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CALL FOR ART Our Immigrant Nation, Juried Art Exhibit Beachwood Arts Council Beachwood Community Center Details and entry form at
CWRU Distinguished Alumni American Artists Showcasing New Artwork 2020 / Curator Tim Shuckerow When: Sat., Feb. Opening 8, 5-8 p.m. and Fri., Through March 6, 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Phone: 2163682714 Email: tim.shuck[email protected] Price: 0.00 African American Artist Case Western Reserve University Graduate of Art Education under Tim Shuckerow. North Eastern Ohio Artists: (N.E.O. Artists) #Distinguished Artists *Opening Saturday, February 8, 2020 5-8pm Artists Napoleon Dismuke, 2001 / Jerome White, 1994 / Danny Carver, 1994, / Georgio Sabino, 2009 / Sandra Noble, / Anna Arnold, 2010 / Gina Brent, 1992 / Travis Williams, 2017 / Tucker White, Tim Shuckerow Director, Art Education Art Studio, Case Western Reserve University 2215 Adelbert Road, Cleveland, OH 44106-7205 tix
Hello, everyone! My name is Heather Habermehl, and I attend Cleveland State University's School of Film and Media Arts. This upcoming semester, I am producing a thesis film and we are looking for some help in raising our budget. This film is a unique film about a man who becomes increasingly convinced that his only friends are turning into aliens. In order to make this the best film possible, we need the appropriate funding. Please take a minute to check out our GoFundMe page and consider donating. You'll be helping out a great group of local artists. If you are unable to donate, please consider donating a little of your time and share this post and spread the word. Every little bit helps us get closer to our goal. Thank you have a great holiday season!
1989 CIA alumnus Kevin Geiger has been speaking on the future of animation, with a related academic paper...
THURSDAY , OCTOBER 24 FESTIVITIES Costume Party Reception/Boneyard Market/AUCTION, October 24, 6-9, The Gallery at Lakeland Community College, east of Cleveland. 102 artists are showing over 300 artworks created in a variety of media, including CIA alums: Kimberly Chapman, Lauralee Hutson, Kelly Palmer, Karen Sandstrom, Joe Stavec, David Verba, and Jaymi Zents. The Boneyard Market will feature artist vendors selling skull and skeleton themed items, at a lower price point. They will be set up at both ends of The Gallery. There will be 28 ceramic skulls offered for bidding, that have been decorated by 26 artists from Northeast Ohio, Indiana and Michigan; and one (1) skull digitally printed on aluminum, donated by Stephen Calhoun. All proceeds from the auction will benefit The Gallery at Lakeland Community College. For more information or to bid, please visit: , Bidding ends Sunday, November 3, 2019, 7 p.m. FREE and open to the public D-building, first floor Come in costume
One only gets out of it, what they put in. Don't waste any time learning to achieve your goals. Yes, try your best! Graduation comes quickly.
Catching up with friends & mentors at the 2019 Cleveland Institute of Art Alumni Exhibition. 🙂
The Cinematheque
Hi. Do you offer scholarship to international students?
If you have AB- or B- blood, the Cleveland, clinic needs your platelets. Please consider donating. There are no platelets in the state of OH and there is a patient in need.
Dear Cleveland Institue of Art, We are presenting a documentary film at CIFF43, Kate Nash: Underestimate The Girl, a movie that is a very realistic and inspirational tale or what it’s like to try to make a living as a musician in the digital economy. Kate sets out to build a better world, dedicated to the artist as creator, not commodity, and using, as she always has, the uplifting power of online culture and her own authentic voice. Cleveland International Film Festival is having 2 screenings this Thursday and Friday followed by a conversation with the filmmakers. Your students might find it engaging so feel free to share, and if you have studentss who are interested in attending, we can extend a pair of tickets for any screening, would you just be so kind to just let us know date and names for the pair of tickets by this Wednesday – [email protected]. Thank you for your consideration!
Please join us this Sunday, March 24, 2019, for an Artist Reception, to honor the participating women artists of the "from WOMAN XII" exhibition in The Gallery at Lakeland Community College, from 3:30 - 5 pm. 38 artists from Northeast and Central Ohio and Indiana, are showing 123 artworks created in a diverse variety of media. Including CIA alumni: Judith Brandon, Kimberly Chapman, Stanka Kordic, Judy Takács, JenMarie Zeleznak, and Jaymi Zents Experience this outstanding exhibition, in the beautiful & newly renovated Gallery, engage in some stimulating conversations... and enjoy some light refreshments. FREE and open to the public. Building "D", first floor. Look for the signs directing you to the parking lot.

