Yoga With Joe

Yoga With Joe


At the TealDiva 5K walk/run

Classes and Information of Charleson Yoga Teacher Joe Vinciguerra Joe Vinciguerra is a passionate truth seeker and a lover of yoga, learning, technology, blogging, biking and Italian culture.

A native of New York, Joe’s journey on the mat began in 2012, taking his first yoga class in Manhattan, NY. Joe quickly discovered the benefits of mind and body connection, and took his own practice to different yoga studios around the city and down the east coast of the states. He studied with numerous instructors including Tao-Porchon-Lynch, who at 96 years old has over 70 years of teaching ex

Operating as usual


Peaceful warrior at Healing Hara in Summerville, SC.
Today in class we will go into part of the yoga limb of #Ahimsa. Ahimsa is a part of yoga practice that teaches us of non-violence.
Everyday, but today especially we remember that with peace we can create big change in the country and also in this world.


The end of this year has been on my mind, and I'm sure a lot of us are ready to say 'goodbye' to 2020. This year had some affect on us all, and showed itself pretty early on. It tried to give us some lessons.

Life is precious. And as I sit here writing this in Ocean City, NJ after watching the last sunrise over the ocean this year I realize how precious life is. Life is a gift. Life is short.

We are here for a purpose, we have a chance to make the most out of every moment.
In this moment someone is losing somebody, and 2020 was filled with a lot of loss and pain and its own challenges.

I hope for healing for all of you that need healing. I hope for a happy and healthy new year to you all.


Merry Christmas!!


Morning routines were never my thing until this year. Earlier this year when the North Charleston, Barnes & Noble was closing I found this hidden gem of a book called ‘The Artists Way’. Somehow it’s gotten me on a routine of morning pages or stream of consciousness writing. Every morning now my months I’ve been doing this with Surya and a warm morning drink.
Gradual yoga stretches like down-dog where I’m putting weight onto my arm again are coming back.

I’m curious, did anyone else get into any good morning routines this year? Yoga, running, journaling, meditating? Let me know I would love to know!


Although @summervillegoatyoga classes have been kept smaller this year this has given us a chance to get a couple of small private groups outside for our fun practice. We’ve had some great weather this year, like in this pic right here.
Tomorrow is last public #summervillegoatyoga class.


What a year it’s been with this one!
When I got her last December it was in the spur of the moment, after taking a yoga class at Charleaton Power Yoga, and getting groceries at Trader Joe’s (produce in the car) I decided in the last second to get off the highway for the @charlestonanimalsociety center and the rest is history 😁

Really, what a year...never did I think at the time we’d really get to spend some much time together, but I’m grateful we’ve gotten to.
Love you Surya 💚 @surya_the_hamstaff


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Thankfulness & gratitude are even more important through these times. Even though this Thanksgiving may be different I’m still grateful for a lot of things.
I’m grateful for yoga, I’m grateful for spending more time outdoors and I’m grateful for you all!


Physical pain can feel like a set back for anyone. One of my set backs this year is having this dull cronic pain on my left elbow since March. The injury most likely goes back to when I fractured my arm twice when I was a kid.
With everything going on in 2020 for me it’s also been the most intense physical pain I’ve ever experienced.
It’s a very slow progress, but gradually the pain has slowed down and I’m learning more about my body and dealing with pain management.

* This is a great quote from one of my favorite films ‘Rocky’. *
“The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows, it’s a very mean place, I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you if you let it. But it ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward.“ 11/16/2020

#21 Diana Bellofatto - Part II by Talking Yoga With Joe • A podcast on Anchor

New podcast with one of my great yoga teacher and friend Diana Bellofatto!

