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The New Moon of July/August July 31st 11:11 PM 2019 Sun, Moon, and Venus Conjunct! Trine Chiron and Square Uranus 11:11?? Late on July 31st (EDT) and in the Western states on August 1st, we are given a significant burst of creative and relational energy in the Leo New Moon. The Sun and Moon are conjunct Venus and her influences become highlighted by this powerful urges or energetic impluses towards creative, new beginnings. Before I go into the descriptive meanings of this New Moon, I noticed that there was an emphasis on the number 11- being the degree of the Sun and Moon conjunction and also we arrive at the 11th degree of Aries rising in the chart drawn for Charleston, SC that evening… 11:11? For those who follow the symbolism of numbers and give credence to the study of numerology, this synergy or synchronicity can hold so intriguing and inspirational messages and possibilities. What could 11:11 mean? Some people give this ocurrance a personal and even a life altering importance, while others see it as a synchronistic event that acts as a simple spiritual “wake up call!” The whole spectrum of interpretations can apply. After scanning the many pages of possible meanings, my summary is that 11:11 can symbolize an Angelic message that is trying to come to/through you… AND/OR it can be an indication that you are about to enter into a new doorway or phase of your life. Some people ascribe a more esoteric meaning to this number event by giving it the significance of being a “portal” or an entrance into another realm of consciousness, or a new level of increased awareness. As some of the descriptive articles declare, there can be a permanent change, while others say the presence of these numbers acts as a sacred glimpse; as an awakening into the previously unknown or the unexpected. I invite you to find/explore these various answers or interpretations and see which of them resonates with you and your life experiences… The Leo New Moon My summary emphasizes this time- (most potently from the 30th through to August 3rd) as a time for a distinct beginning, a new inception, even a long awaited launching point. Since it has the fire of Leo dancing throughout this time period, it can be seen as moving and leaping- moving us into a new phase or awareness of your core identity. From this opening or awakening, we can see more clearly how we are living, and how best to employ your talents and gifts. You will discover (or expose) any patterns that will reveal how you choose partnerships and express your desires and interests in your life! The Leo areas of our lives will tend to emphasize (exaggerate?) creativity, adventure, taking risks, romance, children, and importantly not being afraid to say what you want from life. Because Venus is connected to this New Moon, additionally we can see a concern for beauty, balance, art, idealism, and the tendency towards infatuation in its many forms and guises. As I see it, this New Moon acts as a cosmic vision board… but not as commonly understood- as a visualization practice that outlines your wishes and goals. While such exercises can be positive and productive, serving your immediate your aims and goals, it is not the full picture nor is it soulfully complete. Whenever we are called to a vision, we are also called to an opportunity to express a deeper desire or a higher purpose. However, as a dynamic spiritual balance point, we are also called to clear or clean out a past challenge, a karmic episode, any lingering fears etc.,that have blurred whatever vision we might have! The New Moon welcomes the appearance of these new challenges from within our deeper recesses of feelings and experiences, and asks us to clear the way so that our choices are more pristine and clear, and we can become more aligned, attuned, and honestly expressive of our innermost values and potentials. As author, astrobutterfly, puts this impulse: “ Your desire to grow is simply stronger than your fear of change.” She also speaks cautiously yet convincingly about the other major aspect of the week on August 2nd, 2019 – Venus Square Uranus: “On August 2nd, 2019 Venus is square Uranus, now at 6° Taurus. Venus is what we want, and Uranus is freedom. When Venus is square Uranus, we want freedom. Freedom is a little bit more than “I want to do what I want when I want”. Freedom is not about being carefree and careless. Freedom is about taking full responsibility for who you are. When you are true to yourself, to your values, freedom comes automatically.” Another summary of the potentials of this time comes to us from Diana McMahon Collis, of the most recent Mountain Astrologer (page 91) who describes the influences and effects of this New Moon in these words: “With this Leo New Moon we are not just breaking up old patterns We strive to find the shape of a new creation. We must actively set our heart and will on the creative process. Leo relates to the urges of the heart and people talk about the willingness “to change things in a heartbeat”... We might have to accept that this will require a serious commitment, patience and careful application”... “Even a small shift can make our world