Born Genius

Born Genius


Sharing another update with the “miracle oil”. He had a major sensory overload. Screaming. Throwing himself. Crying and hugging me so tight he wouldn’t let go. I sat him down and washed his feet. He immediately knew what I was doing and stopped. I applied the oil to his feet and massaged them for 15 minutes. He never moved. Never cried. I applied some oil to his temples and his ear lobes. He’s fine now. Thank you!!!! Thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ you can see he is still rubbing his feet under the blanket.
We have been giving my little one melatonin for his sleep issues as directed by the dr. He would still wake up during the night. I used the sleep oil last night for the first time and OMG!!!! HE SLEPT ALL NIGHT LONG!!!! y’all. This is amazing. We will continue to use it and I will provide updates. But get you some!!!! Miracle oil!!!!!
The original genius juice is my favorite it’s 🔥🔥Thanks boo😘😘
You know the juice good when you drink some then hold the bottle out and spin it around and look at it 🤣🤣🤣 I tried the BLUE kind & it was greaatttt🥰
Its so good y'all so go shop and I promise you won't be disappointed
Raven Henry I’m so proud of you’ll keep on doing great things and always allow God to lead #Greatness is ahead ❤️💚💙 # Born Genius fan ❤️💙💚💛

To Educate, Inspire, Give Hope but most importantly to globally spread Autism Awareness one day at a time. Phil 4:13 �

Operating as usual

[01/20/21]   Are you Guys READY for our first book??? This is exciting 🤗 if you ready comment ready💪🏾💪🏾

[01/10/21]   We are creating a TikTok to show other children all around the 🌎 how to make any creation using aluminum foil🤗 We don’t waste gifts over here they all COUNT
Born Genius🌟

Hey Guys 💙 I got the key 🔐 Give a child something they love and watch them make a masterpiece 👏🏾👏🏾 The Key to the treasure another aluminum foil creation along with a stick #kasenthegreat #borngenius #foilcreations #autism #specialgifts #fridayvibes

[01/07/21]   🗣🗣Hey guys we missed you so much we took a much needed rest over the holidays we hope you guys are doing wonderful we will be back on this Monday Live💙

We love our neighbors💙 What a way to end the new year getting their genius juice 🧃 link in the bio

Tap into this event 12/30 and tag an Au-Mom🧩below @therealfaithevans @rydersroominc #autismawareness #autismmom #boymom #autism #borngenius #thelegendarykid #geniusjuice #education #freeevent #support

Happy Holidays 🎄🎄😂🎄🎄

Merry Christmas to all of you around the world☃️🎄🎁
💙The Born Genius

🎄🎄💚As a small Business we are grateful to all of you during this holiday. Merry Christmas and we appreciate your business.🎁

Education 101 With Mama Genius 💡This is a good one💚 At the early stages of Kasen diagnosis he stimmed for about 3 years ☹️ He Rocked Hand Flapped and etc just a few to name although with time his stimming stopped 🙌🏾 This Is a pretty clear explanation of how exactly what stimming is 👏🏾

🍟 on my feet we will just call him the Fry Daddy 🤷🏽‍♀️ But I think he would rather be Tommy Oliver from Power Rangers 💚 Another Cool 🎁 #kasenthegreat #borngenius #genius #frydaddy #houseshoes #christmasgifts #tommyoliver #powerrangers #thelegendarykid

S’mores you Say?? 🤎🍫🍯 One of his gifts he begged to open😂

Excuse Me ☝🏾 Allow me to show you creativity again Robot 🤖 Style made from aluminum foil 🥰 #creative #aluminumfoilcreations #kasenthegreat #borngenius #genius #autism #autismawareness

Genius Juice Highlight of the Week 🌟🧃 and yes this is a Top Seller stuff them stockings with our signature juices Gift Cards are available#shoplocal #borngenius #geniusjuice

Autistic Creativity 🌟🌟

A Kasen Masterpiece 🧩 How creative can you be? Was the task I think he did great comment below 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 Let us know what y’all think

It’s hoodie season❄️❄️☃️ Strap up for this weather shop the site for this BG Charcoal Gray “Kasen Edition” Link in the bio #autismawareness #kasenthegreat #borngenius #thelegendarykid #entrepreneur #mamagenius #winterweather❄️

[12/15/20]   🗣Special thank you to all of Kasens internet aunties and uncles💙💙😂 his followers and supporters for the Christmas gifts I went to check the P.O Box and there were so many cards and gifts we thank you guys so much we will be sending out Christmas Post Cards to you guys Much Love to you All 💪🏾


🗣This man right here is so amazing he is a big part in the 🧩Genius Village that loves Kasen so much he came through with a word Humble Living thank you so much for always supporting and loving us 💙💙💙💙 He keep us lifted and always stepping in 💪🏾💪🏾 He is so rare 💎

Nooooowwww look he be tryna check me 😂😂😂and I’m the one made it for him only my son #autism #kasenthegreat #thelegendarykid

