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There may be something to this. I'm not carrying my leg today after my run! WTG Dr. Mark!
Getting adjusted with my momma
Got my adjustment today from my wonderful Dr. Marc!
We love it here
Just left my Chiropractic appointment! ❤️ Nothing like relieving some pressure off your nerves! 😌 I love my Dr. Marc! He's the best!!
Feeling great!!!!
Getting Adjusted :)
Getting the adjustment in......

Our office is dedicated to changing the way people view and manage their health, by implementing the 5 essentials of Maximized Living.

Operating as usual

[11/18/20]   We just received another great review on Google:


- Sonia F

✈ Are you traveling for the holidays?

⭐ It can be tough to stay healthy when traveling & during the holidays.

⭐ These strategies can optimize your experience and leave you feeling your best self.☃️
- Minimize technology.
- Build fitness into your vacations. ⛷
- Find ways to remedy stress. 🍃
- Make sleep a priority. 😪
- Pre-plan glitches.
- Research menus for healthy food or bring your own!
- Stay hydrated. 🌊

You can’t take every precaution when you travel, of course, and spontaneity is part of any vacation. 🌍 But thinking ahead and creating an optimal food and lifestyle plan can make your next vacation eventful, insightful, and more enjoyable.

💛 Text or call us to kick start your New Years Resolutions. 📞 704-540-0055.

🎉 ¡Hablamos español, pregunta por Nani! 🎉

👉 Thanksgiving Week Reminders (November 16-28)

⭐ Hello Family! ⭐

We will be closed most of next week except for Tuesday Nov.24 where we will be open 7AM-10AM & 3PM-6PM. If you are 3x a week or 2x a week please see the front desk to schedule for both:
Saturday Nov 21 between 8AM-10AM with Dr. Marc & Tuesday Nov 24 between 7AM-10AM & 3PM- 6PM with Dr. Jess Lee

📞 704-540-0055.

First of all- SO glad to be back at @lifetimecharlotte with my girl @my2girlsab ! 💪 Literally have not done a squat with a weight since the gym shut down in March. We did a 45 min Glute Maxout class so by tomorrow I should be crying when I attempt to sit on the toilet 😜
Was loving these deep squats we did today and I was thinking how super important it is for us to have FLEXIBILITY and MOBILITY as we get older! When I see many people in their 60s, 70s & 80s...flexibility is not common. But truly, it’s a HUGE KEY 🔑 if we want to have the best chance at a healthy, strong body as we age! Flexible spines, joints and flexible muscles. We have to work at it. Regularly. Work on those deep squats! With or without weights. See how long you can sit in that position! You can totally change your body! @familyhealingchiropractic - Dr. Joelle

💛 Text "New Patient" 📞 704-540-0055.

🎉 ¡Hablamos español, pregunta por Nani! 🎉

💡 Did you know? 💡

🏈 During exercise, the number of some immune cells can increase by up to 10 times, especially those that deal with infections. After exercise, some of these cells decrease, and for a few hours can fall to levels lower than before you started exercising.

💚 Rather than suppressing your immune system, scientists now believe those immune cells might work in other parts of your body that exercise impacts, such as your lungs.

😷 That research questions whether strenuous exercise can weaken your immune system. 💭 Researchers aren’t entirely sure. Other factors, not just overtraining, can impact your immune system.

⏰ For example, if you are going on a marathon, you might commute a long distance to get to that event, lose sleep, eat a less-than-ideal diet, feel stressed out, and get cold and wet. ❄ All of these factors can lower your immune system and increase your chance of getting an infection.

☄Your immune system is also affected by your metabolism, nutritional status, and overall health.🥑 So do environmental factors, such as how you live, how often you travel, and what type of sports you play. Being mentally stressed out, not getting enough nutrients, and losing weight too quickly can also impact your immune system. 🍃

Train, but don’t overtrain. 💚 Exercise, but don’t over-exercise. 💪

Ask our office for help with getting to the root of your health concerns.

Share with your friends & family! 💛

📞 704-540-0055.

🎉 ¡Hablamos español, pregunta por Nani! 🎉

😄 Friendly reminder to grab a Thanksgiving recipe & to make it to your appointments during the holiday season! 🍁

We are accepting new patients! 💛

Call or text us!📞 704-540-0055.

🎉 ¡Hablamos español, pregunta por Nani! 🎉

[11/17/20]   We just received another great review on Google:

"Great team and great care. The program helped me tremendously with my health and how I feel overall."

