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Specializing in Concord authors and history, children's books and literature, the Barrow Bookstore also has a general selection of used and rare titles.

Specializing in Concord authors and history, children's books and literature, the Barrow Bookstore also has a general selection of used and rare titles from art, crafts and cooking, to gardening, natural history and science. There are many options for the eclectic. The Barrow Bookstore also features a line of literary-themed gifts, including postcards, note cards, sachets, kleenex boxes and birdhouses, and carries home-made Bee of the Woods beeswax candles. .

The Heroic Horseback Librarians of the Great Depression

Here’s to the librarians worldwide! They may work in silence, but their work resounds worldwide.

During the hardships of the Great Depression Kentucky went the extra mile on horseback to make sure everyone had access to books. Read the full story at: htt...

Why China censors banned Winnie the Pooh

“Oh bother!” Said Pooh. The Bear of Very Little Brain joins a long line of funny internet references to China's top leaders.

The Wizards in Fantasy Literature quiz: 21 questions by Beth Bataller

LITERARY TRIVIA QUESTION: This February may not be a leap year, but an extra day of magic can always be found with wizards! Test your wizard knowledge with the quiz below from May the good powers be with you! [English 146] A short quiz about some of the most famous wizards in fantasy literature. Enjoy!: To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great ...

Longfellow House Washington's Headquarters National Historic Site (U.S. National Park Service)

Longfellow's birthday journey continues! Take a virtual step into Longfellow House - Washington's Headquarters National Historic Site in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The house is now owned and operated by the Park Service and well worth the visit! Longfellow House - Washington's Headquarters National Historic Site preserves the home of Henry W. Longfellow, one of the world’s foremost 19th century poets. The house also served as headquarters for General George Washington during the Siege of Boston, July 1775 - April 1776. In addition to its ...

Wadsworth-Longfellow House Attic Has Mysterious Scribblings by Henry

On Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's birthday, step into his childhood home with guide Kathleen Newman of the Maine Historical Society,

The Wadsworth-Longfellow House offers guided tours but some areas are not open to the public. The attic at the childhood home of one of the world's most famo...

Happy Birthday to the memory of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow! Born on February 27, 1807 in Portland, Maine, Longfellow attended Bowdoin College with classmate Nathaniel Hawthorne. Longfellow became a professor of modern languages teaching at Bowdoin from 1829-1835, and Harvard University from 1826-1854. A poet and writer, Longfellow's works include "Evangeline" (1847), "The Song of Hiawatha" (1855), "The Courtship of Miles Standish" (1858), "Paul Revere's Ride" (1860), and "The Children's Hour" (1860). Longfellow died on March 24, 1882, in Cambridge, MA.

La Maison Victor Hugo à Paris (Full HD)

Use your trained ears, or just your eyes. On Victor Hugo's birthday, take a virtual guided tour through his beautiful home in Paris where the writer lived for 16 years between 1832–1848.

Plus de 200 vidéos HD sur Paris gratuites et en ligne sur La maison de Victor Hugo est un appartement situé dans l'Hôtel de R...

The Original Masterwork: Victor Hugo's Les Misérables

Happy Birthday to the memory of the french writer who needs no introduction, Victor Hugo. (February 26, 1802 - May 22, 1885).

Biography on Victor Hugo and how he came to write Les Misérables

Tennessee Williams Bio

Playwright Tennessee Williams passed away on this day in 1983. Author of multiple plays including "A Streetcar Named Desire", and "The Glass Menagerie", Williams' own story was as complex as his works. In the link below, A&E Biography takes viewers behind the curtain into the playwright's life.

Excerpt from A&E Biography of Tennessee Williams

Happy birthday to the memory of Ellen Tucker Emerson, daughter of Lidian and Ralph Waldo Emerson. She is buried beside her parents in Concord’s Sleepyhollow Cemetery.
"Ellen Tucker Emerson (1839-1909) was a life-long Concord resident and an active member of the community. Never married, she looked after her aging parents, traveled to Britain, Europe, and Egypt with her father after the fire at Bush in 1872, helped him keep his place in his papers on the lecture platform in his final years, and assisted James Elliot Cabot in editing his manuscripts. She also wrote a manuscript biography of her mother (published in 1980).

A member of Concord's School Committee, Ellen taught Sunday school at the First Parish and arranged social dances in the Town Hall. She lived in her parents' home until her death."

Watchful angels in Concord’s Catholic Cemetery.

