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Madison Insurance Group

Madion Insurance Group is a Colorado based independent insurance agency serving Colorado and the Denver metro area.

Madison Insurance Group specializes in providing comprehensive insurance plans with competitive pricing to Colorado and Denver businesses. We believe that the people and businesses of Colorado are unique. We are here to serve these special people and this special place by striving to create long term meaningful relationships with our clients.

We have been a Denver based insurance agency through the good times and bad. We understand the "where's and how's" of Colorado companies from the Denver small business owner to larger multi-state Colorado based business. Please take a look at the services we provide and let us answer any question you may have.

Mission Statement - Madison Insurance Group’s mission is to provide outstanding service and superior coverage to each and every one of our clients. We assist our customers identify their individual insurance needs in order to develop the most comprehensive and cost effective solution. We work as a team to develop exceptional programs for our valued customers built on a foundation of honesty, integrity and trust.

Continuing my discussion on Cyber Liability Insurance available for businesses, it also provides coverage for a data breach. A data breach is the intentional or unintentional release of secure or private/confidential information to an untrusted environment. Other terms for this phenomenon include unintentional information disclosure, data leak and also data spill. Most of us have heard about the data breaches sustained by a number of large well known companies. Small business owners need to be aware it could happen the them too. If it does, the state and the feds will place some very strict and expensive requirements upon you that must be implemented by your company after a breach occurs. You will be required to hire a forensics firm to figure out what happened and how many records were breached, send out letters to those people whose PPI (Personal Protected Information) was lost or stolen, and more than likely monitor their credit for at least a year. The average cost for each lost or stolen record containing sensitive and confidential information now stands at $148 per record. A "record" is one person's PPI such as social security number, date of birth, driver's license number, medical records and more. If you have 1,000 records stolen, this means it could cost you $148,000 if you do not have Cyber Liability Insurance. Thanks about it!

Cyber Liability Insurance can also provide coverage for Social Engineering. Now what does a fancy term like this mean you may ask? Well, it isn't an engineer and his or her pals getting social on social media I can tell you that. Here is a definition of it: "Social engineering is the art of manipulating people so they give up confidential information. The types of information these criminals are seeking can vary, but when individuals are targeted the criminals are usually trying to trick you into giving them your passwords or bank information, or access your computer to secretly install malicious software–that will give them access to your passwords and bank information as well as giving them control over your computer." Here is an example which has been happening a lot lately: an employee of a firm receives an email from someone who purports to be their boss, asking them to wire off $25,000 to such and such like now, which is typically on a Friday afternoon. The employee then goes ahead and does that, then gets confronted by the boss probably on Monday morning asking what is going on. The employee then looks at the email again and the email address and realizes it is just a little bit different than the one from the person the employee thought it was from. Bingo, the money is in the hands of the bad guys never to be seen again! If you do not have Cyber Liability Insurance, you are out this money! Thank about it!

I am thinking of Cyber Liability Insurance this week, which is a specialty-type insurance coverage a business typically needs to purchase over and above the other insurance they may have. Not a lot of small businesses carry this sad to say. What if your company gets hit with a ransomware attack? Here is a common definition of ransomware: "Ransomware is a type of malicious software from cryptovirology that threatens to publish the victim's data or perpetually block access to it unless a ransom is paid." If you get hit with one of these attacks, you will not be able to use your computers or access your information and you may have to pay a ransom to unlock your system, and could sustain a loss of revenue as a result. Cyber Liability Insurance will typically pay you for these losses. If you do not have this coverage, YOU will be paying for it out of pocket. Think about it!

How to Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing

Here is a very good article about freezing pipes and recommendations for pre-cautions you can take to help prevent this from happening in your home. We all know hail in Colorado is a major cause of damage to homes, but we tend to forget about what water can do! Country-wide, insurance companies pay out more for water damage claims by far than any other covered peril including hail and fire. Note this is water damage occurring inside the house generally because water seeping in from outside of the house is not covered unless you have a specific Flood Insurance Policy. Consumer Reports delivers money-saving advice to avoid frozen pipes at home and to deal with the aftermath if your pipes freeze during a cold snap.

I don't need insurance!

We talk to a number of people who do not have auto insurance despite the fact it is required by law. Appoximately 15% of Colorado drivers do not have auto insurance. Some of the comments are: "I am a safe driver so I don't need insurance"; "I'm never going to get into an accident so why do I need it?"; "I'll self insure in case anything ever happens”. Hmm, good luck with that! Tell that to the driver in this video!

