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I’m speaking .... Happy Holidays! #Advocate #Justice 12/16/2020

Dartesia A. Pitts ('05) Receives Prestigious Edward H. Wright Award - College of Law

#NIUCOL Congratulations to Dartesia A. Pitts (‘05) for receiving the Edward H. Wright Award. This distinguished honor is awarded by the Cook County Bar Association (CCBA) 12/05/2020

The invisible racism that makes Black women dread the doctor's office

As a black woman who happens to be a lawyer, I am very well aware of implicit bias. That’s the negative associations people have of you before you even open your mouth based on how you look and who you are.

I say this with ALL the FERVOR. WE HAVE TO BE INTENTIONAL WHEN LISTENING TO BLACK WOMEN WHEN THEY SPEAK. It is unfortunate that we have had an existence of not being heard or protected in our society. And don’t judge her if she has an attitude when she speaks, because she has HAD to push and fight her way through just to maintain the dignity of her humanity, uplift her voice and protect herself!!!

It’s starts early in life. It happens in our homes. It happens in our relationships. It happens in our work places. And it happens, at the expense of our lives, at our doctor’s offices.

While this article talks about “racism”, it is my opinion that this is also an issue of sexism. The combination is killing black women and, generally, making life harder on them.

We all must do better.

Listen to black women. They always have something valuable to say. "I just know not to get too rebellious." In medical settings, Black women are forced to play against stereotypes.


Still. 🙏🏽🙏🏽


Today and everyday. Happy Thanksgiving!! 🦃🦃 #GiveThanks #Alms #Advocate #Justice


Thankful for my own empowerment. Knowing and being in a position to make every one of my dreams come true unencumbered. Freedom. Independent. The power of me creating me ... reliant on myself, my own efforts, my capacity and my vision. Taking 100% responsibility for where I am and where I’m going in this life. Me. ❤️

Power. Know it. Know you. Grateful that I know mine. My ambition. My heart. My independence. My family. My blessings. My God. All are my power. What’s yours??

#Advocate #Justice #NotStuck #iWillAlwaysMoveForward #Free #Independent #Unencumbered #AndStillFly ❤️


Make sure you tune in!! #Advocate #Justice 11/22/2020

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Tests, Training, Certification & Coaching - TalentSmart

Stress is really bad for us and can have long term effects on our bodies. Currently, we are all surviving through a pandemic during a seemingly tumultuous year most of which is beyond our control.

But one thing that is within our control is dealing with (or not dealing with) toxic people. I prefer the latter.

This is a helpful article on how to use your emotional intelligence to navigate through the waters of poisonous people.

It is more important than any time to keep your joy ... especially during this very unique chapter.

#HappySunday #SelfCare #MiseryLovesCompany #DontVisitThem More than 75% of Fortune 500 companies rely on our emotional intelligence (EQ) tests, training, and certification. Enjoy free articles, books, and information.


I have to believe and keep the faith that good ALWAYS prevail.



Listen ... it really does depend. 🤷🏽‍♀️ #Advocate #Justice



I want to personally congratulate 👏🏾 our Deputy Chief of Staff and General Counsel, Attorney Dartesia A. Pitts!

She received the Edward H. Wright Award from the Cook County Bar Association for her distinguished career in public service. #WomenSupportingWomen

So proud of you, Dartesia 💜.

Thank you, President Nyshana Sumner and the Board of Directors of the Cook County Bar Association, for this recognition.


Maybe this will work in the courts of public opinion??? The people gotta understand! 🤷🏽‍♀️ It’s still ♏️ season. #Advocate #Justice #Funny #ScorpioSeason


Dartesia A. Pitts, Esq.


Sometimes you have to just laugh at the ridiculousness as not to be drained.

Protect your energy.

#WorkLifeBalance #FindYourFunny #LemonsIntoLemonade


Congratulations Congressman Richmond!! We are proud of and rooting for you here in Chicago. President-elect Biden made a great choice! @repcedric 11/17/2020

Cook County Bar Association Virtual Awards Ceremony Tickets - Powered by Ticket Falcon

Please Join me on Thursday11/19 for the Cook County Bar Association Virtual Awards!! Get your tickets Today!!!

Congratulations To Our Award Recipients

Historical Awards Recipients

Edward H. Wright Award:
Dartesia A. Pitts

Kenneth E. Wilson Award:
Justice Carl A. Walker, Appellate Court Judge
Judge Kristal R. Rivers, Circuit Court of Cook County

Ida B. Platt Award:
US Congresswoman Lauren Underwood

Harold Washington Award:
Rev. Mitchell L. Johnson

William R. Ming Award:
My Block, My Hood, My City, Jahmal Cole (Founder)

Judicial Award:
Hon. Franklin U. Valderrama, Northern District of Illinois
Hon. Jeffrey Cummings, Magistrate Judge
Hon. John A. Fairman, Circuit Court of Cook County
Hon. Tyria Walton, Circuit Court of Cook County

Junior Counselor Award:
Patricia A. Hudson, The Kryder Law Group, LLC.

