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So freaking excited for tonight! To sing along to every song with Jake Owen! Today has been filled with so much knowledge, and heart! #pureromance #changesh*t

Pure Romance by Charlotte's cover photo

Pure Romance by Charlotte

Cinci bound and ready for some @officialpureromance training and fun!! #prturns25 #blushaboutit #changinglivesonepartyatatime

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Pure Romance by Charlotte's cover photo

Pure Romance

So many men and women don’t know their bodies! We are no longer in the 60’s it’s important to teach children the correct names as well as when the time is appropriate that it isn’t weird to talk about what their preferences are!


Did you know one study of U.S. college students found that almost 30 percent of women couldn’t locate the clitoris on a diagram? With stats like these, we're thankful for organizations whose mission is to be a positive resource for sexual health.

Recently, Tryst Network partnered up with Jessica Biel to improve the sexual health IQ of women and their partners through fun, reliable and empowering online content like this. So, go ahead! Look down there and get familiar with your body. There's no shame in your vagina knowledge game!

Coming December 26th!!!

Pure Romance by Charlotte

The Sex MD

A very good read!

Although hormonal birth control has given women more freedom and control in their lives, the synthetic hormones are not without significant effects on a woman's system. Hormones have profound effects on mood as well as overall metabolic balance.

I won something!!! Reason 20376007666 why I love my job! #pureromanceallin #pureromance #blushaboutit

When two of your girls get recognized for kicking some serious butt their first month!! Congrats ladies I am so very proud of you!! #blushaboutit #pureromance #allin #bossbabes

Back at it again! #futureleaders #pureromance #blushaboutit

I am beyond thankful for the two ladies I got to party with and spoil this weekend! Both have been in my life for about 4 years and came into my life through Pure Romance. They started out as clients and have become apart of my family! So to all of those people that say things like
"How can you do THAT?"
"That's gross"
"I couldn't watch you stand up there and talk about THAT kind of stuff."
"How do you have the balls to do that" (ps this is my favorite one)

Truth be told I do it for the women that walk into my parties not knowing very much about their bodies because let's face it we don't talk about sexual health the way we should. I do it because I have helped many women understand why their bodies do what they do and let them know some things are normal. I meet some kick ass inspiring women who have gone through hell and still manage to wake up every day and kick that days ass. They are my inspiration in why I have "the balls" to do what I do. I love what I do and before you judge what I do take a few hours and come to one of my parties. You will laugh and learn in more ways then you thought. So to my haters or people that think it's weird learning from me, thank you ten fold. Because of you I get to change women's lives for the better and have a kick ass time doing it.

#blushaboutit #marriedwomenmarriedsinglewomensafe #pureromance #allin

What happens when your Pure Romance consultant runs out of Coochy shave cream?!?? Use men's Shave Cream 😂😂😂😂#blushaboutit #youonlygetonelife #pureromance

I'm just sitting here my mind is blown!!

Something that is responsive to your touch?! 🙌

Or something that is more economical then 4 Starbucks drinks?! ☕️

Or even a spa in my own house?!?! 🛁

Say it isn't so! I just can't handle that!

I'm looking for 20 product testers! I need to know if they are as real as they say! Comment "Me Me" for the details!

Tag 3 friends for a chance to win a travel Coochy Shave Cream!

Watching and ready for some new products?!?!!! Who is excited?! #pureromance #blushaboutit

We even manage to work while we chill on this gorgeous fall day while waiting to head over to the Luke Bryan concert! #joinme #youonlygetonelife #blushaboutit #pureromance

"Mom this is my bed, I'm glad you think this is yours"- such a cute baby but such a bed hog 😂 #blushaboutit #labradorretriever #youonlygetonelife

"Excuse me mom, your driving to the wrong place." #labradorretriever #blushaboutit #youonlygetonelife

Tonight I took a peak at our numbers for this year and when I looked at our team numbers I seen $50,000 in retail!!! My girls know how very proud of them I am! They truly are what it means to be apart of a team and family! Just for some fun let me break this down into some of your favorite products! This is equal to 2,500 bottle of Coochy or Shave, 3,125 bottles of Between the Sheets, 1,666 bottles of Body Boost, I could go on and on. But I want to say Thank You! Thank you to all of our clients for allowing us to fill your hearts and homes with some amazing products, laughs, and Girls Nights In! Without you we wouldn't get to do what we love! Ahh I can't wait to see where these women will go! #blushaboutit #youonlygetonelife #joinme #pureromance #superwomen @officialpureromance

Another amazing hostess spoiled!!! #blushaboutit #futureleaders #joinme #pureromance

Happy Monday!!!

It's coming!!! Something big!! Something so big!! #myparttimejobisbetterthanyours #youonlygetonelife #blushaboutit #pureromance

She did it!!!! She broke her board!!!!! #blushaboutit #pureromance #nationaltraining

Everyone knows I love a good burger! #bru #blushaboutit #nationaltraining

Chris Cicchinelli

Love this! Haven't missed a year since I joined!!

Make the most of your classes today. I want to know.. are you all in? #pureromanceallin

My view this morning #blushaboutit #pureromance #nationaltraining

Couldn't resist a great dinner before the new products! They brew their own beer here! #rockbottom #blushaboutit #youonlygetonelife #allin #pureromance

I got THE bag!!! Best part it was FREE just for coming to training!!! #blushaboutit #pureromance #allin #nationaltraining #joinme

Pure Romance Sleepover!! #blushaboutit #pureromance #theroadtonationaltraining #allin #nationaltraining

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