better…” Mercury is still Retrograde! But what about Mercury being Retrograde? Doesn’t that ruin creativity? Doesn’t frustrate our best efforts and will stall our plans? Ordinarily, I would agree to some of these troublesome qualities! However, Mercury stations (stops or halts as he prepares to move ahead again at 23 degrees of Cancer- and more likely to affect any of your planets from 23 to 4 degrees of Leo) Because of this shift in gears, the negative or problematic behavior is lessened or displaced due to the glowing and the potent power of the Leo New Moon as a more definitive initiator of change and the opening of new directions. One astute astrologer/writer, astrobutterfly, encapsulates the meaning of this last retrograde in these words: “August couldn’t have started better. On August 1st, Mercury finally goes direct at 23° Cancer. This Mercury retrograde was more difficult than the usual Mercury retrograde because Mercury was inflamed by a prolonged conjunction with Mars. Mars (will power, anger) conjunct Mercury (thoughts, communication) brought anger, resentment, and arguments. Also, because Mercury was retrograde, we found it more difficult to put into words (Mercury) what we want (Mars), which in turn created even more frustration, resentment, and anger. This is all over now. Phew. Mercury is still recovering from a hammering opposition to Pluto, but it’s slowly, slowly departing from the ‘crime scene’. Life will get better and better.” Other Planetary Factors to Consider: Sun Trine Chiron… but Square to Uranus... If you have ever felt cramped, driving down a one way street or feeling as if you were up against a wall in your life, this aspect can signal a turn around and the release of newly found energies. It signals a new strong and more set of confident convictions that can show you that you are now going in a new, expansive direction! The two ways this aspect manifest for us is through the vehicle or expression of healing(around tensions, limits, and feeling held down or held back), and the reconciliation that comes when you are freeing your heart and releasing old feelings when there is an overdue resolution to an old blockage or a negative situation. However, this New Moon is not without its challenges. The dynamism of this square aspect teaches us that rarely, if ever, does growth or real transformation comes to us without unsettling, erratic, and even some chaotic feelings! Remember the well known saying about how a crisis contains both danger and opportunity...well, here is the planetary version of it! Under the laws of transformation, feelings of dis-comfort and disillusionment are more often markers for the readiness of change than any feelings of satisfaction or status quo security. So it is crucially important that when embarking on change, growth, expansion of awareness etc., that you choose to adopt a loving regard for yourself, and let your sense of values and your aspirations towards deeper virtues guide your steps, and inform your actions! Celestial Blessings, Peter
Solstice Sermon Extract... The Sun, The Soul, and The Solstice We are now coming to the Summer Solstice- which is the day in astronomy or in a scientific measure, when the Sun shines for the longest time, creating the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The opposite occurs on or about December 21, some six months away. That is the time of the Winter Solstice, when we experience the least amount of sunshine, or what we call the shortest day of the year. From a mythical viewpoint, one that can connect a deep sense of light to the energy within us, the experience of the light and warmth of the Sun gives our souls a clue for their best expression. The length of daylight corresponds to the time we are urged or encouraged to go or be outdoors in the light, and the sun also signals when it is best for our psyches or souls to seek the darkness for contemplation and rest. The longest time period for light and outward energies occurs during June-July and the Shortest time occurs between December and January. In the time of increasing light, the soil and the soul warms to invite growth, expansion, and the planting of seeds. Fertile possibilities now can take root, and grow in the earth and in our minds and hearts. In this time of the expansion of light and heat, plants grow to the peak of their height and ripeness, and the creative energies of nature dominate landscape and life. As this time period applies to humans, what seems to happen more in June or July than any other time of the year? Hmm... let’s see... traditionally there are more weddings during this time period than any other... more children are conceived .... more people graduate, ripen, mature or move out and away, further up and farther out into the world.... are there any others you can name or add? In the fields of transpersonal psychology and spirit-centered theology where I make my academic home, it is affirmed and supported that when a person, or a culture, or a nation loses its sense of natural rhythms, cycles and seasons, it endangers their soul; it puts at risk our needed attunement to nature as sacred, which results in a loss of regard for our needs to nurture and reflect, express