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Our firm specializes in Business, Cannabis, DLT, Entertainment, Securities, and Intellectual Property law.

The Rodman Law Group specializes in business, cannabis, cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, securities, and intellectual property Law. We provide unmatched legal counsel, business consulting, and regulatory guidance to our clients.

Mission: At The Rodman Law Group we provide more than excellent legal counsel. We foster close relationships with our clients, we help them grow, and we help them build bridges into, and strengthen connections with, the business community as a whole. The Rodman Law Group strives to provide our clients with the best legal representation in Colorado. Whether you are a cannabis grower with a unique new strain, an industrial chef looking to partner with a national supermarket chain, an entrepreneur with a revolutionary new product, a music producer, an author, or a small business owner, The Rodman Law Group can help you meet all of your goals quickly, effectively, and economically.

FDA Details CBD Safety Concerns, Warns Firms of Illegal Practices -

Founder and Managing Partner Dave Rodman Hemp Stash News The U.S. Food and Drug Administration detailed its concerns regarding the safety of CBD on Tuesday while issuing warnings to 15 companies the agency says are illegally marketing products containing the cannabinoid. In a consumer update posted to its website, the FDA said that only one pharmaceutical...

Cryptocurrency’s Window in Wyoming

Commonly known for coal mines, bison, and stunning national parks, Wyoming has gathered unprecedented attention in recent years from a surprising industry - cryptocurrency.

Since early 2018, legislatures have passed over a dozen crypto or blockchain-related bills. Click here for more on the state's digital initiative: In recent years, cryptocurrency has gained significant interest and traction via the passage of numerous bills in one of the country’s least populated states – Wyoming. While federal regulatory authorities have struggled to clearly regulate and classify crypto markets, Wyoming has passed over a ...

Sir Patrick Stewart Demands Medical Cannabis Legalization - International Cannabis Business Conference | Vancouver - Berlin - SF - Bern - Barcelona

"Make it so" The United Kingdom has one of the most restrictive medical cannabis programs in Europe. Legal medical cannabis access is restricted to only the most #patrickstewart

Managing Partner Dave Rodman and Dr. Jason Corbett and several other distinguished judges grilling a cannabis company’s pitch at the World Cannabis Forum

Dave Rodman at the World Blockchain Summit

The firm is honored to announce that
Westword published an article by our Managing Partner, Dave Rodman, on CBD and its unique (and weird) legal status due to Cannabis sativa L's history as a Schedule I substance. #ban_schedule_1 #CBD #FDA #DEA

We are excited to announce that Attorney Dave Rodman will be attending the CBD Expo Mountain event tomorrow in Denver! Speaking with fellow industry experts to discuss compliant CBD messaging, we're thrilled to bring the firm's expertise to the panel.

Learn more about the event and conference here: to Pay $24 million SEC Penalty

The SEC released details last week of a settlement with blockchain company regarding the latter's recent unregistered ICO.

For more on the multi-million dollar fine, click the link below: On September 30, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) announced the settlement of a $24 million penalty with blockchain company, as a result of the company’s recent unregistered initial coin offering (“ICO”). In the press release, SEC officials detail the unlis...

New Screening Guidelines for Fecal Transplants Could Save Lives

Hoping to provide clarity to the medical community and ensure patient safety, the Food and Drug Administration recently released a set of guidelines for FMT procedures. To learn more on the treatment and its potential, click below: The Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) has recently set guidelines on an increasingly common medical treatment: fecal microbiota transplants, or FMTs. The recent announcement comes after a patient died in June after receiving an FMT that contained drug-resistant bacteria.1 Unfortunately, up un...

SAFE Banking Act Passes in the House

In a 321-103 vote, the House of Representatives passed the first-ever standalone cannabis bill, the SAFE Banking Act, late yesterday afternoon. With it now moving on to the Senate, Attorney Dave Rodman unpacks the historic legislative decision here:   Late Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the first-ever self-contained cannabis bill, clearing H.R.1595 – or the Secure And Fair Enforcement Banking Act of 2019 (“SAFE Banking Act”) – in a bipartisan 321-103 vote. Introduced by Colorado Representative Ed Perlmutter (D) in ...

‪Just in case anyone was buying the “illicit THC products” explanation as the “real” cause of the vape deaths. Please remember, #vape products are brought to you by #BigTobacco. An industry that knew it was selling death for 40 years before it was “brought to justice” (yet still sells those products and is still responsible for millions of deaths preventable deaths). Big Tobacco wrote the book on this sort of regulatory cat and mouse game.

