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To improve the lives of each person we connect with! To meet people where they are, without judgement, and help each person Live their BEST Life !!

Small Business Mentoring and Personal Development Coach. We help you live out your passion!!

Living happy is best achieved when you are healthy, content, balanced and living your purpose. Whether you are a mom or a CEO, you feel successful when you are part of something more than yourself. You MUST find the thing(s) that make you come ALIVE!! Finding your gifts and using them in business is the key to success!

Mission: To improve the lives of each person we connect with! To meet people where they are, without judgement, and help each person Live their BEST Life!!

Isn’t this the goal?! Love this bench I saw in IN this past weekend!!

It is true that we make time for the things that really matter to us. If you’re missing something in your life that you truly want, track your time for 1 week and see what can be replaced by spending time on that “thing” you say you want. If you can’t carve out space for it, you don’t want it that bad or have fear around getting it. It is time to carve out space, time, intention for what you really want. 1. Find the time. 2. Guard that time. 3. Be focused with the time. 4. Maximize it 5. Enjoy it 6. Repeat! #youdecidewhatisimportant

The grind is real... but you have to take a break!! Your body needs it, your brain & your creativity need it. You cannot be innovative & stressed at the same time. People who claim they are, have never stopped long enough to know the difference. You can only love & respect a thing-when you step away from it, appreciate it & return to it refreshed and ready to go again. Stagnant creativity or unfocused projects need fresh perspectives. Mental & physical breaks do wonders for re-igniting your passion. Take them often!! Enjoy your weekend!!

I see you. Busy mom. Wife. Sister. Small business owner. Driver. Lunchbox keeper. Laundry washer. Lawn mowing diva. Tear remover. Band-aid giver. Unconditional forgiver. So many faces. So many hats to wear. You think you look tired & you feel old. You are exhausted, I know. In each wrinkle you have & every stain on your shirt-we know... its because you take care of people you love!! Did you know- there is no greater job on Earth?? Did you know you are the flippin hero?? Did you know we’re not judging you, we understand you & we applaud you. Your many faces are glorious & wonderful & sooo needed in this life. Who am I referring to?? YOU!! The woman who gets up everyday & makes moves to change the world. Whether you do that by making peanut butter sandwiches or running an empire. You, the school teacher that spends her money on erasers and glue sticks instead of Starbucks & manicures! YOU, the single female that cares for your pets as if they were your kids. YOU, the Grandma, Aunt, Cousin, Best friend that offers your friendship & your love to those around you.
YOU the lunch lady, the librarian, the receptionist, the hairstylist, the waitress, the female CEO. YOU that serve others. YOU that keep trying everyday despite the odds or what life has thrown at you.🙋‍♀️😂🌸 YOU ARE A MULTI FACETED, complex, beautiful soul who is sooo much more than we see on the outside. What we really need to see more of is the real you. Do not cover up the scars & bruises. They are part of what makes you who you are. You don’t need to look the IG models.. that is not your life. Your life is far more glamorous!! You are in the trenches and I promise you the riches are in there. Be proud of who you are and what you do. Love your skin & your hair and your quirkiness. Your kids dont care if you cant sing, they only care that you know the motions to wheels on the bus!! That guy that ghosted you online- he’s a dumbass & missed out on someone fabulous!! YOU are the & all your faces and all your dreams and ideas and everything that makes you, YOU is imperfectly, perfect just as it should be. Be proud of who you are, right now, today, without judgement!!

I know you sell a thing or provide a service, but do you really know what frustrations & struggles you can solve? Are you continually looking for ways to make life easier for your customer? If you haven’t checked in for awhile, it may be time to ask. Listen. Adjust. For example: if you sell jewelry. Does your website allow a customer to zoom in to see the piece? Do you sell jewelry cleaner? Can you throw in clear earring backs? Deliver in a nice box they can reuse? Do you add a discount piece in your envelope? Easy return options? When you’re first getting started its hard to think of all the things but at least annually, you should brainstorm with your team about how you can add value to your clients. Don’t just show up... exceed their expectations. If you do, they’ll become FREE salespeople for your business!! What more can you do to make their life easier? What would you want? #overdeliver

Confidence In Sales

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If you are complaining about your job, your landlord, your bills or other issues in your life-you are believing that you have no control. The truth is, you are the ONLY one in control of those things. Everything you want to improve or change in your life.. and you can do it right now. Make the call. Book the flight. Get the second job. If you don’t believe me, try this. For the next three days, do not allow yourself to say anything negative about what Is happening. The only thing you can do for the next 3 days is find everything right about your life. Are you breathing? Healthy? Well fed? Have a job? Have 1 person that cares about u? Is the sun shining today? Gratitude changes your attitude. Attitude changes the way you see things. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Try it & let me know what happens. 3 days!!