and create along with these natural cycles. As geologian Thomas Berry put it: The human community and the natural world will go forward as a single sacred community, or we will both perish. In astrological and mythological symbolism, the Sun has come to represent the core, true individuality of a person, as opposed to the learned personality traits or how one learns to respond to cultural ideas and attitudes that comprise social conduct, behaviors, perceptions, and outlooks. The Sun is the signature self; how we most naturally relate to what is sacred and holy in ourselves, in others, and in nature; The Sun reveals how we best express the gifts and graces, talents, desires, and skills of this life. When a person or a culture forgets about the Sun and the seasons, they can lose contact with the essentials of our interpersonal and interdependent life- the more heart-centered empathetic, and nurturing ways that make relationships more enjoyable and for having a gratitude for life and love more sustainable. (What I worry about concerning electronic addiction or an exclusively social life based on emails and web sites... Obesity and the general lack of communication skills and social graces... The creation of fantasy worlds vs. The courage to live in the real one!) A couple of provocative, maybe loaded questions: Do you feel that our society has lost touch with these seasons and reasons? How can we best recover our souls? Maybe it is that need to recognize and affirm natural ways and cycles of revealed truth that is the yearning that is behind our interest in recapturing many of the Native American celebrations, or the Wiccan and Celtic wisdom traditions, that clearly celebrate the seasons with reverence and delight??? Going a little deeper, we can see in the mythical literature a need to look to the Sun to define our inner being. In The Upanishads, the ancient sacred texts of Hinduism, we are given a reply to the question the Brahman asks of Ajuna, one of the gods of light and life: “[Who are you? ... I am a season, and the child of the seasons. I am sprung from the womb of infinite space, the seed of the husband and the wife, I am the light of the year, the Self of all that is; and whatever you are, I am also. ... I am but a phase of the universal life, and a child of the manifest cycles... I am a spark of the Divine, evolved through the cycle of the twelve stages, And signs and by my means, is all growth accomplished.]” Moving to the consideration of the Solstice as the longest and shortest days, we are given the contrasting image and the complementary rotations or resonance that represents the revolving seasons of the soul. One definition of the cycles of the year and the seasons is this; A year, in the life of day and night, is the way the soul moves, manifests and matures itself. Some of the mythopoetic and metaphysical correlations are these: The solstice points are the only time in the whole year that the Sun stays stationary or is seen as standing still. This station can be seen as a time of concentrated self or soul energy... A time that reinforces what you know about yourself and can affirm the next steps in your path to more complete selfhood. Second, the two solstice points act as complementary and supplementary mirrors of beginnings and endings. The solstice points act as the mirror that has two faces- one summer one is concave- a view that elongates the search for authenticity and true definitions, and the winter one has a convex face that widens and deepens introspection, assessment, discipline and inner peace. These points at the beginning of the summer and the winter act as the two faces in the mirror of our being. They complement one another and they place before us the completion of an important life’s task-- These two points give us a special time for expressing and then for integrating what you know about yourself. Lastly, the solstice points are an opportune and gracious time for the recapturing and the reconnecting of your personal and relational missing links- those parts of you that you had previously let go or places in your life where you have felt lacking or where you have felt that something is missing. The solstice time period offers us the spiritual opportunity that gives us both the time and energy to reclaim and reconnect them. A parting thought, from one of my recent research projects about connections and correlations between grace and time: “[We live in a soul-centered universe, and all beings share in the blessed perpetual motion of the world within and the world without. ... These cycles of time and awareness are ours to discern and comprehend; to translate and apply to the complex world of human understanding and behavior. By following the mythic path of The Sun that will reveal out inner and outer connections to a more seasonal, sensual, and soulful life, we can find more of the answers to how we can find out more about our true selves.]” Happy Solstice... and may the Long Time Sun shine upon you, All love surround you... and may the gifts of the Solstice be yours to know! So Be It! May the long time sun Shine upon you, All love surround you, And the pure light within you Guide your way on.