She is leading a free webinar
The Practical Use of Ayurveda, Yoga & Mindset To Tap Into Your Ability to Achieve Vibrant Health + Happiness in All Facets of Life
Wednesday, November 18th | 1 pm Eastern (10 am Pacific)
Link in podcast info and also down below. This is a part II podcast with yoga teacher Diana Bellofatto. She is leading her Free Webinar TAKING "AYM" The Practical Use of Ayurveda, Yoga & Mindset To Tap Into Your Ability to Achieve Vibrant Health + Happiness in All Facets of Life Wednesday, November 18th | 1 pm Eastern (10 am Pacific) https:...


A few photos from yesterday’s goat yoga class!


Some goat yoga fun this weekend!


About these baby goats 💚 yes there pretty awesome! @summervillegoatyoga classes are on my next couple of Saturdays (10:30am). @flowertowncharm and I are having some fun with these little ones before they are off to their new goat homes.


My sweet yoga family & friends,
I am back. To tell the truth I did mean to drop off; I’m sorry I left some of you without any notice or updates of classes, but I am ok and have been back to regular class teaching and all my studios and gyms in Charleston and Summerville.

It’s been quite awhile, We all have been through something and we all need to heal in one way or another. I will share and update again soon. 💚


Goat yoga is back for the fall! 🍁🐐🧘‍♂️🍂 and we had 1-day and 2-day old babies making their debut today. They will be on the farm for the next 8 weeks before going to their new homes so make sure you come join us for the fun!


Healing Hara Massage & Wellness

FRI 9-10am


Yoga With Joe's cover photo


Stretching out and getting back into yoga classes. With more reopening happening next week I’ll start posting some of my schedule up starting next Monday.
10:30 yoga body sculpt at @crunchsummerville &
12:00 Gentle Yoga @healinghara

Getting ready for a deeper dive into the practice and some new yoga practices I’ve been working on. 🙌🏼


Kids Yoga with Joe and Erin

My wife has been doing such amazing work with Kids Yoga this month. We've started a Mindful May program, if you have kids you can do this Mindful Movement practice along with them.

In case you missed it, yesterday’s kids #MindfulMay Challenge video is a 30-minute yoga class focused on moving mindfully. Here’s the link and don’t forget to check out the other #MindfulMay videos while you are there.


Many yogic practices I’ve learned from my mom. The practice of knowledge, she’s always been an avid reader. And the practices of faith, love and compassion.
Using this time to share love, compassion, faith and knowledge is a great time to do so. Thank you for always teaching me!


Yoga With Joe

Filmed in April 2020 at Otranto, South Carolina. Video Reel


This is the life of a yoga teacher with a loveably dog. Who else can relate to this? Working from home with a crazy doggy!??
@surya_the_hamstaff I wouldn’t trade it at all!


Welcome to Mindful May!
This month join me in this mindfulness program to create a positive change. I’ll share the ways I’ve been practicing mindfulness at home and ways that we can really celebrate mindfulness this month.
Check on the instagram stories for the tips I’ll be sharing, try 3 mins of meditate each day this week and share your #mindfulmay experience.


These are some of moments I’ll be savoring. Outside yoga with @surya_the_hamstaff.
And speaking of outside yoga check @summervillegoatyoga eventbrite page for a few very small classes coming up.


April 2018 & April 2020
Second pic from April 2018 is from Middleton Plantation where I first used a tree to get into #vrschikasan funny enough first pic is from Otranto Plantation where Arthur Middleton lived back in late 1600’s. Both are places obviously very historical and it was completely unplanned nor did I know at the time that we’re connected. I guess I like adding a little bit of yoga with history now a days.
Scorpion pose honestly is not an asana I practice that often. Now having more time for my personal practice and experimentation I thought I’d give this a try again.
What yoga poses are you working on with all this extra time? @ Hanahan, South Carolina


Let’s call this ‘Tuesday With Twists’. Twists are a really great exercise in your yoga practice to work on that spine. Did you know it can help improve your digestion? Twists help compress the digestive organs which help flush waste out of your system.
Usually we work on the spine in yoga asanas but twists help energy the spine by giving it length and creating space around the spine vertebras.

What twists in yoga do you like doing? What’s your preferred method to work on your spine?