Senior Counselor Award:
Urie R. Clark, Administrative Law Judge

Meritorious Service Award:
LeDeidre S. Turner, Illinois Human Rights Commission

Presidential Awards:
Cordelia Brown, Cook County Bar Association Executive Director
Jerry D. Brown, Siegel & Callahan, P.C.
Nicholas Cummings, City of Evanston
Parice H. Hackworth, Parikh Law Group
Julie-April Montgomery This is the Cook County Bar Association’s 2020 virtual awards ceremony. 2020 Cook County Bar Association Virtual Awards Ceremony Easy-to-use, online event registration and ticketing service with instant payouts. Discover great experiences or create and sell tickets to your own.

[11/16/20]   PSA: Nobody owes YOU anything.

So....appreciate all your blessings.

#ALLCAPS #Perspective #Advocate #Justice


Here is my motivation to you ... let’s start this week positive and focused. Everyday is a money making day but let’s start our day and week in the spirit of “Money Making Monday.” A day to step in the right direction towards survival, influence and freedom. If you woke up mad or sad today, re-calibrate your energy and get to the bag!! 💰💰💰#Advocate #Justice


MVP: Madam Vice-President elect, Kamala Harris


An absolute special congratulations to Madame Vice President Kamala Harris. California Attorney General, US Senator and now Vice President. So many firsts she represents. The FIRST woman to serve as the Vice President of the United States, the second highest office in the country ... the world. The first Black person to serve in this seat. The first Indian American to sit in this seat. The first alumnus of a historically black university to sit in this seat. She kicked in the door waving the .44 ... in cute designer heels and a bad ivory suit!! Breaking ceilings ... and building bridges. Now, we must NOT get lost in this moment and REMEMBER how we feel tonight. Moving forward we need to get ready to be supportive of her leadership role and continue to fight for her respect and dignity. They will come for her even when she didn’t send for them and some of them will look familiar. This is the beginning. If we want to see others come behind her, if we want her to go even further, we have to stay involved in government and be supportive of this leadership. Congratulations Madame Vice-President elect @kamalaharris. Your daring to dream and movement on those dreams have inspired so many!! Thank you for being bold enough to shatter that ceiling!! #Advocate #Justice


Alllll the reasons to celebrate today ... thank you @cookcountybar for the acknowledgment. Tune in to the award ceremony on Zoom November 19. #Advocate #Justice


Next!!! Congratulations to President-elect Biden and Vice-President-elect Harris!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽


Thank you Cook County Bar Association for the acknowledgment. Totally unexpected but always appreciated. ✊🏾🙏🏽👩🏽‍💼#Advocate #Justice


Everything is fluid. Including this. Understand. Don’t get caught up. It’s all ego. #Advocate #Justice


Blessed. Beyond. Measure. That’s a lot of blessings!!! ❤️ #HappyFriday #Advocate #Justice


Always. At the point we become unteachable, unlearnable ... that’s when the real problems begin. #Advocate #Justice


Simple. ❤️ #HappyFriday #Advocate #Justice


2017 when I received 40 under 40 for the National Bar Association with then President Ben Crump (r.) and Nick Pittman of Dallas (l.). I continue to be proud of what our lawyers are doing across the country. #Advocate #Justice


One of my most favorite months of the year... 🧡💛💚🧡💛💚♏️


Everything you get you gotta work hard for it. Keep grinding. And remember prayer without work is dead. #Advocate #Justice 09/27/2020

Trump Selects Amy Coney Barrett to Fill Ginsburg’s Seat on the Supreme Court

“The nomination will kick off an extraordinary scramble by Senate Republicans to confirm her for the court in the 38 days before the election on Nov. 3, a scenario unlike any in American history. While other justices have been approved in presidential election years, none has been voted on after July. Four years ago, Senate Republicans refused to even consider President Barack Obama’s nomination to replace Justice Scalia with Judge Merrick B. Garland, announced 237 days before Election Day, on the grounds that it should be left to whoever was chosen as the next president.“ The president’s nomination of Judge Barrett, a favorite of conservatives, to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, will kick off a furious and unprecedented scramble to confirm her in the Senate before Election Day.


Harriet Tubman (far left) standing with some of the people she was leading to freedom. When laws are unjust, we’ve always found a way. #Advocate #Justice #BlackLivesMatter


The most impactful peaceful protest you can engage in the honor of #BreonnaTaylor’s legacy is VOTING. God bless her family. Justice or just us?? #SayHerName #HerLifeMatters #PoliceReform #CriminalJusticeReform now


"I would like to be remembered as someone who used whatever talent she had to do her work to the very best of her ability." May her memory be a blessing. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 #RBG #NotoriousRBG


It all starts with you. You get what you give. You reap what you sow. So, say good, see good, sow good and do good. 💞 #Advocate #Justice

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