Astrology Charts offered: General (natal), relationship compatibility, career, health and more! Spiritual Life Coaching and Interfaith Spiritual Direction

Built on over 30 years of education and experience, Peter offers interfaith spiritual guidance, spiritual life coaching, and astrological charts and consultation...

** All services are offered via phone and Skype. Charleston locals have the option to meet at any place that is convenient for them! I meet in homes, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. SPIRITUAL COACHING: All too often, we live in such a daily rush that we can easily ignore a spiritual problem until it has developed into more painful or troublesome physical and emotional symptoms such as: Chronic stress Self medicating activities like drinking or drugs Difficult relationship patterns or problems Anxieties and depressive moods Feeling at a loss with no where to turn. Sometimes the best answer is to seek out immediate professional help to learn how to quickly understand and manage any difficulties you are facing. In order to foster the lasting change you seek, you may need to take a longer view. The complex nature of the healing and transformative work you will need to do will take time, and it will take you deeper… Discovering more of who you are, and what your path and purpose in this life truly includes! While health care professionals are a valuable resource, most are not well acquainted with the timeless traditions of spiritual practices. These have always been a rich repository of wisdom and offer us invaluable and powerful tools for our transformation. As your spiritual life coach, I can give you the benefit of my 30 years of spiritual discovery; my journeys into the wisdom traditions of both East and West; and share with you the various aspects of the struggle to become authentically spiritual or what it means to become more readily attuned to the Spirit’s sources for transformation that will affect the quality of your daily life. ASTROLOGY: As I understand it, astrology is a time honored system of celestial correspondence. It systematically observes the heavenly derived patterns of the planets, stars, etc., and gives these patterns of movement a particular Mythological and metaphorical meaning that corresponds to the psycho-social and to the larger non causal synchronistic patterns of our human behavior. Therefore, astrology is a mythopoetic system and symbolic path towards greater self knowledge and greater personal understanding. Similar to all paths of a more esoteric nature, the astrological comprehension of one’s place in the Cosmos can range widely or be interpreted differently by different individuals. Like all subjective paths, any of the conclusions that are drawn can contain both promises and pitfalls. Therefore, one’s chart will need to be discerned carefully, and then those insights can be incorporated as a reliable means of inventory and increased self awareness. Astrological insights and consultations can be a valuable asset, and can be added to all the other learned ways one understands, acknowledges, and accepts oneself. For many years now, I have used astrology as a helpful tool in my therapeutic and soul work with others…. Additionally, I have found it very worthwhile to work with a client’s therapists, physicians, and with managers who needed some assistance to outline the growth of their companies, and guide the hiring and firing of employees. In a basic yet wide ranging way, I believe that there is very little that the informed use of astrology cannot add to or complement as a source of information and knowledge for your own decision-making! YOUR REASON TO ACT: While it is true that we live our lives according to clock time and calendars, there is another form of time that is recorded in our souls. It is a timetable generally unknown in the outside world except when it is triggered by crisis, or by a chance encounter. It is a quality of time that can be better understood when we can listen to the guidance we can receive from our inner urges or learn from how we are dissatisfied with the feeling of emptiness in modern life. Because of my accumulated life experiences, and my deep appreciation for the wellsprings of wisdom and discovery that are to be found in those times and places, I am confident and know that I can be your coach and your soulful guide…