- Kyle D

Week 6 Masterclass: The Fitness Plan

[11/16/20]   We are going live in 5 minutes for the last MASTERCLASS!

Chocolate (coffee) chai smoothie! ☕

I keep a small glass container full of pre-made chai seasoning for when I make this smoothie, and I make it a lot this time of year! So fall-y 🍂

🍁 Recipe for chai seasoning:
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp ginger
2 tsp cardamom
1 tsp cloves
1 tsp all spice
Keep sealed in glass jar! I make double or triple this recipe so it lasts!

🍌🍌 2 bananas
1 🥄 unsweetened cocoa powder
1 🥄 nut butter
1 scoop of Chocolate Max Greens Powder 💚
1 heaping 🥄 of chai seasoning mix
1-2 medjool dates
☕️ 1 packet/spoon of organic instant coffee (I needed a kick this morning!) optional of course
(You could also do halfsies milk and cold brew)
🥛 Plant based milk

- Dr. Joelle 

Get the Max Greens in our office! 💚 Ask the front desk for more information. 🥒🥑 Max Greens combines green vegetables with hard-to-get plant foods (including organic chlorella, immune-boosting organic reishi, and maitake mushrooms) that helps you meet your vegetable quota without any hassle.

📞 704-540-0055.

🎉 ¡Hablamos español, pregunta por Nani! 🎉

MaxLiving Max Giving Recipe Book

This is great for those eating healthy!! SO many AWESOME recipes!

Like, Comment, Share! :) The Max Giving Recipe Book is a part of the MaxLiving Fearless Masterclass series. Here are some healthy recipes and healthy alternatives

My mom made us girls dinner tonight 💞 if anyone wonders where I get my basic, simple, healthy food habits from! It’s this lady! I grew up eating this way....took a slight detour here and there with fast food, cherry pies for school lunch, lots of sweets and processed foods...but back to this way of life eventually. Easy, life-giving foods! For those of you who worry about your kids not making great food decisions as they become independent, have faith! They will find their way back to the good stuff!
And added a sweet pic of my mom teaching my youngest how to log in to see her very own stock portfolio 🤣☺️

- Dr. Joelle ❤

📞 704-540-0055.

🎉 ¡Hablamos español, pregunta por Nani! 🎉

Mark your calendars! ⏰ Kisha will be joining Dr. Marc Monday at 6:15 PM to educate you on The Fitness Plan. 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️ This is our last LIVE Masterclass of this series!

Share with your friends & family! 💛

📞 704-540-0055.

🎉 ¡Hablamos español, pregunta por Nani! 🎉

Do you need an energy drink or a jolt of coffee to get through the afternoon? ☕

Chronic fatigue is not normal, and usually, you can detect the underlying culprits that stop you from having steady, sustained energy. 😪

🌙 How to Combat Fatigue

1. Eliminate sugar and processed or packaged foods. 🍦
2. Reduce or eliminate caffeine and alcohol.
3. Get 7 – 9 hours of sleep nightly. ⏰
4. Exercise.
5. Find ways to relax and reset your mind. 🍃 For some people, taking 20 minutes during the afternoon to meditate can be enough to recharge. Maybe yoga or deep breathing is your thing. Whatever you do, find time to relax and reset your mind. 💛

Chronic fatigue can impair your health and happiness, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. ⭐ A chiropractor may help address any interference in your spine that may contribute to fatigue, as well as help manage the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. While it may take some time, and some behavior changes, you can get your energy back and reclaim your health and wellbeing.

We are accepting new patients now and can help you get to the root cause of your health concerns. 📞 704-540-0055.

🎉 ¡Hablamos español, pregunta por Nani! 🎉

💛 Thanks for understanding. 💛

📞 704-540-0055.

🎉 ¡Hablamos español, pregunta por Nani! 🎉


Life doesn't have to be one big checklist or something that we do day by day and just go through the motions!!! ⭐ LIFE IS SO MUCH MORE AND YOU DESERVE SO MUCH MORE.⭐ We CAN live fully. We CAN live our life's purpose. We CAN heal. We CAN have REAL meaningful relationships. We CAN live our dream no matter what is going on in thr world and not feel shameful for it. We CAN be intentional with our workouts and eating and have FUN with it rather than feel like it is something we "just have to do". We CAN. Start thinking with an abundant mindset!

