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URC’s mission is to provide innovative, evidence-based solutions to health and social challenges worldwide. The Center for Human Services is our non-profit affiliate.

Expertise areas: global health security; education; maternal newborn, and child health; HIV/AIDS, malaria; nutrition; reproductive health and family planning; tuberculosis; and vulnerable children and families. Approach areas: Quality Improvement, Health Systems Strengthening, Behavior Change & Communication, and Research & Evaluation

Established in 1965, University Research Co., LLC (URC) is a global company dedicated to improving the quality of health care, social services, and health education worldwide. With its non-profit affiliate, the Center for Human Services, URC manages projects in more than 40 countries including the United States and has about 700 employees around the world.

Mission: URC’s mission is to provide innovative, evidence-based solutions to health and social challenges worldwide.

The Zika Virus Is Still a Threat. Here’s What the Experts Know.

As part of USAID’s Zika response, URC has been implementing health systems strengthening efforts in Latin America and the Caribbean to provide targeted support to health systems affected by the Zika virus. The mosquito-transmitted virus, which can cause severe birth defects, faded after 2016, but it’s still circulating and has now spread to other countries.

Acting on the Call

We are thrilled to present USAID’s 2019 Acting on the Call Report with all of the latest results & impact on our collective work to save the lives of women & children. Learn about our engagement with the private sector & our support for #MomAndBaby here: The goal of ending preventable child and maternal deaths is within reach. Speeding up adoption of the highest impact interventions could save 15 million children and 600,000 mothers through 2020.

Philippine Projects Move the Dial for Improved Health

While the Philippines has emerged as one of the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia, the country is challenged by a high burden of both communicable and non-communicable diseases. See how URC is moving the needle forward to improve health outcomes. While the Philippines has emerged as one of the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia, the country is challenged by a high burden of both communicable and non-communicable disease and an emerging substance abuse problem. URC is pleased to play a key role in working on three USAID-funded progra...


The integration of gender in the teaching-learning process of medical and nursing students plays an integral part in ensuring that future providers can offer quality people-centered health services. Learn more about WI-HER's work in partnership with University Research Co., LLC (URC)under USAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems Project Elga Salvador
In Spanish:

Ending the AIDS Epidemic is Within Reach, but How Do We Walk That 'Last Mile?'

If we are to reach an AIDS-free generation, we cannot continue with 'business as usual' programs, writes Samson Kironde. As the PEPFAR 2018 Annual Report shows, HIV/AIDS data from the highest-burden countries show significant progress towards achieving epidemic control – that ‘tipping point’ where the number of new HIV infections falls below the number of deaths from all causes for people living with HIV (PLHIV)...

New HIV Map Offers Most Detailed Look Yet At The Epidemic

See how this new data-rich map can help in fast-tracking progress towards ending the global HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2030 Knowing where rates of prevalence are highest — and lowest — can lead to new strategies for treatment and prevention. The map focuses on sub-Saharan Africa, the epicenter of the epidemic.

Zika and Beyond: Building Resiliency for Future Outbreaks

This Zika case management tool – or ZiCaMas – developed by the USAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems Project with funding from USAID - US Agency for International Development, enables health care providers to identify and better track babies and their families so they receive timely clinical and non-clinical care. Representatives from USAID-funded projects, Ministries of Health, UNICEF, PAHO, Save the Children, and NGOs from 18 Latin American and Caribbean countries gathered in Panama City April 24-26 for the USAID Care and Support for Infants, Mothers, and Families affected by Zika Conference. At the ASSIST....

As the Systems for Health project enters its final year of implementation, here's a look back at some key accomplishments we've made. #MondayMotivation

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HIV-Positive Peer Referrals Save Lives

In Uganda, the RHITES-EC project encourages HIV-positive clients (referred to as “experts”) to identify people in their communities with persistent illnesses or HIV-related symptoms.

Patient referrals have helped the Taso Jinja team to identify an average of 15 new clients per week. Doreen, a psychosocial counselor at the AIDS Support Organization (TASO) Health Center in Jinja, Eastern Uganda, recalls the day she visited a weak and emaciated patient named Moses. She found him, bedridden and suffering from chronic diarrhea and vomiting, swollen legs, and intermittent fevers. For...

Fighting Malaria in the Forests of Cambodia by URC on Exposure

It's #WorldMalariaDay! See how URC is taking bold action to end malaria in the most remote places. The tropical climate in the forests of Cambodia provides a fertile breeding ground for mosquitoes. Heavy rain and flooding limits access to health care for migrant communities and farmers. Though in recent years Cambodia has made progress in malaria control, the country's malaria burden remains high...

These maps could point the way to stopping malaria

Imagine calling the fire department and telling them: 🔥“There’s a house burning somewhere in the city!” They ask you for the address or at least some nearby streets, but you’re not sure. For decades, the 🦟 malaria community has faced a similar problem, but on a national scale. Maps could point the way to stopping malaria.