Operating as usual

[11/28/20]   The Full Moon of November
November 30th, 2020 at 4:29 AM EST
Partial/Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 8 degrees of Gemini

The eclipse season begins again with a partial lunar eclipse on the 30th… It will have an igniting effect that will bring up past turmoil and the need for attitudinal and emotional transitions. Much of its effects will be framed by how one looks at their lives and their dominant ideas and values, and it will invite each of us into a more considerate appraisal of the challenges each and everyone of us has to face:
This eclipse, and the family of eclipses that follow it, will continue to struggle with the preservation of the old ways, feelings, prejudices etc., or will you allow for and willingly foster the cultivation of new possibilities, ideas, outlooks, and attitudes?

Before we get more deeply into this full moon and what it can offer or teach us, let's backtrack a few days to take notice of one important planetary shift and change that will have her wide cultural and personal effects on us…

The long arc of Neptune in its wide ranging orbit and more transcendent outlooks and sacrificial outlooks now shifts into direct motion…Neptune becoming direct again is significant due to its long arc and usual orbit as it travels around the Zodiac. She spends 14 years in each sign as she now begins to move forward again on the 28th...(She stays in Pisces until 2025...making her final exit in 2026…)

Neptune’s connection to our society can best be expressed as a fog of lies and nebulous sources of disinformation that are slowly beginning to clear… This shift of direction is not without its struggles to remain hidden or obtuse, but the shift into direct motion brings with it an increase in our awareness of all the disappointments, decisions, and disillusionments that has accompanied this last retrograde cycle, that began in 2012. Increasingly, the effects are demanding our cultural attention as it seeks to “clear the air” of its foggy decisions and deceitful tendencies...

Dorothy Oja, in her observation of this shift, writes this description of her research and conclusions. She states:
“Neptune also represents the search for meaning but that search is not easy. Neptune will trick you and lead you through a crazy maze if you let it. True understanding, even spiritual enlightenment does not come easily and we, being flawed humans, we can be tricked. It’s incumbent that we analyze carefully, consider the source of information and find the truth wherever it leads. This station can bring more confusion in an already divided nation, perhaps another scandal and much more misinformation to wade through. Use sources of inspiration such as nature, music, dance, poetry, meditation, etc. to help you navigate [through your feelings of being] overwhelmed.”

Moving our attention back to this upcoming full moon, which in traditional lore is called the Beaver Moon, which can denote the energy of preparation, we are given the influences of Gemini with its emphasis on our need for necessary communication and dialogue, and gaining important information and whose value is best found in understanding…

Remembering that this is a North Node penumbral eclipse, the symbol of Gemini are the Twins, we will be assured that many of the dualities of life, culture and consciousness will reveal themselves during this moon cycle. The key to using this full moon is that it is the onset or the beginning of the eclipse season, and it will surface many things that will need our continued attention for the two weeks prior to the arrival of the more powerful and influential Solar eclipse on the 14th. Paying attention now can better prepare us for the rest of the month, and into 2021!

One of the less charming qualities of Gemini is vacillation and the inability to work well in a more concrete either/or world. While they can be adept at reason, the more emotional the issue is, the less effective they can be...
Since this is a partial eclipse, it contains beginnings...Since this is a full moon, it contains endings or fulfillment...So… paradoxically both of these effects hold true...We can say that this time will be focused on new beginnings in thought, connection, and communication and this time also can signal the end of patterns of talking, writing, and expression that have outlived their usefulness, that no longer serve your revised aims and the higher goals you have set for your evolutionary path…

One of the principal lessons that eclipses teach is that each time one arrives, it issues an urgent call towards growth and change, towards understanding and the willingness to adapt to any necessary changes Eclipse can serve us best by framing the larger questions for our awareness: How do you react to life or how do you know how to respond to it? Do you permit drama and exaggeration( yours or other peoples) to dominate your clear thinking, or do you know how to see through any manipulative techniques of the ego to discern your clear path, your best next steps?