Timeline Photos

Lol! Anyone else?? Bring it!! I hope you spend some time alone, just so you an hear the voice inside telling you exactly what you need to hear!! #shutupandgetquiet

You have to have some idea of the end goal. Are your daily actions taking you that way? If you say you want more money but aren’t working extra hours, or spending less, you won’t accomplish your goal. Getting on a dating site and swiping left all day, won’t find your soulmate! Choose 1 thing that you want in your life & focus on it with everything you’ve got til you achieve it! Rinse & Repeat! Nothing changes if nothing changes. Girl, go do the thing right now!!

Sometimes, you get tired of your own BS & you realize enough is enough. The day you realize, you had the power to do the thing-your thing, the whole time... ✋🙌🙌👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👋👋😻🙀🙄 It is your decision to make, whether or not you stay where you are or get better. Fear is a wuss compared to your strength!! Your mission, should you choose to accept it... is to be YOU!! 100%, unapologetically, flaws & all. Go light up the world!! 💥🔥☄️

Don’t forget to grab your copy! If you want to change your life, get over past hurts, learn to think toward the future, this quick read will get you started!! Link in bio!

Yes this!! What is the best thing to do for the customer... or hell... how about your spouse, or best friend... or your co-worker?? What is the right way, best thing, most loving way to make life better for someone else... right now?! Its hard to not be frustrated with customers or people we care about sometimes... I get it. I need to have this printed on the wall on my office!! Goals!! ❤️👊🤪

If you hear nothing else today... hear this... you create your own happiness! Never let anyone else’s issues, insecurities, hurt, anger... keep you from living in your peace. You can be happy in the middle of a sh*t storm if you choose to be. All of life is figure-out-able & time does heal all wounds. Your inner joy is the one thing no one can touch!! Hang on to it. Protect it. Share it when you can!! #livealifethatrocks

Supporting others & helping them grow is never a waste of time. You can’t over give, in my opinion. I think sometimes you have to stop giving to a person that isn’t ready to receive it but don’t ever beat yourself for loving too much or trying. If we all stopped for a minute before blaming, trash talking or assuming.... you might just find, the situation was not as you imagined. Give the benefit of the doubt first, or at least give the other person the chance to share their side of the story. Women are especially tough on other women. Let’s start supporting instead of operating out of insecure, jealous places & be happy for your girl(s). Don’t be jealous. Don’t sit with their man. Don’t try to sabotage her at work. Even if wrong is done to you, don’t pay it back. Be bigger. Be better. They’ll notice & they’ll have to live with themselves. I for one, want a clear conscious so I always try to make sure I did all I could so I feel ok if I have to walk away or if they choose to. #riseup #makeitright

Your life matters. Your feelings matter & your gut instinct is right. You don’t need proof! If they left you wondering, they’re not the right one! As Miranda says, girl put on your makeup & start acting like a lady! I know its hard. I know it hurts like hell. If you stay, if you let him/her do it again, you both lose respect for you. Move on. Go do you! Get back to who you were before you let him/her become more important. I know too many people right now stuck in relationships waiting.... for him to change, to realize what he’s got, to fess up... but in the meantime your life is on hold. Why would you do that for someone not willing to do the same for you??? This is your permission slip to move the hell on!!! You’re welcome!! #staytruetoyou

Go after that which your heart desires!! You have the talent, the time, the resources, the knowledge... you just need to believe it!! Everything is figure-out-able!! Ask for help. Read more. Study a pro. Adjust your schedule. Pray. Get your mind right. Life will not drop a golden nugget in your lap. You must create what you want. Sometimes, deciding-is the hardest part. Clarity comes from listening. Do you ever get quiet enough to hear what you’re heart is saying to you? Start there!! 😊🙏🏻❤️🌴👠

Because Confidence inspires others. Being Classy just means you don’t let petty drama bother you. Being Courageous means you’re not afraid to try. Being content means although you may be going after more, you’re happy with who you are, right where you are!! That my dear is priceless!!