Cleveland Institute of Art is a premier college of art and design offering 15 BFA majors.

CIA offers Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in 15 majors across art, design, craft, and integrated media. We extend our programs to the public through gallery exhibitions, artist lectures, a continuing education program for adults and children, and the Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque, an art and independent film program.

Mission: To nurture the intellectual, artistic, and professional development of students and community members through rigorous visual arts and design education.

Today we honor Juneteenth, the anniversary of the day in 1865, when—more than two years after the Emancipation Proclamation—it was announced to Texans that all previously enslaved people were free.

To mark the holiday, we reached out to alumnus Curlee Raven Holton about his painting “Faith, Like a Jackal,” which is in the CIA study collection. Holton said the image symbolizes those at the heart of the fight against racial injustice.

“The work was inspired by my son, it is a portrait of him," Holton says. "He is also an artist. He is passionate, driven and single-minded in his pursuit of his ambitions. Much like the jackal. As a symbol, the jackal represents creativity, youthfulness, intelligence and are tactical in their quest to succeed. The jackal is a naquale, the animal spirit of a person who uses their skills to make the best of life. This work and its symbolism is relevant in this time of social upheaval led by the younger generation as representative of the relentless faith and drive that is embedded in the core of their blackness that will not be denied.”
#juneteenth #curleeravenholton #blacklivesmatter #blackartistsmatter #clevelandinstituteofart

CIA welcomes Dr. Jesse Grant as our new Dean of Student Affairs! “I am looking forward to working with our students, staff and faculty to assist with actualizing their personal and professional goals. Whether it’s a new student or one who has been here a while, I look forward to providing them with resources to help them pursue their goals.” Grant, an Akron native and proud Buchtel High grad, brings more than 25 years of experience and leadership in student-focused higher education roles. We’re excited for him to join the CIA community! #clevelandinstituteofart

Crystal Miller is the next CIA artist to be featured in our social media showcase of alumni and students who are Black. Crystal is a rising sophomore double majoring in Painting and Sculpture + Expanded Media. She was selected by Amani Williams, who says, “She is a fellow black artist who makes work about the black experience. Her recent work explores black culture and empowering black people.”

Crystal presents “You Are Not Alone” (2020, 40x30 inches; yarn, fabric and acrylic). She says, “For this piece, I used different materials such as fabric, yarn and acrylic to create portraits of African Americans. My main goal for this was to convey African American beauty, female empowerment and grace.”
@imnotcrystal_ @amanifwilliams #blacklivesmatter #blackartistsmatter #agentsofchange #CIAcreates #clevelandinstituteofart

Work Song- An animated poem

Congrats to 2020 grad Leon Simone, whose “Work Song” recently earned the Best Animation Award in the Madras Independent Film Festival’s Animation Short Film category. “An animated poem about emotional growth and creativity,” the video was also Leon’s BFA thesis project. My senior thesis film about growth and creativity.

A piece by Amani Williams is next up in our our social media showcase of CIA alumni and students who are Black. Amani is a rising senior Drawing major. She was selected by Renaissance Bernard, who says, “I think her work is interesting in the subject matter and rendering of bodies.”