Saw this photo and loved it so we wanted to post it. It is from the B Strong Ride out of Boulder, CO these two cyclists were participating in this past Saturday. What a beautiful day in Colorado it was!

Should You Buy Wedding Insurance?

When it is time for your wedding, here is an article that will help you say either "I DO" or "I DON'T" to Wedding Insurance. What does wedding insurance cover? Consumer Reports explains, and points out other insurance coverage options to consider for your wedding day.

And they say I look strange on skis! I saw this the other day on the slopes; yes, believe it or not!

It was a good reminder to me that we try not to bury our head in the sand when it comes to providing the necessary insurance coverage and handling claims on behalf of our customers.

Renters Insurance Protects More Than Just Your Possessions

Renters Insurance is one of the most avoided insurance policies that exists as far as those who need it, not purchasing it. Many people who rent an apartment, a condo, or a house just do not think they need it. People tend to think it just provides some coverage for their belongings but this article shows the other types of coverage's that are typically included in the policy as well. If you are renting, you should check into getting a quote for this insurance if you do not have it already! Remember, the Landlord's insurance policy will not provide any coverage or protection for you. If you are renting your home or apartment, you may think you don’t need insurance coverage. You might look around your apartment and think you don’t have much stuff or that nothing will ever happen to your building. The truth is, having insurance as a renter is important.

Watch Out For Storm Chasing Contractors

I was listening to one of my favorite songs this morning, Stormy Weather, and it really put me in the mood to read this article. I've noticed whenever there is even the slightest bit of hail in my neighborhood, I have these people knocking on my door asking me to hire them to replace my roof. What? I don't even know if there is any damage to it as of yet so what is going on here? Read this article for some good tips about the process of hiring a reputable contractor after sustaining damage to your home after a storm. Remember too, under a Homeowner's Insurance Policy, if you sustain damage due to a covered peril, it pays you on an Actual Cash Value basis which is depreciated value and does not pay replacement value, UNTIL THE DAMAGE IS 100% repaired or REPLACED!! (This is if you have the Replacement Value coverage option in your policy, that is.) Your home just suffered damage at the hands of a storm. Whether it is from hail, a tornado, high winds, or another form of weather, you need to be prepared for what comes after the storm passes. It is becoming more and more common for storm-chasing contractors to show up at your front door looking t...

7 Questions to Ask Before Upgrading to Commercial Auto Insurance - Liberty Mutual Insurance

Is it business use, personal use or both? Either way, make sure you are covering your vehicle(s) correctly. If you have a vehicle titled in an ENTITY name and you are insuring it under a Personal Auto Policy in your individual name, then you more than likely have a problem. This is because if it is titled in the name of a Corporation or Limited Liability Company this is a separate and distinct entity from you as an individual even if you own 100% of this entity - YOU ARE NOT THE SAME (it is like you really are two separate breathing creatures!). If you get into an accident resulting in a large claim or lawsuit against you and the company, you will have no coverage or defense for your company. WE THINK THIS IS HUGE! If you’re a small business owner who uses your personal vehicle for business, you might need to upgrade your insurance policy.


This Storybook provides an interesting reminder about distracted driving. According to, "distracted driving is ANY activity that requires us to shift our focus, including common things such as eating and playing with our radios. Driving is not a multitasking action that we can do safely without thinking. Driving is a skill that requires your full attention!" We have been seeing a tremendous uptick in auto accidents due to distracted driving. The more accidents and resulting claims made, along with the higher and higher costs to repair vehicles, leads to higher premium rates across the board .We think it is a good policy to pay attention to the road when you are behind the wheel and hopefully not much else! Everything Can Wait!  is a storybook to help children speak up against distracted driving.

Here we have some Madison Insurance Group employees on the left from front to back, June Schiff, Diane Jones and Elise Fitschen, this past Saturday Night at Nonna's Chicago Bistro enjoying dinner and live music by The Red Sax Trio, which is led by Craig Allegrezza, sax player, also of Madison Insurance Group. We do not do insurance ALL of the time!

Avoid Being Unfairly Charged for Rental Car Damage

This happened to me once where a rental car company tried to charge me for damage done to a car I rented AFTER I turned it in and everything looked fine, so you should pay attention to some ways to avoid this happening to you as reviewed in this article. Now, whenever I rent a car I make sure I take photos of the car at the start of my rental and at the time I turn it in, and I make sure the photos are dated. I get a little up tight about this stuff happening so I always try to take the proper precautions. Take heed and make sure you do not end up paying for damage to a rental car you are not responsible for. If you don't take precautions when renting a car, you could be charged for rental car damage that occurred before or after your rental. Consumer Reports explains how to prevent that from happening.