Call or text us for information on taking a holistic approach to your health. 📞 704-540-0055.

🎉 ¡Hablamos español, pregunta por Nani! 🎉


Dr. Marc and Nani are in California - training on how to serve our patients better. 👉 Here is Nani recording a message to our espanol patients!

We are accepting new patients now! 📞 704-540-0055.

🎉 ¡Hablamos español, pregunta por Nani! 🎉

Review Wave is great!

⭐ At Family Healing Chiropractic in Charlotte, NC our passion is to provide a natural, sustainable & effective healthcare. ⭐ We don’t just treat our patients and send them out the door. Instead, our experts strive to educate clients, empowering them to live their best lives. Combining gentle, expert spinal alignment with a holistic approach to wellness, we help people achieve lasting health. ⭐ Trust us to create a plan tailored to your unique needs and goals while standing by you every step of the way. Whether you want to perform better in sports or simply make it through the day without discomfort, our team can help you live life to the fullest. Don’t wait another moment to start feeling better! ⭐

We are accepting new patients now. 📞 704-540-0055.

🎉 ¡Hablamos español, pregunta por Nani! 🎉

Do you have neck or back pain? 🤔 Read on!

A body that functions poorly on the inside often doesn’t respond optimally to good nutrition, exercise, a healthy mindset, and detoxification. 🔥 Chiropractic care may be that missing link to a healthier life. 😍

Prioritizing spinal alignment, and preventing interferences is an important first step toward optimizing health and well-being. 👉 Chiropractic care is often the simplest change you can make to remove those interferences. If you haven’t yet evaluated your spine — and, by extension, your nervous system, and muscular structure — it’s time to make an appointment with a chiropractor! Ask our office how we can help you! 

We are accepting new patients. 📞 704-540-0055.

🎉 ¡Hablamos español, pregunta por Nani! 🎉

We 💛 our patients! 😁

We are accepting new patients now! 📞 704-540-0055.

🎉 ¡Hablamos español, pregunta por Nani! 🎉

🌹 One study of over 2,300 people found the average adult uses 9 personal care products daily, with 126 unique chemical ingredients.

👉 Phthalates, which make plastic more flexible, are one of those ingredients. These hormonal disruptors are in many cosmetics, including deodorants, hair spray, and nail polishes. 💄Some of the ways phthalates damage health include:
- Reduce female fertility
- Can cause premature breast development in young women
- Affect fetal development
- Alter testosterone in boys
- Lower sperm counts in men
One study that reviewed 72 cosmetic products found 52 of them contained phthalates even though none said “phthalates” on the label. 🤢

Major loopholes in federal law allow the $20-billion-a-year cosmetics industry to use phthalates in many personal care products without labeling, testing, or monitoring the health impact of these chemicals. 🙈

Text or call our office and ask how our team can help you and your family go through a detox. 📞 704-540-0055.

🎉 ¡Hablamos español, pregunta por Nani! 🎉

MaxLiving Max Giving Recipe Book

🍠 Check out our MaxLiving Max Giving Recipe Book for the holidays!! 💚

Share this post with your friends and family. 😊 The Max Giving Recipe Book is a part of the MaxLiving Fearless Masterclass series. Here are some healthy recipes and healthy alternatives

Many children today sit too much and don’t move enough. ⏰ They’re lured by less-than-healthy foods and technology overpowers their lives. ⚽️ As parents, you’re probably very aware of these problems and you’re eager to find solutions.

These seven ideas provide a great starting point to create healthier, happier kids while reinforcing familial bonds. 🍃 Schedule these activities and ensure nothing interferes with them.
- Make a meal together.
- Visit a farmers market or even a farm.🍓
- Have a healthy splurge party.
- Go on a hike or a similar vigorous activity. 🌻
- Find a new activity the whole family can engage in.
- Schedule a technology-free hour or two. 🌲
- Create a contest.

👉 Family gatherings don’t need to feel forced or overly structured when you incorporate fun, invigorating activities that simultaneously support your physical, mental, and emotional health. 🍃 Use these seven ideas as launchpads to create your own family traditions. While they might feel difficult to implement in the beginning, remember you are installing deep, lasting values for your kids to be health-focused and physically active throughout their lives. As an added bonus, you’ll create some fantastic memories. 💛

Text or call 📞 704-540-0055.

