Magazine’s Made In Colorado Manufacturing Forum & Awards. The Governor brought along Gia, his 9-year old rescue dog. While Governor Polis was speaking at the event, Gia hopped off stage to make an introduction to MB Law's Halifax. Halifax is Barb Wells 14th puppy in training to becoming a Guide Dog for the Blind.

Congratulations to all of the manufacturing winners this year.



Selling My Business. What will I do after I have sold my business?

cvsoci.al What will I do after I have sold my business? Ned states “you will have so many demands on your time that you will wonder how you ever found time to run a company.” Although this may seem an unusual choice for a first question, this is the one I am most frequently asked when a business owner ser...


Here's why 2019 could be another fundraising boom year for US PE | PitchBook

cvsoci.al The US private equity fundraising environment in 2017 shattered post-recession records. If early signs are any indication, 2019 could be nearly as lucrative.

MB Law congratulates the Mile High Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators for being recognized with the ALA Presidents' Award of Excellence!


Here Are 3 Things for Colorado's Mid-Sized Businesses to Consider When Looking for a Bank.

cvsoci.al Colorado comes with its jaw-dropping landscape, sociable populace, roaring economy, muted unemployment, and diversified marketplace, and it should come as no surprise that folks have relocated to this desirable destination – the same one we’re fortunate enough to call home. It’s important to u...


Defining an Employee | C.R.S. §8-40-202 Colorado Employment Law - Part 4 of our 4 part series on Classifying Independent Contractors.

cvsoci.al C.R.S. §8-40-202 I. To prove that an individual is engaged in an independent trade, occupation, profession, or business and is free from control and direction in the performance of the service, the individual and the person for whom services are performed may show by a preponderance of the evidence...


IRS 3 Part Test - Classifying Independent Contractors Correctly

cvsoci.al When considering withholding income, Social Security and Medicare taxes, and paying unemployment tax on wages paid, you the business owner must be determining whether a worker is an independent contractor or an employee. The IRS will look to and consider all information that provides evidence of the...


Business Owners Beware - Minor & Brown, PC Website

Business owners must be very aware when they are classifying their workers as Independent Contractors or Employees https://lnkd.in/efkYapu . As a result in January of 2019 Uber was required to pay a $1.3 million misclassification settlement. https://lnkd.in/ekKnYF6

minorbrown.com If you are a business owner and you are choosing to use the services of independent contractors, you need to have an understanding of the tests that apply to classify the worker as an independent contractor.

Tomorrow marks the end to the artmore exhibit from The Morgan Adams Foundation at the Space Gallery sponsored by MB Law. Get in there before they take down the fantastic art for a beautiful cause.


5 Tips for Proper Classification - Minor & Brown, PC Website

5 tips and 4 advantages of hiring freelancers; 4 advantages provided by our friends at ColoradoBiz Magazine: https://lnkd.in/esFmTbj | 5 Tips for Proper Classification brought to you by MB Law: https://lnkd.in/e9MqqZj

minorbrown.com Failure to accurately classify workers can cost any business owner a significant amount of time and money. Business owners need to be diligent and adequately classify workers using knowledgeable, trustworthy counsel to avoid unnecessary liability.


Why Smart Companies Still Get Hacked

cvsoci.al Today’s tools are terribly misaligned for corporations with a cloud-first IT management strategy.


Cyberattack on SEC Holds Warnings for All Organizations About Data Theft | National Law Journal

cvsoci.al The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission which recently levied millions of dollars in fines against major corporations last year for allegedly allowing data theft by cyber attackers has found itself similarly victimized by an international insider trading ring according to a federal civil complai...


Biglaw Firm Duped Into Wiring Money To Scam Account Loses $2.5 Million In Cyber Breach

cvsoci.al No one is immune. Even the biggest of Biglaw behemoths can be victimized by fraudsters without proper precautions.


Denver was the 5th Most Moved to City in 2018

cvsoci.al According to the Penske Truck Rental annual survey, Denver is up 3 spots from last year, becoming the 5th most moved to city in the country.

The Morgan Adams Foundation #Artmore presented by MB Law starts at 5pm lasting 9pm tonight February 1, 2019 at the Space Gallery, see you there!

Here's the #artmore sneak peek we promised!!

Come down to Space Gallery tonight for the opening reception from 5-9pm! Featuring Jan R. Carson, Jeffrey Keith, and Lydia Riegle, Artmore 2019 is a celebration of three #artma 2018 artists, selected by Michael Burnett, owner and curator of SPACE Gallery.

There are quite a few pieces not pictured, so be sure to come check it out for yourself!

SPACE Gallery is located at 400 Santa Fe Drive in the Art District on Santa Fe.

#artmore2019 is presented by Minor & Brown, long-time supporters of our mission to #fundkidscancerresearch.

