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Greenlight Planet has sold over 10 million Sun King™ units to over 45 million customers in 60+ countries. Our Sun King™ range of solar products are high-quality, durable and sustainable.

We deliver honest, affordable energy to the world’s two billion under-electrified consumers.

Mission: Greenlight Planet is on a profound and personal mission to build and deliver the most brilliant, trustworthy and affordable home energy products ever made for the under-served developing world households

Across the globe, more than 12 million Sun King products are putting an end to the use of kerosene lamps and contributing to a cleaner environment. On this #WorldEnvironmentDay, we are thankful for all our customers and partners who join us, not just in lighting up their homes and businesses, but in creating a cleaner, greener environment, too.

#CleanEnergy #AlternativeEnergy

This comes your way with warmest thoughts and happy wishes. Happy Eid Ul Fitr #EidMubarak

Sun King Solar Story: Maternal and Child Hospital, Nigeria

For over a year, Maternal and Child Hospital in Ado Ekiti, Nigeria has saved on costs of running the institution due to using Sun King products over other alternative lighting sources.

Watch this #SunKingSolarStories to find out how our products are enabling them to offer patient care into the night even during power blackouts.

#MorePowerMoreLife #CustomerTestimonial

Happy Labour Day to all! This year, in particular, we send extra appreciation to all the frontline workers taking care of all of us around the world during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Your efforts do not go unnoticed, and we are thankful for your dedication.

Leave a comment for someone you'd like to appreciate today, in light of Labour Day.

#LabourDay #InternationalDayOfTheWorker

In these socially distanced times, we have converted many of our Greenlight Academy programs to virtual sessions to ensure Greenlighters can continue growing and developing new skills.

Last week, we ran a program called "Prioritizing and Managing Time," to help our teams learn how to manage their time and productivity more efficiently. Here are a few of the key messages Greenlighters took from the course into their daily planning.

How do you prioritize and manage time? Let us know in the comments section

#TimeManagement #SkillShare #OnlineLearning #EmployeeLearning #GreenlightAcademy

#RamadanKareem to you and your families, from all of us at Greenlight Planet!

#Ramadan #RamadanMubarak

Our Sun King solar-powered products help reduce carbon emissions, as many of them replace fuel-based sources of energy. You, too, can help make the world a little greener by making a #SwitchToSunKing as we mark 50 years of #EarthDay.

Despite the uncertainty at the moment, we hope you find the light and can smile today. From the Greenlight family to yours, Happy Easter!

#Easter2020 #FindTheLight #BrighterDays #HappyEaster

With more people around the world #workingfromhome, we thought we’d share a few tips that Greenlighters are following to remain productive.

#ProductivityTips #WorkFromHomeTips #StaySafe

We believe that access to power is a basic human right. Energy access is even more critical during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. In areas like Kenya, where distributed energy services have been designated as #essentialservices, we are taking many precautions to protect our staff and customers while ensuring continuous service to our customers.

To all the essential workers that are filling a critical role to ensure we all have access to healthcare, food, water, medicine, energy, and all the other essential needs during these unprecedented times: THANK YOU!

#EnergyAccess #Covid19 #Coronavirus

Here's to celebrating all the health workers working at the frontlines, and behind the scenes, to keep us safe, strong, and healthy, especially in this global COVID-19 pandemic. You are our heroes! Thanks for working selflessly to keep us healthy.

Send a shout out to the healthcare workers you know in the comments section below. #WorldHealthDay

To reduce the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends washing your hands with soap and running water for at least 20 seconds.

A little trick to make sure you're doing this right is to sing the 'Happy Birthday' song from beginning to end twice.

We came across this handwashing lyric generator ( that shows you how to effectively wash your hands to a song of your choice. What songs are you singing as you wash your hands?

#StaySafe #HandWashing #Covid19 #Coronavirus

We know things are a bit rough right now, and many of us don't feel very happy at the moment. But this is a wonderful reminder to find the light, to be happy and grateful for what we have. On this #InternationalDayOfHappiness, stay bright, stay safe and do something to make you smile 🌞

We hit 100,000 Facebook followers. Thanks to all you, 100,000 wonderful folks across the globe who engage with us and enjoy all that we share. To lighting up more lives each day 🙂 #SunKing #GreenlightPlanet #SwitchToSunKing

Pay-As-You-Go Solar Market Leader, Greenlight Planet, Brings Power to More than 1.5 Million Tanzanians

More than 1.5 million people in Tanzania now have access to clean, renewable energy through Sun King products. A strong partner-led and direct distribution network has brought Sun King to more than 300,000 Tanzanian households and enabled savings of more than 70 billion Tanzanian shillings ($30 million).

