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Our Insurance Agency has been in business since 1959. We are family owned and operated. Our goal is to help each person find the best rate for them, we are independent agents and have a lot of Companies to choose from.


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Two bear cubs climbed to the top of a tree in Estes Park but soon realized the way down was going to be tricky. Fortunately, mama was not far from sight. 📹: Ben Legzdins/Estes Park Guided Tours.

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Denver police giving away free anti-theft devices to owners of most commonly stolen vehicles DENVER – For years, Denver has been a target for car thieves, and the problem has worsened in recent years. In 2018, more than 5,300 vehicles were stolen just from the City and County of Denver. The metro area falls victim to about 15,000 auto thefts per year. “It is a huge problem,” Denver Po...

Top 10 tactics for winter driving | Life Lanes No matter where you live or travel during the winter, be prepared. Winter driving tips for navigating the roads in difficult conditions.

[02/26/19]   Ice and snow driving tips

1. Stay home. Only go out if necessary. If traveling, grab a motel room.
2. Drive slowly
3. Accelerate and decelerate slowly
4. Increase your following distance
5. Know your brakes
6. Don’t stop if you can avoid it
7. Don’t power up hills
8. Don’t stop going up a hill
9. Make sure you have good tires, opt for all season tires
10. Do NOT use your cruise control on wet or icy roads

Learn how to skid. A front skid is easy, gently let off the accelerator. Don’t move your hands and allow the car to slow down. Turning the wheel more or pushing down on your brake pedal will cause a disaster, hitting your brakes will make you slide FASTER. When I was a teenager, right after a snow, my parents would take us kids to a parking lots without the parking blocks. They took us late at night when the lot was empty. They had us purposely hit the brakes on snow and ice so we could feel the slide. They taught us how to steer out of it. I also found out real quickly how using your brakes was a bad idea. Going slower and letting off the accelerator was better than hitting your brakes. Make sure a good experienced snow and ice driver goes with you to give you tips. Half the battle is understanding what you should and should NOT do on ice and snow. Speed is never your friend. Most of the time going fast isn’t the problem. Stopping is almost always the problem, so SLOW DOWN. People with 4 wheel drive vehicles, can get going faster but can’t stop any faster.

Police Warn Of Craigslist Auto-Theft Scam Metro Denver authorities are investigating an interstate auto-theft scam targeting people selling vehicles on Craigslist or Auto Trader websites.Video Report

Safety Solutions.

A very valuable tip for car drivers...what if your accelerator got jammed. This is a simulation of real life incidents.


Another good reason not to follow to close

You rarely see these scenes on the street 😳😲

Tips for getting your car ready for driving in winter weather

Attention new Colorado drivers!!! Snow is already falling in the Colorado mountains, and driver’s need to be prepared – especially if you’re new to the state.

#ItCanWait: Powerful Texting And Driving Campaign | JoJo Wright | KIIS FM Prepare for waterworks.

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Feds: Stop driving these Honda models right now Feds warn more than 300,000 Hondas and Acuras pose grave risk of exploding airbags and should be parked until fixed.

CNY Riders

Teen dies after 'car surfing' in Walmart parking lot A Colorado teen died after car surfing in a Walmart parking lot in Rifle.

Study finds fatal crashes in Colorado have risen since legalized marijuana DENVER - In the first year marijuana was available at retail stores in Colorado, 94 people died in crashes where a driver involved tested positive for some amount of marijuana, according to the third-annual marijuana legalization impact study released by the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Traffi…

Study finds 100 percent increase in fatal pot-related crashes in Colorado A new study finds the number of people killed in marijuana-related accidents in Colorado has increased 100 percent.

High-speed road rage incident captured on GoPro camera Both parties were charged with reckless driving. The car driver was also charged with aggravated assault. Police explained that a car is more dangerous than a motorcycle as a deadly weapon. Is that fair? 'Dr...

Mexican drug cartels are taking full advantage of Colorado's marijuana laws Colorado's marijuana laws are inadvertently helping Mexican drug cartels keep their business going.

More Colorado drivers in fatal crashes positive for pot, study says Two new University of Colorado studies paint an ominous picture of the direction of the state since marijuana commercialization but neither provides conclusive evidence that legal pot is causing harm.

All Insurance Agency

Our Insurance Agency has been in business since 1959. We are family owned and operated. Our goal is to help each person find the best rate for them, we are independent agents and have a lot of Companies to choose from.

All Insurance Agency

Our Insurance Agency has been in business since 1959. We are family owned and operated. Our goal is to help each person find the best rate for them, we are independent agents and have a lot of Companies to choose from.