Please subscribe to YouTube page and check out this yoga video.


There’s been a few positive sides of being quarantined. Besides being able to spend more time at home with the family I’ve been able to explore the practice a little bit more and have time to stay in the posture.

This really simple Asana is a back bend. Sit down in comfortable position, lift your body, chest up and you can lift your arms and drop your head back.
Another option to support your neck & head is to lace your hands back behind your head to give you more support.

This backbend will help open shoulders, chest and relieve any neck pain.

You can do 3-4 sets of these. Hold each for as long as you can.

Let me know what you think of this, and please subscribe to yoga YouTube page.


First yoga video with my wife it coming out today. We filmed it at the Otranto Plantation where I’ve filmed the last couple of videos. It was great having her help and company as always. We will have more videos coming up.
Please ‘search Yoga With Joe Otranto’ on YouTube and subscribe to the page!
Hoping to reach 100 subscribers by next week 🙏🏼


Meditation, yoga and nature at Otranto Plantation. Today and everyday trying to keep the mind and body healthy and at ease. It takes work, kindness and compassion more than ever.

Today we filmed a public video that will be uploaded for free. Now more than ever working on brining more content and videos for you all.
Go on YouTube and search ‘Yoga With Joe Otranto’ to find all my previous videos and please hit subscribe so I can get the name “Yoga With Joe”.


Thinking recently of all the truly wonderful places I’ve got to be in this world. Maldives islands 2017 was an amazing experience. Even though there is far less traveling going on I still try to tap into that experience of joy, curiosity and excitement that travel always brought me.

When this is all over think how exciting it will be to back out exploring the world. It will be has if for the very first time were all ‘coming out of our caves.’


Yoga Practice for lower body

My pup Surya makes an appearance in the beginning!
Check out this video for lots of flexibility work, lots of options for your practice

This practice includes a focus on hips, back, core and breath work.


New video out this weekend. We focus a bit on lower body like the legs, the hips and we also find ways to move the pelvic around to find support in standing poses.
Really proud with the way this video came out. Honestly the whole video process takes time for me. It takes some time to upload, it takes time and work to edit and the whole thing has been a learning experience. Please be patient, and also check out the video and join in. ✌🏼


Yoga Flow at Otranto Plantation

This flow gives you enough movement with the right amount of pace. Filmed on a beautiful day. Enjoy a hour flow at Otranto Plantation.

This is a slow progression practice, we will start slower and work to build up our speed and strength.


This space right here has been where I have been practicing non stop all week. This has become a scared space for me. No doubt isolation is difficult, but using this time for the better has become an essential time for me. Working from home and spending more time on asanas and becoming more tuned into my body has been very healing. This week I’ve been working on going deep and this forward fold position feels so good for my back, shoulders and everywhere in my body.

In the yoga sutra’s Patanjali writes about ‘Kaivalya Pada’ in the fourth chapter, “Kaivalya” means isolation or solitude and it refers to the idea of liberation and revealing the true nature of the self. Going through these next few weeks will be like a ride finding the very true nature of the self. The Bhagavad Gita said “Yoga is the journey of the self, though the self, to the self”. We’re all in this crazy ride of isolation. It may seem like we are all alone, but world wide everyone is on this crazy journey ‘Kaivalya’ ‘isolation.’
If you need anything or you feel alone please reach out, I will be right here if anybody needs anything. 🙏🏼


Pranayama Breathing at Otranto Plantation

New video. Pranayama is something I’ve really focused on for several years. This particular breathing method is really tremendous to do right now and it’s what I’ve practiced regularly. Try this out in the morning.
Take 20 deep breaths
Exhale after the 20th breathe
hold your breathing for as long as you can.

This video we go 1 min, 1:30 & 2:00mins if breathing holding.

Deep breathing - Wim Hof Method. Enjoy this pranayama breathing exercise at one of the oldest structure building in South Carolina. Please be advised.. Consu...

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