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Women make up more than 70% of the global health workforce. An investment in health workforces is an investment in women’s empowerment 💪 #WorldHealthDay

Health workers are key to achieving #UHC, universal access to primary health care, and resilient health systems. This #WHWWeek, join us in celebrating #healthworkers in our communities and around the world:

El caso de Elian ha sido un importante estímulo para que los proveedores de salud, apoyados por el Proyecto ASSIST Zika Paraguay hayan implementado las acciones necesarias para brindar atención de calidad, no sólo a pacientes afectados por el virus del Zika, sino a todos quienes requieran atención a sus alteraciones o trastornos del neurodesarrollo.

Caso de Nagiara, una bebé que nació con microcefalia y quien gracias a la ayuda del proyecto ASSIST Paraguay ha podido continuar con sus controles, ejercicios de estimulación temprana, intervenciones favorecedoras y apoyo psicoemocional para su familia.

University Research Co., LLC (URC)

Here's what the USAID-funded, URC-implemented project is doing to combat malaria in the hardest to reach places in Cambodia.

Two to Tango: How Men’s Health-Seeking Behaviors May Influence the Spread of Zika in the Caribbean

How can men's health-seeking behaviors influence the spread of Zika? By Morgan Mickle, Gender Specialist, WI-HER, LLC On February 1, 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Zika virus a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) after information surfaced...

University Research Co., LLC (URC)

VMMC has been shown to reduce men’s risk of contracting HIV by up to 60 percent and has been part of South Africa’s comprehensive HIV prevention strategy since 2010.

The USAID VMMC Project employs a range of service delivery modalities to provide high-quality, high-volume and cost-effective VMMC services in six provinces of South Africa.

Amongst Friends – Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision in South Africa

The USAID VMMC Project employs a range of service delivery modalities to provide high-quality, high-volume and cost-effective VMMC services in six provinces of South Africa. Thabani Hlongwane, a 33-year-old man living in Johannesburg, is enthusiastic about referring men for voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC). Thabani was circumcised in January 2019 at Hillbrow Community Health Center (CHC), one of the public health facilities in South Africa supported by the PEP...

URC - International Women's Day 2019 - Ronnie Czyz

URC's International Human Resources Manager Ronnie Czyz talks about #gender and #diversity challenges in the workplace.


University Research Co., LLC (URC) Usaid GlobalCorps-Health and WI-HER celebrate #WomensDay today. Thank you to all of our incredible speakers for highlighting the importance of addressing gender in all of our work! #IWD2019 #BalanceForBetter

It's #InternationalWomensDay! URC joins in observing this day by sharing a conversation with one of the many women who help us achieve our mission of providing innovative, evidence-based solutions to health and social challenges worldwide. Read more:

8 Ways John Snow is like Jon Snow

What does an epidemiologist have in common with the Game of Thrones character? Jon Snow, heroic heartthrob. John Snow, dedicated doctor. How are they similar?

We're grateful to WI-HER for their support in integrating #gender in our important work of improving quality of care and supporting families affected by #Zika.

Voices from the Field: Celebrating the incredible women we work with for International Women's Day along with our partners USAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems Project and University Research Co., LLC (URC)#IWD2019 #WomensDay #BalanceforBetter

Opinion | It Takes a Mosquito to Fight a Mosquito

It's a fact: mosquitoes are the most dangerous animals in the world, so how do you combat them? In Australia, China and elsewhere, scientists are fighting disease-carrying mosquitoes by introducing another type, carrying just a harmless form of bacteria.

A Teacher Champions Zika Prevention | Zika Communication Network

Dino is one of 90 teachers trained by PASMO in El Salvador who have reached nearly 5,000 adolescents and youth in communities at-risk for #Zika transmission with information and resources about how to prevent the transmission of the virus. This post was originally published by PSI. It was near the end of the school year and the halls of the Santa Ana Middle School and High School were uncharacteristically quiet. In the cool and dim library, only one student was reading in silence with his headphones over his ears. It was there where D...

Ten health issues WHO will tackle this year

From air pollution to weak primary health care, see the top 10 threats to global health in 2019. The world is facing multiple health challenges. Here are 10 of the issues that will demand attention from WHO and health partners in 2019.

Turning air into drinking water: Africa's inspired inventors

From smart gloves that turn sign language into audio speech, to water harvesting systems that change air into drinking water, see how these 5 inventors are on course to transform the continent. Shortlisted contenders for the Royal Academy of Engineering Africa prize reveal their designs, including gloves that translate sign language into speech

Cruising to Better Health on Lake Volta

To facilitate access to #healthcare for difficult-to-access island communities, URC’s USAID-supported Systems for Health Project designed a 25-seat medical boat which was delivered to the Ghana Health Service (GHS) on December 18, 2018. Locally made, the pontoon boat, christened "Akpini Queen," is equipped with two washrooms, medical supplies, a radio transmitter and receiver, and life jackets. The first of its kind in Ghana, this vessel will serve as a blueprint for the manufacture of future medical boats in the country.