“As boys going to sea immediately become nautical in speech, walk as if they already had their "sea legs" on, and shiver their timbers on all possible occasions, so I turned military at once, called my dinner my rations, saluted all new comers, and ordered a dress parade that very afternoon.” Louisa May Alcott, HOSPITAL SKETCHES

The Magna Carta Returns to the Archives

One of 17 original copies in existence, when the Magna Carta owned by Ross Perot went up for sale, businessman David M. Rubenstein was determined to save and preserve it for all. This article tells Rubenstein's story and the journey of the Magna Carta from the collection of Ross Perot to the National Archives. Winter 2010, Vol. 42, No. 4


ANSWER to LITERARY TRIVIA: Q: What U.S. Presidential Candidate owned one of the 17 known existing copies of The Magna Carta? ANSWER: ROSS PEROT. Perot purchased the document from relatives of the Earl of Cardigan, who led the Charge of the Light Brigade. For the fulls story, visit the Sept. 27, 1984 New York Times article below. A 687-year-old copy of Magna Carta has been sold to the Dallas billionaire H. Ross Perot by relatives of the Earl of Cardigan, who led the Charge of the Light Brigade. Mr. Perot announced Tuesday that he had paid $1.5 million for the document, which was issued by King Edward I on Oct. 12, 1297, an u...

LITERARY TRIVIA: Southby's calls The Magna Carta "the most important document in the world". Of the seventeen known copies in existence, one was owned by WHAT U.S. Presidential Candidate?
A. Mitt Romney
B. Ross Perot
C. Mike Huckabee
D. Barry Goldwater
E. Mrs. Wiggens

The Charles Scribner & Co Building -- No. 597 5th Avenue

Fists swinging and books printing! Welcome to the old Charles Scribner & Co. Building in New York City. Here, Ernest Hemingway reportedly punched an editor, and writers such as Truman Capote and Harper Lee walked the halls. Described by art critic Henry Russell Hitchcock, the publishing company was "the grandest interior space that had been created in New York." For a look inside, visit the below article by Tom Miller. The Scribner Building with the Sephora store in the former bookstore -- photo by Americasroof There was a time, long before electronic ...

Publishing the birthday announcement of Charles Scribner I ! Born on February 21, 1821 (died August 26, 1871), the New York based Scribner partnered with Issac D. Baker and opened "Baker & Scribner" Publishing Company in 1846. Following Baker's death, Charles changed the company name to "The Charles Scribner Company". When Charles I died in 1871, his sons John, Charles II, and Arthur took over the company, adjusting its title to "Charles Scribner & Sons".

The Official Website of The Toni Morrison Society

Happy Birthday to American writer and teacher Toni Morrison, born on February 18, 1931. Morrison's works include BELOVED which won a Pulitzer Prize and American Book Award in 1988. Among many honors, Morrison was also awarded the 1993 Nobel Prize for Literature. For her latest news, visit The Toni Morrison Society website below.

. The Toni Morrison Society is a non-profit literary organization that consists of scholars and lay readers of Morrison's works from around the world.

AulicExclusiva Wins ~ "Mystery Soprano" is Margaret Truman (c.1950)

The voice of CAPITAL CRIMES mystery series author Margaret Truman Daniel serenades from the past.

Soprano Margaret Truman (1924-2008), daughter of US President Harry S. Truman / Beneath A Weeping Willow's Shade / Francis Hopkinson - composer (1737-1791) /...

Happy Birthday to the memory of mystery writer Margaret Truman. Born on Feb. 17, 1924 (died Jan. 29, 2008), Margaret was the only child of President Harry Truman. A trained Opera singer and actress, Margaret went on to pen the thirty volume CAPITAL MURDER mystery series.

The Print Workshop in the Fifteenth Century

Shall we print a book? From the Cambridge University Library, step into the printing of books as it would have been done in the fifteenth century.

An introduction to the printing of books as it would have been done in the fifteenth century. The film uses equipment in the University Library's Historical ...

Aine Minogue The Sitting Pilgrimage

Afternoon peace with the music of Áine Minogue and words of writer Ellis Peters (author of the Brother Cadfael Mystery series).

Áine Minogue, Irish / Celtic Harp Kathy Halvorson, Oboes Scott Petito, Soundscapes Avi Gunther, Soundscapes Recording Engineer: Scott Petito Mixing Engineer:...