HELPPPP MEEEE 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣 So he decided he wanna play Edward scissor hands on his eyelashes 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ I can’t be mad because he took how he processed eyelashes and felt they weren’t for him 😭 This one took me out but just to let y’all in this is our Autism Journey and our Truth 🥺 I had to keep asking and digging before he actually told me why he did it 😐😩 I’m honestly grateful he still has both of his eyes 👀 Goodnight y’all we going to bed 🥴

Cj Journey With Autism

🙌🏾This is our friend C.J we are so proud of his progress be sure to go and follow his journey with Autism as well 💙💙💙Cjs journey with Autism every moment is a proud moment ✅Sharica Stewart you are doing a great job 👏🏾

Progress baby 🤗💙 For those looking and saying “but he’s 4, he should KNOW his shapes. Such a simple tasks!” To you I say, “you don’t know OUR JOURNEY! proud mama moment 🙏🏾🧩 Cj Journey With Autism

GoodMorning Gang 👋🏽👋🏽Happy Sunday we relaxing today🙌🏾 What y’all doing? Anybody cooking 🥘 😂

🗣🗣We are working non stop last 2 orders of the 22 that went out today 💙 check your emails for shipping confirmation shop born genius link in the bio #autism #entrepreneur #legendarykid #geniusjuice

What is Autism?? by All Things Autism With Mama Genius • A podcast on Anchor Education and Details!

[12/07/20]   Hope you guys had a great Monday we miss y’all join us on live later let’s catch up 💙💙 Huge announcement coming 💪🏾


Check out this review all the way from Temple Tx this journey is so much bigger than Kasen and I 💙🤞🏾 Gods Plan

We have been giving my little one melatonin for his sleep issues as directed by the dr. He would still wake up during the night. I used the sleep oil last night for the first time and OMG!!!! HE SLEPT ALL NIGHT LONG!!!! y’all. This is amazing. We will continue to use it and I will provide updates. But get you some!!!! Miracle oil!!!!!

🥰I thought I would share this adorable picture of the baby genius he was 2 years old on this pic 🤍 even with being non verbal at the time he still smiled 🤞🏾🤞🏾
#family #boymom #joy #autism #borngenius #legendarykid #terrifictwo

Hey 👋🏽 Friends

🗣Be kind we all are fighting battles everyday you never know how kindness could change a persons day
#bekindalways #compassion #love #understanding #borngenius #kasenthegreat #legendarykid #autism #autismawareness

🗣As promised we will be giving away 8 Pouches of your choice flavors and A 50 dollar 💵 gift card from Walmart to enter this giveaway the only thing you have to do is
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🧩Like the Born Genius page If you have already that’s cool
🧩Tag 5 people In this post the people you tag must follow the same rules all the names will be entered and Kasen will pick the winner live 📥
We will pick a winner and announce the winner Tomorrow on thanksgiving day 🌟 We may randomly draw another name for a Born Genius Hoodie color of your choice Good Luck

Our Story

  • AUTISM is almost like the elephant in the room that is rarely addressed. Over the last 8 years I have dedicated my time to become an advocate for Kasen as well as other children. Kasen was diagnosed with mild to moderate severe high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2012. For those that may be unfamiliar with what Autism may be it’s a developmental disorder of variable severity that is characterized by difficulty in social interaction, and communication by restricted or repetitive patterns of thought and behavior. This is a disorder that has grown rapidly over the years leaving every 1 in 59 children to be diagnosed. While some may ask WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO KASEN? He was a normal child that was on the right track along with his peers, but in 2012 EVERYTHING took a turn for the worse. Spiking a fever of 104 nearly fatal, following a seizure that ended him in mild coma. This changed our lives and from that point things changed drastically. Not really sure what was to come we knew that there was a long road ahead. Many doctors as well as specialist basically counted Kasen out “he will never talk” or be a normal child. Although he didn't fully gain his complete speech until age 6 as his mom I NEVER GAVE UP. Many children on the spectrum have a special gift although with not very communication in early stages their thinking is far beyond ours. I dedicated everyday to working with Kasen to help him grow, develop, and be self sufficient. We started this Brand BORN GENIUS, because it describes Kasen so much. Everything about Kasen is Genius. The way that he thinks, acts, perceives information, formulate ideas, his creativity, and his uniqueness. When several advised me to put him in a developmental school where many of his peers wouldn't be as advanced as him, I followed the voice of GOD who guided us through this whole journey. At age 9 he has now surpassed and beat the odds. Our goal is to make people believe it CAN BE DONE. We hope that through our story it inspires you to never give up on your child, have faith and, push them to their highest potential. Each day we get stronger we overcome, we push, we thrive, but most of all we live to understand that there is Life after the diagnosis. This is our truth everyday we are blessed to be able to encourage others through our videos or post that it gets better. May our story encourage you even in your darkest moments that the journey isn't easy but remain faithful. We appreciate you for taking your time to read our story. Together we will continue to raise awareness in our communities, for the generations to come.
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