Read more about how we enable #morepowermorelife in Tanzania here:

#LightingTanzania #SunKingMilestone #RenewableEnergy Greenlight Planet, the market leader in the rapidly expanding pay-as-you-go (PAYG) solar industry, has successfully delivered clean and reliable energy access to more than 1.5 million people in Tanzania. With a strong partner-led and direct distribution network, Greenlight’s Sun King products are ...

Sun King Solar Stories: Maternal and Child, Ado Ekiti, Nigeria

In 2017, Maternal and Child Hospital in Ado Ekiti, Nigeria, invested in Sun King solar lanterns and home systems to provide light and to enable patient care to continue during long, frequent power cuts.

Watch today's #SunKingSolarStories, as Dr. Adeojo Idowu Pius, an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Maternal and Child Hospital, shares how Sun King solar products have enabled them to access light and avoiding spending money on petrol and kerosene for their generator.

#MorePowerMoreLife #AlternativeEnergy

Sun King Solar Story: Temidayo Oluwaseun in Nigeria


We are excited to share the first of our first #SunKingSolarStories from West Africa!

Today's edition takes us to Akure Ondo state in Nigeria, where one of our Certified Field Sales Executives (CFSE), Temidayo Oluwaseun, shares how working with Greenlight Planet has afforded enough additional income to improve the size and quality of her family's home.

Listen to Temidayo's professional journey representing Sun King in her community, just one of the thousands of examples of how the work of enabling #morepowermorelife creates and enhances job opportunities.

#EmployeeTestimonial #Solar

My Greenlight Experience: Johanna Galan


We asked Johanna Galan, the former Director of Policy at GOGLA, the global off-grid energy industry association, to share a little about her experiences working with Greenlight Planet. 'Fun', 'innovative,' and 'energetic' are some of the words she used to decribe her interactions with Greenlighters over the years. See what else Johanna has to say in this video, as we continue to celebrate our 10 years of #MorePowerMoreLife.

#MyGreenlightExperience #MorePowerMoreLife

Greenlight Planet Aims to Play a Major Role in Rural Ethiopia's Energy Sector Transformation

Throughout the last decade, the Government of Ethiopia has led one of the most successful electrification programs in sub-Saharan Africa.

We are excited to play an important role in Ethiopia’s energy sector transformation -more than two and a half million Ethiopians use Sun King solar-powered products for their daily energy needs. Read more about our work in Ethiopia here

#MorePowerMoreLife #Partnership #RenewableEnergy Greenlight Planet, the global market leader in the rapidly expanding pay-as-you-go (PAYG) solar industry has powered more than two and a half million lives in Ethiopia through access to clean, affordable, and reliable energy.   Working with a strong network of established Ethiopian distribution com...



Global Power & Energy Elites recognizes projects, teams and leaders that are shaping the modern power and energy markets, and Dhaval Radia, who leads Greenlight's global commercial division, is on Global Power & Energy Elites Leaders list for 2020.

Read more about his leadership philosophy here:

#MorePowerMoreLife #Culture #Passion #OffGrid Growing up, I took inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi who had the ability to drive an entire nation towards the vision of independence. As I moved into my professional career at General Electric (GE), in 2003, the company was at a time known as the ‘Leadership factory of the corporate world’ where ...

Greenlight Planet wins Economic Times Champions of Rural Markets Award


We are honored to have been recognized by India's ET Edge - An Economic Times Initiative in their 'Champions of Rural Markets' awards for 2019.

Read more here:

#GreenlightPlanet #MorePowerMoreLife #RuralIndia
#ETChampionsofRuralMarkets Greenlight Planet is known for designing, distributing and financing clean, reliable and affordable solar energy solutions for those who live without or with intermittent access to energy sources in more than 65 countries around the world.

Sun King Schools.mp4

What happens when we unlock the power of the sun for school children? A recent study shows that 99% of Sun King households with school aged children report an increase in daily study time. Schools like Nyango High School in Suna East, Migori, Kenya are among those that reap the benefits of solar lighting.

Here’s to celebrating the impact access to light can have on the quality of education. #SunKingSchoolStories remind us that today's generation of school children has a bright future

#SunKing #GreenlightPlanet #MorePowerMoreLife

Sun King Lamps introduced to improve educational standard

We are delighted to kick off a new series titled hashtag#SunKingSchoolStories looking at how solar home systems and appliances enable children to study in a comfortable, safe environment without fearing power outages or accidents caused by fuel-based sources of light during their study time.