Look inside the rare Leonardo da Vinci notebook that Bill Gates paid more than $30 million for

Invaluable work at a valuable price. Forbes Magazine Nov. 24, 2014 issue said it sold for $49.4 million; Business Insider said $30.8 million. Whatever the real cost, Leonardo da Vinci's CODEX LEICESTER is thought to be the most expensive book ever sold. Take a look at the rare manuscript in the link below. Bill Gates bought the Codex Leicester for $30.8 million 20 years ago. It's currently on display at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

LITERARY TRIVIA: In honor of Pitchers and Catchers reporting day, test your knowledge of baseball-loving writers. Although now a New England resident and Red Sox fan, what author wrote a poem featuring the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1971 that opens as follows:

In Ebbets Field the crabgrass grows
(where Alston managed)
row on row
as the day’s axle turns into twilight
I still see them, with the green smell
of just-mown infield grass heavy
in the darkening end of the day;

Bonus points - what is the name of the poem and what other book(s) did this author write that feature baseball?

Bartleby The Scrivener (Movie), Herman Melville 1853

Trade whale-bent vengeance for the story of a less-than-motivated employee. "Call me Ishmael" is replaced with "Call me 'I would prefer not to'" in Herman Melville's story "Bartleby, The Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street". Melville, a close friend of Nathaniel Hawthorne, anonymously published the story in 1853 in Putnam's Magazine.

Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street" is a short story by the American writer Herman Melville (1819--1891). It first appeared anonymously in two p...

On this rainy Concord morning, a mile from the North Bridge American Revolutionary War battle site, we are shelving a newly arrived World War 2 collection. Soldiers faces stare back from the covers; Names of battles whose outcomes we cannot share with them. A nearby church bell rings in the Unitarian Church where Emersons and great ministers preached, the bell filling the bookshop. As we place these books of darkness, courage, challenge, and valor on the shelf, we feel so lucky to live in such peace and freedom today thanks to history's brave souls who came before.

LITERARY TRIVIA: In honor of Charles Dickens' birthday, identify the Dickens' novel from which each of these characters was born and tell us - what is your favorite Dickens' book?

1. The Artful Dodger
2. Ebenezer Scrooge
3. Miss Havisham
4. Uriah Heep
5. Daniel Quilp
6. Sam Weller
7. Wilkins Micawber
8. Sally Gamp

"Night gathers, and now my watch begins." -George R. R. Martin, A SONG OF FIRE AND ICE. Photo: Barrow Garden fairy reads through the night.

We were delighted to meet local author Erica Ferencik at the Barrow Bookstore this weekend. Now in the store, a signed copy of her novel, "The River at Night," picked by as First in their list of Page-Turning Novels You’ll Race Through—and Read Again! For more information about Erica and her work, visit

Revolutionary War - SNL

Need something to do between the advertisements during the Superbowl? Stop by the Barrow Bookstore and grab a book!

The Patriots from New England (Natalie Portman, Rachel Dratch, Alex Moffat, Heidi Gardner, Luke Null) and the Philadelphians (Tina Fey, Mikey Day, Kenan Thom...

ANSWER to Wed, LITERARY TRIVIA: Which of the below titles did Margaret Mitchell consider for her book GONE WITH THE WIND? ANSWER: ALL OF THEM.
A) Baa! Baa! Black Sheep”,
B) “Bugles Sang True”,
C) "Tomorrow is Another Day”,
D) Not in Our Stars”,
E) "Tote the Weary Load.”

GONE WITH THE WIND background Mitchell's August 17, 1949 New York Times Obituary:

"Gone With the Wind" went on the bookstands June 30, 1936. She had hoped for a sale of 5,000 copies. On one day that summer it sold 50,000.

Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler became national characters, and then international. In two years the book was translated and printed in sixteen foreign languages. The sales passed 500,000, then a million, then a million and a half, and on up. David O. Selznick paid her $50,000 for the movie rights and spent several millions making the picture. The question of who would play Scarlett and Rhett and the other characters was discussed all over the world.

Early in 1949 it was announced that 8,000,000 copies of the book had been sold in thirty languages in forty countries, and that 50,000 copies were still being sold yearly in the United States. The motion-picture version, with Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable, became America's most popular movie and was shown throughout the country to big audiences in 1947 for the fourth time.

Won 1937 Pulitzer Prize
The book won the Pulitzer Prize in 1937. Miss Mitchell received an honorary degree from Smith College, medals and decorations, and was besieged for her autograph and the story of her life. Two years after the book was published, when she granted her first formal interview to New York reporters, she was asked if she was writing anything else, or intended to. She said she had been so busy answering the phone, the doorbell and her fan mail that she had not had time. A Danish bookseller gave a trip to Atlanta to the winner of a raffle. She was impersonated all over the country and in Europe. Rumors about her and her mode of life were as thick, and as unpredictable, as bees in a clover patch.

When, in 1943, Gov. Ellis Arnall of Georgia wanted to appoint her to the State Board of Education, Miss Mitchell declined the appointment in a letter in which she wrote, "My time is not my own. It has not been my own since 'Gone With the Wind' was published. The very fact that since 1936 I have never had the time to sit down to my typewriter and write--or try to write--another book will give you some indication of what I mean."