License plate thefts on the rise in Denver DENVER -- License plate thefts are on the rise, the Denver Police Department said Monday. Since the first of the year, police said more than 950 plates have been reported stolen, typically to commi...

Denver's top eight intersections for traffic crashes DENVER -- An updated list of the top intersections for traffic crashes is out and it tracks very closely to one compiled six years ago by Westword Magazine. At that time, University Boulevard and F...

Where are the best (and worst) drivers in Colorado The numbers are out, and we now know where the best (and worst) drivers in Colorado are.

Woman running over motorcycle - RAV4 vs CBR 125 JC50
Motorcycle helmet safety facts If these individuals had been wearing helmets, many of these deaths and disabling injuries would not have happened. Why? Because a helmet is the motorcyclists most effective piece of safety equipment. Motorcycle Gear, Biker Apparel, Parts and Riding Accessories
This site has some really great prices on motorcycle helmets. Give us a call for a great motorcycle insurance quote. 50% off Leather Jackets Motorcycle Jackets, Motorcycle Boots, motorcycle helmets, leather pants, leather chaps, Motorcycle saddlebags, mens womens leather coats, harley davidson boots, leather vests, harley boots, leather jackets, biker jackets, motorcycle gear and accessories, motorcycle leather ja…

303-935-3661 Home, Auto, Motorcycle, and Surety Bond Insurance - Denver Colorado - All Insurance...

Mexico Insurance

Quote, bind and print your policy right from our website. Go to the bottom of the first page. All Insurance Agency is a multi-line insurance agency, providing personalized insurance coverage for families and businesses. Serving clients in Denver and the State of Colorado. Our services include Auto Insurance, Home Insurance and Business Insurance.

303-935-3661 Home, Auto, Motorcycle, and Surety Bond Insurance - Denver Colorado - All Insurance...

Are you driving into Mexico for a vacation? We can provide you with insurance. Quote, bind and print your own policy thru our website. All Insurance Agency is a multi-line insurance agency, providing personalized insurance coverage for families and businesses. Serving clients in Denver and the State of Colorado. Our services include Auto Insurance, Home Insurance and Business Insurance.

[04/02/14]   Motorcycle season is just around the corner. Give us a call so we can give you a fantastic Progressive quote.

[01/02/14]   RE: Marijuana
Today's Topics: From the Colorado State Patrol

1. Amendment 64 will not affect CSP's impaired-driving
enforcement ([email protected])

January 1, 2014
9:00 a.m.

*AMENDMENT 64 - New laws won't change CSP's enforcement of impaired driving*

As new laws based upon Amendment 64 continue to regulate the possession and
use of recreational marijuana, the Colorado State Patrol reminds motorists
that driving while impaired by marijuana (or any other substance) is
illegal. Recent legal changes--which loosen regulations governing the
purchase, possession and consumption of marijuana by people over 21--do not
mitigate motorists' responsibility to drive sober at all times.

*Need to know!*

- Sell marijuana unless you are a licensed retailer
- Attempt to purchase marijuana if you are under the age of 21
- Possess more than one ounce of marijuana at a time
- Smoke marijuana in public places
- Consume marijuana in public clubs or venues (or anywhere that
cigarette smoking is prohibited)
- Attempt to transport marijuana in the occupant compartment of your car
(including the glove compartment) in an open container
- Attempt to transport marijuana beyond Colorado borders
- Travel to Colorado and attempt to purchase more than a quarter-ounce
of marijuana

All Colorado State Patrol Troopers are trained in the detection of
impairment from alcohol, drugs and other substances; additionally, many
Troopers have received additional training as certified Drug Recognition
Experts (DREs). During the course of a traffic contact, any driver
suspected of driving while impaired by marijuana may be asked to complete
voluntary roadside maneuvers and submit to a chemical test. Refusal of a
chemical test results in stricter penalties than compliance.

"The investigative process for marijuana impairment is the same as that of
any other impairing substance," Baker said. "Troopers have been making
arrests for drug-impaired driving for many years. The laws may be new, but
our professional experience with impaired drivers is not."

Troopers will remain on increased patrols through the New Year's holiday,
actively seeking and arresting impaired drivers. The increased vigilance
leading into 2014
the agency's ongoing commitment to combatting impaired driving through
intelligence-led enforcement strategies across the state.

"Our family has been protecting yours since 1935," said Colonel Scott
Hernandez, Chief of the Colorado State Patrol. "We encourage motorists
to support our efforts during the holiday season by reporting impaired
drivers or other dangerous driving behaviors."

To report a suspected impaired driver, call *277 on any cell phone.

