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WHolzapfel Woodwork, founded in 2013, is dedicated to creating fully custom, hand-crafted, farmhouse style furniture.

WHolzapfel Woodwork, founded in 2013, is dedicated to creating fully custom, hand-crafted, farmhouse style furniture. Are you not finding quite what you're looking for at big box stores? Do you want to play a larger role in the crafting of your furniture? With WHolzapfel Woodwork you can choose everything from turned leg style, to dimensions, to stain and finish color. WHolzapfel Woodwork specializes in farmhouse style furniture, but if you have other custom requests please don't hesitate to ask! Farmhouse style furniture is a great way to add some country charm to your home. It is sturdy, built to be beaten up, and helps to tell your story over time. The key to a beautiful farmhouse table is the visibility of beautiful wood grain patterns, unique knots, and distress marks from every day use. Every board used in our tables is meticulously hand selected for a truly one of a kind piece. Let WHolzapfel build you a piece you can own and love for years to come!

Two cutting boards available for anyone interested! The one with the purple heart stripes is 10 7/8"x8"x1 1/2" - $15 plus shipping. The dark walnut one with a cherry stripe down the center is 9 7/8"x7 3/8"x1 1/4" - $12 plus shipping. First come first served!

Here's a mezzaluna knife block made for the Reinhoffer 12" mezzaluna knife made out of cherry!

One of the more unique knife blocks I've built for the 12" Reinhoffer Mezzaluna knife. This one with dark walnut, purple heart and maple!

Another block made from a new wood! This one, made of maple, is also for a 12" mezzaluna knife. This one is also in inventory, so if anyone is interested in it let me know!

Here's a great looking block made from zebrawood for a 12" mezzaluna knife! This one is in inventory, so if anyone is interested in it let me know!

Here's a neat cutting board with dark walnut, maple, purple heart and zebrawood!

WHolzapfel Woodwork

Visiting my parents this weekend and looking through old photo albums when I came across this photo from my birthday in 1994. I guess I reached the peak of my coolness back then, as I worked on my balsa wood lathe wearing proper eye protection and awesome Ninja Turtle shoes.

Check out this custom dark walnut and purple heart knife block made for the 12" Reinhoffer Mezzaluna Knife! Send us a message to get your custom block made today!

Here's an awards podium built for Extreme Gymnastics and Extreme Martial Arts, put to use this weekend for the I Am Extreme Competition. A special build for me because I coach gymnastics there, too!

Check it out! Here's a knife block made of American Dark Walnut for the BruArcher pizza cutter. I also make knife blocks in Red Oak, Purple Heart, and Maple.


I call it a smoker station. Custom height for a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker with storage for all smoker accessories.

Here's a storage bench in its new home at Extreme Martial Arts!

More floating shelves!

Some shelves installed today!

Another hyper mega ultra (12 foot long) desk out the door! I asked the client what he was going to name it. He said "desk."

Just finished a cutting board big enough to slice a brisket! This monster is two feet long! Walnut, purple heart, cherry and maple.

My neighbor came up to me and asked me if I could help cover up the spot where they'd thrown laundry detergent at the wall during a big laundry detergent-filled water balloon fight. We came up with this built-in shelving to help out!

"Which cube shall be my new home?" - Cat

Hey, it happens! Luckily, beaten up farmhouse style furniture just has more character!

I have this weird thing where I like to name my tools and jigs... For example, here is my dust collector.

Really happy with the finish on this one! Charcoal gray base coat followed by a snow white top coat, then distressed with a sander.

Here's a little woodwork paired with a LOT of painting: a custom game table for college football season!

WHolzapfel Woodwork for all your Mega Desk needs! A 7 foot desk comes to life! A 12 foot desk is coming soon...

Back in the shop! Here's a bench for Extreme Martial Arts in New Braunfels, TX #newbraunfelsema


Reinhoffer Fine Kitchenware and WHolzapfel Woodworking Mezzaluna Knife Block, Stacked Red Oak, 12 inch Blades or Smaller

My apologies for the silence - I'd been working on something big for the past few weeks, and here it is! The 12" stacked oak knife block is now available on Amazon!


amazon.com Store your 12", 10", or 7" Reinhoffer Mezzaluna knife in this beautiful stacked red oak knife block by WHolzapfel Woodwork out of San Antonia, Texas. Du to the manufacturing process every block is completely unique. Each piece of red oak is meticulously chosen by hand for its color and flowing gr...

Lots of red oak ready to glue up into knife blocks! Fun fact: red oak smells like burnt popcorn when cut. 🤔🔥🍿

Here's a custom built radio housing for a 1929 Mercedes Gazelle made of solid mahogany and finished to match this almost 90 year old car!

Here are a couple of solid Mezzaluna Knife blocks made of Douglas Fir - A new option from WHolzapfel Woodwork for storing your Mezzaluna knife!

I always love to see photos of my work from happy customers! I thought I'd share this one since it looks so neat with knives actually in the block!

Two more Mezzaluna knife blocks ready to ship! The two-tiered block fits both a 12 inch and 7 inch knife.

My mother loves her new Mezzaluna knife, but no matter how hard we looked we couldn't find a knife block that could store one. This is what we came up with!

The knife block is made out of red oak, and it protects your knife by allowing the knife to rest by its handles, off its sharp blade. I'm able to ship these, so if you're interested let me know!$50 plus shipping.

Here's a non-electric wooden speaker. Or phone speaker amplifier... or whatever you want to call it. In fact let's just call it Steve.

I think the wife will be happy about finally getting the mattress off the ground! Farmhouse style king size bed! Can do the headboard and footboard alone as well in case you want to use your metal frame and box spring. I didn't have a box spring or frame for our bed, so I built a frame with slats. The stain is a dark carbon colored Stain followed up with a white wash and finally sanded to bring out the grain again.

Custom Builds

Custom Builds

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