Southern Thunder Mud Track

Southern Thunder Mud Track


More photos Available S-10 front half with 2x3 back half All fiberglass nose and body SCS quick change gear box 29 dot fronts on wide 5s 44 cuts no wheels 9in rear 513 gear Dana 30 front 373 gear Electrical system (16v) Fuel system Setup for BBC with a short glide Name does not go with the truck NO TRADES NE Ohio

welcome to the Southern Thunder Mud Track page.

Operating as usual

Only one week away been getting alot of phone calls about this race. It should be a big one. Hope to see everyone next weekend.

New sign for the track. Looking good hope to see everyone Nov. 21st.

Come on out November 21st and watch how the DOT Series plays out in race 6. Going to be a great show with fast track and mud pit racing. This will be setting them up for the grand finale December 12th at the Tattnall Shriners Pro Mud Shootout DOT Series finals. More details coming soon on that race.

Here's more info on the November race and rules for the classes. Can't wait to see everyone back in Cobbtown. Going to be a big race for sure.

Ready to see mud racing return to Cobbtown. Going to be a great night of racing!!!

[10/12/20]   Stolen!!!!!! Everyone around the Cobbtown area please be on the look out for a old rusty 14x8 foot trailer it has a pin style hitch on it and no ramps and no dove tail with steel floor. It has two water tanks on it we used it to wett fast track. It was stolen last night or this morning. Also both our predator 2 inch water pumps where stolen aswell. Anyone that has seen anything please let me know. The trailer was my grandpa's and really would like it returned.

Next race will be November 21st. The return of the small block class, and the new outlaw class (limited dot rules with power adders and cut tires). This will be a Mudd pit not a Mudd race make sure you have a good hook point on back of truck. Added $400 money in limited (flat track) 44, 38.5, and 36 dot in the mudd $400 added money in each class. Consistency $1000 dollars to win and pay out threw 6th. Come on out and support the race. Hope to see everyone.

This is not what I want to be telling everyone but at this time we just don't see away around it. I hope everyone understands and will continue to support us. I hope everyone has a great labor day weekend thanks!!!

MUDDY addiction

[05/09/20]   Big news coming soon about the Shriners Pro Mudd shootout!!!! Biggest payout in Shriner race history. We are working on $10,000 guaranteed consistency at a 70 truck min @ $100. Paying back top 15. We are still working out some of the details. As soon as it's all worked out I will post more details about everything. Ready to see some Mudd fly in Cobbtown.

We will also be making up the Shriners race also ready to get back to racing.

Please pass this around so nobody is left in the dark. We hate to change the schedule but we have no choice. We moved the two affected races and kept the remainder of the schedule. Thanks for everyone's understanding and we will be back Racing before you know it.

Southeast DOT Series

Okay guys here is the future of the Southeast DOT Series. We have worked with several tracks and our drivers to create these classes. With this layout anyone can run with us in the future so come join the family. The tracks are lined up and we will be releasing a partial track list soon. We will also be informing you on what tracks intend to run several of our classes all season. Small tire, Big tire, and Limited are locked in for the 2021-2023 seasons. The other classes maybe adjusted or deleted after 2021.

***(May 2nd sorry picture is wrong)***Just want to let everyone know this isn't what I want to do but what I have to do. We have decided along with the Shriners to postpone the event till later this year when the virus is more under control. We will have this race soon as they turn us lose to race. We going the sling mud in Cobbtown again soon. Everyone keep looking back for updates. We will post the races soon as we know something for sure. I know this isn't what everyone wanted to hear.

These are the new rules for the street class. This class will be running with the DOT series. Please share and give some feedback. We will run this class at all races this season. Please come out and support it.

Well it's time to reveal one of the things we have been working on for 2021. This is a class for trucks that are able to be driven on the street legally. This is not a STOCK CLASS, it is for slightly modified trucks. This class will run last at our events and is intended to get new racers into the sport. This class will not be required to attend the the same number of races as the DOT Classes. We still need a good name for this class so help us out.

The Southeast DOT series is stepping up and making some big changes for 2021. Nitrous breathing trucks you will have a class next year. Go check it out give us some input. Please share and tag anyone you that will be interested in this.