Personal Lines Account Manager Job in Denver, CO at Madison Insurance Group

We are growing and hiring! Please help us find our next great team member for these two positions. Easy 1-Click Apply (MADISON INSURANCE GROUP) Personal Lines Account Manager job. View job description, responsibilities and qualifications.

The Elements of Choosing a Subcontractor

Here are some good pointers when hiring a contractor/subcontractor whether you may be a homeowner, business owner, or, general contractor hiring a subcontractor. I just wish I had read an article like this before I recently hired a handyman buddy of mine to paint my house. He gave me a bid, I accepted it because it was cheaper than all of the rest; plus I found out later this guy was not properly insured, and he agreed to have my house painted in one day while I was at work. This sounded great to me, so I hired him and went to work that day. I then came home and saw that he painted my house the wrong color - yellow instead of blue! I couldn't believe it! He took off with the 50% down payment I gave him and never came back so I had to hire someone else! Do the proper research when choosing a contractor and also confirm they have the proper insurance as well, including General Liability and Worker's Compensation as a minimum. Choosing a subcontractor or contractor may sound simple to some, but for those who are not seasoned in doing it, there can be devastating consequences throughout the project if the wrong one is selected. What I’m about to share with you comes from my own experience. We are not going to discuss con...

How to Afford Healthcare During Retirement

I don't get it! Seems like I have always been told that expenses and the costs of everything I need will be going DOWN at retirement. Well, now it seems everything I read says this will not necessarily be the case as this article confirms. I thought I would work my whole life to enjoy a comfortable retirement but now I question this. Does health care get cheaper at any age - this is what I am asking?! My "senior discount" when I go to the movies, out to eat, to my health club, or hire the local kid to shovel my sidewalk, doesn't seem like it is going to go very far! During retirement, medical costs might be your biggest expense. Consumer Reports shares strategies so that you can afford healthcare during retirement.

6 Smart Steps for Lowering Your Medical Bills

This is interesting because it confirms that medical costs ARE negotiable. If you have a large out of pocket amount due to a hospital or medical facility, check this out because it provides some pretty good strategies for getting these amounts lowered. Yes, it can be done! Consumer Reports explains what to do if your medical bills are a financial burden.

Madison Insurance Group - recognized in "Top Insurance Agencies"

This is a nice award and we are proud of it so we just wanted to share! Madison Insurance Group - recognized in "Top Insurance Agencies" , Denver Business Journal, May 2017

What the GOP Tax Overhaul Means for Your Healthcare Costs

Here is a good article about the individual health insurance mandate (that it is still required in 2018) and the amount/percentage of the penalty that will apply if you do not have coverage. It is really unbelievable when you are exposed to the medical system right now and the costs associated with treatment. I, yes the GEEK that I am, injured my finger recently and had to make a trip to a local emergency room on a Saturday to get it checked out. I spent about three hours there. I was consulted by a physician's assistant, had an x-ray taken of the finger (I had a big piece of glass in it), met with an emergency room doctor for about 10 minutes where she explained to me that I would need to contact a hand surgeon on Monday to arrange surgery to have the glass taken out, and then had an EMT person clean up the finger and put a bandage on it. Just recently I received an Explanation of Benefits Statement from my insurance company showing that the total charge from the hospital facility only, was $4,400 and the contract price through my health insurance company is $2,950 so this is what I am responsible for paying because I have a $3,500 deductible. I still have a couple of bills coming in for other charges that are going to amount to about another $400 or so from other medical vendors associated with this visit. I was in shock when I saw the bill! There was very little done for me so I am figuring maybe they charged me by the hour for the time I spent there which computes to right about $1,467 an hour - wow! Beware of the cost of any medical treatment because it is just beyond belief right now. Note too if this happened to someone who did not have insurance, that person would be responsible for 100% of the $4,400 bill! The GOP tax bill eliminates the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate, which could boost healthcare costs for millions of Americans. But, says Consumer Reports, how much it affects you depends on how you get your health insurance and where you live.

How to Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing

Good information on preventing your pipes from freezing. It's not worth experiencing a burst pipe so please read this article! I get very personal about my pipes, and love my pipes. I look at them every day to make sure they are OK. I would be very upset if they let water out of them before that water gets to its destination. Consumer Reports delivers money-saving advice to avoid frozen pipes at home and to deal with the aftermath if your pipes freeze during a cold snap.

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