The simple fact is that vapes and e-cigarettes contain chemicals that aren’t safe and have never been forced to pass FDA trials (and in many cases are not even disclosed). These things are not legal yet they are nearly universally available. Oh, and they are addicting as hell, marketed to children, and they kill people. #JoeCamelLives‬

Katy Perry Now “Wide Awake” after Copyright Infringement Wakeup Call

Musician Katy Perry was recently found guilty of copyright infringement following allegations from Christian rapper Marcus Gray regarding his song "Joyful Noise."

Click here for more on the "Dark Horse" singer's case: Katy Perry found herself in a “perfect storm” recently when a Los Angeles federal jury found the singer and several of her collaborators guilty of copyright infringement, after a seven-day trial brought against her by Marcus Gray, a Christian rapper who goes by the name of Flame came to an end. ...

Recent FTC Warning Letters Target CBD Medical Claims

The FTC looks to be taking aim at the CBD industry after three warning letters were sent to companies that actively use medical claims in the promotion of their CBD products. Similar to the FDA's notification in April, click below to read more on the agency's recently announced decision: September 10, 2019, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) issued a news release announcing the recent distribution of warning letters to three companies advertising cannabidiol (“CBD”) products as a medical treatment option for a range of various illnesses. Cautioning that such unsubstan...

Nacho Taco Tuesday

Love tacos? NBA superstar LeBron James recently received a USPTO office action on his requested trademark of the phrase "Taco Tuesday," putting the ball back in the player's court following James' initial Aug. 15 application.

For more on James' requested trademark and "Taco Tuesday," click here: The LA Lakers superstar LeBron James recently took a big “L” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (the “USPTO”) in his attempt to trademark the phrase “Taco Tuesday.”1 James uses the phrase on his Instagram page “to let people know it is his family’s taco night,”2 and...

New Marijuana Hospitality Licenses

Passed in May, Colorado's HB 19-1230 is expected to make waves in the state's cannabis industry with the creation of two new MED-issued hospitality licenses.

Attorney Lauren Cammarata Snow analyzes the new licenses and the associated ongoing MED rulemaking process in the link below: Earlier this year the Colorado legislature passed House Bill 19-1230 (the “Bill”), which created two new types of marijuana licenses to be issued by the Colorado Department of Revenue Marijuana Enforcement Division (the “MED”). The first is a Marijuana Hospitality Business license (“MHB”...

[09/11/19]   Does anybody else find this sentence from John Boehner, "Mr. Small Government" ironic?
"A well-regulated cannabis marketplace is the most effective way to police bad actors and to get counterfeit and tainted products off the market to ensure and protect public health.”

After flip-flopping on a career of anti-cannabis legislation when he started working for Acreage, Boehner now appears to be espousing a regulated marketplace...

Proposed California CBD Bill Suspended

Despite previous expectations that the bill would make it to California Gov. Gavin Newsom's desk in the coming weeks, Assembly Bill-228 has stalled in the state's Senate Appropriations Committee. For more information on the surprising turn of events, click the link below: Contrary to the bill’s projected outcome from earlier in the summer, California lawmakers will not make a decision on Assembly Bill-228 (“AB 228”) this year as the bill has stalled in the state legislature despite broad bipartisan interest and consumer support. Previously expected to be signed...

DEA Announces Increased Access to Marijuana Research

Yesterday, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration issued a surprising press release that details the agency's intention to improve access to federally legal cannabis research. With increasing criticism of the agency's review process, the DEA now looks to register additional cultivation operations, as the firm discusses below: On August 26, 2019, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (“DEA”) issued a press release stating that DEA will be undertaking steps to increase access to DEA registrations required under federal law to cultivate and/or manufacture marijuana for research purposes. In making this annou...

Crypto Exchange INX Proposes Record-Breaking IPO

Amid a growing number of companies looking to pioneer a regulated cryptocurrency trading platform, INX Limited recently announced its plan to raise an unprecedented $130 million through a newly proposed IPO. Click here for more on INX's SEC filing:   According to a draft prospectus statement filed with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (“SEC”) on August 19, cryptocurrency trading platform INX Limited aims to raise between $5 million and $129.5 million through their proposed initial public offering (“IPO”). A historic first as ...