Everyone is wondering what the discussion is about on the private drivers page. That page gives our registered guys a heads up and a voice before we make things public. We will always keep everyone updated we just need a place where the Current Registered Drivers can speak their mind. That being said let's talk 2021 and on. We are going to focus on one or two classes at a time as we decide the future of the Series. This season we changed our rules last minute to keep our Trucks from running a set of rules that would had us at a disadvantage at sever tracks. For the 2021 season tracks we visit will need to allow our classes to run on the day we visit. We are working with several tracks that will run several of the Southeast Dot Series classes at all of their races. We are sorry the 2020 rules package fell apart but we feel we may have simplified them and added a few cool things.

First of all is the Limited class. I know it has only been one race but when the 16 cut tire truck lined up we knew these guys were ready to race. We want to make one change that we feel will help increase the purse at the races and that is a $75 entry fee at our races. All races that would have the $75 fee would need to be 100% payback plus whatever track agrees to. Limited guys please give us your your input on this.

Official Limited Class Rules 2021+
1. Front engine
2. Cut Dot Tires
3. Look like a truck, jeep ( no rails )
5. No power adders ( nos, turbo, blower)

Next and this one is on the CHOPPING BLOCK but we thought it might attract more trucks to the group and to the tracks. I hear through the grapevine that the Limited guys are getting the nitrous guys fired up. If this class can attract new trucks and has a limited payout cost for tracks I believe we can sell it to them. The deal is though is it must attract NEW trucks not just split the Limited Class or just be the same guys in two classes. You will be able to run both but if it doesn't bring more trucks it's not worth having. We think this class should be a minimum of $75 if not $100 on the 100% payback rule stated in limited class description. First thing to discuss is tires. We are going with Cut Dot tires because first off we are the Southeast Dot Series. Second is all the Limited guys already have cuts so they wouldn't need to buy paddles to be competitive. The third reason is nobody would need to carry extra sets of tires to the races to change every time. Limited guys again give us your input on this class and show your cut tire friends.

Outlaw Dot if we can get the Trucks and Tracks like what they see. ( Need new trucks and it can't split or eliminate the Limited Class)
1. Front engine
2. Cut Dot Tires
3. Look like a truck, jeep (no rails or buggies)
4. Nitrous Oxide is legal no blowers or turbos

Dot Guys you are the core and the ones who BUILT this Series in 2019 this is for you. I know you are curious about what 2021 will bring just please be patient. In a couple days we will release a Dot Class along with rules for a "Street Class" that we have been working with several tracks to have for the 2021 season. These will be full interior Old School bad a** trucks like we all had as kids. It will be low budget class and put the emphasis on making memories and reliving the Good Old Days. We feel we should drop one or two classes at a time so they can be discussed thoroughly. Drivers on the Group Page you will stay a couple days ahead of this Page.
The Drivers, Crews, Sponsors, Track Owners, and Fans all make the Southeast Dot Series Possible. Thanks again to everyone involved.

I want to start with I don't like this but I feel like this is what's best for everyone. This sucks I have never had to cancel a race before like this. We want to thank everyone that's helped with getting the word out about this race. I think if not for all this it would have been a big show. I know some people's not going to agree with this decision but it is better to be safe than sorry. As soon as we know more we will reschedule the date and have a hell of a race! Thanks to everyone for your support hope to see you at the next race Tattnall Shriners Pro Mud Shootout May 2nd!!!!

Still got some guard rails to put up but looking good been a long time since we had 2 Lanes in Cobbtown. Wish I had the jeep ready cause this track would lay down a pass right now.

Don't forget about the Shriners race May 2nd. We will be going heads up at this event with 2 classes. We will have a 38.5 DOT shootout with $500 added also for the first time heads up Tractor Tire shootout with $500 added. Come out and watch some of the baddest DOT, Mega, and 1 ton trucks do battle to see who is the baddest. More payouts coming soon for the mud but also don't forget about the $1000 added in consistency always a big class. Come out and support the Shriners and let's raise some money hope to see everyone in the mud!!!!

Please everyone like and share this post. This is a race you not going to want to miss. This is the 2nd race of the southeast dot series and my first race of the season. Let's make it a big show can't wait to see everyone in Cobbtown.

