Hands+HeARTs Haiti

Partnering in Haiti for SUSTAINABLE self-reliance for artisans and others. Hands+HeARTs Haiti is dedicated to demonstrating the love of Christ in a hurting world by building strong inter-cultural partnerships that inspire HOPEFUL, HELPFUL, and DESIRED CHANGES for individuals and communities.

Mission: MISSION: Partnering with our Sister Church and artisans in Haiti to help create self sustaining income through exposure and sales of their works, helping create business and educational opportunities through a Haitian operated Boutique in Borel, Haiti.

Operating as usual

Missin my friends.... bonjou zanmi!

Great selection of baskets (and some silly froggies) heading from our friends in Haiti to Murphy's Mercantile in Columbia, PA. Wonderful craftsmanship!

Project Help-Haiti

So thankful they are home. But keep praying for our Haiti friends.

All missionaries are now in Port or on planes home. We flew everyone that was in Pierre Payen to
the guesthouse where Mike, Dawn and Rod had been since Saturday. We were able to get the Hosler's out on a flight tonight. Ayer's and VanDervort's fly out tomorrow night. As you can expect we have several unexpected expenses. If you would like to help there's a special fund set up thru CGGC. Haiti emergency (GR 9300). Thank you all so much prayers! We have felt them and seen God work in miraculous ways. Please continue to pray for Haiti. They are at the breaking point. All our supplies and fuel were almost depleted with no end in sight.

Encouraging news.

Oxygen is necessary at Hospital Albert Schweitzer in order to care for and often save the lives of our patients. During the current lock down occurring in #Haiti, we began to run low on this vital supply. After one failed attempt on Monday to navigate the national highway through the roadblocks, HAS’s staff reached out to local and national radio stations to spread the word that our cars must make it to #PortauPrince and back to Deschapelles to retrieve the oxygen and preserve the lives of our patients. After a two-day journey to and from the capital, the oxygen and vehicles have, as of this afternoon, successfully arrived at the hospital in Deschapelles.

We are immensely grateful to the many individuals, organizations, and businesses who heard the need, spread the message, and offered assistance! In spite of the present uncertainty, we feel very supported by our local, national, and international community and network. While no one can be sure how the political situation will unfold in the coming days, HAS is committed to keeping our doors open and providing continuous care to our #patients. We thank you all sincerely for joining us in this commitment!

Devastating situation

The president of Haiti has declared a state of economic crisis. The local currency has fallen to an exchange rate of 82-85 Goud to the US dollar. (Down 10-15 Goud from just weeks ago) Large wholesale stores have been forced to close as well as local stores and bakeries, because they cannot operate with such a deficit. People are scared. We had a very real conversation with our micro loan women last week - how will they eat? How will they feed their children with prices of even the basic staples, like rice, nearly doubling in the last few months? They don’t have answers. There are protests scheduled for tomorrow demanding the current government to be overthrown. Solutions will not come easily. Please pray for this nation. 🇭🇹 🙏🏿

Bless someone you LOVE (maybe even yourself) with the new hand made Hearts from Haiti at Murphy's Mercantile in Columbia, PA.

Great new items at the boutik!

Friends in the Columbia, PA vicinity, please stop in at the great new gift shop, Murphy's Mercantile and buy your darling Haiti Handmade Christmas ornament while they last. Paper bead stars, standing metal angels, and tiny hanging metal angels. They are going fast... stars are approx. 3-5" across, angels with hearts are about 2.25" tall and dark standing angels are 5-6 tall.

Handmade Christmas ornaments brighten your family's holiday decor and the families of these hard working and talented artists. For sale now at Murphy's Mercantile, Columbia, PA.

please share so people can see this info. Team is forming now for the next adventure!

7th Grade drawing class! Fabulous job, everyone! A lot of budding artists in this group.

Deep River Mission

what a fun group. Learning English with this American song. Great job!

Congratulations to the Artist Association of Artibonite on your 3 year anniversary of the Boutik at Project Help. Way to go! Your hard work has paid off. Looking forward to the next 3 years! CONGRATULATIONS.

Tommy's video of the campus at Borel

Here's a little video my grandson, Tommy, just made for me! Thanks, "tech dood"!!

Making coffee with the artisans 1-8-18

The Artisans showed me how they prepare coffee for sale in the boutik. It is a group effort and the proceeds go to the group to use specifically for others in their community!

Boutik is ready for the team season. Don't forget to pick up some freshly ground coffee and get a chance to see one of the artist demonstrations. Bondye beni nou!

Merry Christmas from Hands + Hearts. God bless!

Great job on the new Boutik display piece! Fantastic! Boss Anas and the metal shop crew at Borel! Mesi anpil.

The boutik all spiffed up and inventoried! Ready for the winter shopping season!

