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Hi, just wondering why no cake post since 2015? I really admire your cakes and i would love to see your creations every now and then.

A Wish and a Whisk is a custom cake studio owned by Lindsey Sinatra! Lindsey has been turning food into art since she was a child. As a toddler, Lindsey’s frequent attempts to create a masterpiece from the ingredients for that night’s dinner forced her mom to padlock the fridge.

As an adolescent, she would often draw a crowd of amazed onlookers as she sculpted people and animals out of starburst candy. It was just a matter of time until Lindsey discovered cake. The moment she saw what creations were to be found in this delectable medium she was hooked! Lindsey received her Bachelors in Studio Arts from Concordia University. In 2006, she began her career as a professional cake artist when she joined the team at Christopher Garren’s Cakes. After four years, Lindsey moved on to pursue her dream of owning her own shop, A Wish and a Whisk Cakes. Her work has been featured in magazines and blogs internationally and she has taught classes nationwide. Lindsey is most recognized for her appearance on two seasons of WE TV’s hit series “Amazing Wedding Cakes”, which airs every Sunday night.


Last nights wedding cake was full of intricate pattern and texture! We loved this colorful wedding cake we made for a gorgeous wedding last night with @andrea_lynn_guzman @lvlweddings 😍


Watch out Canada, we're coming for you!! @jamesrosselle and I are in route to #cakecarnival2015! 👏🎂


Hundreds of gorgeous mini cakes and cupcakes that matched the jewel wedding cake with @whitelilacinc ! We love all the deep jewel tones in these cakes, so romantic and stunning all together! :)


Weeks and weeks of pouring sugar brooches and endless days of applying tiny beads with a tweezer resulted in this pink to fig faded ombré 5 foot tall beauty for an epic wedding earlier this month with my incredible friend @whitelilacinc ! This was so much work but worth every second, the sparkle in person was incredible!!😍✨🎂


This cake is complete coral and peach ombré gorgeousness from an insanely stunning wedding we worked on with the lovely @whitelilacinc! 😍


In love with the soft tones and textures of this wedding cake we made for yesterday's wedding! The pattern was inspired by the brides 2nd dress she wore at the wedding, we love the soft blue and blush base this cake has its so romantic and dreamy! :)


Yes, this is indeed a cake! We made this epic cake as a surprise grooms cake of their cat as a gift from the bride to the groom! I wish we could have seen his reaction! :)


First look at this gorgeous wedding cake we made tonight up at Pelican Hill! 😍


Floating cake prettiness at Pelican Hill tonight! Congratulations to the bride and groom! 💗


This handpainted country beauty was shipped up to Northern California this week for my cousins wedding tonight! I couldn't be there myself this weekend, so we sent them a cake and boxes of peanutbutter balls as favors for all their guests in my place! Congratulations Megan and Pat! 💗


We're wishing a very, merry unbirthday to little Maddison! This completely adorable Alice in wonderland rainbow cake is center stage at an adorable first birthday party today! :)


Sweet shades of pink for this bridal shower cake and mini cakes! 💕


We sent this beauty all the way to Denver last week for the most gorgeous wedding with the amaaaazing @whitelilacinc !! After surviving the trip from 🔥 by Gods grace alone the cake was there in one piece without a scratch! 🙏🎂🙏 the design for the cake was inspired by the incredible paperwork by @love_elodie !💗📄💗 and captured by the lovely @jessicaclaire 💗📷💗!!! Always love working with these amazing women! 💪💃


The combination of coral and navy blue might be a new favorite here! Loveliest lace wedding cake for an even lovelier couple!! 💗#eatdrinkandbemeredith


Wedding dress inspired gorgeousness from this past weekends wedding at @pelicanhillresort with @paulalaskelle!! :)


Cheers to 5 years!!!! Today marks five years of wondeful memories, beautiful cakes, and all the fun and laughs that daily fill the walls of my darling bakery A Wish and a Whisk! So thankful for this incredible team of girls by my side to celebrate and share this beautiful dream with! :)


This cake took first place at the wedding of this Aquestrian and French bulldog loving bride and groom!! They have 4 french Bulldogs and a French mastiff together, it was so fun for us to replicate their babies in sugar and them jumping their horse at the top of the cake for their big day!


Another great day at #cakecamp teaching with my favorite buddy @jamesrosselle ! #cakecamp2015


This beauty needed a single frame. We love love love all white cakes with lots of intricate details, they're so romantic!! Such a gorgeous wedding tonight at @pelicanhillresort with Paula laskelle and @whitelilacinc ! 😍


One of our favorite families had a double celebration this week, Tommy burgers employee picnic and Cindi's birthday combined! We made this cake for Cindi and a ton more to feed their 800+ employees at their celebration! Happy Birthday Cindi from all of us! ❤️


Surprise 60th birthday cake for an outdoors loving guy! His wife called and wanted us to make him a personal and fun cake that showed all of his hobbies but that also with him at his desk multitasking away at the top of the cake, such a fun centerpiece for his party! :)


Dying. Had to share @whitelilacincs view of the cake we made and the incredible party they produced for @wettermeows birthday extravaganza! Amazing photos by @samuellippkestudios @alexsmithphoto 😍


Such a twinkly and magical mermaid cake for a lucky little lady's first birthday party!! This cake was everything girly and sparkly, it perfectly matched her adorable mermaid party! :)


Cute and colorful birthday cake made as a surprise for one of our former brides from her husband! 💜


Whimsical gorgeousness for a special birthday cake this weekend! Happy birthday @wettermeow!! @whitelilacinc 😘


Adorable cookie boxes we made for a veterinary school graduate! I mean the kitty with pearls and the bandaid...we can't even. 😍


Most adorable elephant cake ever for little Ella's first birthday party last weekend! :)


Surprise birthday cake from a wife to her social media and play station loving husband! Such a sweet gift! :)


Up, up, and away with baby elephants today! We made this darling hot air balloon cake for a mama to be celebrating the upcoming arrival of her twin boys! We're mildly obsessed with the 2 storks flying by the mama elephant! ;)


Sweetest little butterfly cake we made for a baby shower this afternoon! The whimsical butterflies fluttering around the cake are just so cute! :)


Clean lines and dots for tonight's Art Deco wedding cake! We love the sweet little birds tying the knot on top of the cake, such a cute touch! Congratulations to the bride and groom! :)


A minion in a karate gi playing soccer, totally a 9 year old boys dream cake! Happy birthday Joshua! :)


In love with this darling cake and matching treats we made for a beautiful baby shower with our favorite @whitelilacinc this morning! :)


Ok. So We officially all want to be Javon and have it be our birthday so we can have this cake for us! Haha. We made this adorably animated Pokoyo themed birthday cake for one lucky little mans 3rd birthday party a few weeks ago! We had never heard of this show before they asked us to make this cake, the characters are so expressive and so fun to make were obsessed now! :)


Pretty little bachelorette party cookie boxes for a very special bride and her bridal party! 💗

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