These questions can present seemingly harsh choices, but there rarely is any growth or any clarity without some initial awkwardness, some wistfulness, and can be affirmed by a freeing sense of release, or the identification of compelling steps that lead to meaningful change…

Crucial to our overall appreciation and comprehension of the meaning of eclipses is that we know of them from ancient times as harbingers of change… We also have historically gleaned that eclipse have “families” or cooperative patterns of emphasis and effects. The ones that we are going to experience over the next few eclipses has a family or a pattern that is seen widely as its effects can be national if that country has planets in its path, and it can be interpreted personally as placing a microscope on that particular areas of your chart or your life that contains this degree… 8 degrees of Gemini..

Here is what the renown expert, Bernadette Brady quoted by Dorothy Oja interprets as the lesson of this eclipse. She writes:
“We have two more eclipses in 2020. This Lunar eclipse conjuncts the USA Uranus at 8 Gemini exactly and can signify unrest or rebellion. …
In The Eagle and the Lark by Bernadette Brady, she says: “The series carried with it very strong emotional feelings concerning relationships and/or money. There could be anger or lust. There is a sense of fatedness and individuals may find themselves caught up in relationship events which are beyond their control. There could also be the sudden desire to finish a relationship. These emotions may be blocked or checked in some way, leading to a great deal of frustration.”

Again, with a tempered mind and a willingness to look at the meanings described above, we can take on these potential challenges with mindfulness and composure. It is crucial that we learn to use any Eclipse information to inform you and that its various insights can guide you but you are not karmically “fated “ to have whatever the experience that is described, or negate your free will as”it has to happen” to you…
As I read the various descriptions from a variety of astrologers, I find myself more willing to accept that the value of this full moon and eclipse will be in hearing or finding new information that widens and deepens my understanding.

As the research group called Astrobutterfly puts it:
“When we say ‘clarity’ – the ‘Gemini clarity’ is not your usual definition of clarity – it does not necessarily mean the absence of ambiguity, but more likely, the revelation that reality is sometimes contradictory. This process of exchange is absolutely necessary and it fulfills its purpose when it is done from a place of genuine curiosity.
If it doesn’t come from a place of curiosity, we get the dark side of Gemini (“I only believe in what I see, touch and feel. Everything else is a lie”) OR the dark side of the opposite sign, Sagittarius (“I’m right and you’re wrong”).
While duality and division are a necessary process in the development of our psyche, being “divided” and having black-or-white thinking is the result of failing to embrace what Gemini really stands for: curiosity, critical thinking, and diversity of thought.

… You can’t go wrong when you take action at a North Node eclipse. You can’t go wrong if you do things a bit differently. You can’t go wrong if you change your mind, or even your world view.
The worst thing you could do, is to do nothing at all, to dismiss what life offers you. If you don’t feel challenged in the process, if you don’t feel resistance, you’re saying NO to your North Node. It is ok to feel challenged, it is ok to feel out of your depth – because this is exactly what the role of the North Node is.
The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Gemini is our opportunity to open our minds and have the courage to think differently. This is a time of full disclosure – this is a time when the Universe will speak to you directly.
Pay attention to what it has to say, because it may change your life.”

Celestial Blessings, Peter Lanzillotta

[11/13/20]   The New Moon in Scorpio
November 15th, 2020 at 12:07 AM EST
Sextile Jupiter and Saturn; Quincunx Eris
Mars ends its stationary period…

In the early minutes of the 15th, here in Charleston and EST, we are given the New Moon in Scorpio...Falling near the bottom of the local chart, it can signal the last vestiges of something that has been clinging on, and that could temper our attempts at making new plans or beginning new projects that most New Moon often imply...
There is almost no doubt that this Fall has been a trying and difficult time for many of us…( Being especially hard on those with Cardinal Signs- Aries, Cancer, Libra being prominent in their charts)

We can extrapolate this feeling of having to carry an uneasy burden, and with our mass media, making it nationwide… Even with the cautious signs of this oppressive feeling lessening by January, it will take quite a long time to recede to a more manageable and objective level in our society.