Amani presents “White Space” (2019, 12x16 inches, soft pastels and colored pencil on Canson toned gray paper). Amani says, “This piece depicts a black female figure facing the viewer with a face of concern or worry. This piece was fueled by my desire to blend into my predominantly white surroundings.”
@amanifwilliams @ringtone_renaissance #blacklivesmatter #blackartistsmatter #agentsofchange #CIAcreates #clevelandinstituteofart

[06/14/20]   CIA alum Davon Brantley discusses his art with DayGlo Color Corporation as part of its DayGlo Show with Waterloo Arts. Read about Davon’s piece in the show, then view the exhibition in its entirety by following the link to this year’s virtual gallery.

Sydney Nicole Kay is the next featured artist in our social media showcase of CIA alumni and students who are Black. She’s a rising senior Photography + Video major and was selected by Kayla Sanford, who says, “She is a Photography major whose work comments on how African Americans are portrayed in our culture.”

Sydney Nicole presents “Cleveland Renaissance” (2019, 20x20 inches). She says, “In the art world there have been many revivals, or renaissances, such as the one in the 14th century with famous painters, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, to Harlem, New York, where there was a revival in the African American community. This piece is another revival that provides more color with an emphasis on Cleveland. It is based on a series that Gordon Parks is known for by recreating ‘American Gothic’ that adds a contemporary aspect to the piece. This piece of work is meant to make a commentary on the African American culture in Cleveland today. It is designed to immortalize them instead of capturing them in a negative aspect, which is commonly depicted for African Americans. My pictures provide my perspective as an African American, where I hope to change how we represent the community, not just as stand-ins for Caucasians in the original paintings but as their own characters in their own right with their own stories.”
@wannabe_future_artist @KaylaDSan #blacklivesmatter #blackartistsmatter #agentsofchange #CIAcreates #clevelandinstituteofart

Prepare for your creative career at a leading college of art and design that's close to home. Head to our website to start your application today!

New artwork from Anna Arnold continues our social media showcase of CIA alumni and students who are Black. Anna is a 1983 grad and is director of The Florence O'Donnell Wasmer Gallery at Ursuline College.

Anna presents “Miguel” (2020, 8x10 inches, acrylic on canvas board). About the work, she says, “‘Miguel’ is a brand new piece that was created after a very long hiatus as an artist. This work is inspired by the sheltering and isolating during COVID-19 and fueled by the global George Floyd protests for justice.”
@annaartzy #blacklivesmatter #blackartistsmatter #agentsofchange #CIAcreates #clevelandinstituteofart

This incredible protest photo was captured by a 2020 graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art

“I'm hoping that these images will show the world that there is a problem with racism,” AJ Almy, a 2020 CIA grad, tells News 5 Cleveland. Learn the story behind one of his dramatic photos from the Black Lives Matter protests May 30 in downtown Cleveland as well as his decision to pursue photography. A 2020 graduate of Cleveland Institute of Art captured a photo that summed up a day of demonstrators protesting police violence in Cleveland.

President Grafton Nunes shares further thoughts on art, race and CIA’s commitment to Black members of our community. Read his letter to the community at

Our social media showcase of CIA alumni and students who are Black continues with Renaissance Bernard, a rising senior double majoring in Drawing and Painting. He was selected by Amirah Cunningham, who says, “Watching his work develop altogether has been interesting. [One of his characters] is inspired by the black Sambo caricature. The way he uses the character as an extension and a barrier of himself is different. As a viewer, it makes me question how he thinks others see him in the world.”

You can find the artwork Amirah describes on Renaissance's Instagram (below). Here, he presents "suicide…” (30x40 inches, acrylic on canvas). About this piece, Renaissance says, “This is not a response to current events, but a reflection of the current society we live in.”
@ringtone_renaissance @arthippie1 #blacklivesmatter #blackartistsmatter #agentsofchange #CIAcreates #clevelandinstituteofart

Our social media showcase of CIA alumni and students who are Black continues with Kayla Sanford, a rising senior Glass major who is our first student feature in this series.