HB-1090 Implementation on Schedule

The Colorado MED recently adopted a set of emergency rules to ease into the enforcement of HB19-1090. Click here for an analysis of the bill's changes: As expected, on August 1, the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (the “MED”) adopted emergency rules (the “August Emergency Rules”) to begin implementing HB19-1090, “Concerning Measures to Allow Greater Investment Flexibility in Marijuana Businesses” (the “Bill”). The Bill permi...

Revisiting the War on Drugs & Its Impact

Last month was the 50th anniversary of President Nixon's decision to begin the nation's controversial "War on Drugs." Analyzing its history, firm founder David Rodman assesses the policy's founding principles and discusses the consequences of its enforcement.

Click the link below for the firm's full analysis: July 14 marked the 50th anniversary of President Richard Nixon’s message to Congress asking for the establishment of a federal plan to tackle substance abuse, citing a dramatic increase in juvenile arrests for drug offenses. Nixon’s letter was the start of a new era of American drug policy as, t...

Largest U.S. CBD Company Hit with Warning Letter from FDA

Firm Attorney Jeff Wilson details why it's always a good idea to keep FDA regulations in mind... On July 22, 2019, the United States Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) sent a Warning Letter (the “Letter”) to Curaleaf, Inc. notifying the company that FDA considers several products Curaleaf sells on its website, specifically its “CBD Lotion,” “CBD Pain-Relief Patch,” five versio...

California Poised to Permit Sale of CBD-Infused Products

One of the first states to formally highlight CBD's complex legal status, California lawmakers issued a ban last summer on the sale of ingestible hemp-derived products due to undefined risks to consumers. This year, however, the state's legislature looks to reverse their previous decision.

Click below to learn more on California's Assembly Bill-228 and its role in the state's CBD market: Through a bill proposed earlier this year, California legislators appear to be on the verge of legalizing the sale of food, drink, and cosmetic products containing hemp or associated cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol (“CBD”). Per last year’s announcement from the California Department of Publi...

New Data Projects Decrease in CBD Prices | The Rodman Law Group

CBD products have reached new levels of popularity this year, however, a recent report suggests that the immense interest in the emerging industrial hemp market may produce unexpected consequences for the cultivators behind it.

More information on the new price data here:

Bitcoin: an Alternative Asset for Diversified Portfolio Management | The Rodman Law Group

One of the most well-known digital currencies, bitcoin has been in the public eye for years, but it's capability still largely remains to be realized. In his second post with the firm, finance expert Ben Lakoff looks to bitcoin and its role in transforming financial systems of the future.

Click here to read Mr. Lakoff's comprehensive guide to the token and it's potential: The utility of using Bitcoin as an alternative asset to diversify your portfolio.

Presentation Suggests IRS Plan to Investigate Bitcoin Activity | The Rodman Law Group

Updated IRS guidelines have long been expected within the crypto industry, however, a recently leaked agency presentation has provided the first look at a federal attempt to regulate market tax evasion. Advising IRS agents to monitor bitcoin activity through user social media accounts and personal interviews, the document has several alarming implications for taxpayer privacy.

Click here to read more on the IRS' proposed plan: According to a recent presentation, IRS agents have been advised to obtain taxpayer information via advanced surveillance tactics in an effort to reduce bitcoin tax evasion.

DeFi: What Is It and Why It Is Important | The Rodman Law Group

Blockchain operations have steadily gained traction in the corporate world, but distinguishing them from traditional financial systems can be a challenge for those unfamiliar with the industry. Entrepreneur and finance professional Ben Lakoff explains blockchain's unique potential and the power of decentralized finance in his first article in a series of guest posts with the firm.

Click the link below to learn more about the finance sector's digital shift: July 18, 2019 by Ben Lakoff The following article is the first in a series of guest posts by Ben Lakoff. Mr. Lakoff is an entrepreneur and finance professional. He has a wide area of expertise including raising capital, corporate finance, investing, and start-up strategy. The content of this post is...

Bogus Flyers Target Small Business Owners in Colorado | The Rodman Law Group

This week, the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office issued a warning to small-business owners regarding the recent circulation of official-looking renewal flyers. At first glance, these notices may seem legitimate, however, Secretary of State Jena Griswold has denounced the third-party solicitations.

Click here for more information including examples of the flyer: July 12, 2019 by Ian Ferrell We have seen several scams like this over the years and they always result in at least one or two panicked/angry calls from some clients. It seems that there will always be an unethical actor willing to utilize fear tactics or capitalize on the frenzied time constraints....

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