Which is more dangerous: Texting and driving or drinking and driving? DENVER -- It’s called DWI. Driving While "Intexticated." Each year, a million car crashes in the US are caused by texting drivers. Which made us wonder, it is just as dangerous as drinking and dr...

[10/18/13]   Colorado Hwy Patrol asking for Assistance in Hit and Run Pedestrian while he was walking his dogs.

Date: 10/17/13 Time: 2100

*Colorado State Patrol requesting assistance for serious injury hit and run

The Colorado State Patrol is requesting assistance from the public in
investigating a hit-and-run crash resulting in serious injuries to a
pedestrian tonight. At approximately 1745 hours (5:45 PM) the
CSP responded to 7052 West Glasgow Place in Littleton. An unknown vehicle
hit a 61 year old male while he was walking his dogs. The vehicle failed
to stop, leaving the man on the sidewalk with serious injuries. The man
was later found by a local resident and taken to a local hospital in

No information is known about the vehicle or driver. The vehicle will most
likely have front end damage. Anyone that has any information is urged to
call the Colorado State Patrol at 303-239-4501. You can remain anonymous.

The identity of the
is being withheld at this time. No other crash information is available.

[09/16/13]   Here is some information about flood coverage.

Chuggington Safety Tips

Safety games and information for kids! 'Think Safe, Ride Safe, Be Safe!' is a new public service program that aims to provide child transportation safety guidance to families with young children. The program is brought to you by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and Ludorum, the producers of the Chuggington™ tel...

Texting, speeding, drugs focus of fatal Pine Junction crash

PLEASE DON'T TEXT WHILE DRIVING: WE PERSONALLY KNOW THE INNOCENT PARTIES INVOLVED IN THIS ACCIDENT. Officials are investigating whether prescription drug use, texting and excessive speed contributed to a fatal crash on U.S. 285 near Pine Junction on Thursday.

Taxi Services

From the Colorado Highway Partol:

*Impaired Drivers Beware: Increased DUI Enforcement Begins Tomorrow*
*Heat Is On Campaign Reminds Coloradans to Celebrate July 4 Responsibly*
*STATEWIDE(July 2, 2013) -- *As Coloradans make plans for the Fourth of
July, 96 law enforcement agencies and Colorado State Patrol Troops across
the state fire up plans for sobriety checkpoints and increased patrols to
keep our roads safe from impaired drivers. The crackdown begins tomorrow at
6 p.m. and runs through 3 a.m. on Monday, July 8. The effort is part of the
Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) *Heat Is On* campaign, which
pairs heightened enforcement with public education.

“Be smart about your decisions this weekend,” said Darrell Lingk, Director
of the Office of Transportation Safety at CDOT. “Planning ahead to
designate a sober driver is the easiest way to make sure you keep yourself
and others out of harms way. Last year, there were seven alcohol-related
fatalities that occurred over the July 4 weekend in Colorado. This year,
our goal is none.”

In 2012, 14 Colorado residents were killed in the month of July because of
an alcohol-related automobile crashes. And during last year’s July 4
heightened enforcement period, 632 Colorado residents were arrested for
impaired driving.

"It is zero tolerance for any person driving impaired on our highways,"
said Colonel Scott Hernandez, Chief of the Colorado State Patrol. “The
summer months are typically the most dangerous on our roadways, and
together with our partner law enforcement agencies our goal is to put an
end to drivers that choose to make the irresponsible and potentially deadly
decision to drive while impaired."

This summer’s *Heat Is On* campaign features a new approach to educating
the public on impaired driving. In the past, CDOT has focused on
enforcement-related messages as a way to deter impaired driving. The new
approach acknowledges that many Coloradans do drink when celebrating
holidays with family and friends. The goal is to effect whether or not they
make the decision to drive. The campaign kicks off over the Fourth of July
enforcement period with radio and will be fully unveiled in August in time
for the Labor Day DUI crackdown.

The *Heat Is On* campaign will come to life at Rockies games and concerts
this summer by signing up designated drivers. CDOT is also promoting
alternatives to driving through this campaign, including the RTD bus and
light rail system, , and
through a partnership with Uber , and on-demand
private driver. For the week of the Fourth of July, Uber will give current
customers a free ride up to $20 for anyone who refers a new user to the
program, and the new user will also receive a free ride up to $20.

The *Heat Is On *runs the entire year with 12 specific DUI enforcement
periods centered on national holidays and large, public events. More
details about the DUI enforcement plans and arrest results can be found at . Taxi Services Directory from 1-800-TAXI-CAB: Taxi services nationwide. Taxi services in Los Angeles, taxi services in Chicago, taxi services in San Diego, taxi services in Houston and taxis in cities across the country.

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