She added that "being the author of 'Gone With the Wind' is a full-time job, and most days it is an overtime job filling engagements and meeting visitors. In addition, I am giving all the time I can to war activities and future commitments in this field which will take me out of the city."

Asked about her ambitions at the height of the fame of "Gone With the Wind" she said that she hoped to put on weight, become "fat and amiable," grow old gracefully.

The criticism which greeted her book was not all in praise, although much of it was lavish. Whatever posterity may decide as to its merits, Miss Mitchell wrote a book which was the most phenomenal best seller ever written by an unknown author of a first novel.

Leonard Cohen recites “In Flanders Fields” by John McCrae | Legion Magazine

Sunday, January 28, 2018, marked the 100th anniversary of Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae's death. A Canadian physician, poet, World War I soldier, and a surgeon during the Second Battle of Ypres, in Belgium, McCrae penned the famous war memorial poem "In Flanders Fields". He, and those whom he wrote about, will always be remembered.

Rest in Peace Leonard Cohen. In fall 2015, Legion Magazine and Leonard Cohen released a video to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the poem “In Flanders F...

LITERARY TRIVIA: Got the perfect title? Margaret Mitchell, author of "Gone With The Wind" struggled with naming her book. Which of the below titles did she consider?

A) Baa! Baa! Black Sheep”,
B) “Bugles Sang True”,
C) "Tomorrow is Another Day”,
D) Not in Our Stars”,
E) "Tote the Weary Load.”

Something special this way cometh! Over 130 Easton Press books arrived today in the Barrow Bookstore.

Happy Birthday to Barrow Bookstore's leading lady Aladdine. We wish you pages full of happiness, and light-weight books to carry on your next backpacking adventure.

"Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside of them. And it's much cheaper to buy somebody a book than it is to buy them the whole world!" -Neil Gaiman
Artwork: "The Book Master" by Waldemar Bartkowlak

My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose

Sharing a birthday today with Virginia Woolf, is Scotland's famed poet Robert Burns(Jan. 25, 1759 - July 21, 1796). Link below to singer Andy Stewart's version of one of Burns' most famous poems set to music, "My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose".

Birthday tribute (January25) to Robert Burns. Sung by Andy Stewart.

Virginia Woolf on How to Read a Book

Happy birthday to Virginia Woolf, born this day in 1882 in London.

"I have sometimes dreamt, at least, that when the Day of Judgment dawns and the great conquerors and lawyers and statesmen come to receive their rewards — their crowns, their laurels, their names carved indelibly upon imperishable marble — the Almighty will turn to Peter and will say, not without a certain envy when He sees us coming with our books under our arms, ‘Look, those need no reward. We have nothing to give them here. They have loved reading.’" ~ "How One Should Read a Book," (1925)

For more excerpts from this essay, visit “Do not dictate to your author; try to become him. Be his fellow-worker and accomplice.”

Robert Burns Quiz | 10 Questions

LITERARY TRIVIA: One more day until Robert Burns's birthday! How well do you know the poet? Try your knowledge with the below quiz! Take the Quiz: Robert Burns. Have you ever been to a Burns Night on January 25? If you havent you may have heard about these festive occasions. You may learn a bit more about this poet by taking this quiz.

Robert Burns: The Man And His Legend (Documentary)

One day until Robert Burns's birthday! Below, actor Iain Cuthbertson takes viewers through the years of the great Scottish poet's life.

A look at the life and legend of Scotland's most celebrated son, Rabbie Burns.

Tour the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum

This week will mark the 259th birthday of Scottish Poet Robert Burns. Begin the celebrations by taking a virtual tour through the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum.

Take a tour of the Burns Birthplace Museum with Director, Nat Edwards

"A good book is the precious life-blood of a master spirit, embalmed and treasured up on purpose to a life beyond life." -John Milton, "Areopagitica".
Painting by Jeremiah Morelli.

Enjoying today's warm 47degree sunshine, Barrow's "no maintenance cat" reads above the Alcott books. What are you reading today?

Poe: Hawthorne Review

Happy Birthday to Edgar Allan Poe, born this day in 1809! Best remembered now for his short stories and poems, Poe was also a literary critic. In his review of Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Twice Told Tales," Poe described Hawthorne as "one of the few men of indisputable genius to whom our country has as yet given birth," but also wrote that, in some of the tales, he "observe[d] something which resembles a plagiarism - but which may be a very flattering coincidence of thought." Click here for a full copy of the review.

What is your favorite Poe story, book or poem?

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