🎉 ¡Hablamos español, pregunta por Nani! 🎉

Week 5 Masterclass:Detox and Nutrition

MASTERCLASS - Nutrition & Detox.


Did you know that the standard American diet, which is low in fiber and high in sugar can cause Leaky Gut? 💩

Leaky gut can create gut-related conditions including celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, and irritable bowel syndrome. 🙈 These repercussions go beyond the gut, impacting the entire body. Among those reactions include:

- An immune response. 

- Chronic inflammation.

- Food sensitivities.

- Autoimmune disease.

What impacts the gut can go on to impact the entire body, including the brain. ⭐ “All disease begins in the gut,” Hippocrates said about 2,500 years ago.

Ask our office if you need help with your gut health. Text or call 📞 704-540-0055.

🎉 ¡Hablamos español, pregunta por Nani! 🎉

We can't wait! Share with your friends & family! 💛

📞 704-540-0055.

🎉 ¡Hablamos español, pregunta por Nani! 🎉

⭐ Hey family! ⭐ Read chapter 4 of Align Your Health before the Nutrition Masterclass Monday at 6:15 PM!⭐

📞 704-540-0055.

🎉 ¡Hablamos español, pregunta por Nani! 🎉

You can’t eliminate stress, but you can learn to manage it better. 💛 Stress management strategies can help you better cope with the near-constant emotional stress that permeates 21st-century life.

⭐ Among those include:

1. Eliminate or minimize foods that can impact emotional stress. 🍩

2. Find a sanctuary that helps you unwind.

3. Try emotionally calming nutrients.

4. Get great sleep. ⏰

5. Get control over your situation.

6. Write it down. 🗒

7. Utilize apps.

8. Implement strategies that help you manage stress.

9. Visit a chiropractor. 👌

📞 704-540-0055.

🎉 ¡Hablamos español, pregunta por Nani! 🎉

The “no pain, no gain” exercise mantra is woefully outdated and potentially dangerous.😲 

“Although we typically view athletes as fit and healthy, they often are not,” writes Philip B. Maffetone and Paul B. Laursen in the journal, Sports Medicine – Open. 🤔 Are athletes unhealthy? That goes against the image gyms, fitness programs, and other exercise-related affiliations portray of glowing, muscled, well-toned women and men glistening in fitted attire and casually sipping bottled water or a protein shake.

💡Coupled with our modern-day highly processed, high glycemic diet, over-exercise can create or exacerbate chronic inflammation, oxidative stress, and compromised immunity.  Yikes! 🙈

Healthy athletes can consider chiropractic care as a tool for optimizing performance and health. ⭐ A chiropractor can address many fitness-related concerns, help prevent injury and other obstacles that plague athletes, develop nutrition plans specific to one’s lifestyle, and support the exercise-related recovery that becomes more important as you grow older. ⭐

Need to make some lifestyle changes?! Ask our office how we can help you and your family holistically! 📞 704-540-0055. 

🎉 ¡Hablamos español, pregunta por Nani! 🎉

[11/04/20]   We just received another great review on Google:

"I have never gone to a Chiropractor before, until my neighbor invited me to one of their dinners. I decided I would go to see what it was all about.I use to get headaches (1-3 times a week) and sinus infections 6-12 times a year. I had them so often that I began to feel no pain unless it was extremely painful. While I was regularly going to see Dr. Mark the number of times a year a year I had on decreased to 4 or less. I really want to start back regularly, but I am currently unemployed."

- Kim A

Many teens don’t make smart food choices. 🍕🌭🥞🍩 Convenience plays a part here. So does peer pressure, which can influence what foods teens choose.

⭐ Here are 6 ways to stay healthy during puberty: 

- Encourage regular exercise. ⚽️
- Reduce environmental toxins. 
- Help them manage stress. 
- Promote good sleep. 🌙
- Consult your chiropractor. 
- Give the right nutrients.

What’s the number one “vegetable” most teens eat? French fries. 🍟

Need to make some lifestyle changes?! Ask our office how we can help you and your family holistically! 📞 704-540-0055. 

🎉 ¡Hablamos español, pregunta por Nani! 🎉

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Week 6 Masterclass: The Fitness Plan
Week 5 Masterclass:Detox and Nutrition
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Monday Masterclass and Patient Appreciation Day!
Virus test morning
Master Class Week One tomorrow!
Masterclass October 12th Kickoff!




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