Kayla’s work is titled “Jungle” (sandblasted and cold-worked blown glass). She writes, “In my work, I try to connect nature with elements of urban life in order to provide a larger commentary on social dynamics and status. An urban jungle can be characterized as a fast-paced urban environment amplified by its unpleasant factors. The hard structures create a glimpse of opportunity and jobs, whereas without the buildings, the viewers vision becomes polluted and opportunity becomes harder to visualize. This piece represents the void felt by some African Americans as they desire a better life despite living in constant uncertainty."
@KaylaDSan #blacklivesmatter #blackartistsmatter #agentsofchange #CIAcreates #clevelandinstituteofart

[06/06/20]   Our social media showcase of Black alumni and students continues with 2018 grad Amirah Cunningham. She was suggested by fellow alum Davon Brantley, who says, “She talks about the injustices that happen in America and how the past has influenced these injustices.”

Amirah’s work is “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE,” a video made in response to the police killing of George Floyd. It also memorializes so many other Black victims of police brutality and racial profiling. Amirah writes: “This work is dedicated to all of those we lost to Police Brutality. Eight minutes and forty five seconds feel like forever when you can’t breathe.”

@arthippie1 @davon.brantley #blacklivesmatter #blackartistsmatter #agentsofchange #CIAcreates #clevelandinstituteofart

In response to recent examples of ongoing racial injustice, we at CIA are championing our students and alumni of color by showcasing their artwork on our Instagram and pages. We’re also inviting these artists to select peers to highlight, and you’ll see their artwork on future posts.

We kick off this series with 2018 alum Davon Brantley’s “Dancing with Death” (2020), a 6-foot-by-3-foot charcoal drawing on sepia-toned paper. “I was beginning to question my relationship with death and what I understood about death in the position of a Black male. That though death could be a beautiful thing, it can also be very complex and devastating. So, I drew my personification of death as a more complex figure. It has beauty but also jumps in and out of stark blacks, empty spaces and fully rendered forms. And since my chances of encountering death are higher than some of my peers due to the color of my skin, death to me has more than just two hands. He has a whole complex rhythm or dance that the viewer should see.”

@davon.brantley #blacklivesmatter #blackartistsmatter #CIAcreates

Office of the President

Grafton Nunes, President + CEO, issued a statement today to the Cleveland Institute of Art community concerning recent events and the role CIA artists and designers can play. A message from CIA President + CEO Grafton Nunes.

Jewelry designers, artists, and bored people alike have pivoted to papier-mâché

Papier-mâché is having a moment right now as more artists work from home. CIA alum Hannah Bigeleisen is at the forefront of the trend. She launched a collection of papier-mâché lamps at Sight Unseen’s Offsite Online virtual exhibition, as Curbed reports. Your inner third grader will love this design trend.

[05/31/20]   To reopen campus for fall semester, we’ll be cleaning and installing safeguards in our on-campus housing. Many incoming freshmen will call the Uptown Residence Hall home, and if you’re curious about all it has to offer, join us for a video tour.

Cleveland Institute of Art opening up classrooms, dorms and studios in the fall

ICYMI: We announced plans to return to studios, classrooms and residence halls for the start of the Fall 2020 semester. News 5 Cleveland covered the story. Catch up with the news there or on our website. The Cleveland Institute of Art announced it will open its education building and residential halls for the fall 2020 semester with some safeguards in place to protect students and staff.

A return to studios and residence halls for CIA | Cleveland Institute of Art

The Cleveland Institute of Art announces today that it will reopen studios, classrooms and dorms for the Fall 2020 semester. Our top priority is preserving the health and safety of our community while offering students the full CIA experience. May 28, 2020 CLEVELAND—Cleveland Institute of Art will open its educational building and residence halls for the fall 2020 semester with some safeguards aimed at preserving the health of the community. Grafton Nunes, CIA President + CEO, announced that plan recently to students, faculty, staff and...