Come out and watch the Southeast DOT series classes go to battle in a instant green showdown. This isn't about who is the fastest it's about who's truck can go multiple rounds and win. 4 classes going heads up side by side you not going to want to miss this. Some races are already locked in. Some of the fastest guys are coming right off the trailers and doing battle. This could be a big points day for some.

Money added break down ALL classes are a 100% payback:

Consistency $500
38.5 Dot. $400
44 Dot. $400
36 Dot. $400
Limited. $400

Come out and watch the Southeast DOT series classes go to battle in a instant green showdown. This isn't about who is the fastest it's about who's truck can go multiple rounds and win. 4 classes going heads up side by side you not going to want to miss this.

Money added break down:

Consistency $500
38.5 Dot. $400
44 Dot. $400
36 Dot. $400
Limited. $400

Taught me alot about racing and helped me out a bunch along the way and was great person and great friend. You will definitely be missed at the races. Rest in peace Mr. Peabody Harrell.

Lyons, GA - Rest In Peace Peabody Harrell. The world lost a Great Man. We received the unwanted phone call about the unexpected death of Peabody in his shop this afternoon (we’ve been told health related).

The world of drag racing is shocked of the death of this great man. He was always smiling and a fierce competitor in our sport.

Rest In Peace 🙏

The Tattnall Shriners are looking for sponsers for the 10th Annual Pro Mudd Shooout Race in May. Anyone that would like to this is the form below. Please everyone share this!!!! This event is all about raising money for the kids. Hope to see everyone in May for one of the biggest races in Georgia this year.

This is the first race of the season come out and support the Southeast DOT Series. This is going to be a big event Georgia vs the whole south in a heads up side by side drag race. $400 dollars added money in all the side x side drag racing classes and $500 added in the consistency race. Mudd Bogg will follow after the consistency race.

Anyone wanting to get some early racing an testing in this is the place to be great track and great people. We will be there testing Southern Style mud jeep from Green Racing in big tire. Hope to see everyone at the track!!!

Get them ready for the 2020 season. Come work the bugs out.

Going to be a good season of racing!!!!

We have revised the schedule due to conflicts with other tracks.

This will be the second event of the year. Come out and support the Tattnall Shriners and raise money for the kids. We are working on a few things for this race as of classes and payouts that will be announced soon. If you have any questions please ask. Hope everyone had a good holiday season can't wait to see some mud flying in Cobbtown!!!

Southeast DOT Series

Who is ready for some True Heads Up Racing?
Southern Thunder Mud Track will host Round 2 of the series. All four classes will run single elimination heads up with a red light dq on the flat tracks. The two lanes will be tested and worked beforehand to ensure they are as even as possible. This should be exciting because races will be won or lost at the tree. How good are you with a tree? Registration is on our FB page so let's see where you stand.

Southeast DOT Series

I need anyone that is interested in running the 38.5 DOT series class to either reply here or send a message to this page, Rhett, or Louie. We need to get a rough head count. Thanks.

Going to be a good season next year!!!!

2020 Southeast DOT Series Race Schedule

I want to start out and thank everyone who come out and supported the race yesterday. Had a good crowd and alot of fast trucks. The DOT series had a really good turn out. Weather was a little bit rough but we worked threw it. Hope everyone had a safe trip home. I want to thank everyone who helped make this race possible. Can't wait to see everyone again in October.

Tomorrow the big day. Ready to see everyone and see some Mudd fly in Cobbtown. Come out and support the Shriners and let's make this a good show.

Getting ready for Saturday ready to see them fast times on that display.

Just picked up the trophies for Saturday. 1st place Shriner trophies are looking good.

[04/29/19]   Drivers meeting will be at 11:30 Saturday and we will start racing at 12. The running order for Saturday is:

Fast track:
1. 36 Dot
2. Outlaw
3. 38.5 street modified
4. 44 DOT
5. Open
6. Consistency

Mud Bog:
1. Outlaw
2. 44 DOT
3. 38.5 Street Modified
4. 36 Dot
5. Tractor tire
6. 36 street
7. 38.5 street
8. 44 Street

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