Me and Ruth w the new tree and the metal workers who fashioned it!!! Wow!!! A work of art.

The team and friends has been working hard to empty, clean and refurbish the boutik. After 2 1/2 years it's time.

Boutik's Unique items - just in time for Christmas!

As we prepare to send a team to Haiti Nov. 4-11, 2017 please be aware that we can bring back Hand crafted items straight from the Boutik in Borel, Haiti. Look over the phots which show a portion of the inventory. Watch our videos and peruse other albums for other items. prices and sizes vary since each item is handmade. CONTACT [email protected] for more information.

As we prepare to send a team to Haiti Nov. 4-11, 2017 please be aware that we can bring back Hand crafted items straight from the Boutik in Borel, Haiti. Look over the phots which show a portion of the inventory. Watch our videos and peruse other albums for other items. prices and sizes vary since each item is handmade. CONTACT [email protected] for more information.

Reminder: team meeting Sun. Aug. 6, for our Nov. Haiti trip. Come for the info even if you can't go this year. There is an ART to pARTnership!!! 1 Cor. 3:9...

It's that time again.... making info packets for anyone interested in going to Haiti Nov. 4-11, 2017. Please message me if you are considering being a part of the trip.

The fresh coffee is a popular item. Delicious.

The boutik is looking great! Bon travay tout moun.

What a geat meeting to honor Mme. Nerlande, the CFO of the boutik. This group has grown tremendously in the past 19 mo. under great leadership of three of the Artists. Amazing spirit and solidarity. Beautiful examples of how God's ways bring good fruit in partnership w him and one another.

We still have 260 pair to deliver.... interested?

Coming Soon to HeART of ARTibonite Boutik.....

Artist Assoc. of Artibonite Dec. '16 meeting + Christmas Party

Est 2014 by the Artisans for the Artisans - In solidarity bringing benefit to their community through profit sharing.

Est 2014 by the Artisans for the Artisans - In solidarity bringing benefit to their community through profit sharing.

What do two RN's, a Youth leader, a soccer player/mathematician, and an old artist have in common??? Willingness to make a team effort to reach out and partner with our friends in Haiti to support a better life for children and their families. We will travel to some mountain areas where help is needed, Nov. 3-11.
Thankful there was no loss of life here due to hurricane Matthew, but there was tremendous loss of homes, churches, and livelihood; crops and livestock especially. Prayers needed for passable roads to the villages of Marineau, Godin, and Terre Nette. Mesi!

[10/13/16]   In the post below you can see a lot od photos and more info if you click on the second "comment" WOW



Www.thebeehives.org check this out as a way to support Haitian business and help rebuikd Haiti.


[10/12/16]   This is from our Cross Cultural Ministries:

As many of you know, Hurricane Matthew hit the nation of Haiti yesterday and has caused a great deal of damage, especially in southern Haiti. We're thankful that our Borel campus appears to have suffered only heavy rain and little if any damage. However, there is sure to be a need for help among the poorest communities. If you would like to provide emergency relief gifts, please send checks made out to CGGC with "9300-Haiti Emergency" on the memo. Mail it to CGGC, PO Box 926, Findlay, OH 45839. God bless you, and God bless Haiti!

Project Help-Haiti

PHH UPDATE : Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew has now past by Haiti and we are thankful that both the Pierre Payen and Borel compounds were spared from any serious damage. Even so what has been listed as the worst Cat. 4 hurricane to hit Haiti since Cleo in 1964 has left behind a tremendous amount of destruction that will take months and maybe even longer to recover from.

As PHH faces the biggest disaster since the 2010 Earthquake we find ourselves in a much better position than 2010. One reason is that after what was arguably one of the worst natural disaster on record, I found myself asking is our organization relevant to the people of Haiti in the face of their greatest challenge?

At that time my wife and I were the only Project Help missionaries on staff and I had only been director 2 months. Every since that day it has been one of my highest priorities at PHH to continually strive to see that our great organization's is relevant in the lives of those we have come to serve and work with.

If you have visited us in the last 6 years then you have been a witness to and a part of that evolvement . We now have a large dedicated team of missionaries, organizational partners, team leaders and mission staff ready to quickly mobilize and to jump in to assist others in one of their greatest times of need.

We started preparing ourselves for another disaster literally 6 years ago and the preparations for Matthew started last Sat. I want to thank all of our PHH missionary staff as well as our missionary partners at WPH for an outstanding job in achieving our first priority of warning our communities of the danger and stabilizing our compounds for the worst hurricane in 52 years. A special thanks to the Arthun's from WPH for taking on the job of keeping everyone informed as the storm evolved.