Richard Anuszkiewicz, Whose Op Art Caught Eyes in the ’60s, Dies at 89

Last week, we paid tribute to the late Richard Anuszkiewicz, CIA alum and Op Art pioneer. This week, so too has The New York Times, which wonderfully details his life and career. He was a pioneer in manipulating fundamental elements of art to create optical effects — and to make, as he put it, “something romantic out of a very, very mechanistic geometry.”

“Food Party” continues to receive high praise as a streaming option, this time from the Los Angeles Times. We’re proud of Thu Tran and the many other CIA grads who developed the show’s two seasons for IFC. Read what the LA Times has to say and then check out “Food Party” via IFC or Amazon Prime.

There’s still time—40 hours, to be exact—to sign up for an online summer Continuing Education class! Courses for kids and adults include digital illustration, painting, drawing and more. View the full course catalog and register by 11:59pm Monday at

CIA Video Tour

Prospective students: We’re looking forward to when we can reopen our doors to you and the community. In the meantime, join us on this video tour of CIA, where you’ll get a look at our educational programs, creative spaces, residence halls and more!

CIA alum animates COVID-19 | Cleveland Institute of Art

What goes into making a medical animation? CIA alum Jeremy Miller explains how he developed an educational video about COVID-19 with Ghost Productions. He also traces his career path and offers advice to students interested in the biomedical arts. By Michael C. Butz As updates on COVID-19 fill news broadcasts and social media feeds, so too do videos, graphics and various other media that explain the virus to the public. For an example, look no further than 2013 CIA alum Jeremy Miller, who as art director and 3D medical generalist...

Richard Anuszkiewicz, 1930–2020

The Cleveland Institute of Art was fortunate to count world-renowned Op Artist Richard Anuszkiewicz as a proud member of its creative community. The 1953 alum gained international attention when his paintings were featured in “The Responsive Eye,” the landmark 1965 exhibition of perceptual abstraction at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Today, his work is in the collections of more than 75 museums and countless private collections.
We are grateful to have been able to recognize and honor Anuszkiewicz in recent years. “Richard Anuszkiewicz: Recent Works” was exhibited in 2013 in Reinberger Gallery, and he received the Award of Excellence at the 2013 Charles E. Burchfield Society Dinner, where he was joined by CIA classmate, fellow Op Artist and longtime friend Julian Stanczak.

#richardanuszkiewicz #clevelandinstituteofart

CIA Continuing Education courses for kids and adults are moving online this summer, which means you can sharpen your skills or learn new ones from wherever you are! Classes include digital illustration, painting and drawing, as well as our Portfolio Prep class for high schoolers. View the full course catalog and register by May 22 by visiting #CIAcreates

Congratulations to the Class of 2020! We’re so very proud of you! Thank you for sharing some of your #CIAgrad2020 celebrations and reflections.

CIA Commencement 2020

Join us on Facebook to interact with the CIA community while watching this year’s online Commencement ceremony. The pre-recorded program will premiere at 11am Friday, May 15.

Our Commencement speaker is Brian Peterson ’09, an Industrial Design alumnus, and our student speaker is Glass major Alicia Telzerow. The ceremony will also include the department chairs, student and faculty recognition, and a student slideshow.

Help us celebrate the accomplishments of our seniors by using the hashtag #CIAgrad2020 on social media.

The Cleveland Institute of Art

It’s almost time! Join us here at 11am for Commencement! #CIAgrad2020

Join us on Facebook to interact with the CIA community while watching this year’s online Commencement ceremony. The pre-recorded program will premiere at 11am Friday, May 15.

Our Commencement speaker is Brian Peterson ’09, an Industrial Design alumnus, and our student speaker is Glass major Alicia Telzerow. The ceremony will also include the department chairs, student and faculty recognition, and a student slideshow.

Help us celebrate the accomplishments of our seniors by using the hashtag #CIAgrad2020 on social media.

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