The USAID-funded, URC-implemented, ASSIST Project was a partner on Saving Mothers, Giving Life, a public-private partnership 🤝 aimed at reducing maternal & newborn mortality. See the final report: #Bestof2018 #CaringforMoms #USAIDTransforms

Transparency in Health Engagement Project - Albania

The USAID Transparency in Health Engagement Project, implemented by URC, works to enhance transparency mechanisms and engage citizens more effectively in the fight against corruption. Find out more:

This report presents the findings related to the drivers of stunting and reviews programming currently underway.

Wishing you a warm and wonderful holiday!

ICYMI: URC's Quarterly Newsletter showcasing some of our latest blogs, events, and job opportunities.

No Longer a Secret – Disclosing HIV

Esther, age 32, had never imagined that someone who is HIV-positive could give birth to an HIV-negative child. #WorldAIDSDay #USAIDTransforms Esther, age 32, had never imagined that someone who is HIV-positive could give birth to an HIV-negative child. She learned this during her first antenatal care visit at Jinja Regional Referral Hospital (JRRH) in Uganda when expecting her first child in 2012. Today, Esther has three children, all HIV...

DREAM Big: Empowering Adolescent Girls to Stay HIV-Free

Working in Uganda DREAM-implementing districts, the URC-implemented USAID ASSIST Project saw first-hand the gains that can be made when communities work together to support adolescent girls achieve their dreams. #WorldAIDSDay #USAIDTransforms

Read more:

Promoting Human Rights, Labor Rights, and HIV Prevention

Read how Yadira Gómez used her experience and identity as a transgender woman to advocate for and reach key populations in Nicaragua.
#OrangeTheWorld #WorldAIDSDay Yadira’s leadership in promoting human rights and the prevention of HIV and STIs landed her recognition from USAID in 2017 for her work. She currently serves as General Secretary of the Union of Trans Domestic Workers and Various Trades (SITRADOTRANS in Spanish) in Nicaragua.

Ministry of Health & The Environment, Antigua and Barbuda

Kudos to our ASSIST staff for the wonderful work they're doing.
USAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems Project

The Browne's Avenue Health Center became the first in the nation to receive one of sixteen brand new Dell Laptop computers under the USAID ASSIST Program. The handing over exercise took place at the health facility on All Saints Road on November 22nd and was attended by Health, Wellness and the Environment-Molwyn Joseph, Chief Medical Officer-Dr Rhonda Sealey Thomas, Supervisor of Public Health Nurses-Nurse Philipa Roberts, Pediatricians Dr Shivon Belle Jarvis and Dr Joyce Walters Thomas as well as three nurses from the Browne's Avenue Health Clinic.
The other fifteen clinics are to receive their devices before the week is over and they include the Judges Hill Clinic, Pigotts, Potters, Newfield, Parham, Willikies, Liberta, Swetes and Bendals. Also on the list of recipients are Bolans and Old Road, Clare Hall Health Center, Bishop Gates Clinic, Five Islands and Freetown....

Congratulations to all that made this possible!

Durban, November 19, 2018. Vikelizizwe Solutions officially opens a new clinic specializing in health services for men at Durban railway station. Distinguished guests at the opening include Prince Nhlanganiso Zulu of the Zulu Royal Family; Dr S Dhlomo (KwaZulu-Natal's MEC for Health) and other Department of Health officials; Amakhosi (traditional leaders); PRASA leadership; Jay S Wechsler, @UniversityResearchCoLLC President; UNAIDS; and Melusi Yeni.

Zivikele Ndoda clinic offers a range of services, including free medical male circumcision (MMC). To make a booking, call 0860995127 or SMS 0662231109.

USAID Philippines

In Marawi City, a trained community health worker provides a sputum cup to a patient with x-ray findings suggestive of TB. The collected sputum will be further tested for TB. Over 2,000 Maranaos took part in free TB screenings. USAID, through its TB Platforms project and in partnership with University Research Corporation, worked with the Marawi City Health Office TB team to develop a screening and diagnostic protocol using X-ray and GeneXpert technology. USAID introduced GeneXpert technology to the Philippines, a revolutionary diagnostic tool that detects TB in just hours instead of weeks, significantly increasing case detection and enrollment on life-saving treatment.

As a result of these screenings in Marawi City, 10 patients were confirmed to have TB and immediately began treatment. The health workers who conducted the screening are also trained as treatment partners and will assist and encourage their patients through the six to eight months it takes to get cured. (Photo by: SAJalandra/ University Research Co., LLC (URC))


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