November , being the “penultimate month” as Rick Levine calls it, is serving up a strange approach to the holiday season that will be awkward and unfamiliar to many of us… As the leaves continue to fall, we can greet November as the preface to a larger story that unfolds throughout 2021…

Maybe the greatest teaching lesson of this Scorpio season is to acknowledge openly that there will always be beginnings and endings, and that we, as individuals, as friends, as couples, as families, and spreading this universal truth out to our national awareness- we will experience people, ideas, feelings that will all come and go…

Here a lesson from Buddhist and Centering meditation that teaches us about our willingness to release our fearful grip and our ego-based fears as a primary goal, and that mediation acts as a cogent and compassionate teacher; Letting go… releasing the personal and emotional impact or importance of our thoughts and/or our feelings which can lead us towards a greater comprehension of peace, flow, and non-attachment. The gift of that practiced meditative release is the freedom and peace we gain through finding a more spiritual affirming and accepting perspective that is crucial to our spiritual and personal progress and healing...

An important correlation and ally to our thoughts and desire for innovation and for new possibilities comes from the planet Jupiter and his promise of expansion and guiding ideals that foster such optimism...yet…
Eris, the planetoid of discord, and Saturn’s has his dampening effects on Jupiter’s plans can give us pause, while still promising results IF our plans and goals are reasonable and workable and not too risky or grandiose!

I make these initial observations based on the previous week’s planetary actions and energies that set the stage for this new moon and remain influential in its overall energies and effects. Let me review those patterns and aspects and outline their impinging qualities…

First, we have the final conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto… It initially appeared on April 5th, then in June, and now finishing its long cycle last week on the 12th… Over this time span, the relationship between Jupiter and Pluto- Expansion and Viral infections- has made itself abundantly and seriously known by the expansion of our national health concerns and the cycles of influence and infection we have had to endure…

Some astrologers will point to the dimensions and disciplines of our national character as being quite influential and even causative as the virial expansion threatens to deepen…
Some of these theories have pointed out that IF a country is not used to restriction as a part of its society, ethos, and social routines,(similar to many of the Asian countries and their societal norms) it would become significantly more challenging and demanding to offer cultural support to any public health efforts and initiatives… As Jupiter symbolizes expansion and Pluto gives restriction, this might be an important warning to our country!

We are given another perspective on the importance of this pairing from the insights of Suzanne Gerber, of stars and stones healing… She writes:

“When these heavyweights conjunct, once again in Capricorn (think government, structures, patriarchy, tradition, foundations, institutions, property, time), we once again find ourselves at a critical crossroads. Do we—does life—crumble under the pressure of Pluto’s devastating force, or can we lean in to all the positivity and hopefulness Jupiter promises? Look at your own chart, to where 22-23º Capricorn lands. The areas of life associated with that house have probably been shaken, rattled and rolled since last January. And if you have other planets, major house cusps or points at 22-23º Aries, Cancer or Libra, they’ve probably been put through the metamorphic ringer, too.

It’s easy to focus on the pain of these cycles and what’s been lost—and please don’t think I’m insensitive to the very real horror many people have been through during this global crisis. What’s happening is real.
But as we learn on our spiritual journeys, out of loss/pain/suffering comes evolution and transcendence. After the dark night of the soul comes the golden glowing light of awareness.

We all chose to be here now (to coin a phrase), for different reasons. Some have already experienced healing, liberation and quantum growth. Others are in the midst of it, and others still are resisting letting go of the old and embracing the unknown—or simply allowing it to come. This Jupiter-Pluto union can help us get unstuck, much like a good stick of dynamite can.”

Another important factor that acts as an important energetic prelude to the new moon is the fact that Mars, after its long backward journey that began in September, is turning direct on the 12th!