“Constant electricity supply allows students to do so much more. We were overjoyed to see that in the term after we installed these lamps, the pass rate for students improved from 75% to 90%,” says Adetunji Abdurahman, the Proprietor of Socrates College in Ilorin, Nigeria.

Keep an eye out for more examples of how Sun King is powering schools, and read the full Socrates College story here:

#MorePowerMoreLife #SunKing #GreenlightPlanet The introduction of Sun king lamps from the stable of Green Light Planet’s solar powered lighting system has helped improve the lighting situations in

Sun King's cover photo

Customer Service Week 2019 at Greenlight Planet

Customer Service Week is here and we are joining the world in marking #TheMagicOfService. Rebecca Obondi, our Customer Service Leader for Africa shares how she’s driving customer service efficiency at Greenlight Planet. Read more here:

#SunKing #GreenlightPlanet #CustomerServiceWeek #CSWEEK2019 #customerservice In the spirit of International Customer Service Week, we spent a few minutes with Rebecca Obondi, Customer Service Leader for Africa at…

We absolutely agree, Bill Gates. Every day at Greenlight Planet, we see how Sun King products transform millions of lives - entrepreneurs in Kenya with additional business acumen and steady income Sun King Energy Officers (our sales agents); maternity hospitals in Nigeria providing consistent, reliable care for expecting mothers throughout power cuts; small businesses in Ethiopia that operate long after the sun sets - and these are just a few examples from millions of impactful stories!

Thanks for kicking off a conversation close to our hearts by featuring a Sun King Pro Gates Foundation!

#SDG7 #CleanEnergy #ClimateChange #Solar

Increasing access to electricity is critical to helping people lift themselves out of poverty. That’s why I’m making investments in innovations that will help power the world without contributing to climate change:

Light your home with the Sun King™ Home120 Plus. With 4 overhead lamps, wall mountbale switches and an additional motion-sensored hangable light for security, the Sun King Home120 Plus can give you a well lit, secure home. Already a proud owner of a Sun King Home120 Plus? Tell us what you love most in the comments section below. #SunKing #GreenlightPlanet #SwitchToSunKing #SolarLamps

Happy Friday. Which weekend plans of yours could use a little extra light? We’d love to know how Sun King™ could brighten your weekend. Share your ideas in the comment section.
#SunKing #GreenlightPlanet #WeekendVibes #LightYourWeekend

Sun King™ˀHome 40Z

Two overhead lamps, a portable lamp, and a USB charging port - that’s what you get with the Sun King™ Home 40Z! Use the overhead lamps to light the rooms in you house or business, and enjoy the flexibility of the portable lamp to move around any time of day. Get the Sun King Home40Z at your closest Sun King™ store!

#SunKing #GreenlightPlanet #SunKingHome40Z #Solar

Solar Fact: the sun will never exhaust its ability to energize the world. As long as we have sunshine, you'll always have energy with Sun King. #SwitchToSolar with Sun King™.

Looking for a reason to #SwitchToSolar? Here’s something that might help: solar energy is much cleaner and environmentally sound than most traditional sources of energy. Make the change that will help preserve our Earth by purchasing a Sun King™ product today!

#SolarFacts #SunKing #GreenlightPlanet #SwitchToSunKing

Looking for an affordable lighting solution for your business? Get the Sun King™ Pro 400, which is 40 times brighter than a kerosene lamp and has a USB charging port to handle your power-hungry phones.

#SunKing #GreenlightPlanet #SolarLantern #Pro400

Around the world, Sun King™ solar products are used to keep businesses open after the sun sets, to help students read, to brighten communal spaces for people to gather, and to create safe, well lit paths to safely commute. On this International Day of Light, we reflect on how access to light gives us all the freedom to create, transact, work, interact, and move how and when we want. #IDL2019 #SwitchToSunKing

It’s a beautiful day to share some #SolarFacts with you. Did you know that solar panels may still collect energy from the sun on rainy days? Depending on the amount of cloud cover, some energy may be captured by your solar panels to produce usable electricity.

#SunKing #GreenlightPlanet #SolarPanels

Mothers are the light that never stops shining. This Mother’s day, we celebrate you and your role in brightening up the world. Happy Mother’s day!

#MothersDay #MomLightOftheWorld

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Sun King Solar Story: Maternal and Child Hospital, Nigeria
Sun King Solar Stories: Maternal and Child, Ado Ekiti, Nigeria
Sun King Solar Story: Temidayo Oluwaseun in Nigeria
My Greenlight Experience: Johanna Galan
Sun King Schools.mp4
Sun King™ˀHome 40Z
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