#denverart First Friday-Santa Fe Art district


Colorado Monthly Economic Indicators for January 2019 thanks to the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation

cvsoci.al This monthly report provides a snapshot of metro area economic activity in labor and employment, the consumer sector, and residential and commercial real estate. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) of the Federal Reserve raised rates to 2.25-2.5 percent in its December meeting. The state’s mi...


Six Steps To Build An Efficient, Less Stressful Life At Work - Denver Business Journal

The Denver Business Journal selected MB Law’s Ned Minor as an official member of the Business Journals Leadership Trust. We are very honored. Thank you DBJ and congratulations to all six of the members who were selected.


DBJ Leadership Trust Article:

bizjournals.com The Denver Business Journal features local business news about Denver. We also provide tools to help business' grow, network and hire.


This Friday, February 1st, join us MB Law as we proudly present the 2019 Morgan Adams Foundation artmore exhibit hosted by the SPACE Gallery.

cvsoci.al artmore is a juried exhibition of the work of three artma 2018 artists. artmore is held in odd years opposite to artma as a celebration of the artists who support The Morgan Adams Foundation through their work. The artists were selected by Michael Burnett, owner, and curator of SPACE Gallery. artma....


MB Law is proud to present the 2019 Morgan Adams Foundation artmore exhibition hosted by SPACE Gallery.

cvsoci.al artmore is a juried exhibition of the work of three artma 2018 artists. artmore is held in odd years opposite to artma as a celebration of the artists who support The Morgan Adams Foundation through their work. The artists were selected by Michael Burnett, owner, and curator of SPACE Gallery. artma....


December's 3.5 Percent Unemployment Caps A Strong 2018 For Colorado Jobs

cvsoci.al There are few comparisons in Colorado’s history when it comes to the performance of the job market in 2018.


2019 Minimum Wages Increased in Twenty-One States across the U.S.; Including Colorado, where that wage increase went from $10.20-$11.10

cvsoci.al The new year is upon us, meaning new minimum wages for twenty-one states across the U.S. The following table, which supplements The Rocky Mountain Employer’s post earlier in 2018, sets forth the 2019 increases in minimum wages and tipped minimum wages.


Congratulations to all the Young Pros Climbing to Dizzying Heights at the GenXYZ Awards presented by Colorado Biz Magazine

cvsoci.al GenXYZ winners driven by causes beyond the workplace.


Colorado named 3rd best state for retirement

cvsoci.al Colorado continues to be a great place for retirees, according to a new ranking released by personal finance website WalletHub.


Congratulations to the 100 Best Places To Work In Colorado for 2019 | Thanks to Built in Colorado for compiling the annual list.

cvsoci.al Built In Colorado’s Best Places to Work in Colorado list ranks the startups and tech companies with the best employee benefits and salary in 2019. Did your company make the list?


Government Shutdown Employment Alert - E-Verify Not Available During Shutdown

cvsoci.al Government shutdowns affect employers by rendering E-Verify services unavailable. E-Verify is an electronic, internet-based system that compares information from employees I-9 to records available to the U.S Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration to confirm employment...


Newest MB Law addition Nathan Lawrence in The Herd.

cvsoci.al Nathan Lawrence has joined Minor & Brown as an associate. He will focus his practice on general corporate, real estate, private equity, finance and lending. He has degrees from the University of Colorado.

Want your business to be the top-listed Law Practice in Denver?

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In 1977, Ned Minor and John Brown shared a vision; a vision which changed their lives and the lives of many others from that point forward. The Minor & Brown (M&B) vision was to change the role of an attorney from a legal representative to one of a business counselor and trusted advisor to clients. This vision became a concept and the concept became reality. The corporate tagline/motto of “Law for Business Owners from Start to Finish” applies this concept in all aspects of the present day business. The motto is embraced by attorneys and staff alike and carries over into everyday communication with our clients, as well as the community. When one thinks of a law firm, one usually does not think about customer service. We at M&B have customer service on the forefront of our minds at all times. Our attorneys and staff strive to provide the best service possible to our clients, which for us, means achieving the highest level of satisfaction in an ethical and efficient manner. We truly care about our clients. When conducting day-to-day business, whether in person, via email or on the telephone, employees at Minor & Brown interact with our clients in a professional and courteous manner. There is a definite “culture” at Minor & Brown; a culture that fosters communication and professionalism. Our clients, most of whom own businesses, appreciate the personal approach that M&B gives them. Many of our clients are privately-held businesses and expect to be treated with dignity and respect. In some cases, we have represented multiple generations of ownership in companies. At other times, we helped form companies and counseled those same owners for decades until they exited the business; moving on to the next stage of their lives. Entrepreneurs, who ultimately become business owners, pour their hearts and souls into their businesses. Our clients will tell you that M&B cares just as much about those businesses as they do and are thrilled to have representation that is truly concerned about the success of their business. Entrepreneurs are a special lot! It takes a great deal of dedication, ingenuity, and general “smarts” to start a business, let alone handle the daily operations. M&B understands and with careful planning and advice, empowers clients to attain the pinnacle all entrepreneurs endeavor to reach; true success!

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