Most importantly, as the planet of direct actions, this shift will take some time- through this new moon period; Shifting from 1st gear to 4th again will take some time for this adjustment to getting back up to his top speed which happens next month... During the Fall, we have been forced to accept a greater slow down of social life and economic tightening, despite any political urges and encouragements.

We can give witness to the situation around Mars retrograde: He will stall out our best efforts no matter how hard we work; and retrograde can often make us waste our time and energy on fruitless possibilities, empty promises, while creating impulsive dead ends!

Another view of this protracted Mars influence and its release comes from April Elliot Kent of Big Sky Astrology. She writes:

“The point of this protracted Mars in Aries and retrograde period has not been about punishment, but rather about restraint and discipline. Mars in Aries is a great warrior, but it’s even more effective when it’s gone through basic training; and being retrograde and meeting tempering aspects to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn has been a tough boot camp.
Particularly if your chart is heavy in planets or points in Aries and Scorpio (the signs ruled by Mars), you may feel like a kid who’s just gotten a cast off a broken leg – ready to get out and hit the ground running! But until Mars leaves Aries (Jan. 6, 2021), proceed with a little bit of caution; you’re still healing.”

As we look further, we can make some observations about the beginning of the holiday season, and specifically the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving.

It is shaping up to be a more tense and awkward day, more than usual discussions and disagreements among relatives or the feasting we collectively do…In concert and agreement with our national advice about groups and CoVid restrictions, we are given a cluster of squares or tense, dynamic aspects that could influence the people as we try to adjust to how we can share this time together. The squares are from the Moon in Aries to all the strong planets in Capricorn- Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn. (If you are an Aries, or a Libra, this could more directly pertain to you… Cancer too!)

So please observe a safe, and very grateful time together!
Celestial Blessings, Peter

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Japan Karate Institute West Ashley has been in business for over 33 years. We have classes for all ages, from 3-94 . You will get results.

Cooper Fitness Cooper Fitness
Charleston/Mount Pleasant/Daniel Island
Charleston, 29403

Fitness and Nutrition Coaching in the Charleston area. Contact me to book your free consultation, [email protected]

Lingle Fitness Lingle Fitness
Charleston, 29412

Based in Charleston, Lingle Fitness offers personal and small group training sessions that empower you to become your best - mind, body and heart.

Mike Merriam - Mortgage Lender & Coach Mike Merriam - Mortgage Lender & Coach
170 Meeting Street, Suite 315
Charleston, 29406

I help Realtors & Loan Officers do more business - faster & more naturally than ever before.

Sorensen Strategies LLC Sorensen Strategies LLC
579 Folly Rd Unit 14125
Charleston, 29422

Sorensen Strategies is engaged in Business Strategy and Consulting Services.

Real Performance Results, LLC Real Performance Results, LLC

Hypnotherapy, Performance Consulting and Training for Corporate Executives, MBA, College Students - Professional Athletes, NCAA and serious HS athletes & Teams

Defiance Strength and Conditioning Defiance Strength and Conditioning
16 Conroy St
Charleston, 29401

Defiance SC is devoted to helping you reach your performance goals.

Happily Active Happily Active
Central Park Road
Charleston, 29412

Happily Active offers services to assist you in enhancing your overall quality of life through personal training and health coaching sessions.

Sarah Rose Global Sarah Rose Global

I help women design a lifestyle they love and give their family memories that will last a lifetime. Get the flexibility, time freedom and financial freedom you crave without sacrificing your other commitments. Learn more >

Rach Ellis Fit Rach Ellis Fit
866 Island Park Dr Suite 103
Charleston, 29492

Everyone has different needs, wants, and limits. And I’M here to get you to that finish line in best way that suits YOU, your GOALS, and your LIFESTYLE. Cut out the guesswork and wondering if you’re making the right moves. Let’s team up. ��
Charleston, 29403

As a holistic wellness coach I am an ally on your journey to creating a life you love - a life of vitality, love, abundance, and health.

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