With our mission nearly unscathed we now will push on to help other who weren't spared but may have lost everything. I have asked our staff to start assessing the damages to our 39 churches , 27 schools, our hospital and clinic. We will talk with the leaders in the communities where we work , our mission partner organization's and our mission community friends as to how we can best help Haiti recover together.

Last night I talked to my boss the director of Cross Cultural Ministries and we decided to set up a relief fund called Haiti Emergency Fund for those who wish to support our efforts. The giving acct. is CC-9300. You can access the CCM page for full details on how to give.

These designated emergency relief funds will be used immediately to :
**Help with repairs and reconstruction of housing.
**With health issues such as Cholera , Typhoid and other sicknesses brought on by being displaced and lacking inadequate food, water and hygiene.
**To provide food to eat and agricultural seeds to plant where crops were washed away
**To reconstruct washed out mountain roads and bridges and so much more as we get a broader picture of the damage and needs.

I want to thank everyone who has been praying for Haiti and all those who were in harms way these last 36 hours. Also the hundreds of emails, FB and messages seeking updates, info, pictures and videos. It meant a lot to all of those in the path of danger.

Yesterday as I surfed weather reports and stories many broadcasters kept referring to Haiti as this impoverished and poorest of nations, now facing yet another devastating disaster.

Yet another man they interviewed in Port au Prince was lamenting over the great tragedy of so many of the achievements since the earthquake being washed away, and once again Haiti being down and out and facing starting over again.

There is no denying Haiti is poor and that many people live in poverty. There is no denying Haiti has been seeing many changes and improvements since the earthquake and yes many were destroyed yesterday. There is no denying this is a great tragedy. There is no denying that in many places yes we will have to start over.

But if you have ever spent much time in Haiti, if you have taken time to know the rich history, the vibrant culture and the beautiful and caring people then you will see Haiti as I do.

You see Haiti is a land of beauty and immense potential in-spite of how outsiders describe it . Haiti is a country that tugs on your heart not because of the poverty but it pulls you in-spite of the poverty. It pulls you in because Haiti and especially its people will not give up in spite of itself , it's challenges , it's difficulties and it's plight throughout history.

Where outsiders see overwhelming odds that continually face Haiti, Haitians remain unperturbed by the present while hopeful for the future. I believe the reason is rooted in a long culture of resistance that started when their ancestors arrived in Haiti.
You don't have to live in Haiti very long to know Haitians are a resilient people. Resistance and resilient pretty much mean the same the " ability to not be affected by something, to recover quickly from difficult conditions, to bounce back.

Yes, we can do this once again because PHH is also resilient and very much a relevant organization to so many people in Haiti.
Thank you, SteveM

Our Story

The products in the Heart of Artibonite Boutik, Borel, Haiti represent the creativity and dedication of approximately 40 artists and several years of hard work. The Boutik opened in June, 2015 on the campus of Project Help Haiti where many groups stay while working in Haiti. This naturally ensures a steady supply of shoppers throughout much of the year. The fair trade sales of these goods helps to supplement the incomes of artisan families which in turn helps the overall economic health of the community.

The artisans have formed a local artist guild named, “Artists of Artibonite”, lead by two members elected by the group. Since the AA’s beginning in 2013 it has been an important and shared value of the group to use their solidarity to serve their community. Pooling their own resources to purchase coffee beans, the members roasted, hand ground, and packaged it to sell in the ‘boutik’. (see video) With these profits the AA then decides as a group how to give financial aid to others in their community. They have also experimented with specialized savings groups to maximize their financial resources.

In 2018 it is evident that the AA has matured in its focus and leadership and is now ready to begin their first “micro-loan” project, an additional way to increase their financial resources. The key to the project’s success is to be overseen by respected, local leadership and each member of the group holding one another accountable. Amazingly a small loan of $20 can make a big difference for an artisan and his or her family. One of the two current AA leaders said that when he was elected, he asked God for the same thing that King Solomon had asked for, “Wisdom to lead the people”!

The Heart of Artibonite Boutik employs 2 local church members, part time, to administer the day to day sales and book keeping of the enterprise as well as a third person to do necessary housekeeping chores. In 2018 the AA Celebrated its 3rd Anniversary. The current focus is on developing new products, ensuring best quality and fair pricing. It is a great pleasure to partner with these inspiring and hard working artists.

MISSION STATEMENT: Hands+HeARTs Haiti is dedicated to demonstrating the love of Christ in a hurting world by building strong cross-cultural partnerships that inspire HOPEFUL, HELPFUL, and DESIRED CHANGES for individuals and communities.

1 Cor. 3:9 we are God’s fellow workers

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Videos (show all)

Tommy's video of the campus at Borel
Making coffee with the artisans 1-8-18
Rousseline St. Pierre - making fabric beads
The new Boutik at Borel



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