It all has to get done! It starts with coffee of course! I love a day where Im free with my time(ok one small appmt this morning) but get to clean up, refresh & organize, read a good book or watch a movie, and feel good about getting stuff done!! Do you have a routine? ☕️🥑🥕🥦🧘‍♀️🛍 I light candles, blast music or sometimes an Elevation Church Sermon & get movin’!! Ok so maybe its just me but I just love a little down time. It resets my brain & draws out creativity & new thoughts! I hope you’re re-setting this Saturday!! Tell me your routine!! #saturdayvibes

What is your morning routine? Do you have one? Start your day off with whatever it is for you that makes it a great day! For some, its exercise, yoga, meditation. Me? I start with coffee, bulletproof coffee. Sometimes I exercise, but everyday, I listen to podcasts!! I love feeding my brain with wisdom & inspiration before I start my day. When all else fails.. some old school Black Eyed Peas, JT, or MJ tunes make me happy!! ... and then I get to work!! #makeitagreatday

It doesn’t matter if your dream looks different from others... in fact, thats brilliant!! Your twist on an idea, product, or service is what makes it great. I think alot of us grew up trying to be like everyone else... when in reality we’re all inspired by those who are genuine, unique, different & maybe even quirky. You may not want to be like them, but they make you take notice... because they don’t care what you think!! I dare you to live like no one is watching! How much more could you accomplish?? I don’t know about you but Im over it!! I love my weirdness. I love that I think about things differently. That my life looks different than yours. Its gonna keep evolving too!! I hope you can find the courage to dance to the beat of your drum!!

Make it easy for clients to do business with you. Think of the things you dislike as a customer & do better in your business. This is crucial for online businesses. People still want personal interaction with YOU! They want to call and ask questions, not be directed to your website to read. If you want to have a contest or giveaway for more likes-I get it... but don’t make me do 12 things to get it! Im a potential customer, you should be doing things for me, not making me do things to work with you!! Rethink your strategy if you’re moving away from customer interaction & automating everything. #businessstrategy

If you’re stuck in a place & can’t find your way out, you may be making excuses. Taking full responsibility puts you in control of your choices. There’s good & bad to that realization, depending on how you see it. Choose to embrace the beauty of being in complete control of how each day unfolds. Accept that YOU bring about any negative self talk, doubt, frustration or anxiety about a situation. Believe that you can change it! Message for free Lifestyle Guide-10 steps to Live Your Best Life. (Free download from Ig Page) @donnamhoughton

Need to de-stress... clear out toxins or negative energy? Do you just need to sit & be? You MUST take time to rest & heal. Your body takes in alot of crap during a week... let it stop, relax, heal & rejuvenate. You can do this with an epsom salt bath, essential oils, a massage, time at the beach, time in the hot tub or sauna. Find your calm & indulge in it often!! #livealifethatrocks

Be proud of yourself! Don’t shy away from tough times... that’s when you learn stuff. Stuff about your strength, how bad you want something... or don’t. You learn what really matters to you. You gain confidence. You discover endurance. Courage shows up. If it were easy... you wouldn’t learn anything! Remember this next time.. “it gets hard.” 😊🙏🏻❤️ Cheering for you as you approach the finish line!! Keep going! 👍🏻🙌🏃‍♂️👠

Here is your permission slip to absolutely take care of YOU today!! Girl, Take a bubble bath, buy yourself flowers, go to the spa, relax & read that book... do those things that make you feel like a million bucks!! Recharge! Take care of you!!❤️ Have a guilt-free time doing it too!! Go on & be your best Valentine!! 💕🌹🌴🍸

Write the email. Go to the fitness class. Call the Dr. Get the chore done. Whatever it is.. get it out of the way & off your chest. The stress you cause yourself worrying about it & procrastinating is affecting your sleep, your confidence, your gut, your happiness!! Quit it!! Its easier to just do it. You know as soon as you get there, you will be glad you did!! #healthymindandbody

Visit to find resources for gut & brain health!

Boom!! The kind of statement that hits you right where it counts!! You think you’ll get to it someday... but if you don’t start now, that means you’re choosing to stay where you don’t want to be. You can’t keep using excuses... face it, admit it & do something about it!!

Authentic. Unfiltered. Just as you are. It is rare. It is refreshing. It is inspiring. Neva hide your true self!! You could be exactly what someone needs. Your story, your experiences, your values, your mindset all shape a unique perspective that only you possess. You could offer the answer or idea to someone’s problem. #nevershrinkback

Ahhh yes... Child’s pose. Admit it, you love it when your trainer tells you to take one. If you’re stressed today, go ahead & take an Adult Time Out!!! #healthymindandbody

Love notes... probably a lost art. It feels so good to receive them. not a text or an email, a genuine, handwritten note tucked in a notepad, suitcase, car console, lunchbox, bathroom mirror. Let someone know you think they’re cute, or special, or sexy!! I promise it will be appreciated & hopefully reciprocated!! You can use a notecard, a napkin, lipstick, post-it, notebook paper & marker, use ❤️💕🌹🌸😀 emoji’s & smiley faces, spray it with perfume or cologne, make it genuine & personalized. Surprise someone you care about today!! #justbecuz

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